The best MP4 players in the UK 2023

While an MP3 player simply plays music, the MP4 player allows you to watch videos and open a multitude of digital files. The superstar of gyms and joggers, this digital music player has not aged a bit after 20 years. If you're thinking about getting one, check out this guide to the best MP4 players around.

Sony NW-A105 black 1

Editor's Choice

Sony NW-A105 black

The best MP4 player of 2021

As the heir to the Walkman, the Sony NW-A105 gives you constant access to your favorite songs and movies. Take your multimedia experience to the next level with this MP4 player.

200 £ on Boulanger

The Sony NW-A105 runs on Android. Thus, you will access, via Wifi, to audio and video streaming sites. You can also use the browser to download multimedia files of all kinds, useful for expanding your playlist. With a resolution of 1136 x 640, the 9.1 cm touch screen gives this MP4 player the look and feel of a smartphone. Accessing songs and videos is surprisingly easy.

No matter what kind of media file you're playing, this Sony player promises high-resolution sound with excellent high-frequency handling. Don't worry, its 16GB internal memory can be expanded via microSD card. As for its long-lasting battery, it offers up to 26 hours of use.

Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy 2

Best cheap

Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy

The best entry-level MP4 player

This sleek and stylish 4GB MP4 player is a great way to get away from your smartphones. It allows you to carry and play your audio and video files wherever you go.

31,99 £ on Boulanger

Although it mimics the design, this MP4 player is light years ahead of first generation digital music players with very limited memory. Here, you will enjoy an internal storage of 4 GB expandable up to 32 GB via an SD card. To optimize your comfort of use, take advantage of the ergonomic color LCD screen and the battery that offers 20 hours of autonomy in music listening and 5 hours of video.

If the Essentielb Enjoy BT 4 Go is originally intended for music and movie lovers, it also offers other very practical functions. It includes a dictaphone for voice recording, but also a calendar, a photo viewer and a stopwatch.

Apple iPod Touch 3

Best high-end

Apple iPod Touch

The best high-end MP4 player

Demanding user? Looking for the ultimate in entertainment? The iPod Touch is for you. Indeed, this real iPhone (without the call function) gives access to the best of the streaming at any time and everywhere.

199 £ on Amazon

With 128GB of storage capacity, this player is full of pleasant surprises, both in terms of use and performance. First and foremost, this MP4 player lets you take your favorite music and videos with you. Moreover, by subscribing to Apple Music, you will have access to more than 50 million streaming songs, most of which are free to download.

Powered by an A10 Fusion chip, iPod Touch delivers a gaming and browsing experience that's close to perfection. With smoother motion, richer detail, and more immersive sound, augmented reality is taken to a new level with this iPod Touch. If you've ever used an iPhone, you'll love the 4-inch widescreen Retina display with IPS technology.

VTech Kidicom Max 4

For kids

VTech Kidicom Max

The best MP4 player for kids

As intuitive as a real smartphone, this MP4 player will open new horizons for children. In addition to listening to music and viewing, the VTech Kidicom Max allows you to play, communicate and take pictures.

79,99 £ on Boulanger

Halfway between a toy and a smartphone, the VTech Kidicom Max will bring a big smile to the faces of children under 10. It's a good bet that some adults will be jealous of this MP4 player, because it's so advanced. With 8GB of memory that can be expanded to 40GB with a microSD card, kids will be able to store their favorite songs, videos, photos and applications.

As it recognizes Wifi, children will be able to use it to communicate and surf safely on the Internet. In addition to its many fun features, this Kidicom Max includes academic applications such as a calculator, organizer, notepad and clock. If necessary, you can download from the VTech store, free or paid applications specifically developed for children.

