The best rotofiles in the UK 2023

The rotofil is a corded brushcutter for mowing and trimming unwanted grass and small plants in the garden. It has proven itself and has many more functions than conventional tools. However, with so many different offerings on the market, it's not easy to choose a rotary mower. Don't panic, this guide aims to help you find the right model.

Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW 1

Best value for money

Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW

The best rotary mower in 2021

This battery-powered rotofil offers 2 speeds and a 28 cm cutting diameter. Above all, it has 3 functions: trimmer, edger and mower. It is therefore a versatile gardening tool, to be counted among your toolbox.

118 £ on Amazon

The Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW ensures a perfect result on a work area of up to 2,500 m². It works with a 9 m cutting line that unwinds as it wears thanks to the 100% automatic Reflex system. 2 cutting modes are available depending on the thickness of the grass. Use the Eco speed for thinner herbs and the Turbo speed to bring out the full performance of the machine.

Note that this tool has a cutting diameter of 28 cm. And in most cases, it gets by flawlessly thanks to the E-Drive dual-stage transmission. On the practical side, the swivel head of the Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW is very popular. So is its guide wheel and telescopic tube. The head of this rotary tiller is easily changed to fit the function you need.

Gardena EasyCut 450/25 2

Best value for money

Gardena EasyCut 450/25

The best entry-level rotary mower

Very light, the Gardena EasyCut 450/25 is a corded rototiller. This model is best for small gardens. However, it's not for you if you plan to get rid of longer, denser grass. You'll need an extension cord.

43,99 £ on Amazon

The Gardena EasyCut 450/25 easily reaches areas that are difficult to reach with a more powerful rotary cutter. This ensures a uniform result over the entire surface to be maintained. It is an ergonomic tool that can be used for many hours. All its features allow you to work without getting tired. Especially since its handle can be adjusted according to your size. As for the head of the device, it tilts in 3 different angles according to your needs: 0°, 10° and 60°.

Its 450 W power will not disappoint you. And despite the price positioning, the Gardena EasyCut 450/25 has a cutting diameter of 25 cm. However, the cutting height is not adjustable. Finally, this rotofilter is made of reliable materials, namely good quality plastic, metal and stainless steel. They combine robustness and design.

Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW 3

Best value for money

Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW

The best high-end rotary mower

The Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW has a battery life of 60 min, which will be enough to work on a medium-sized garden. This 2-speed rotary tiller has a telescopic tube, a second adjustable handle and a 30 cm cutting diameter.

143 £ on Amazon

This rotofilter does both cutting and finishing. Its head is a great help and allows this versatility. Note the 30 cm cutting diameter and the telescopic handle. There is even a second adjustable handle. The charging time of the 36 V battery is 1.5 to 2 hours for 60 min of autonomy on average. In addition, you can use it on other battery-powered gardening tools of the same brand or buy a second battery to increase the autonomy.

Good to know, the maximum cutting area that can be handled is 2,500 m². For the speed, you can choose between Eco and Turbo mode to have all the power you need depending on the surface to clean. The best thing about this model is that it has no bulky wires.

Black & Decker STC 1820-QW 4


Black & Decker STC 1820-QW

A remarkable rotary mower

The Black & Decker STC 1820-QW stands out from the crowd with its 18V battery, 28cm cutting diameter and variable cutting speed. Capable of being used in any garden, this 2.5 kg rotofil will make you more mobile.

80,08 £ on Amazon

Equipped with an 18V battery that is interchangeable with other cordless tools of the same brand, the Black & Decker STC 1820-QW has proven its effectiveness on any type of terrain. It owes its efficiency mainly to its 2 Eco-turbo speeds, one of which is used to cut fine grass and the other to get rid of dense grass. As for practicality, its telescopic aluminum tube is adjustable to your needs.

In addition, it has a second adjustable handle for greater ergonomics. Also, to efficiently go along an entire surface and fences, this rotofil has 2 guide wheels. Another component that facilitates the control in edging mode of the tool. The cutting diameter of 28 cm is also appreciated.

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The best rotary mower in 2021

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The best high-end rotary mower

A remarkable rotary mower

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Comparison table of the best rotofiles

Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW 5
Gardena EasyCut 450/25 6
Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW 7
Black & Decker STC 1820-QW 8
Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW
Gardena EasyCut 450/25
Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW
Black & Decker STC 1820-QW
This battery-powered rotofil offers 2 speeds and a 28 cm cutting diameter. Above all, it has 3 functions: trimmer, edger and mower. It is therefore a versatile gardening tool, to be counted among your toolbox.
Very light, the Gardena EasyCut 450/25 is a corded rototiller. This model is best for small gardens. However, it's not for you if you plan to get rid of longer, denser grass. You'll need an extension cord.
The Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW has a battery life of 60 min, which will be enough to work on a medium-sized garden. This 2-speed rotary tiller has a telescopic tube, a second adjustable handle and a 30 cm cutting diameter.
The Black & Decker STC 1820-QW stands out from the crowd with its 18V battery, 28cm cutting diameter and variable cutting speed. Capable of being used in any garden, this 2.5 kg rotofil will make you more mobile.
Battery operated
Battery operated
Battery operated
2.6 kg
2.5 kg
3.5 kg
2.53 kg
Speed of rotation
5,500 to 7,400 rpm
6,500 to 8,500 rpm
7,4000 rpm
Cutting diameter
28 cm
25 cm
30 cm
28 cm
Length of cutting wire supplied
8 m
10 m
8 m

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Buying guide - rotofil

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How to choose your rotofil

#1 - Thermal or electric?

