The best cheap house alarms in the UK 2023

According to the complaints recorded by the police, 490 000 French households were victims of burglary in 2020. Under these circumstances, getting a home alarm is no longer a luxury. Especially since there are cheap and effective alarms on the market. Whether it's connected alarms (GSM or PSTN) or simple intrusion detectors, our guide will save you time and facilitate your research.

Tiiwee X3 XL 1

Editor's Choice

Tiiwee X3 XL

The best cheap home alarm in 2021

The Tiiwee X3 XL is an inexpensive and effective home alarm designed for medium-sized apartments, houses and mobile homes. You won't find anything better in this category.

46,32 £ on Amazon

The cheap and effective Tiiwee X3 XL home alarm features a 120 dB siren. This sound level should be more than enough to deter potential intruders and burglars. The control panel is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) which have a life span of 10 to 12 months. This system also has a control panel and 4 sensors.

The Tiiwee X3 XL also benefits from an incredible scalability. So you can add more door and window sensors as well as PIR motion sensors. These are all wireless devices. Expansion will be all the easier since the included manual is complete and well detailed.

Tiiwee Kit X1 2

Best under 50 euros

Tiiwee Kit X1

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 50 euros

With an autonomy of up to 12 months, this apartment alarm will not give you a hard time. Reliable, powerful and complete, it will dissuade the most persistent burglars.

39,92 £ on Amazon

The autonomy of the 3 AA batteries is one of the big strengths of this cheap and efficient home alarm. Moreover, an indicator light will show you the operating status of the equipment. The alarm is composed of a central unit, 2 opening sensors and a remote control to control the device remotely.

Thanks to the 120 dB horn, there is enough to deter burglars and warn your neighbors before the intrusion is successful. The central unit also includes a chime mode if you choose to install it outside. Another major advantage of this apartment alarm is the remote control, whose frequency crosses materials and has a range of 2 to 3 floors.

KER-France alarm kit 3

Best under 80 euros

KER-France alarm kit

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 80 euros

This multi-purpose wireless alarm kit detects at 25 m inside the house and 30 m outside. Easy to install, practical, the kit will suit a large house, a shed or a small apartment.

59,92 £ on Amazon

This system is equipped with 5 opening detectors, a motion detector and 2 remote controls to control the alarm inside or outside. Expandable, the KER-France can manage up to 20 opening and motion detectors and 8 remote controls. The factory settings allow the alarm to be used immediately. No work to do, just double-sided tape to install the detectors!

The French Smart Life app will monitor your home remotely, arm and disarm the central alarm system from your phone, and warn you in case of intrusion. The siren, meanwhile, has an adjustable power of 50, 90 and 120 dB and offers 8 types of ringing. It is easily connected to the electrical network thanks to the USB cable provided and has a battery backup with an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours in case of power failure.

Dadvu DV-2AT 4

Best under 100 euros

Dadvu DV-2AT

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 100 euros

The Dadvu DV-2AT is a home alarm with advanced software. This is one of the best efficient home alarms you can buy right now. It supports up to 100 sensors.

78 £ on Amazon

This cheap and effective home alarm comes with a main control panel, a window door sensor, a motion sensor, two 4-button remotes and two RFID transponders. It works with Dadvu's Smart Life application and can be easily managed from there or simply via the control panel.

The DV-2AT is expandable up to 100 sensors (port, window, gas, smoke, water, carbon monoxide), 10 remote controls and 10 RFID transponders. For simplicity, adding sensors and remotes can be done via the Smart Life app. In addition, you can change the operating mode of the sensors at any time and from any location.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap house alarm

Any specific needs?

