The best smart connected locks in the UK 2023

For several years, the popularity of smart locks has never stopped growing. The technology has developed well to offer a smart connected lock with a very high level of security that interests 85.9% of English people. There are several on the market, but we offer the best products in this article.

Nuki Combo 2.0 1

Best value for your money

Nuki Combo 2.0

The best smart connected lock in 2021

Nuki Combo 2.0 is a smart connected lock compatible with European profile cylinders with emergency function, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and British oval cylinders. It is a highly versatile model.

199 £ on Amazon
Nuki Keypad 2

Best value for your money

Nuki Keypad

The best entry-level smart connected lock

The Nuki Keypad is a Bluetooth extension of the Nuki Smart Lock system. This lock with digicode is for those who do not necessarily want to use their smartphone to open a door.

63,99 £ on Amazon

Very easy to install and maintain, the Nuki Keypad smart connected lock simplifies the use of the Nuki Smart Lock system. This Bluetooth keypad is also compatible with almost all types of doors. No need to connect it to cables, it just works with 2 batteries.

You can use it with any Nuki Smart Lock by managing the keypad via the dedicated smartphone application. This model offers more security with a 6-digit access code, which will bring more serenity and complicate break-ins. And there is no problem if your phone runs out of battery.

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock 3

Best value for your money

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock

The best high-end smart connected lock

The Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock offers extreme reliability. This smart connected lock can be opened in 3 ways: by inserting the key, typing the passcode or unlocking remotely.

263 £ on Amazon

The Reagle Smart Deadbolt smart connected lock is unbeatable in terms of quality and practicality. Made entirely of metal, it has a bronze finish and embeds bank-grade digital encryption for maximum security. In addition, it has a shock protection system and works with Apple HomeKit.

You can control it remotely using your tablet or smartphone as it is compatible with IOS 11.0.0 or Android 5.0. This lock can also be opened with a key, only with the passcode or with a combination of the 2 options. Working with AA batteries, the application warns you when they need to be changed.

Yale 05/101200/SI 4


Yale 05/101200/SI

Excellent smart connected lock

This is a smart connected lock in Linus silver color. It offers more security, with automatic keyless opening. This device is both robust and functional.

199 £ on Amazon

The Yale 05/101200/SI is a smart connected lock that can be linked to a smartphone or Apple Watch. It allows you to automatically open or lock the door using the Yale Access app. Thus, this lock works via Bluetooth 4.2.

Having a geolocation feature, this connected smart lock opens automatically when you are near your front door. How convenient! For more security, there are 2 types of authentication: by email or by phone number to limit hacking. You can also control it remotely to open it for a trusted person.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best smart connected lock

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The best smart connected lock in 2021

The best entry-level smart connected lock

The best high-end smart connected lock

Excellent smart connected lock

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Comparison table of the best smart connected locks

Nuki Combo 2.0 5
Nuki Keypad 6
Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock 7
Yale 05/101200/SI 8
Nuki Combo 2.0
Nuki Keypad
Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock
Yale 05/101200/SI
Nuki Combo 2.0 is a smart connected lock compatible with European profile cylinders with emergency function, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and British oval cylinders. It is a highly versatile model.
The Nuki Keypad is a Bluetooth extension of the Nuki Smart Lock system. This lock with digicode is for those who do not necessarily want to use their smartphone to open a door.
The Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock offers extreme reliability. This smart connected lock can be opened in 3 ways: by inserting the key, typing the passcode or unlocking remotely.
This is a smart connected lock in Linus silver color. It offers more security, with automatic keyless opening. This device is both robust and functional.
4 AA (included)
2 lithium metal (included)
4 AA (included)
4 AA (included)
630 g
80 g
1.31 kg
623 g
Matte Chrome
Dark bronze
Linus silver
Installation method
Indoor or outdoor door
Outside the door
Doors from 35mm to 51mm thick
Wall mount

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Buying guide - smart connected lock

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How to choose your smart connected lock

The smart connected lock is booming right now. It offers more security for the home. There are several models on the market, but you have to choose the one that fits your door.