Thermal brushcutters run on fuel. They are best suited to work in undergrowth, rough terrain, and relatively large areas. This is due to their tank. On the other hand, if you're only working on edges or a small area (less than 1,000 square meters), an electric brushcutter can do the trick, knowing that it can also be portable.

#2 - The power

Thermal or electric, the brushcutter can be equipped with the power needed for your work. In fact, the choice rather depends on the surface to be worked. For example, for 2,000 m2, a cutting width of 25 to 40 cm is necessary. An electric brushcutter of 1,000 to 2,000 W or a thermal model of 30 to 40 cc can be suitable in this case.

#3 - The cutting head

It can be with nylon threads, with knife or with blades. The former is more suitable for soft herbs. The knives for their part allow you to cut tougher grasses or small brambles. If you plan to cut large brambles, it is better to choose a brushcutter with blades. It will make your job much easier. Besides, there are several varieties of blade heads, ranging from 3 to 80 teeth!

#4 - The ergonomics


s important to be able to change the blades easily and quickly. Also, starting up should be within everyone's reach. Failing that, a good manual is required. For thermal brushcutters, it is important to have a tank adapted for intensive use (backpack models). Finally, the handlebars and the carrying harness must offer a good comfort of use so that you do not get tired unnecessarily.

#5 - The extra features

Other features can add to the comfort of using a brushcutter. A double handlebar is for example very practical on a portable model. An anti-vibration system is also interesting to facilitate handling. Finally, an economical and low-pollution engine is as beneficial to the user as it is to the environment.

What do I need to know about a rotary cutter?

The rotofil is another name for the brushcutter. It is generally used for the maintenance of any grassy area or your garden. In addition, it mows brambles and stubborn grass, clears bushes and at the same time ditches.

Thanks to the rotary mower, you will be able to have an impeccable and well maintained garden. After, if some trimmers work at the time of a gasoline, others are very autonomous and their supplies are ensured by a battery.

As for the operation, like the lawnmower, the rotofil is very appreciated for its versatility. You can, moreover, use it on grassy slopes or in the woods given its easy handling. Indeed, some rotary mowers are equipped with a motor located at the back with handles or double handlebars to facilitate the use of the tool. There are, however, those that take on the appearance of a brushcutter-mower with their ultra-powerful blades and motors.

Moreover, this tool will not give you any trouble when it comes to maintenance. The first thing you need to do is remove the dust from the air vents, which are located under the engine. Then clean them with a cotton swab and a vacuum cleaner and you're done.

The different types of rotofiles

The rotofil is a brushcutter that has replaced the 3-tooth blade with a cutting wire. According to the feeding mode, there are 3 types.

The corded electric rotary tiller

This is probably the most affordable model in terms of price. Often, this type of rotofilter has a power, which is around 280 W, with a rotation speed of 13,000 rpm. Such power is useful for a more precise cut of your garden. Moreover, these tools are characterized by their semi-automatic operation. On the other hand, the range of action remains limited.

The thermal rotary tiller

Electric rototillers are appreciated for the precise cut they offer while thermal rototillers provide more power. For more comfort, the vast majority of these tools are equipped with an anti-vibration system. As for practicality, the harness can be adjusted according to your needs. In addition, the thermal rotofil is best suited to those who are looking for a powerful bush cutter that can get through dense grass.

The battery-powered electric rotary tiller

Battery-powered rototillers perform well. But they are best suited to an area that is close to 500 square meters. These are mostly used to get rid of tall grass. Just like the electric teddy, the cordless battery model ensures an impeccable finish to all edges.

Rotofil or fake?


The rotary mower remains the essential tool for getting rid of weeds in the garden. Indeed, it completes the functions of an ordinary mower and is able to access inaccessible areas such as tree towers. Its greatest asset is its power and speed of rotation, which is around 9,000 rpm.

It should be noted, however, that the rotofil is not really suitable for brush cutting. Indeed, its 16 mm² wire can break at any time. The choice between the rotofil and the scythe is quite subjective. So, if you want to save time, then the rotofil is the tool of choice. For the more eco-friendly, the scythe remains a very good compromise.


The scythe is one of the must-have tools to maintain your vegetable garden. It is similar to a brushcutter but more ergonomic and more respectful of Mother Nature. This tool is mainly used to mow a whole grassy area. Its biggest advantage is that you don't need to make any special efforts. Moreover, it adapts to any morphology.

The only thing that you can reproach it is that its performance will depend only on your physical strength. So, if the blade is not sharp, it can tire you out very quickly.


The choice between the rotofil and the scythe is quite subjective. If you want to save time, then the rotofil is the tool to choose. For the more environmentally friendly, the scythe is a very good compromise.