The best cheap home alarm in 2021

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 50 euros

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 80 euros

The best cheap and efficient home alarm at less than 100 euros

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Comparison table of the best cheap house alarms

The best Less than 50 euros Less than 80 euros Less than 100 euros
Tiiwee X3 XL 5
Tiiwee Kit X1 6
KER-France alarm kit 7
Dadvu DV-2AT 8
Tiiwee X3 XL
Tiiwee Kit X1
KER-France alarm kit
Dadvu DV-2AT
The Tiiwee X3 XL is an inexpensive and effective home alarm designed for medium-sized apartments, houses and mobile homes. You won't find anything better in this category.
With an autonomy of up to 12 months, this apartment alarm will not give you a hard time. Reliable, powerful and complete, it will dissuade the most persistent burglars.
This multi-purpose wireless alarm kit detects at 25 m inside the house and 30 m outside. Easy to install, practical, the kit will suit a large house, a shed or a small apartment.
The Dadvu DV-2AT is a home alarm with advanced software. This is one of the best efficient home alarms you can buy right now. It supports up to 100 sensors.
Alarm sound level
120 dB
120 dB
120 dB
125 dB
Number of sensors
Remote control
USB port for external power supply
Power supply
3 AA batteries
3 AA batteries
10 AA batteries
AC with battery backup

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Buying guide - cheap house alarm

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How to choose your cheap house alarm

To make sure you choose an alarm that meets your needs, check these few points when purchasing:

#1 - The control system

The best home alarms come with an alert system that allows you to easily control your home security system while you are at work or watching TV at home. Choose an alarm that can instantly alert you when your security system's sensors and signals are triggered. If your security camera detects motion, you'll automatically receive a notification and can see live footage using the app without ever looking outside, for example.

#2 - Ease of use

A home alarm system should be designed to be easily operated. In an emergency, you need to know instantly where the Panic button is or how to arm your security system. You should also easily understand what each sound or alert means. The system should also alert you automatically in the event of a power failure, low batteries or technical problem with the equipment.

#3 - Scalability

Prefer expandable alarm systems, so you won't have to spend more to install a new security system if your needs change in the future. Before you buy an alarm system, make sure that the brand can offer additional sensors, security cameras, and other security equipment for that particular product line.

#4 - Design


always better to have a stylish alarm system that can easily match the aesthetics of the home. Some systems offer touchscreen tablet-style control panels or smaller base stations to place in the kitchen or bedroom to be simple, elegant and less conspicuous.

#5 - Battery backup

Smart systems with battery backup can help give you peace of mind in the event of a power outage or component disconnect.

How does a cheap and effective home alarm work?

Cheap home alarms have a simple concept, which consists of securing the entry points to a house with sensors. These sensors communicate with a control panel or command center installed in a convenient and accessible location in the home. Sensors are typically placed in doors leading to and from a home as well as in easily accessible windows.

Open spaces inside homes can be secured with motion sensors. A cheap and effective home alarm system often consists of the following components:

  • The control panel: this is the device that arms and disarms the security systems, communicates with each installed component, sounds the alarm when a security zone is violated and sends alerts to the owner. Some panels have a touchpad for easy programming and interaction, this is where access codes are entered to arm and disarm the system, can operate on voice commands and can be programmed to operate with wireless remotes called key fobs.
  • Door and window sensors: These consist of two parts installed next to each other. One part of the device is installed on the door or window and the other on the door frame or window sill. When a door or window is closed, the two parts of the sensor come together, creating a security circuit. When the security system is armed at the control panel, these sensors communicate with the system, signaling that the entry point is secure. If a monitored door or window is suddenly opened, the security circuit is interrupted and the control panel interprets this as a violation of a secure area. A high decibel alarm is triggered and, in most cases, the alarm monitoring company is automatically notified.
  • Motion sensors: These security components, when armed, protect a given space by creating an invisible zone that cannot be breached without triggering an alarm. These are typically used to protect rooms containing valuables, as well as less frequented areas in larger homes.
  • High decibel alarm: loud enough for neighbors to hear, home security alarms serve several purposes. First, they alert those inside the home that a problem has occurred. They are also shrill enough to send a burglar running while informing nearby neighbors of the situation.

The different types of cheap house alarms

There are different types of alarms available on the market, but they mainly work with a PSTN or GSM system.