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Best MP4 player

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The best MP4 player of 2021

The best entry-level MP4 player

The best high-end MP4 player

The best MP4 player for kids

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Comparison table of the best MP4 players

Sony NW-A105 black 5
Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy 6
Apple iPod Touch 7
VTech Kidicom Max 8
Sony NW-A105 black
Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy
Apple iPod Touch
VTech Kidicom Max
As the heir to the Walkman, the Sony NW-A105 gives you constant access to your favorite songs and movies. Take your multimedia experience to the next level with this MP4 player.
This sleek and stylish 4GB MP4 player is a great way to get away from your smartphones. It allows you to carry and play your audio and video files wherever you go.
Demanding user? Looking for the ultimate in entertainment? The iPod Touch is for you. Indeed, this real iPhone (without the call function) gives access to the best of the streaming at any time and everywhere.
As intuitive as a real smartphone, this MP4 player will open new horizons for children. In addition to listening to music and viewing, the VTech Kidicom Max allows you to play, communicate and take pictures.
Touch screen
Screen size
3.6 inches
2.2 inches
5 inch
Supported video format
Not reported
HEVC, H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2 and Motion JPEG
Slot for SD card
USB, Wifi
Lightning to USB, Wifi, Bluetooth cable
USB, Wifi

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How to choose your MP4 player

MP4 players are as much appreciated by the sedentary as by the nomads. To choose this player, here are the criteria to take into account:

#1 - The storage

Most MP4 players have between 4GB and 320GB of internal memory. By choosing a large capacity model, you will have enough storage for several thousand songs and no less than 200 movies to listen to or watch on public transport, in a gym or on a break at your workplace. Recognizable as a hard drive by a PC, the MP4 player can be used as a mobile storage medium for your data.

#2 - The connectivity

In their majority, MP4 players are equipped with a USB input for charging and file transfer. There is no need to use software to transfer video and audio files, as copies are made manually or automatically. Most of the newer devices have built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can pair them with wireless headphones or speakers.

#3 - The screen

Don't forget that an MP4 player is primarily for watching videos and movies. To optimize your experience, look for models with an LCD or OLED screen that's cut out for HD content playback. That said, if you plan to use the player only for music, a model with a minimum resolution of 320 x 240 will do. The low-resolution screen will allow you to preserve the player's battery.

#4 - The supported formats

To avoid incompatibility and playback problems, find out which formats are supported by the MP4 player. This will also save you from having to make conversions that can be tedious. Ideally, your MP4 player should support MP3, MP4, DVIX, MKV and MOV files, as these are the most common ones.

#5 - The secondary features

MP4 players released in recent years are real technology hogs. Apart from Bluetooth, these digital players support Wifi, which allows direct access to content on YouTube or Dailymotion. They also have settings functions, FM radio, games and the equalizer that allows you to make changes to the sound of a song or movie. Note that the more features an MP4 player has, the more entertaining it is.

What are the differences between MP3 and MP4?

MP3 and MP4 files are often confused even though they are all an improvement of the MPEG file. Simply put, the .mp3 extension is limited to audio files, while .mp4 files are capable of playing audio, video, text, photos, etc. Unlike MP3, MP4 retains its sound quality even after compression. Hence its popularity on streaming and video sharing platforms.

What video formats does an MP4 player support?

The MP4 player can play several video formats, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

MPEG 4 Part-14

This is the most popular format, especially because of its compression method, which provides excellent video quality. Unfortunately, the creation and processing of MPEG 4 Part-14 files is somewhat difficult due to the codecs used.


Videos in this format are very common. You can play them on all digital players on mobile devices, smartphones and computers. The only drawback is that AVI only supports a limited number of audio tracks due to its low capacity.


MKV videos are known for their superb audio and video quality. However, the compression properties of this format are limited, making it difficult to create compact files.


Easily compressible, VOB can be played on conventional DVD players. Unfortunately, digital players do not recognize this format.


This is the format most used by users of Apple's MP4 players. Even though it is small in size, MOV is still of excellent quality, especially in terms of images.

Prolonged use of an MP4 player: be careful with your health!

