The best robot dogs

Technology has made a phenomenal leap forward. So don't be surprised to see robot dogs on the market that are even more intelligent and sophisticated than before. Much more than replicas or simple toys, these 2.0 canines keep you company, answer your calls and submit to your orders without flinching. But which one to choose? Here is our selection of the best robot dogs of the year.

deAO Mascotte Interactive

deAO Interactive Mascot

15,19 £ on Amazon

Intended for children from 3 years old, the robot dog deAO Mascotte Interactive will allow your loupiot to learn the language of Shakespeare in a more playful and amusing way. It reacts to touch with its infrared transmitter and can say no less than 10 words in English. Veterinary accessories are included with the robotic animal.

Gear2Play Smart Puppy

Gear2Play Smart Puppy

22,91 £ on Darty

The Gear2Play Smart Puppy interacts with its owner through its built-in sensors. It responds to both sound and touch. The little 4-legged animal is equipped with 2 LED eyes and produces particularly entertaining sound effects. Note that 3 AA batteries are required to operate it.

Gresatek Brun-Teddy

Gresatek Brown-Teddy

26,39 £ on Amazon

This robot dog is characterized by its beautiful silky fur. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and has several nice features that you can easily activate by touch, sound or gesture. A small leash, provided with the delivery, will give your child the possibility to walk him.

Lexibook Power Puppy

Lexibook Power Puppy

39,99 £ on Picwictoys

This is another learning method that will come in very handy for your little one. This robot dog teaches numbers in addition to dancing, singing, animal imitation and capering. Because of its programmable function, it can be trained. The robotic dog can be controlled by remote control or by touch.

YCOO Dackel

YCOO Dackel

39,99 £ on Picwictoys

Expandable, the YCOO Dackel robot dog will expand when he is happy and shrink when he is angry. Unlike ordinary remote controls, his is shaped like a ball. Roll it along the ground and the smart robot puppy will run behind it. And just to remind you of real dogs, he can move his tail and tongue.

Costway Chien Robot Télécommandé

Costway Remote Control Dog Robot

47,99 £ on Cdiscount

The playful look of this robot dog will brighten up your child's day. In order for him to say his 6 pre-programmed sentences, you just have to touch his head. You can define his next actions in advance thanks to the programming option. He dances, sings, but can also tell stories, throw balls and take pictures.

Top Race ‎TR-P5

Top Race TR-P5

39,99 £ on Amazon

Intelligent and obedient, the Top Race TR-P5 robot dog will respect all your commands. You only have to formulate a request in a clear way for it to execute it. It has up to 12 voice instructions and 10 gestures. Its remote control has a maximum range of 15 m.

Okk Smart dog

Okk Smart dog

55,99 £ on Amazon

For a 30-minute fun time, the robot dog requires a charging time of about 4 hours. Stuntman, he executes complex movements and knows how to dance, squat, do push-ups ... In addition to the availability of a programming function, this interactive dog goes to sleep automatically after 80 seconds of inactivity.

Contixo R3

Contixo R3

110 £ on Amazon

This little robot dog, made of sturdy, smooth plastic, is controlled by voice. Give it a command to sit, bend, sing or say hello and it will obey your command with its finger. Plus, its touch sensors are cleverly placed on its chin.

Zoomer 6042065

Zoomer 6042065

228 £ on Amazon

The Zoomer 6042065 makes cute little "woofs" when you rub its belly. Proof that he appreciates your gesture. Equipped with voice recognition technology, he'll answer your calls and learn up to 25 new tricks with you.



3 838 £ on Cdiscount

This is surely the most successful robot dog on this list. The Sony AIBO ERS-7M3 can connect wirelessly to other devices in the house and transfer data (messages, photos, etc.). It will get to know you better as it goes along. All its emotions will be reflected on its expressive face with LEDs.

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How to choose your robot dog

Your child only dreams of finally having his own little dog. But will he be able to handle the animal and all the responsibilities that come with it? If you're not sure, give him a robot dog first. It will not only serve as a toy, but will also teach your little one how to handle such an animal and how to make it obedient. But as there are currently countless models on the market, we will help you make the best choice with these 5 important criteria:
choisir chien robot

Criterion n°1 : Appearance

Whatever the model chosen, the robotic animal will have to have the build of a real dog. Thus, it must have four legs, a head, a body, 2 ears and a tail. Some adopt a more realistic appearance and are dressed with a beautiful fur (white, black, spotted, brown ...). Others, on the other hand, have the appearance of a real robot. For the latter, their plastic body is often smooth, which prevents them from hurting your child when he plays with them. In any case, the robot dog should suck confidence while being both attractive and endearing.

