The best plant shredders in the UK 2023

The shredder is mainly used to process green waste produced during the maintenance of a garden. It also avoids frequent trips to the waste disposal center after clearing brush. Electric or thermal, the power of the motor varies from one model to another. To find the best shredder, we invite you to refer to our comparison.

Bosch - AXT 25 TC

Best value for money

Bosch AXT 25 TC

The best plant shredder in 2021

This shredder has a powerful motor. Its safety systems have been well thought out to make it very practical. Both functional and durable, it can handle all types of wood, from soft branches to hardwood.

327 £ on Amazon

Equipped with a powerful motor of 2500 W and a torque of 650 Nm, the Bosch AXT 25 TC puts its very high performance at your disposal. This is what makes it stand out from the other models in its range. The cutting is done in a fast way with a high flow of 230 kg/h. This turbine cutting system (Turbine Cut) also ensures an exceptional cutting speed of 41 rpm.

The noise level does not exceed 92 dB. This means you won't disturb your neighbors even if you decide to work at dawn. The Bosch AXT 25 TC easily handles branches up to 4.5 cm in diameter, whether they are soft or hard. The unit comes with a 53-liter capacity collection container.

Einhell GC-RS 2540

Best value for money

Einhell GC-RS 2540

The best entry-level plant shredder

Particularly modest in both size and functionality, it perfectly meets the needs of those looking for a standard mulcher. It is mainly suitable for domestic use.

124 £ on Amazon

The Einhell GC-RS 2540 performs well if you only intend to use it to maintain a small garden. It adapts very well to intensive use while avoiding the risk of overheating. Its particularity lies in its noise level which does not go beyond 93 dB. This means that you do not need to wear noise protection headphones.

This shredder has a shredding capacity of 40 mm. Its cutting cylinder is powerful enough to cut fine branches and grass without difficulty. The shredded material can then be used as compost. The Einhell GC-RS 2540 is easy to handle and transport and has a large, sturdy frame with wheels and an ergonomic handle.

T-Mech 15 HP 1

Best value for money

T-Mech 15 HP

The best high-end plant shredder

Equipped with a 420 cc engine for 15 HP and a blade that can turn between 2,400 and 3,600 rpm, this shredder has a cutting capacity of 76 mm. Good stuff for cheap.

799 £ on Amazon

This T-Mech thermal chipper or shredder will help you get rid of the tree leaves and branches that are cluttering up your yard. Its 420 cc 4-stroke engine develops 15 HP, which is enough power to shred large branches, up to 76 mm in diameter. Despite the low price, the speed of the blade oscillates easily between 2,400 and 3,600 rpm.

Note the position of the hopper, which means that you have to find the right angle of inclination to expel the shredded vegetation. A chair or stool is required for those under 1.75 m tall. In addition, the fineness of the shredded material should be noted, enough to make compost and fertilize the garden. Finally, note that this machine comes with goggles, gloves and ear protection.

Ryobi RSH3045U

A great choice

Broyeur Ryobi RSH3045U

The best rotor plant shredder

With this shredder, you will benefit from its various advantages such as a powerful and silent motor, a satisfactory cutting capacity, easy transport and above all a very affordable price. In short, to try it is to adopt it!

240 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best plant shredder

Any specific needs?

The best plant shredder in 2021

The best entry-level plant shredder

The best high-end plant shredder

The best rotor plant shredder

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Comparison table of the best plant shredders