Prolonged listening to an MP4 player can damage the ears, resulting in auditory fatigue manifested by whistling or buzzing felt in the ear canal. An 8-hour exposure to 80 decibels will irreparably lead to deafness. Psychologically, it can cause stress, digestive problems, insomnia, loss of concentration and even cardiovascular disease.

The different types of MP4 players

It is customary to differentiate MP4 players according to their technology and storage capacity. Thus, you will have to choose between the flash memory MP4 player and the hard disk MP4 player.

The flash memory MP4 player

The MP4 flash memory player has no moving mechanical parts. It is compact, light, but very robust. Also very discreet, this type of digital player allows for mobile use, especially at the gym or during a morning jog. Their 16:9 format screens allow you to watch HD quality videos.

However, flash-based MP4 players have limited storage capacity. The 64GB of archival support may not be enough, especially if you want to take a large media and photo library with you.

Pros: The flash memory MP4 player is the perfect companion for sports sessions because of its light weight and compactness. It also doesn't consume much power. A fully charged battery provides up to 40 hours of music playback.

Disadvantages: The storage available on this category of MP4 players is limited. Even with an SD card, capacity is only 64GB, so users have to cherry-pick the contents of their playlist.

Who is it for? The flash memory MP4 player is mostly recommended for people who are physically very active and do not need a huge playlist.

The hard drive MP4 player

The presence of a hard drive in MP4 player implies a large storage capacity. The latter will allow you to have at your disposal, an unlimited number of songs, movies and photos. With the Wifi, you could even record TV shows directly or download multimedia content on legal platforms, which saves you the frequent updates of your files.

The MP4 hard drive player is a must-have in terms of entertainment and can be used as a digital video recorder. However, some users criticize its autonomy which leaves something to be desired and the annoying clicks generated by the hard disk.

Benefits: Similar to a smartphone, the HDD MP4 player expands the boundaries of entertainment. Listening to music, watching movies, surfing the Internet, carrying a large volume of files, you can do almost anything with this device.

Disadvantages : The mp4 hard drive player would have been the must-have entertainment device if it weren't for its limited battery life and the weird noise produced by its storage medium. In intensive use, its battery hardly exceeds 20 hours of use.

Who is it for? The MP4 player with hard disk will meet the needs of people who would like to access their music and movie files at any time without having to bother with a laptop.

MP4 player or smartphone?

MP4 player

Square or rectangular, the MP4 player is light and compact. It fits in the palm of your hand or in a very small pocket. To enable menu navigation and video viewing, this device has an LCD or OLED screen with a minimum resolution of 320 x 240. An MP4 player has the advantage of recognizing all the most popular audio and video formats. For music lovers and movie buffs who like to go on the go, this is a must.


The smartphone offers a plethora of features. It allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, take pictures, surf the Internet, record voices, play games, listen to music and watch videos. This device is very useful in everyday life, especially since it is increasingly modernized to offer applications that take entertainment to a higher level.


When it comes to versatility and storage capacity, an MP4 player will never surpass a smartphone. However, a Walkman is more interesting in terms of longevity, autonomy and sound quality. Let's not forget that this mobile device was invented to enhance your gaming experience.

Why invest in an MP4 player?

It's Wi-Fi enabled

The fact that an MP4 player can connect to a Wi-Fi network is a huge plus. Not only does this connectivity allow data exchange with a PC, but it also allows you to surf the web directly. So, using your player, you can download videos from platforms like YouTube, or access video-on-demand services or live TV.

It's a complete source of entertainment

The MP4 player can serve as a complete digital video recorder despite its small size. If you want to listen to the news or find out a little more about the day's weather, just turn on the FM or DAB radio. To pass the time, you can launch the Flash games that are sure to keep you busy. These small applications are very useful in everyday life.

It can be used as a hard drive

The more storage capacity an MP4 player has, the better. This way, you can use it as a storage medium for your personal and professional files. Movies, music, text documents, PDFs, software - all your digital data can be copied to an MP4 player for use elsewhere.

