The best thermal chainsaws in the UK 2023

The thermal chainsaw is the best option for pruning, lopping, cutting or felling trees and large branches. It is a versatile and powerful tool, available in a variety of brands, and differs from other chainsaws in that it has a much longer bar. Stihl, McCulloch, Husqvarna, which one to choose and at what price? To answer these questions, we invite you to read this guide.

Stihl MS 170 D 1

Best value for money

Stihl MS 170 D

The best thermal chainsaw

Offering excellent value for money, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is perfect for cutting and felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter. Equipped with a 2-stroke engine of 30 cc, it develops a power of 1 200 W.

196 £ on Amazon

The Stihl MS170 D allows you to perform moderate pruning and felling. This thermal chainsaw is powered by a 2-stroke engine of 30 cm³ which develops a power of 1200 W. Versatile and easy to handle, the tool weighs 4.1 kg when empty and has a 30 cm chain guide that can be increased to 35 cm depending on the user's needs. This makes it practical for cutting and felling a tree or branch up to 30 cm in diameter. It is also ideal for cutting wood and small cutting jobs.

Good to know, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system for more precise cutting and easier handling. Moreover, it benefits from excellent ergonomics combined with intuitive use thanks to its one-handed control lever. To ensure top performance, the tool benefits from an Ematic lubrication system for the entire guide bar. Finally, this machine has a 250 mL fuel tank and a 140 mL oil tank.

GT Garden 3,5 HP 2

Best value for money

GT Garden 3,5 HP

The best entry-level thermal chainsaw

Despite its price positioning, the 58 cm³ GT Garden is a very powerful and robust thermal chainsaw. It has a 2-stroke engine of 2600 W and a 50 cm long chain guide with chain brake for more safety.

87,84 £ on Amazon

This thermal chainsaw signed GT Garden has a 2-stroke engine of 58 cm³ with a power of 3.5 HP or 2,600 W. For the cutting functions, the tool has a 50 cm guide bar supported by a drive speed of 15 m/s. Thanks to its power, the machine can perform pruning, cutting and felling of trees up to 45 cm in diameter. As for oil and fuel, the saw has a 550 mL gas tank and 260 mL oil tank.

Weighing 6.4 kg, the GT Garden 3.5 HP has a second handle to compensate for the load distribution for a better grip. This thermal chainsaw has an Easy-Start launcher for easy starting. The controls are conveniently and intuitively located on the main handle. For added safety, it has a built-in chain brake. Accessories include a bar guard, 2 sharpened chains, a chain file, a mixing canister and a spark plug wrench and screwdriver.

McCulloch CS 450 Elite 3

Best value for money

McCulloch CS 450 Elite

The best high-end thermal chainsaw

The McCulloch CS 450 Elite is a powerful, robust and reliable thermal chainsaw. It is powered by a 45cc engine and has a power output of 2,000W with an adjustable chain guide from 33 to 45cm. The chain speed reaches 23 m/s.

257 £ on Amazon

The McCulloch CS 450 Elite is synonymous with power and reliability. With its sober design and meticulous finish, this thermal chainsaw will not disappoint you, no matter how dense the wood to be cut is. To operate, the beast uses a 2-stroke engine of 45 cm³ that develops a power of 2,000 W. Concerning the cutting length, this machine has an adjustable guide bar between 33 and 45 cm according to the needs of its user. The chain speed reaches 23 m/s, which is exceptional.

For safety, the McCulloch CS 450 Elite features the OXY Power system to limit fuel consumption and emissions. Note the 450 mL gas tank and 300 mL oil tank. Despite its 5.3 kg, it has an anti-vibration system for greater maneuverability. The machine also has a Soft Start system to facilitate and simplify its starting. It even has an adjustable chain tensioner system without tools.

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 4

Best value for money

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II

The best value

Lightweight and maneuverable, the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II is a thermal chainsaw with good cutting performance. It has a power output of 1,500 W and a 35 cm guide bar and a chain speed of 16.8 m/s.