#1 - Battery life

Battery life is a sine qua non for a good smart connected lock. Effectively, there are not many homes that are wired to their doors. Thus, smart locks need batteries. There are several constraints that affect the battery life, but it is always better to have a good battery life.

#2 - Compatibility with other systems

It is also important to check the compatibility of the smart connected lock system with other home automation systems that are in place. This can be for example smart doorbells.

It is important to make sure that they are compatible to be better protected. There are devices that offer several technologies, it is better to favor them. And even if you don't have a smart doorbell, it is still better to have a lock that is compatible with their technologies. This will save you from buying new ones if you want to install them in the future.

#3 - Unlocking mode

A smart lock should be able to recognize the owner so that they can get inside without any problems. Thus, it is quite normal and logical to have a lock that automatically unlocks when you get inside.

The lock is connected to the smartphone and as soon as the smartphone is near the door, the lock automatically unlocks. That's what makes it smart. You don't have to juggle your luggage, find the key in your bag that can open it. With this feature, you just have to turn the handle and the door opens.

#4 - Different built-in systems


smart connected lock must have several systems to avoid possible problems. Indeed, it must work both electrically and mechanically. In this case, it will be able to continue working even if there is a power failure.

It would also be much better if the lock's general system offered a small keypad to be used in case of emergency or for guests. The keypad can turn into a temporary key to enter the house.

#5 - Lock to door compatibility


is the fifth criterion of choice, but it is also the most important. Indeed, it is essential that the smart connected lock itself is compatible with your door. There are several types of smart locks on the market, but you'll need to verify that the model is compatible with your smart door before you go ahead with the purchase.

If your door has a bolt, the lock can fit on both the inside and outside. If your door does not have a bolt, you will need to look for a model that is compatible with it. You need a structure strong enough to hold the smart lock.

How do you install a smart connected lock?

There are smart connected locks that work with keys and others that offer other types of opening systems. With smart connected locks, you can control remotely with a Bluetooth, Z-ware or Wi-Fi connection. They can also include a keypad, fingerprint system or key fob.

With a smart connected lock, there is no need to torment yourself with keys or get lost with the different ways to lock the door. There are also apps that allow you to grant guests temporarily. This way, you don't have to go home if there's a trusted person you want to let in. It's more secure because you don't have to give them your key or the traditional code.

The different types of smart connected locks

There are two main types of smart connected locks depending on the connection system. Indeed, there are locks connected by Bluetooth and locks connected by Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth connected lock

The Bluetooth connected lock is a lock that is connected by Bluetooth the lock and the phone so that it can open and close automatically. Thus, the door is equipped with a special technology that allows it to connect to the smartphone so that all actions are done automatically.
With this type of door, there is no need to take the phone out of the pocket.

Just turn on the Bluetooth connection. When you are in front of the door, with your phone of course, it will open automatically without you inserting a key or anything. Just turn your wrist and walk into your house without any problem.

Wi-Fi connected lock

With a door that is connected by Wi-Fi, you need to have a connected home obviously. It must have a connection system through Wi-Fi to connect with the door. The phone also needs to be connected to the network so that it can open and close automatically.

This is a very effective technology because you don't need to move your little finger to ensure the total security of your home. It is also very convenient because you only need to use your home internet connection for it to work effectively.

Smart connected lock via Bluetooth or Z-ware?

Smart connected lock via Bluetooth

The first benefit that the Bluetooth smart connected lock offers is its ability to provide maximum security for your home. It is a device that can only be opened with your phone. Thus, no other person can enter your home without your permission.

For these individuals, you can adopt a temporary opening system so that the people of your choice can access it without any problem. Once installed, you just need to access the settings to connect it to the smartphone. It is a tamper-proof equipment that can strongly resist different break-in attempts.

It is very effective and you can have peace of mind when leaving your home. However, there is one small problem. You will have trouble opening it in case you go far away and your phone breaks down or goes out because of a dead battery.

Smart connected lock by Z-Ware

The smart connected lock system by Z-Ware is very convenient. It offers a very simple and effective security system. It is also very easy to use. You don't need a physical key or a key at hand. Your phone will be enough to open the door without the risk of getting confused with the key or getting stuck. You can manage and set the range according to your needs.