Criterion n°2 : Features

The number of features of a robot dog varies depending on the model and the brand. In terms of basic options, it has the ability to wag its tail or even paw. As it is interactive, the dog will be able to respond to its owner's voice. It also has one or more sensors through which it will feel the caresses. Additional functionalities are notably available, namely a +/- realistic barking, the ability to perform pirouettes, the change of eye colors according to the mood, Bluetooth connectivity... Some models speak English, Spanish and other languages in addition to French.

Criterion n°3 : Size

The size of the robot dog depends essentially on the age of its future master. Indeed, if it is a child, it is preferable to choose a model of small size. The robot dog will be easier to handle and won't look too oversized in little hands. For a teenager or an adult, the size can be taken into account... or not. Note that sophisticated models are more fragile. Therefore, they require attention and delicacy.

Criterion n°4 : Material

As far as design is concerned, you should know that these robotic pets are made from sturdy plastic or steel for maximum safety and strength. Obviously, if you want to buy it for your toddler, it's best to avoid metal models that would be highly likely to hurt him. Choose a durable, resistant and good quality material that would not break at the slightest fall.

Criterion n°5 : Safety

Safety is to be prioritized especially when we talk about high-tech objects and toys. Make sure that the materials used to manufacture the robot dog do not contain any harmful substances to health, including BPA and phthalate. Also, make sure that the power device is secure. For example, the battery should not be easily accessible.

Criterion n°6 : Interactivity

Different from one model to another, the level of interactivity will allow you to choose the most suitable robot dog. Some obey by voice(voice recognition) while others are rather tactile and only react to touch. The simplest models, on the other hand, only perform basic gestures. Generally, they do not interact with their master and behave just like a modest remote-controlled robot.

Criterion n°7 : Autonomy

Generally speaking, a robot dog is powered by a battery or batteries. These power sources determine the autonomy of the device. Those that run on batteries consume a lot of energy. They would not withstand intensive use. Moreover, the cost of the batteries would be expensive in the long run.

On the other hand, battery operated models allow for prolonged use. For example, you can charge the robot dog overnight and use it during the day. Please refer to user reviews before choosing a particular model, as the autonomy indicated by the manufacturer is not always in line with reality.

How to use a robot dog?

avis chien robot

Using a robot dog is not rocket science. You need to understand how it works in order to apply the right gestures and words. Do you want to learn more before you start? We explain everything in detail.

How a robot dog works

Usually, the robot dog comes with its own manual. Each type works differently as we will see below:

  • The toy robot dog: is powered by AA batteries, 3 in this case. It may or may not have sensors that detect the sound of the voice or the touch of its master. If it is covered with fur, the resemblance with a real dog is palpable. On the contrary, some do not have any, but are painted in order to obtain the same realistic effect of a real coat. These robot dogs perform minimalist gestures such as sitting, wagging their tails, barking... Models for toddlers, from 2 or 3 years old, can be used as an educational device (language, numbers, etc.) or as a light and sound toy.
  • The robot dog with a robotic look: you will not find any hair on the body of this type of robot. It has a start and stop button and is usually accompanied by a remote control. Its onboard sensors allow it to interact with you or your child. Before using it, remember to recharge its battery. It can take hours to charge, but it's worth it. The most advanced robot dogs are easily controlled via the brand's app. Once synced to a device such as a smartphone or tablet, you no longer need the remote.

What can a robot dog do?

Not all robot dogs are created equal. However, as such, an automaton dog will be able to do a variety of basic movements, namely walking, wagging its tail, sitting, dancing, barking, doing tricks... If it can be programmed, the robot dog will perform and learn functions in a specific order. Those specific to children can play lullabies/compositions and white noises or light up like a night light or star projector.

The different types of robot dogs

Taking into consideration the aesthetics and the functionalities of each robot dog, we can distinguish 3 main categories: the toy robot dogs, the dogs with a more robotic aspect and the robot dogs for professional use.

Toy robot dog

Chien robot jouet

This type of model has almost all the characteristics of a real dog. Depending on the dog breed to be imitated (Dalmatian, terrier, shepherd, French bulldog, golden retriever, boxer, cocker spaniel, dachshund...), it will have a typical coat and behavior. From the visual point of view, we tend to confuse it with a plush so much they are very similar. Its functionalities are complete enough to play with for hours.

The robot toy has been designed primarily for children from 2 years and older. Indeed, at these age groups, the owner of the robot does not have yet or does not have any more the capacity to take care of a real dog especially as he will be able to unload all the obligations that this would generate. The little robot will make a great playmate for toddlers. The latter will have their senses more alert and will be able to develop their motor skills without difficulty. Forelderly people, the robot dog will help them to fight against loneliness and isolation while offering them a pleasant company.

Robot dog for professional use

Chien robot aspect robotisé

The robot dog with a robotic aspect is preferably intended for teenagers and adults. It embeds more advanced features and its degree of intelligence is improved. Of course, you have to pay the price if you want to get it. But this type of robot dog is relatively more fun and more attractive than the previous one.