151 £ on Amazon
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Best thermal chainsaw

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The best thermal chainsaw

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Comparison table of the best thermal chainsaws

Stihl MS 170 D 5
GT Garden 3,5 HP 6
McCulloch CS 450 Elite 7
Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 8
Stihl MS 170 D
GT Garden 3,5 HP
McCulloch CS 450 Elite
Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II
Offering excellent value for money, the Stihl MS170 D thermal chainsaw is perfect for cutting and felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter. Equipped with a 2-stroke engine of 30 cc, it develops a power of 1 200 W.
Despite its price positioning, the 58 cm³ GT Garden is a very powerful and robust thermal chainsaw. It has a 2-stroke engine of 2600 W and a 50 cm long chain guide with chain brake for more safety.
The McCulloch CS 450 Elite is a powerful, robust and reliable thermal chainsaw. It is powered by a 45cc engine and has a power output of 2,000W with an adjustable chain guide from 33 to 45cm. The chain speed reaches 23 m/s.
Lightweight and maneuverable, the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II is a thermal chainsaw with good cutting performance. It has a power output of 1,500 W and a 35 cm guide bar and a chain speed of 16.8 m/s.
30 cm3
58 cm3
45 cm3
38.2 cm3
Chain guide
30 cm
50 cm
33-45 cm
35 cm
1 200 W
2 600 W
2,000 W
1,500 W
21 m/s
15 m/s
23 m/s
16.8 m/s
4.1 kg
6.4 kg
5.3 kg
4.7 kg

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Buying guide - thermal chainsaw

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How to choose your thermal chainsaw

Knowing the usefulness of a thermal chainsaw, choosing the right model for your cutting activities requires considering 5 criteria:

#1 - Engine displacement and horsepower

The power of a thermal chainsaw depends on the engine displacement. The displacement is measured in cm³ or cc, and the power in horsepower or watts (W). The higher the displacement, the more powerful and efficient the chainsaw will be. For information, a power of 1,000 W is equivalent to 1.4 HP on a combustion engine. A 2-stroke engine of 25 cm³ will produce a power ranging from 1 000 to 1 100 W. But this will also depend on the model.

In addition, the power will be decisive to have a good cutting performance and define the appropriate use of the thermal chainsaw. For example, for cutting and felling medium to moderate size trees, a displacement of 30 to 40 cm³ or a power of 1,100 to 1,800 W will be perfect. While for more intensive use, we recommend choosing a displacement of more than 40 cm³ and more than 1,500 W.

#2 - Chain bar

The guide bar is the element that keeps the chain perpendicular to the surface of the wood to be cut. Its length defines the cutting capacity and the cutting jobs possible with the chainsaw. Most of the time, the length of the guide bar is expressed in centimeters or cm and can vary greatly from one chainsaw to another, even within the same brand. In order to adapt your tool to your needs, the bar length should be equal to or greater than the diameter of the trunk or branches to be cut.

For pruning work, it is recommended to opt for a bar length of 20 to 35 cm. For cutting or cutting branches, a length of 30 to 45 cm is more than enough versatility, even to the point of felling medium-sized trees. However, thermal chainsaws can offer bar lengths of up to 90 cm. But the longer the bar, the heavier and more difficult the saw will be to handle.

#3 - Chain type

The chainsaw has a multi-toothed chain, sharpened to cut wood. But the chain differs depending on the model and the density of the wood to be cut. Indeed, trees are distinguished by their species and density. Thus, there will be those that are easy to cut and those that are hard or less hard to cut. Chains come in 3 types: square profile chains also called chisel, round profile or Lowkickback and the half round profile or semi-chisel.

The square profile chains are suitable for felling trees and cutting high density or very resistant wood. They are mostly mounted on powerful thermal chainsaws with engines larger than 40 cm³. Chains with a round profile are used to cut soft, low-density wood. And the semi-chisel chains offer a compromise to the 2 previous types. They are suitable for all types of wood, but wear out quickly, especially with high-density wood.