Bosch - AXT 25 TC
Einhell GC-RS 2540
T-Mech 15 HP 2
Ryobi RSH3045U
Bosch AXT 25 TC
Einhell GC-RS 2540
T-Mech 15 HP
Broyeur Ryobi RSH3045U
This shredder has a powerful motor. Its safety systems have been well thought out to make it very practical. Both functional and durable, it can handle all types of wood, from soft branches to hardwood.
Particularly modest in both size and functionality, it perfectly meets the needs of those looking for a standard mulcher. It is mainly suitable for domestic use.
Equipped with a 420 cc engine for 15 HP and a blade that can turn between 2,400 and 3,600 rpm, this shredder has a cutting capacity of 76 mm. Good stuff for cheap.
With this shredder, you will benefit from its various advantages such as a powerful and silent motor, a satisfactory cutting capacity, easy transport and above all a very affordable price. In short, to try it is to adopt it!
Electric Wire
Wire Electric
Electric rotor
Noise level
92 dB
93 dB
Cutting capacity and speed
45 mm - 41 rpm
40 mm - 40 rpm
102mm - 2400 rpm
45 mm - 40 rpm
2500 W
2000 W
3,707 W
3000 W
Catch pan capacity
53 L
50 L
55 L

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Buying guide - plant shredder

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How to choose your plant shredder

Discover the basic criteria to consider when choosing a shredder.

#1 - Shredding system

Generally speaking, blade disc chippers are best suited for chopping small branches, with a diameter of no more than 35 mm. However, some models can handle branches with a diameter of 40 to 60 mm.

If you are used to shredding larger or more varied branches, a screw chipper would be perfect. This cutting method is also appreciated for its quiet operation, as are turbine models, which are particularly suitable for cutting large branches thanks to a funnel cutting mechanism that minimizes the risk of blockages.

To cut medium-sized branches such as thick hedges, large trees or old vegetation, it is preferable to opt for a rotor shredder with a blade holder, offering a cutting diameter of 38 to 40 mm, with a system that cuts the vegetation, before shredding it.

#2 - Power

The power of the motor of an electric plant shredder greatly determines its cutting capacity. Thus, the most powerful machines are best suited to shred thick branches without the risk of clogging. For example, a 2500 W shredder is capable of shredding branches up to 45 mm in diameter, which is generally suitable for domestic use. Most available electric models range from 1,800 to 3,000 W.

#3 - Branch diameter

This factor refers to the diameter of branches that can be handled by a unit. Manufacturers often exaggerate on the numbers, therefore, it is recommended that you never reach the maximum diameter of an electric chipper, this is to avoid the risk of jamming. For example, for a model with a cutting diameter of 40 or 45 mm, it is best to limit yourself to 25 mm to avoid frequent blockages.

#4 - Noise level

As is the case with most electric garden appliances, the operation of shredders generates noise and can, therefore, disturb those around you in the case of domestic use. Electric models are generally much quieter than thermal ones, however, not all are equal in this respect.

Depending on where the shredder is to be used, the level of noise pollution should be seriously considered. For example, shredders equipped with a knife rotor system and an auger system are the quietest on the market.

#5 - Comfort of use

Aside from weight and ease of storage, various aspects allow us to judge the ergonomics of an electric shredder. Indeed, depending on the model, it is possible to benefit from certain features that facilitate the use of the electric shredder and make it more manageable.

Some machines are equipped with an automatic branch feeder, which saves time and prevents accidents. Others have a secondary hopper on the side for shredding large branches, or have a direction of rotation reverser, which is very practical for easily eliminating blockages, as well as a variable-volume container for collecting the shredded material.

When to use a shredder?

In summer, you don't even have to go to the dump if you have a shredder. This machine promotes the recycling of shavings. In fact, depending on the model you choose, you'll get either flakes or shavings up to 30 mm long. This gives you the chance to make mulch or compost. By using a shredder during the summer months, recycling is done immediately, and at the same time you preserve the environment since there is nothing to burn. You also have the opportunity to save money and time.

When you use these chips and flakes, the soil is kept cool first. This way, you won't have to water your flowerbeds as often as possible during the summer. In other words, the leftover gardening material will help you reduce watering to less than 3-4 times a year or even more. It will keep your soil moist and fresh.

The resulting materials that are used as natural fertilizer will decompose to enrich your soil. You won't need to buy them anymore. Finally, a shredder is also to be used in autumn as well as in spring, when it is absolutely necessary to get rid of the dead leaves and plants before the arrival of the winter period.