It is its artificial look and behaviors that characterize it more. The body of the robot animal, hairless in most cases, is made of plastic or steel. The mechanical parts are very apparent. Far from being the most realistic, it has all the attributes of a real dog (a head, a tail, legs, a muzzle, eyes, ears ...). Usually, this kind of robot has sensors that make it tactile, a voice recognition technology or a remote control.

Aibo for Artificial Intelligent Robot is the most famous in this category. This pet robot dog was proposed by Sony in 1999. It obeys voice commands, can be autonomous and moves like a real canine. The robotic animal can also learn from its environment.

Chien robot à usage professionnel

The robotic dog for professional use has only the name of the dog. Its shape is quite different since it has only a body mounted on 4 legs and, in rare cases, a head. At the moment, the robot dog for professional use is only promoted to a well-targeted public because of the acquisition price that can go up to 5-6 figures. This makes it an elitist product. This type of robot dog is designed for a very specific purpose in order to perform a specific task. The major manufacturers compete in ingenuity to produce the best and most elaborate robot dogs for professional use. In this field, we can mention :

  • Spot : imagined and developed by Boston Dynamics, Spot walks on uneven terrain with disconcerting ease. He climbs stairs, avoids obstacles and can stand up if he inadvertently falls. Moreover, it is able to open a door or even pull a truck. A real added value on construction sites and in the execution of various handling tasks.
  • Spur : or Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle is the result of the collaboration between Ghost Robotics and Sword International. Created to become a war machine, the Spur robot dog for military use carries a precision rifle, supporting a 7.26 x 51 mm cartridge, which allows it to reach a target at a maximum distance of 1.2 km. Enriched with several sensors, Spur can easily adapt to different situations.
  • CyberDog : a work of the Chinese giant Xiaomi, the CyberDog reflects the know-how and years of experience of the brand in the world of consumer electronics. It supports a load of about 3 kg and moves with an exceptional speed of 11.5 km/h.
  • Astro : this is the name given to the robot dog of the e-commerce leader Amazon. It has no legs and no tail. His appearance has nothing to do with a dog. Its body, similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, is supported by 3 wheels. Equipped with Alexa artificial intelligence, several cameras and a large screen as a head, this robot can reach a travel speed of 1 m/s. The large company plans to sell it to a limited audience for a thousand dollars.

Robotic dog or real dog?

Robot dog

A robot dog is a more or less realistic reproduction of a real dog. Equipped with an artificial intelligence, it can be used as a toy for children or as a technological gadget for companies. It will have the same reactions as a real dog and will show it by its gestures: anger, joy, sadness, love...

The robot dog brings its own set of advantages. Some sophisticated models automatically return to their charging station when their master orders them to. The robotic quadruped does not need or damage since it does not eat. It learns quickly the basic gestures, can react to your caresses thanks to its sensors judiciously placed in the "sensitive" zones and does not die. Unlike a real dog, it will never have animal dander.

Real dog

A real dog makes his owner happy because he is a living being who acts like one. With his body heat and presence, he will bring you immense comfort during difficult times. He feels the love you have for him and is a particularly fun animal.

A real dog will willingly intervene in case of danger and can protect you, your family and your home. Apart from being a great companion for your little ones, your canine friend has real emotions while remaining loyal to you. It's not for nothing that they are called "man's best friend".


Interacting with its owner, the robot dog obeys voice commands, appreciates being petted and knows how to keep company at all times. It is suitable for people who do not want to take on the responsibilities of owning a real animal, such as a child, an elderly person or a single person. However, if you feel ready to take care of it, to consider it as a full member of your family, to train it properly, to feed it and to clean it daily, nothing prevents you from adopting a real dog. Moreover, these animals are very cuddly.

Why buy a robot dog?

pourquoi acheter chien robot

Fewer chores to do

Raising a dog involves many chores. Cleaning up loose hair and feces, filling and washing the dog bowl, walking the dog, bathing him, cleaning his teeth and more. All these tasks take time and sometimes a lot of effort. With a robot dog, you won't have to. It will only require you to regularly recharge its battery, an operation that requires almost no effort.

No noise pollution

Despite the existence of gadgets like anti-bark collars, you can't really stop a dog from barking. It can be a nuisance to you, but also to your neighborhood. Noise pollution from our canine friends can even be a source of major neighborhood conflicts. You won't have this problem with a robot dog. You can adjust the volume of the sound it emits and turn it off if necessary.

A profitable investment

The purchase price of a robot dog is higher than that of a live animal. However, in the long run, the robot dog is cheaper to maintain. Recharging the battery will have a noticeable impact on your energy bills. You will be exempted from many expenses related to the purchase of food, medical consultations, toys and accessories (collar, leash, kennel)... The robot dog is therefore financially more interesting if you intend to limit your expenses.