#4 - Starting system

Most of the time, thermal chainsaws adopt an electronic start button and a starter. This is a handle attached to a wire acting as a launcher that is pulled by the user to start the machine. Thus, it is not easy to find yourself starting your tool for long hours and getting exhausted before even starting your cutting work.

Faced with this challenge, several manufacturers (Stihl, Husqvarna...) have developed and perfected a specific starting aid system. At this level, we can refer to the priming pump and the automatic or semi-automatic starter. Be aware that these starting assistance systems will be more than necessary when the engine is cold or after a long period of inactivity of the machine.

#5 - Ergonomics

In order to fulfill the quality of your thermal chainsaw, it is advisable to question the ergonomics of your equipment. This criterion will contribute to the ease of handling with a speed of execution as well as a great comfort in use. In this regard, you should consider the weight, ergonomic handles, anti-vibration system, sound power, ease of adjustment and safety options.

However, an excellent thermal chainsaw will have a perfect balance between weight and size for maximum comfort. For a better grip, try to choose SoftGrip or FlexiGrip handles with non-slip aspects. Also find a model with easy-to-reach and easy-to-handle controls. But always keep in mind that the thermal chainsaw is heavy.

What are the right things to do when cutting?

First, it is essential to prepare your thermal chainsaw by checking all the essential elements such as the chain tension, fuel, lubricating oil. To start it, you need to press it to the ground by pulling the starter with a good momentum.

Once the tool is running, you can start cutting. To make a cut, make sure that the chain's claws are in contact with the part to be cut by making back and forth oscillating movements. For ground delimbing, cut on the opposite side of your tool to protect your legs in case of false moves.

To cut a trunk that rests on a central point, it is preferable to start cutting from below and then finish on top. On the other hand, if the trunk rests on both ends, it is strongly advised to start at the top and finish at the bottom, taking care of yourself when breaking.

If you are felling a tree, you need to fix the metal felling claw in the sapwood to provide a pivot function for the cut. In this regard, it is advisable to monitor and check the trajectory of the tree's fall when breaking it to avoid the risk of accidents. However, it is not recommended to use the tip of the chainsaw during your cutting work except for pruning.

The different types of thermal chainsaws

Depending on the type of use, there are different thermal saws depending on the cutting work to be done and the density of the material to be cut:

Conventional thermal cutter

Thermal wood saws are the most powerful classic models with a very high cutting capacity. They are mainly intended for felling, pruning, lopping and making logs with all kinds of wood. The operating principle of this type of chainsaw is supported by a 2-stroke gasoline engine mixed with a specific oil.

In addition, the displacement varies according to the use. As for occasional use, a thermal chainsaw powered by an engine ranging from 25 to 35 cm³ will be perfectly suitable. For heavy and intensive work, the model of thermal chainsaw will be much more oriented for professionals and will be equipped with engines ranging from 45 to 120 cm³.

However, the thermal chainsaws designed for wood differ in their guide bars and the type of chain. Regarding the guide bars, the classic thermal chainsaws can have a chain support made of aluminum, composite or steel. As for chains, they come in 3 types, including square or chisel profiles for intense work, round or lowkickback oriented profiles for less intense use and half-round or semi-chisel profiles designed for versatile cuts from pruning to felling.

Thermal material cutter

Functioning on the same principles of a thermal wood saw, thermal material saws are much more specific. They are intended for important cutting jobs and are more for professionals than for the average user. Indeed, these types of chainsaws have a phenomenal cutting power, with a reinforced cutting system.

To ensure optimal cuts on ultra-resistant materials, these machines benefit from a permanent watering system to cool the cutting system and remove dust. In addition to wood, thermal material saws have the advantage of allowing different cuts on all types of hard materials such as sheet metal, concrete, steel or stone, etc.

In addition, the thermal material cutting saw has a steel guide bar capable of supporting heavy loads with a cutting depth of up to 50 cm. The thermal material saw is characterized by a reinforced chain made of synthetic diamonds with closely spaced teeth. Its only shortcoming is the lesser precision of the cutting line, which is limited to cuts above the ground.

