The best audio books in the UK 2023

Reading allows you to spend time with your favorite novels or books you are passionate about. Now you can read with your eyes closed. All you have to do is download and install them in your multimedia devices and listen to them. That's what audio books are all about. To discover the best audio books of the moment, follow this guide.

The Sandman 1

Best value for money

The Sandman

The best audio book

Follow the evolution of the greatest epic in comic book history with the audiobook "The Sandman". Written by Neil Gaiman, this book is adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs in the fiction category}.

15,96 £ on Audible

The Sandman audiobook is an adaptation of the first three graphic novels in the series "Preludes and Nocturnes; A Doll's House; Domain of Dreams". The screenplay was written by Neil Gaiman and will later be adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs into this audio masterpiece. Classified as literature, fiction and horror fiction, this audiobook evokes explicit language of graphic violence with strong sexual scenes.

The audiobook tells the story of a fallen dream king seeking revenge. At the beginning of this story, the Sandman is captured in his kingdom and imprisoned on earth by a cult. He manages to free himself and sets out on a quest to regain his powers and rebuild his kingdom. But to do so, he will go through many adventures as well as encounters with characters from the DC universe or from ancient myths.

The power of self-confidence 2

Best value for money

The power of self-confidence

The best entry-level audio book

"The Power of Self-Confidence" is a book that will tell you how to improve your mental strength. It was written by Brian Tracy in an edition categorized in personal development, relationships and parenting.

12,76 £ on Audible

Published in 2019 in French version, le pouvoir de la confiance en soi was written by Brian Tracy and will be read by Jérôme Carette in its audio version. This audiobook is categorized under personal development, relationships and parenting, with the vocation to develop your action personality to overcome all obstacles.

According to the author of this book, the secret to success is self-confidence. In this book, he explains how your confidence level improves your mental fitness. Self-confidence allows you to explore new horizons, new facets of your life in order to accomplish extraordinary things. It will allow you to set clear goals and have a better vision of the future.

A Promised Land 3

Best value for money

A Promised Land

The best high-end audio book

Here is an audible title of the book written by Barack Obama on his presidential memoirs. It is a story about the author's deep belief in the power of democracy.

28,76 £ on Audible

A Promised Land is a kind of account of the years of Obama's presidency. Classified in the category of social and political sciences, the book is published in its original version in November 2020 and read by Jérémie Covillault. This masterpiece is an expression of Barack Obama's belief in democracy and its institutions.

In this story, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable journey from a young man in search of his identity to the leader of a free world. The author traces in singular detail, and in a personal way, his political upbringing to the iconic moments of his first term as President of the United States. Here he offers his vision of the challenges facing his country and how democracy can reduce inequality.

Where the crayfish sing 4

A great choice

Where the crayfish sing

Alternative audio book

Where the Crayfish Sing is a story by Delia Owens read by Marie du Bled telling the story of a girl from the swamps of Barkley Cove, a small town in North Carolina. It is the story of an illiterate but self-taught and passionate little girl.

17,96 £ on Audible

This is an audiobook written by Dellia Owens, an American zoologist, and read by Marie du Bled classified in the category of literature, fiction and non-fiction. First published in paperback in August 2018, this story is presented in a best-selling debut novel by the zoologist in the footsteps of the alleged swamp savage of Barkley Cove, a small town in North Carolina. The story is not published in audio until September 2020. The title, "Where the Crayfish Sing," evokes a superb hymn to nature for a novel that combines modesty with grandeur.

For years, rumors have swirled about Kya Clark, "the swamp girl" of Barkley Cove. She is an alleged wildling who has lived alone since the age of 10 in a shack with no amenities. Her mother and four siblings deserted her four years earlier, leaving her with an alcoholic father, soon to be permanently absent as well. Kya has learned to survive alone in the swamps, which have become a natural refuge and protection for her. Kya is not the wild and illiterate girl that everyone imagines and fears, but a self-taught and passionate heroine.