Customized behaviors

As we all know, dogs can be very temperamental and difficult to control. Raising them can be a real headache. The robot dog is much more docile. This is due to the fact that his behavior is programmable and customizable at will. Some are even able to learn and adopt new behaviors thanks to artificial intelligence. The robot dog is thus a faithful and above all very wise companion that will not cause any problems.

An interactive animal of good company

Several serious studies have proven that the robot dog, and interactive animals in general, are very good company. They are able to break the loneliness in the same way as live animals, especially for elderly people. This is possible thanks to the many things that the robotic animal is able to do. It can hold a conversation, to a certain extent, perform many tasks on demand or automatically, or make daily life easier.

The best brands of robot dogs

In our opinion, the best brands of robot dogs in 2022 are :


Gear2Play is a specialist in the manufacture of technological devices for playful use. We find in its catalog drones, robotic toys, but also robot dogs. The Smart Puppy model is a big success with children. The Gear2Play robot dog is more like a toy and is mainly aimed at children.

Zoomer has made robotic pets its great specialty. The manufacturer offers kids and the whole family advanced robotic dogs, cats and even dinosaurs. Zoomer robot dogs are notably known for their behaviors that are very similar to those of real dogs, but without the inconveniences such as fussiness, visits to the vet and buying food.

Lexibook is a toy brand with an international presence. Its catalog contains a very wide selection ranging from the smallest basic toys to advanced devices such as children's tablets, weather stations and robots. Lexibook offers robot dogs mainly dedicated to children. They are not very developed compared to other brands. Nevertheless, Lexibook robot dogs are very good pets for children.

Japanese manufacturer Sony is one of the biggest references in the robot dog market. It has mainly built the Aibo model which is known to be one of the very first successful robot dogs offered on the market. Aibo is currently in its fourth generation and is very successful with the public.

SilverLit designs and manufactures remote control and robotic toys. The brand is known for the high quality of these products, from radio-controlled planes and cars to robots. Silverlit's robot dogs are no exception. The Ycoo model is an amazing and intelligent toy that appeals to children and adults alike.

What is the price for a robot dog

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

18 £ to 49 £
49 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Robotic dog as a companion for the elderly

The robot dog is not just a toy for children. Some models are designed to meet more demanding needs. The most advanced models are considered companions for the elderly and those with disabilities. These robots break the solitude and facilitate their daily life by carrying out, in their place, more or less complex tasks.

Robotic dog for regular travelers

Own a pet proves complicated when you travel a lot. Leaving your pet alone at home is a big risk. Taking it everywhere you go is not always practical. The robot dog will be more suitable. You can go on a trip without the risk of starvation. Just turn it off when you leave and turn it back on when you arrive.

Robotic dog for children

Raising a dog involves big responsibilities that children are not able to fully assume. Yet these same children are particularly attracted to canine companions. Instead of giving him a real dog, you can give him a robot dog. He will be able to take care of it without the responsibilities being too heavy. It will be largely easier to raise.

Robotic dog for your pets

The robot dog accompanies humans, but also animals. Some models are designed to have fun with your dogs and cats when you are not at home. It's even possible to control the robot dog remotely, via your smartphone, so it can take good care of your pets.

Program your robot dog

Some robot dogs can be programmed. Programming options vary from model to model. Mood, behavior and habits can be customized. This is an important advantage in that the robotic pet will react according to the parameters of your choice. Choose these programmable models so that you can adapt the character of your robot dog to your preferences.


How to build a robot dog?

Designing and building a robot dog is a very technical operation that requires very advanced skills in robotics. This discipline is not for everyone. If you want to build your own robot dog, you may want to look at these models that are specially designed to be assembled at home. They are quite rare, but you can very well find some on the market.

How does a robot dog work?

The robot dog is a real condensation of technologies including computer science and robotics. It is thus difficult to discern its functioning according to a general concept. Moreover, the models available on the market all work differently depending on the brand and generation. In any case, the robot dog uses ever more advanced technologies in order to make itself ever more realistic.

Who invented the robot dog?

The concept of the robotic pet dates back to the early years of robotics. In 1993, the National Institute of Science of Japan had launched Paro. It was a seal robot whose role was to accompany people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's. Aibo, released in Japan in 1999, is considered to be the very first commercialized robot dog. It was a robot developed by Sony.

Can the robot dog do everything like a real dog?

No! The robot dog is directly inspired by real animals. Nevertheless, the limits between the animal and the robot remain quite large. Thus, many things, including movements, that a real dog can do are not accessible to a robot dog. Conversely, the robot dog is capable of some things that real dogs cannot do, such as holding a conversation in different languages or accessing the Internet.


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