Why buy a rotofil?

A versatile tool

The brushcutter is available in several models that meet the needs of users. We can mention the trimmer, the brushcutters and the portable models. The latter are the most popular with homeowners. A brushcutter is a versatile tool. It is used for both weed control and surface trimming.

Getting rid of even large brambles

When it comes to trimming the edges of a garden or cutting back tougher weeds, the classic lawnmower is already far from enough. Then imagine the bushes in the undergrowth of a larger garden! A brushcutter is a must when you have a large garden where shrubs and brambles grow quite quickly.

Clearing rough surfaces and hard-to-reach areas

A lawnmower has trouble working on slopes and other uneven terrain, but a brushcutter does. Brushcutters can easily access difficult areas: under trees, in corners, along edges, etc. Portable models can work on any part of a large garden or park.

Easily work large areas

Used by individuals as well as professionals, the brushcutter is essential for weeding large areas. Its power and cutting width make it possible to carry out intensive work, especially with the towed and self-mounted models equipped with handlebar adjustment systems.

Save time

A brushcutter has the power and cutting surface to work a relatively large area in a short period of time. It's the ideal tool for enthusiasts who want to maintain their garden without spending all day on it. In fact, this tool turns chores into fun with its performance.

The best brands of rotofiles

In our opinion, the best brands of rotofiles in 2022 are :

Black & Decker
GT Garden

Black & Decker is an American brand specialized in garden and DIY tools. Recently, it merged with the Stanley Group to form Stanley Black & Decker, one of the world leaders in garden and DIY tools.

Created in 1949 by Robert McCulloch in Wisconsin, this brand has become one of the most important garden tool manufacturers in the world. It now belongs to the Swedish giant Husqvarna.

The GT Garden is a French brand that belongs to the company GT Groupe. It is specialized in the production of garden tools and entry-level products.

Born 10 years ago in the UK, the Silex brand is focused in the manufacture of spare parts and gardening tools. Indeed, the company has been the best seller in this field for more than 5 years.

Originally Swedish and having been born in 1689, the Husqvarna brand was limited to the production of muskets at the time. Later, it expanded its horizons to the production of high-end gardening tools. McCulloch and GT Garden are among its subsidiaries.

What is the price for a rotofil

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 90 £
90 £ to 121 £
more than 121 £
Price range diagram


Use safety equipment.

Follow safety precautions carefully when using a brushcutter: wear gloves, safety glasses, earmuffs, closed toe shoes, etc.

Clear debris first.

Make sure there is

no large debris, toys, and other bulky objects before you start using your brushcutter. This is because if your unit encounters a large, hard object while it is powered up, it will be thrown violently, and in a direction you may not be able to control. You should also make sure that pets and bystanders are at least 50 feet away to avoid accidents.

Progress in small sections.


you want to cut thick, tall grass, try as much as possible to progress in small sections. This will make it easier for you to get organized and, most importantly, will spare your brushcutter. If you try to cut too many large sections at once, you run the risk of the trimmer stalling or damaging your line or even your engine. For tall grass, try to cut it gradually from the top down, always in small sections.

Use appropriate energy.

Operate your machine at low power when cutting decorative plants and trees. Full-power brushcutters are harder to control and can damage delicate plants, as well as fences and sprinkler systems.

Clean up after use.


each mowing job, use a clean, dry brush to remove grass clippings and dirt that have been left on your brushcutter



What's the difference between a brushcutter and a rotary?

Basically, a brushcutter is stronger than a rotary cutter. Brushcutters often have a circular toothed blade that spins in a circle and is suitable for cutting woody weeds and thick growths such as brambles and ferns. Roto-threaders are usually string trimmers with a single or double nylon string that spinsin a circle. This device is suitable for cutting overgrown grass and weeds such as nettles. String trimmers are best suited for cutting directly against walls, fences and trees.

What is a bump-feed head?

Tolet more line out on a bump-feed rotary, all you have to do is gently tap the bottom of the mower on the ground. This will cause the spring in the cutting head to compress, releasing more line. The more you bang the head, the more line is released.

Do I need a rotary or brushcutter with a wire head or metal blade?

Arotating metal blade will be able to cut tough woody weeds, brambles, saplings and young shrubs. A rototiller with a metal blade is often referred to as a brush cutter. The main disadvantage of using a metal blade is that you cannot cut against solid objects such as walls, fences or trees. A rotary cutter will have one or two nylon wires that cut through tall grass and weeds . Edgers can be used against fences and walls.

Do I need a straight-handled or curved-handled rotary?

Curved or bent-handledrotary trimmers are usually shorter than straight-handled trimmers, making them a bit lighter. Because the head of the tiller is also closer to your feet, the curved-handled tiller can feel more manageable, more balanced, and easier to control. On the other hand, if you're very tall, a curved handle model may be too short for you. You may have to bend over to use it, which would be uncomfortable.


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Black & Decker STC1820CM-QW
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Gardena EasyCut 450/25
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Black & Decker GLC3630L20-QW
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