Thermal disc cutter

In place of a cutting chain, this type of thermal chainsaw uses a cut-off wheel, which can cut all types of hard materials ranging from wood to metals, through stone and concrete. Its operation is based on the principle of the circular saw with a cutting disc driven in rotation on itself by heat engine.

The thermal disc saw adopts the same permanent watering system to cool the cutting system and remove dust to ensure a certain cutting accuracy. However, it can have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine driving a cutting disc with diameters ranging from 26 to 40 cm. The disc is designed either in resin or steel with continuous sharpened rim or with diamond teeth depending on the materials to be worked.

Thermal disk saws are mainly designed for cutting work requiring a certain precision of the cutting line and for long lengths to be cut. The only disadvantage is the limited cutting depth depending on the diameter of the disc. Although they are fast for cutting jobs, a disc with a diameter of 40 cm can only offer a cutting depth of about 15 cm.

Thermal or battery powered chainsaw?

Thermal chainsaw

The thermal chainsaw is considered the most powerful of its electric counterparts. This allows it to adapt to heavier work such as felling larger diameter trees depending on the length of its bar and to cut through high density wood.

To its advantage, it is much more autonomous than the electric chainsaw. Having a portable and autonomous aspect, this model of chainsaw is very recommended for working in the forest or on a large surface. Moreover, it performs on a variable power of 1200 W for the classic models and up to 7000 W for the professionals.

But despite its advantages, the thermal chainsaw also has many drawbacks. They have the disadvantage of weighing more for a portable DIY tool. The best models will weigh around 4 kg up to 10 kg. Its 2-stroke combustion engine is also noisier, which is why it is recommended for outdoor use.

Battery powered chainsaw

The battery-powered chainsaw is recommended for trimming small trees and shrubs or for pruning and cutting. Its power allows it to cut trees with a medium diameter ranging from 20 cm to 30 cm. Battery-powered saws are ideal for cutting and trimming wood. This type of chainsaw is more oriented for small maintenance and cutting jobs.

The advantage of the battery-powered chainsaw is that it is light and easy to handle. With an average weight of 4 kg or less, its electric motor consumes little energy and operates with less noise than thermal models.

Its shortcomings lie in its power and although it is portable, its battery has little autonomy. This limits its use for intensive and continuous work. However, it can only be used for cutting and delimbing trees. The felling of large trees remains complicated and they will be less suitable for high density and resistant wood.


A battery-powered chainsaw will be a perfect ally for less intense work and for occasional use. It is perfectly suited for garden maintenance and firewood cutting, but will be less efficient for intensive and long-lasting work.

The thermal chainsaw, on the other hand, is a versatile option that will adapt to all types of wood and all types of work, even over a long period of time. It is perfect for felling large trees and for intensive work. Only to use it, you need to have a minimum of experience because it is a powerful and heavy tool.

Why buy a thermal chainsaw?

The thermal chainsaw is a garden tool designed for pruning, cutting and felling. Suitable for both professionals and private individuals, it has many advantages.

Autonomy and mobility

The thermal chainsaw has a mobile aspect with a large degree of freedom compared to its corded electric counterpart. With this type of chainsaw, you can do your chainsawing work anywhere outdoors, even through the woods. It even has the advantage of being short-circuit free thanks to its thermal operating system. This makes it a perfect option for working in rainy weather or snow. And despite its great power, a thermal chainsaw has the advantage of offering great autonomy thanks to its fuel system stored in its tank and which can be supplied at any time.

The power

The thermal chainsaw is a tool that operates via a gasoline-fueled engine. However, despite its shortcomings, it is the most powerful and efficient chainsaw model on the market. Compared to the electric model, even with identical power values, the thermal model will have the advantage of being more powerful and efficient. The thermal chainsaw will have the ability to deliver a higher torque and chain speed. This will allow it to cut down large trees quickly and easily without tiring.