The different types of plant shredders

Here are the different types of shredders on the market, distinguished by their cutting system.

The electric plant shredder

An electric shredder allows for quick shredding. They can help you cut your gardening routine in half. It is ideal for compost production, which will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, as you can easily clean up your garden while providing it with plenty of nutrients. Using reversible blades, this type of device gives a very fine result for a really low price.

However, an electric shredder is not suitable for large areas. It does not handle some large diameter branches. In addition, the power cable can be very bulky, you may have less working space and you are not safe from tripping hazards.

The thermal plant shredder

Thermal shredders are suitable for very large gardens. They allow you to process large-diameter wood without the risk of clogging. This type of machine is very comfortable to use. However, its operation can be slow and noisy. Also, it is much more expensive than an electric device.

This type of device is too cumbersome and therefore a little difficult to use in a small garden. It is mainly intended for professionals. Individuals can turn to an electric shredder, at least if their wooded area is less than 1000 m².

The rotor shredder

More efficient than the blade disc shredder, the rotor shredding system can be used for large branches up to 36 mm in diameter or more. It is suitable for shredding hardwood and soft branches and leaves and can be used on larger areas.

The narrow hopper makes it very easy to feed in plant waste, as it allows you to select only those branches that have a maximum acceptable diameter. This reduces the risk of blockages, and in the event of a blockage, you can simply reverse the direction of rotation of the rotor, thus avoiding the need to dismantle everything as with the disc model.

The rotor shredder operates less noisily than the disc shredder, but also much more slowly, as the cutting speed is around 40 rpm. Also, the resulting shredded material is quite coarse and generally takes longer to break down.

Quick Tip:

Always make sure there is a service department available to help in case of a breakdown.

Blade disc mill or turbine mill?

Blade holder disc mill

The blade disc mill operates with blades or knives attached to a disc that rotates at a high speed, which can exceed 2,000 rpm. The blade disc shredder can produce very fine shredded material, perfect for producing good compost. Ideal for small gardens of less than 300 square meters, it can be very fast in use, especially when pushing branches. Instead of using your hands, you should use a pusher, which is not always provided.

Turbine mill

The turbine shredder works on the same principle as the rotor system, but is much more efficient. The design makes it suitable for very large gardens with hard-branched fruit trees and dense, multi-year hedges with large branches. The turbine shredder is much less prone to clogging, which makes it very comfortable to use for large shredding jobs. Nevertheless, it can be expensive.


If you have a limited budget and a small garden, a shredder with a blade disc is for you! However, if you want to shred the branches in a park or a huge orchard, you should invest in a turbine model right away.

Good to know

Shredders with an electric motor require much less maintenance than those with a gasoline engine.

Why buy a shredder?

To reduce gardening waste

It is essential to periodically maintain green spaces such as gardens. This work inevitably produces vegetable waste that often poses a problem of treatment. The electric shredder is a piece of equipment that helps to reduce by half the mass of waste produced by the gardening activity, thanks to a powerful integrated cutting system that is able to chop up fresh or dry leaves, twigs, soft or hard wood, and other vegetable waste. This process not only helps solve the problem of managing these wastes, but it also saves a lot of time.

To avoid trips to the waste disposal center

To get rid of the vegetable waste that piles up after each gardening activity, most individuals have no other solution than to take it to the waste disposal center, but it is not easy to find the time to go there after each collection. In addition, there is often the problem of transport, especially for individuals who produce large quantities of plant waste. The electric shredder not only saves a lot of time, but also helps to reduce transport costs, with the possibility of processing and reusing this waste on site.

To recycle plant waste

In addition to helping reduce the amount of yard waste, the electric shredder is a true recycling machine. By shredding hedge trimmings, brush, dry stems and dead branches, you can turn the result into compost by mixing it with kitchen waste. Similarly, large chips are usually used to mulch driveways and fruit trees, while fresh leaf litter is an excellent natural fertilizer when introduced into the top layer of the soil.