PSTN alarms

In a PSTN alarm system, the principle is to connect the communicator of your security system to your existing phone line and the alarm signals are sent to the central monitoring station using this phone line. This type of alarm is affordable and much less expensive than GSM or Wi-Fi alarms. Moreover, you will not need to buy an additional SIM card to operate. Therefore, there are no additional monthly fees related to the SIM card. They are also easy to install and set up.

The downside is that it depends on electricity and internet to notify you. In the event of a power cut or Internet box failure, your alarm system is useless. The risk with this type of alarm is that the burglar just has to cut the electricity to get to the system.

GSM alarms

GSM alarms are among the most versatile solutions you can deploy, especially if you don't have the Internet infrastructure or phone line to provide alternative communication. The main advantage of GSM alarms is that they use the regular cell phone network to notify you of an incident. This makes them much less vulnerable than PSTN alarms: jamming attempts are not very common.

In addition, some brands offer systems that are programmed to go off as soon as a jamming attempt is made. Finally, you will be able to access your house from anywhere. The main drawback here is the price. The presence of the GSM module automatically increases the cost of the alarm.

Intrusion detectors


, all alarms detect intrusion, the most powerful (and therefore the most expensive) are even able to detect intrusion attempts thanks to very advanced vibration sensors. The type of home alarm in this last category is not equipped with a sensor that can detect vibrations. Nor can it communicate with your phone (by sending an SMS or triggering an automatic call).

The operation is simple: once installed, the various detectors of your system send a signal to the alarm center. It is the central unit that will launch the alert by triggering the interior and/or exterior sirens. This is usually enough to scare off burglars. This type of alarm is very affordable, and is particularly suitable for apartments, etc. However, they are not the most reliable on the market, and have a fairly limited lifespan. Moreover, as it cannot warn you in case of intrusion, you will not be able to act (by asking for help): facing determined burglars who are not afraid of sirens, your house will not be protected.

Wired or wireless alarm?

Wired alarm

Wired alarm systems are very reliable since they do not rely on sensors or radio frequencies, making them less likely to fail and less prone to false alarms. They are also not susceptible to electromagnetic interference from other devices. Hacking into a wired security system is a difficult process since it involves physically connecting to the system in order to cause a malfunction. Finally, setup and maintenance is easy: once the system is installed, it will work consistently without owners needing to change batteries or recharge the equipment.

The only problem with this type of alarm is installation. Wired security systems are easier to install during the home building process, so installing one after the fact can be expensive. A security professional will need to drill holes in the walls and run low voltage wires to connect to the sensors. This process can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. Also, wired alarms are not mobile, once installed they are there forever. You won't be able to uninstall them to take them with you when you move, for example.

Wireless home alarms

Wireless alarms, on the other hand, are easy to install and uninstall, no need to drill holes or run wires, and many wireless systems can be self-installed so no more installation costs. These systems can also be easily uninstalled and transported to a new residence. They are ideal for renters. Wireless alarms are also easily expandable and customizable, as the lack of wiring allows you to add equipment or modify the system. But their biggest advantage is that they can be controlled remotely using an app, email alerts or text alerts. This eliminates the need to use a home control keypad for all basic functions.

The biggest weakness of wireless alarms is reliability. Like WiFi or a cell phone, the reliability of a wireless system can be affected by electromagnetic interference, structural interference or even weather. For this reason, wireless security systems are also more likely to be triggered by false alarms than a wired system. Wireless alarms can also be more vulnerable to hacking and are not ideal for large spaces. Wireless security sensors generally have distance limitations.


The choice between a wired and wireless alarm will depend entirely on you. But if you are a homeowner and you don't mind the heavy installation work, a wired alarm may interest you. On the other hand, if you need more flexibility, whether in terms of installation or handling, and if the price is not a blocking factor for you, then you should opt for a wireless alarm.

Why buy a cheap and efficient home alarm?

To prevent dangers in time

A cheap house alarm is an effective solution to secure your home and all its occupants. Indeed, this kind of device can be equipped with a detector that warns you in case of danger. It is triggered, for example, if it detects smoke or significant heat. In this way, you will have a little time to react!