Cutting capacity

A thermal chainsaw is particularly powerful, often offering a long cutting length. Consisting of a cutting chain, it also offers a large cutting capacity that will allow it to adapt to all types of wood, from the simplest to the hardest. It offers a certain versatility perfect for the maintenance of your garden, cutting firewood, lopping trees and even felling large trees.


At the expense of its power, a thermal chainsaw has two ergonomic handles to ensure a better grip. It is also equipped with various devices to limit the risk of accidents. At start-up, it adopts functions that facilitate its start-up, such as a starter handle and an automatic or semi-automatic choke. For the heavier models, they are mostly made up of accessories that allow them to be carried around the shoulders.

Durability and endurance

This type of chainsaw has a mechanical function with an internal combustion engine, and is characterized by an imposing and robust appearance. This gives it a long life. The thermal chainsaw has the advantage of being resistant to shocks and wear. However, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance of its mechanical components to improve its durability and maintain its performance.

The best brands of thermal chainsaws

In our opinion, the best brands of thermal chainsaws in 2022 are :

GT Garden

Stihl is a German company founded in 1926 and is well known in the field of land clearing and power equipment. The brand was the first inventory of the thermal and electric chainsaw. Becoming a leader in its field, Stihl has made a place for itself in more than 160 countries with a wide variety of tools including chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brushcutters and many others with accessories and protective equipment for DIY. Renowned for the quality of these tools, the Stihl brand offers thermal chainsaws oriented on performance and endurance.

The Swedish brand Husqvarna is asserting itself as one of the world leaders in the design and supply of motorized maintenance and gardening equipment. Founded in 1689, it has established itself through its experience and an unparalleled sense of innovation. Husqvarna is popular with professionals, but has also won over private individuals and DIY enthusiasts with more accessible prices. In its catalog, it offers a wide variety of equipment and tools with combustion engines including chainsaws, brush cutters, lawn mowers, cutters and so many others.

McCulloch is an American company founded in 1943 and acquired by Husqvarna in 1999. Its business began with the design of 2-stroke gasoline engines to power other tooling equipment and various models of automobiles at the time. It manufactured its first chainsaw in 1948, and then went on to produce a wide variety of equipment such as hedge trimmers, lawn edgers, thermal blowers. The brand's products are recognized by impressive power, remarkable sturdiness and especially by a neat design with black and yellow colors.

Founded in 2012, GT Garden is a French brand specialized in the design and manufacture of gardening tools. Designed in the UK and assembled in factories in Asia, the brand's tools offer very competitive prices for individuals. Its principle is based on the design of tools adapted to the maintenance of green spaces at less expensive prices while maintaining an acceptable quality. There is a wide range of equipment such as the thermal chainsaw, the hedge trimmer, the brushcutter, or the water pump for watering and the blower to clean your spaces.

Dolmar is a German company that was founded in 1927 and oriented in the design of power tools. Acquired by Japanese giant Makita in 1991, Dolmar stands as one of the leading brands in the thermal power tool industry. The brand offers a range of high-performance products for gardening, forestry and agriculture. Dolmar initially focused on the manufacture of chainsaws, but has evolved over time to include lawn mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers and many others.

What is the price for a thermal chainsaw

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Check the thermal chainsaw before working with it

First, check the fuel and oil levels. The fuel level will allow you to define the duration of autonomy of your tool during your cutting work. Indeed, if it is a 2-stroke engine, the fuel will be a mixture of gasoline with specific 2-stroke oil on a precise dosage. If you want to avoid mixing errors, you should know that there are premixed fuels available in specialized shops. As for the oil level, it will contribute to the lubrication of the chain to ensure proper operation. After these 2 elements, it is strongly advised to check the chain tension because a chain that is not properly tensioned will cause your chainsaw to chatter when cutting. Then before you start cutting, you should also make sure that the chain lubrication is working. To do this, turn on the machine for 10 to 20 seconds and see if the chain is slightly impregnated with oil. For the record the lubrication of the chain will limit the risk of failure when the chain will be in acceleration motion.