To enrich the soil

Shredding green waste produces either chaff or shavings up to 30 mm long that can be used to mulch the soil. Both ecological and economical, these natural fertilizers reduce the dehydration of the soil during the summer, which reduces the amount of water needed for watering, but also, thanks to the permanent decomposition, they enrich the soil with humus and promote microbial life, essential to maintain the soil in good health.

To avoid burning plant waste

The fact of burning vegetable waste in the open air is formally forbidden by the departmental sanitary regulation and the persons who go against this prohibition incur up to 450 € of fine. It is a very harmful act, often a source of conflict with the neighborhood because of the smoke and odors that are released, but also because of the high risk of fire, especially during the summer. In addition, it is important to know that the burning of green waste emits particles that are very dangerous to health, including carcinogenic compounds such as PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and benzene.

The best brands of plant shredders

In our opinion, the best brands of plant shredders in 2022 are :


Bosch is a world-renowned brand specialized in the manufacture of gardening and DIY tools. It is a reference in the market of shredders. You can fully trust this manufacturer.

With more than 80 years of know-how, Dolmar is a very good manufacturer of plant shredders. Its range of gardening tools is complemented by chainsaws and hedge trimmers to choose from. You won't be disappointed with the quality of its products.

The Varan brand can be your best ally during your gardening projects. You can rely on the machines and tools designed by Varan for the regular maintenance of your garden or your huge orchard. Its products are sturdy and versatile.

Ryobi is a dynamic brand that designs, among other things, portable and stationary power tools for do-it-yourselfers, gardeners and craftsmen. Whether you're a gardening novice or expert, you'll have no trouble using a Ryobi mulcher.

Gardebruk offers quality gardening tools. This brand has focused entirely on the manufacture of shredders, and we can say it is a real success, since its products fully meet the needs of gardeners.

What is the price for a plant shredder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Protect yourself.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your eyes from splashing.

A little bit at a time.

Shredders are equipped with a great many safety features. The only ways you can get into trouble is by putting your hands in the machine or/and not wearing eye protection in case something gets out. Note, however, that your machine could jam if you try to mulch entire branches at once.

The drier, the better.


wetter the material you want to grind, the more likely the machine is to clog and the smaller the amount you can put in

at one time.

So avoid using your shredder early in the morning or after it rains.

Respect the guidelines for the size of items to be shredded.


your shredder's manual says 3 inches, it means 3 inches, no more. If you put in a branch larger than the limit in the manual, you could damage your machine.

Keep the discharge area clear enough.


't allow an accumulation of processed material in the discharge area. This can prevent proper discharge and cause the material to bounce back out of the feed opening.


What's the best shredder?

The best shredder depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products of the moment.

When to choose a blade disc shredder

The blade disc shredder is a machine designed for small gardens. It is most effective for shredding soft foliage and branches and produces very fine shredded material ideal for compost production. To make shredding less tedious, it is advisable to use a pusher to more easily pull the plant waste.

When to choose a rotor shredder

The rotor shredder is the best solution for large areas. Although it is quite slow, it can cut branches of a certain size as well as softer branches without much effort. It is also very easy to use thanks to the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the rotor to unblock the machine in case of blockage.

Why choose a turbine shredder

The turbine shredder is a very efficient piece of equipment for maintaining large gardens. Its cutting system makes it easy to shred hardwood from fruit trees and old, dense hedges. It can also be used for fairly large jobs without facing recurring jams.

What is an electric screw shredder?

It is best to use an electric screw chipper when you need to cut branches of various sizes, with fairly hard wood. The power of its cutting system allows you to chip this type of waste, without spending too much effort.


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Bosch - AXT 25 TC
Bosch AXT 25 TC
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Einhell GC-RS 2540
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