It allows you to view photos and videos

If the MP4 player is equipped with a single-format or multi-format memory card reader, you can use it to play photos or videos taken with your camcorder or digital camera. The player will then serve as a mobile digital frame.

It provides an immersive experience

OLED screens offer excellent color rendering and can play HD files. The cinematic experience is therefore rich and immersive on MP4 players that are equipped with this technology. With physical or wireless connectivity, it is possible to pair the player with a TV, headphones or speaker.

The best brands of MP4 players

In our opinion, the best brands of MP4 players in 2022 are :


Created in 2008, this American company stands out for its products that are as practical as they are innovative. If you are looking for a digital MP4 player that combines ease of use and autonomy, the many models offered by AGPtek will satisfy you.

Heavyweight in the field of electronics and technology, Sony provides consumers with MP4 players whose storage capacity can reach 256 GB. But that's not all: its famous Walkman players are now waterproof. You can use them in the pool.

The Apple brand impresses with the quality of its iPod players. Still as expensive as ever, these high-end MP4 players are not likely to disappoint you, as they are so optimized and have a rather large storage space. On the other hand, it used to be more compact!

Although it remains little known, the Lenco brand produces MP4 players, whose quality has nothing to envy to those of heavyweights like Sony or Apple. If storage capacity is a criterion that matters a lot to you, products manufactured by Lenco are recommended.

HDTVs, headphones, sports headphones, Hi-Fi system, amplifiers, MP4 players, Sunstech offers a multitude of items with its effigy. Its digital music players stand out for their expandable storage memory up to 128 GB via SD card.

What is the price for a MP4 player

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Expand your playlist with online content

From your MP4 player, you can buy multimedia content directly online. This will avoid saving them on your PC and then transferring them to your player's storage media.

Charge the battery of your MP4 player

Like phones, MP4 players run on batteries. To avoid depriving yourself of your music and movies, never forget to charge your battery before going out. Today, it takes 1 to 2 hours to get a full charge.

Protect your ears!

Never abuse your MP4 players. Yes, you can't live without listening to music, but that's no reason to strain your eardrums. To protect your ears, limit the amount of time you listen, or turn down the volume of your songs.

Use extra in-ear headphones

Prefer extra-ear headphones, which are more comfortable than their in-ear counterparts. These headphones are less likely to strain your ears because of their cleverly designed ergonomics.

Download media files from legal sites

Beware! Never download songs or movies illegally. Remember that your activities on the web are traceable and closely scrutinized by government agencies. The slightest misbehavior can result in heavy sanctions.


How does an MP4 player work?

The MP4 player is a mobile device that can store and play video files, audio files, photos and even text. This is what makes it different from an MP3 player. As long as their formats are supported by the device, no incompatibility or launch concerns should arise.

Is an MP4 player better than an MP3 player?

Yes, an MP4 player is significantly better than an MP3 player, in that it can play text documents, photos, and video files in addition to audio files. In addition, an MP4 digital music player offers a higher storage capacity. On the best models, this capacity peaks at 320 GB. In doing so, they can be used as an external hard drive for digital data.

How to copy files to an MP4 player?

To copy files to an MP4 player, you must first connect it to your PC using the USB cable or Bluetooth function. When the player is recognized as a hard disk, you just have to open it and put your multimedia files on it. In case the MP4 player has Wi-Fi connectivity, you can download content directly from song or video sharing platforms.

How to recharge the battery of an MP4 player?

An MP4 player is charged exactly the same way as a smartphone. To do this, use the USB or mini-USB cable to connect the digital music player to a PC or wall adapter and you're done. Technology being what it is today, MP4 players can be fully charged in about 30 minutes for a maximum autonomy of 50 to 100 hours.


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Sony NW-A105 black 9
Sony NW-A105 black
Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy 10
Essentialb Enjoy BT 4GB Blue Navy
Apple iPod Touch 11
Apple iPod Touch
VTech Kidicom Max 12
VTech Kidicom Max


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