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Comparison table of the best audio books

The Sandman 5
The power of self-confidence 6
A Promised Land 7
Where the crayfish sing 8
The Sandman
The power of self-confidence
A Promised Land
Where the crayfish sing
Follow the evolution of the greatest epic in comic book history with the audiobook "The Sandman". Written by Neil Gaiman, this book is adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs in the fiction category}.
"The Power of Self-Confidence" is a book that will tell you how to improve your mental strength. It was written by Brian Tracy in an edition categorized in personal development, relationships and parenting.
Here is an audible title of the book written by Barack Obama on his presidential memoirs. It is a story about the author's deep belief in the power of democracy.
Where the Crayfish Sing is a story by Delia Owens read by Marie du Bled telling the story of a girl from the swamps of Barkley Cove, a small town in North Carolina. It is the story of an illiterate but self-taught and passionate little girl.
Neil Gaiman
Brian Tracy
Barack Obama
Delia Owens
Guillaume Orsat, Sébastien Desjours, Chloé Berthier, Nathalie Beinaime, Paul Borne, Emmanuel Karsen, Martial Leminoux, Jérémy Bardeau
Jérôme Carrette
Jérémie Covillault
Marie du Bled
Audible Originals
ABP Éditions
10 hrs and 52 min
5 h and 8 min
31 hrs and 25 min
11:00 a.m. and 17:00 p.m.
Literature, fiction, Horror
Personal development, relationships and parenting, Personal development
Social and Political Science, Politics and Government
Literature, fiction, Fiction

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How to choose your audio book

If you struggle to find the time to sit down and read, audiobooks could be your solution. Instead of having to squeeze an hour out of your daily schedule, you can digest audiobooks while doing something else. But just like choosing a good book, take the time to choose your audiobook well. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing.

#1 - The subject

The first criterion to consider is the subject matter. It is essential that you have a clear idea of what you want to get out of the book before you begin the purchase. This is very important, otherwise you run the risk of listening to a lot of generic books that will probably not contain the depth of value you are looking for. So, decide what you want to learn and be as specific as possible, then look for audiobooks on the topic you are interested in.

#2 - The format

Now that you have decided on the topic you want in the book, you need to determine if that topic lends itself to the audio format. If it's a topic that contains heavy business content with lots of statistics and hard-hitting information, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp. In these cases, it may be better to read the book in physical format.

On the other hand, books in narrative form work much better in audio. It is easier to stay engaged and digest the lessons that are woven into a story although it depends on how you learn best as an individual. Some people can listen to everything and retain the information easily, no matter what it is or how it is structured. If that's you, then any audiobook should suffice.

#3 - The date

Before you make your purchase, consider when the physical book was published, not when the audiobook was recorded. Usually, the print version of the book is published first. For example, the book may have been first published in 2015. However, audiobooks are not always recorded in the same year. And it's important not to confuse the date the audiobook was recorded with the date the content was originally published. You'll know if the topic is still relevant.

#4 - Reviews

This is also one of the most important criteria. Extremely useful, they very often help you decide if the audiobook is worth listening to. Also, they sometimes share a little insight into the subject of the book. However, you should always take reviews with a pinch of salt, because what one person likes may not be to your liking and vice versa.

#5 - The audio extract

This is the last criterion to consider. Indeed, it is sometimes 3-5 minutes of audio content that you can access by clicking the play button under the audiobook cover photo. This is a great feature because it allows you to check the quality of the narration.

Narration can make or break an audiobook, so it's best to listen to the excerpts before making a purchase, especially if the book is very long. For example, if the audiobook is 12 hours long, you should enjoy listening to the narrator's voice. It should be pleasant and clear to listen to, the content should be easy to understand and you should be able to retain the information easily.

How does an audio book work?

Technology never ceases to impress us with the new things it offers. The audio book is one of its products, which always allows us to gather knowledge. As its name suggests, an audio book is a book to listen to. It is a recording of the reading aloud of a book.

In this case, the reading of the narrator of the story told aloud is recorded and transformed into MP3 or CD format for example. In fact, we need a medium such as CD players, computers, recent DVD players, smartphone, tablet, etc.. In short, with all devices that can insert a USB key, which then allows us to listen to an audio book.

Regarding the recorded voice, it can be a very natural male or female voice, which means that the voice varies depending on the story, the context. You can also hear voices that are already modified via applications, including the personal goal of the author of the book. In fact, there are many media, but it depends on the format that everyone chooses such as the uncompressed audio CD (a simple CD) and the MP3 audio CD (compressed).