To dissuade burglars

In times of crisis, the number of burglaries tends to increase. Therefore, it is better to prevent than to cure. As soon as your cheap home alarm detects a movement, the alert signal sounds immediately, which has the effect of deterring burglars, because in general, they decide to take the powder. There are also those models that can alert security officers operating in the vicinity.

For its great practicality

Some home alarms continue to work even if the electricity is cut off. In fact, they have a battery backup to deal with this kind of problem. So you can sleep with peace of mind!

For its easy maintenance

A cheap house alarm does not require any specific maintenance. This is especially true for wired models, which also offer greater reliability. But for your alarm to last, you can submit it to an annual control by calling a professional!

For its quality/price ratio of the most interesting

A cheap house alarm can have a more or less long life. And if on top of that, it can provide the same efficiency as sophisticated models, you have no reason to hesitate! You can find very interesting models, with options similar to high-end alarms, but at a very affordable price.

The best brands of cheap house alarms

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap house alarms in 2022 are :


Tiiwee was founded in 2015 with the intention of offering simple and affordable home security products. Since then, it has gradually expanded its product portfolio to cover home and outdoor security products. This brand mainly sells its products through Amazon marketplace.

Kerui Security Technology Co., LTD is a professional security products manufacturer, Limited established in 2004. Offering good quality security systems at an affordable price is its mission and the basis of its development. Its cheap home alarm devices are particularly reliable and efficient for mini price products.

Olympia Electronics S.A. is a reliable brand that pays special attention to quality and adoption of production and inspection procedures that help supply the market with products that conform to European construction prototypes. The company was founded in 1979 and its headquarters are located in Bulgaria. It specializes in wireless alarm systems with emergency call and hands-free function. Its products are 100% reliable.

This South Korean brand is best known in the automotive world. Over its years of experience, it has expanded its business areas and turned to the security system sector. The brand presents a wide range of alarm systems, cameras and accessories for home security. Quite talented in this field, Daewoo offers quality and high performance products.

This Swedish company is one of the leading providers of surveillance security solutions in Europe. Its business model integrates product development, design, and sales with installation, service, and a 24/7 professional surveillance solution.

What is the price for a cheap house alarm

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Place cameras near high-risk areas

To maximize the effectiveness of your alarm system, place cameras near front and back doors, driveways, off-street windows and/or the garage. And be sure to get weather-resistant models.

Hide the outside wiring of your home


prevent burglars from cutting off your home's power to disable security systems or alarms, hide hanging wires outside well. This will prevent burglars from disconnecting the wires.

Store ladders, hammers, and other tools

Make sure

your ladders, pry bars, large screwdrivers, hammers and the like are securely locked away and not lying around the yard. They could fall into the wrong hands and be used to rob you.

Always keep a light or two on


a basic safety tip that deters thieves because they might assume someone is home, especially if you turn on different lights each time. Even better, home automation technology allows you to turn lights on and off remotely.

Don't overlook redundant security measures


strong locks, door/window alarms, etc. Also consider installing battery-powered cameras, motion detectors, and sirens: they'll still work even if they go down, unlike your internet connection. This means you can't record video footage in the cloud or watch live from your phone. This makes redundant security systems vital.


What is the best cheap and effective home alarm?

The best cheap and effective home alarm depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there today.

What is do-it-yourself home security?

DIY home security offers you the ability to automatically install and/or monitor your alarm system without the assistance of professionals. This allows you to eliminate the extra expense of installing and/or responding to alarms.

When should I opt for professional installation?


professional installation when you are not sure if you can install your security system properly. A professional can make sure everything is set up correctly so you can go right to work with your alarm without additional settings.

What is professional monitoring and do I need it?

Professional monitoring ensures that an agent is ready to respond to your alarm. Typically, an agent will contact you if your alarm system is triggered and ask if authorities or emergency services are needed. There is an additional recurring charge for this type of service.

Do all home security systems come with a security camera?


You'll usually have to pay a little more for a system that includes an indoor, outdoor or video doorbell camera



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