It offers a remote control system so you can anticipate the openings and closings of the connected door. There are even models that come with ahigh-tech feature to recognize people passing through the door. You'll get a notification on your phone right away if there's a breach problem.

The downside of this lock is also the phone connection. You may spend several hours outside if you have a problem with the phone that is connected to the smart connected lock.


If we make a comparison, we come to a conclusion that Bluetooth connected locks are a better alternative among wireless connections. They offer low power consumption. Bluetooth is still an efficient way to transmit signals from phones.

However, the system by Z-ware is very convenient in other respects. One example is its convenience for remote control. So, it all depends on your needs.

There are Bluetooth-connected locks and Z-Ware-connected locks that offer very good technology in the market.

The best brands of smart connected locks

In our opinion, the best brands of smart connected locks in 2022 are :

The Keys

Somfy is a great security lock brand that was established in 1981. It keeps innovating to bring best and reliable products in the market.

It is a brand that specializes in manufacturing different gadgets for a connected smart home. In terms of quality, the brand is very interesting.

The key is one of the biggest smart connected lock brands in the world. Its products are very easy to install, open in a second, and have a 2-year battery life.

Nuki stands out for the breadth of its offerings since its inception in 2013. The brand is reliable and offers products of all ranges.

Yale is a very old brand of smart connected lock. Indeed, it was born in 1840. These experiences confirm the quality of its products.

What is the price for a smart connected lock

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 120 £
120 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Redouble your vigilance

Security is essential in the home to have peace of mind both inside and outside. Connected smart locks are perfect weapons to defend yourself, but you should always take some precautions to avoid the breach of the system. Thus, periodically update the lock's software on the app to fix any security flaws that may occur. Then, also focus on interesting lock brands. For passwords, you should also enter a fairly complex password that no one can hack.

Check information

It is worth checking all the information that is written on your smart connected lock. Indeed, it is important to check your information regularly and change the passwords constantly. This will increase the level of security that the smart connected lock offers.

Share to all family members

Effectively, all members of your family can have access to the smart connected lock to enter the house without any problem. You just need to connect the smartphone to the lock's network to control it remotely. Moreover, it is possible to open the security lock in different ways. Those who do not have a smartphone can use a magnetic card, a badge, or directly enter the access code. Some models even offer rings and bracelets that the system can authenticate and open the door directly.

Smart connected lock installation

We place the connected smart locks on the place of the door lock. To do this, we first remove the cylinder and secure each part well to prevent it from coming off easily. The external part is equipped with a sensor and a means of detection to facilitate the opening. If necessary, the two parts of the lock must be connected before finalizing the installation. Finally, we download the requested app and connect the smartphones to the smart connected lock.

Some unlocking tips

For unlocking by smart card or badge, there are several protocols to follow. You can connect the smart connected lock by Bluetooth or by internet connection. However, only locks connected to the internet can allow remote unlocking.


What is the best smart connected lock?

The best smart connected lock depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to know the best products out there.

What is a connected lock?

Smart connected lock is known as smart lock in English. It is an electromechanical lock that can lock and unlock via a device. The connection is made via Bluetooth or Wifi. We connect the phone and the lock so that it recognizes it as soon as you approach the door.

Is the smart connected lock suitable for my door?

The smart connected lock is compatible with all types of doors with a European cylinder. It can be installed on openings with a slice exceeding at least 10 cm thick. Whether your door has a multipoint or single-point lock, it remains compatible.

How is a smart connected lock powered?

The smart connected lock can be powered by different sources. However, in most cases, the models are equipped with very powerful batteries with a battery life of up to 2 years. There is also an alert to notify you that you need to schedule a battery change.

Can a smart lock be controlled remotely?

It depends on the connection system of the smart connected lock. If you have a Bluetooth connected lock, remote control is not possible. If you have a Wi-Fi connected lock that uses the Internet, you can do remote control.


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Nuki Combo 2.0 9
Nuki Combo 2.0
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Nuki Keypad
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Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock
Yale 05/101200/SI 12
Yale 05/101200/SI


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