You can perfectly filter an audio book during the search through the title, author, or by genre as well whether it is adventure, novel, fiction, etc. according to the listener's need. You can also adjust the narration speed, speeding it up or slowing it down. It is obvious that reading a book becomes easy, because reading an audio book does not depend on the place as in libraries, but you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Audio books or paper books?

Audio Books

The audio book can be purchased online in seconds. No need to go to the bookstore or library. The real bonus is that you can listen to it instead of reading it, wherever you go. Apart from that, the audio book is not physical, so there is no risk of cluttering up your living space. On the other hand, some people may find the narrator too animated or too boring if the pace of the reading is not right. On the other hand, nothing replaces the pleasure of leafing through a paper book.

Paper books

Paper books have a sentimental value that audio books do not. The feeling of looking through the rows of books on the shelves and flipping through them before buying them is an experience not to be missed. Flipping through paper books makes it easy to understand the contents. On the other hand, they save you from spending too much time in front of the screen or heating your ears for hours of listening. On the other hand, paper books are bulky, some novels easily exceed 400 pages. Moreover, reading is more tiring than listening. And paper can get old, collect dust.


Whether it is audio books or paper books, the choice will be made according to your desires. For the fluidity of reading, it is better to prefer paper books. Choose audio books to enjoy your favourite titles anytime and anywhere. Audio books are also suitable if you don't feel like reading, but simply listening to the narrator.

The advantages of an audio book

Audio books have the same benefits as reading

Don't let anyone tell you that listening to audiobooks is cheating. Looking at brain scans and data analysis, researchers have found that stories stimulate the same cognitive and emotional domains, regardless of their medium.

Audio books help relax our eyes

Most people spend more than seven hours a day looking at digital screens, which can lead to blurred vision, eye strain and long-term vision problems like nearsightedness. On top of that, studies have suggested that there is a link between social media use and feelings of loneliness and depression, another reason to put on an audiobook and hang up the phone.

Audio books are a great babysitter

Audiobooks are a fantastic babysitter to take some of the pressure off of parents to entertain, engage or intervene when we need to focus our attention elsewhere. They also work wonders in the car when anxious children can't keep their hands off each other.

More family reading time

Audio books count as reading time. If it "counts" when parents read to their children, why shouldn't it "count" when the voice of an audiobook reads the same damn words? So, audiobooks create more time for family reading. For example, we can listen in the car, a time we otherwise wouldn't be able to read, which increases the total time we can enjoy books together.

Audio books help students to acquire knowledge

The first duty of every student is to learn those courses and acquire relevant knowledge. And audio books are an excellent tool for knowledge acquisition. These books help us in the same way as their paperback counterparts when it comes to imparting knowledge.


Save money by listening to your audio books for free on the Internet

Audio books have been very popular with readers/listeners for some time. As a result, their price has increased considerably. However, it is possible to listen to them for free through some websites specialized in this field. You will have at your disposal all categories of books such as novels, poetry collections, etc.

Optimize reading speed

Read too fast, an audio book will be less understandable for the listener. Read too slowly, it will become tiresome in the long run. So, make adjustments to the player on your device. To do this, open your equalizer and locate the corresponding slider to vary the frequency. It should be noted that each listener has his or her own preferences and the speed will vary according to his or her listening ability.

Easily transfer an audio book to different media

Actually, the meteoric progress of technology will allow you to have your audiobook at your fingertips and wherever you go. You will be able to listen to it while playing sports, in the car, etc. In the case of a smartphone, copy the CD directly from your computer and check that the recording format is compatible with the device. Finally, all you have to do is transfer it to your smartphone.

Relax with audio books

Harried daily activities are a source of stress for many people. Also, reading a book in paper version can also tire the eyes in the long run. The appearance of audio books represents a good and inexpensive therapy. The choice of the book will depend on the listener's preferences, the category, the voice of the narrator (male or female), etc.

Protect your audio book from computer viruses

When you download your audio book, the file may already be corrupted at the base. If it's not yet, beware of malware that could damage it permanently. That's why you should always make sure to update your antivirus software before connecting to the network. Also, avoid changing the file extension (e.g. .mp3 or .cda) so that it works properly.


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The Sandman
The power of self-confidence 10
The power of self-confidence
A Promised Land 11
A Promised Land
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Where the crayfish sing


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