Check the operation of your tool's safety systems

With the power and speed of the chain, a thermal chainsaw looks like a dangerous tool without the safety systems. As a rule, the chain of a chainsaw consists of alternately placed teeth separated by guide links. This system acts as a depth limiter to prevent a certain blockage when the sharp teeth of the chain come into contact with the wood. Because of the risks involved, the machine should be equipped with a protective plate located in front of the handle. The principle of this plate is to engage the chain brake in case of rebound when the hand comes into contact. And finally, it is necessary to require the availability of another hand protection plate in case of chain breakage.

Maintain your thermal chainsaw regularly

For the proper functioning of a thermal chainsaw, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance of mechanical elements. In principle, before each use, it is best to tighten the chain and check its condition. For maintenance, try to sharpen the teeth with a specific file and ensure that it is always well lubricated to ensure proper rotation on the guide bar. To ensure proper engine performance, try cleaning the spark plug with a small wire brush to remove any gunk on the head and ensure better engine combustion. It is also advisable to periodically change the spark plug and clean the air filter.

Wear safety equipment

In fact, every model of thermal chainsaw is equipped with protection system to ensure safe operation. But despite the initiative of each manufacturer to limit the risks incurred by the chainsaw, it remains at least dangerous for some users. Thus, it is recommended to wear gloves and protective glasses. It will also be advisable to adopt a helmet or earplugs because of the noise that the engine and the collision of the wood with the saw will create during your chainsawing activity. And finally, as with the majority of do-it-yourself and high-powered maintenance tools, it is also essential to wear safety shoes and special pants dedicated to this type of use. As a precaution, when felling a tree, check and monitor the fall path of the branch.

Store your thermal chainsaw after use

In order to maintain the quality and best performance of your chainsaw, it is important to adopt a few steps. Before storing your tool, it's not insignificant to clean it. The first step is to remove the chain from the bar so that you can clean both parts and then spray them with protective oil. After this cleaning process, you need to completely empty the fuel tank so that you can clean it as well. Also try to dust the whole thing with a blower and wipe the rest with a cloth. Then to store your device, it is recommended to do so in a place away from direct sunlight as well as the weather. Also, make sure that the storage area is well ventilated and dry.


How does a thermal chainsaw work to cut wood?

Of all the chainsaw categories, the combustion model is themost powerful and efficient. However, a thermal chainsaw is powered by an engine fueled by fuel, usually gasoline mixed with oil if it is a 2-stroke cycle engine. This engine will consist of a sprocket that will drive a sharp-toothed chain to rotate at a very high speed around a grooved guide called the chain guide. So with this rotating motion, the device will cut wood or fell a tree.

Will a chain in poor condition impact other parts of the thermal chainsaw?

A failing chain of the chainsaw will cause poor cutting results and cutting quality and will also limit the performance of your device. In addition, a chain in poor condition is also going to impact the engine and some mechanical parts. This aspect will lead you to a much more frequent maintenance with the obligation to change mechanical parts. It should be noted that a chain in poor condition does not only define the condition of the teeth but also the condition of the connecting links.

Why does a thermal chainsaw become louder and more vibrating after several uses?

After several uses and over time, it happens that your thermal chainsaw becomes noisier and vibrates much more than originally. These anomalies are often caused by faulty or misplaced mechanical parts. Regarding engine noise, you should check the attachment of the exhaust and its condition. Then, try to check other mechanical parts such as clutch springs and make sure there is no friction in the starter system. As for increased vibration, it is possible that the silent blocks and fasteners such as bolts or screws may become loose after long periods of use. To remedy these irregularities, it will be necessary to change broken parts and tighten all fasteners securely.

What are the factors related to the engine ignition problem of a thermal chainsaw?

Like all combustion engines, thermal chainsaws can experience ignition problems. Theoretically, these problems are often related to a failing spark plug or abnormal carburation. The spark plug is the main component of the ignition system. It works by releasing energetic sparks to ensure the combustion of fuel in the engine. Similarly, the carburetion will define the crucial element in the operation of the combustion engine. The carburetion problem will be primarily a result of either the fuel supply or a carburetor problem.


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