The best vinyl decks in the UK 2023

A favorite among DJs, turntables (also known as record players) set the mood at any party. You can use them to mix multiple tracks of music and play your favorite playlist. Note, however, that the quality isn't always there. For such an investment, read our guide to the best turntables.

House of Marley Turntable 1

Best value for money

House of Marley Turntable

The best turntable in 2021

Want to scratch or play your favorite music, the House of Marley will not disappoint you. The Audiotechnica head, the aluminium platter and the antisakting will quench your thirst for mixing!

159 £ on Amazon

The House of Marly Stir it Up is a unique vinyl turntable, a decorative element, with an original design based on bamboo. You can create a rather classic sound to amaze your day or your entourage. This is due to its high performance components including an Audiotechnica pickup, counterbalance, antiskating and a platter made of recycled aluminum. The Phono pre-amp delivers a rich sound with a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Equipped with a 33/45 rpm switch, this turntable has an RCA output on the back, a switch for the pre-amp and a USB port for recording or digitizing your old records. Finally, cover it with its cover, included, when you are not using it.

Vinyl turntable 1Byone 2

Best value for money

Vinyl turntable 1Byone

The best entry-level turntable

The Vinyl 1Byone turntable can read 33, 45 and 78 rpm records. Its RCA connection allows to connect it with all the existing audio systems.

55,19 £ on Amazon

An imitation wood design, selectable spins (33, 45 and 78), a USB port to digitize your vinyl, a cheap price... we are talking about the 1Byone vinyl turntable. The ancient and the modern are united in this vinyl player. It is equipped with two 1,5 Watts speakers for a good sound balance and can also read MP3 from a USB key.

Nostalgia is reflected in its old turntable look and sound, and the fact that it can digitize records shows us that we live in the present. Music lovers who jealously guard the past and neophytes who want to return to the past are served!

Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable 3

Top of the range

Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable

The best high-end turntable

The Sony PS-LX310BT is the quality alternative. It is powerful enough to provide the right atmosphere with all types of music with the help of its quality components.

175 £ on Amazon

This turntable has a very interesting minimalist style. It is light enough to be taken everywhere and it is less bulky. That's why this Sony PS-LX310BT turntable is very convenient for everyone, beginner or expert. The model is very easy to control. Most importantly, it comes with Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices. The device is as elegant as it is powerful.

It features two operating speeds namely 33 and 45 rpm. It also offers three types of increase that allows you to adjust the volume instantly. You can play all the rhythms from classical music to pop.

Victrola Empire Chain 4

Very good choice

Victrola Empire Chain

A great looking turntable

This is a Bluetooth turntable of impressive quality. This model is a 6-in-1 stereo system that adapts to all types of use.

159 £ on Amazon

The Victrola turntable model has several features to suit all types of use. The record player has 3 speeds with a 78 rpm belt drive. There is also a CD player, cassette player, FM radio, Bluetooth and numerous 3.5mm auxiliary inputs.

With the Bluetooth transfer system, you can listen to music from your tablet or phone. You can connect this turntable with other larger speakers through RCA Line Out audio. Around the dial, there is LED lighting that highlights the splendid golden hue.

Blaupunkt TT 100 C 5


Blaupunkt TT 100 C

A great value

If you're looking for an original vintage record player experience on a tight budget, Blaupunkt's TT 100 C is the best choice you can find. This model will amaze you!

151 £ on Amazon

The Blaupunkt TT 100 C is a manually operated vintage record player. You have to put the tone arm by hand and then put it back by hand after the end of the record. Its neat design and old school operation are among its main assets. The device is easy to handle, although the mat and platter must be assembled by hand when first used. There is an adjustable counterweight on the tone arm with which you can adjust the tracking force of the needle.

Note that the Blaupunkt TT 100 C has a smooth spinning behavior and a built-in preamplifier that can be disabled. The transparent cover also serves as a protective cover.

Pro-ject Primary E Fr Vinyl Deck - Black 6

Alternative top of the range

Pro-ject Primary E Fr Vinyl Deck - Black

A sturdy model

The Pro-Ject Primary E is a vintage belt-driven record player. It is unremarkable in terms of basic design and appearance, but is efficient and sounds amazing.

183 £ on Amazon

The Pro-Ject Primary E is an evolution of the original Primary, taking the basic design of the Debut and Essential series. The vintage record player shown here operates on 230V rather than the low voltage of the older models. The other area where the Primary E saves money is in the tone arm. It comes with a customizable and adjustable cartridge. The Primary E uses an arm that makes way for a simple, non-adjustable configuration. On the audio side, the sound is very stable in the high frequencies and the background noise is low enough to suit any external pre-amp. Vocals are rich, detailed and sufficiently separated from the music.

Design-wise, it's hand-assembled and its shell contains no plastic material, making it a very robust turntable. Its plug & play design with preset pressure and anti-skating makes the turntable extremely ergonomic. Its low-density, low-friction aluminum arm is optimized to bring out a clear, pure sound.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vinyl turntable

Any specific needs?

The best turntable in 2021

The best entry-level turntable

The best high-end turntable

A great looking turntable

A great value

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Comparison table of the best vinyl decks

TOP OF THE TOP NOT EXPENSIVE Top of the line Great Excellent Alternative top of the line
House of Marley Turntable 7
Vinyl turntable 1Byone 8
Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable 9
Victrola Empire Chain 10
Blaupunkt TT 100 C 11
Pro-ject Primary E Fr Vinyl Deck - Black 12
House of Marley Turntable
Vinyl turntable 1Byone
Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable
Victrola Empire Chain
Blaupunkt TT 100 C
Pro-ject Primary E Fr Vinyl Deck - Black
Want to scratch or play your favorite music, the House of Marley will not disappoint you. The Audiotechnica head, the aluminium platter and the antisakting will quench your thirst for mixing!
The Vinyl 1Byone turntable can read 33, 45 and 78 rpm records. Its RCA connection allows to connect it with all the existing audio systems.
The Sony PS-LX310BT is the quality alternative. It is powerful enough to provide the right atmosphere with all types of music with the help of its quality components.
This is a Bluetooth turntable of impressive quality. This model is a 6-in-1 stereo system that adapts to all types of use.
If you're looking for an original vintage record player experience on a tight budget, Blaupunkt's TT 100 C is the best choice you can find. This model will amaze you!
The Pro-Ject Primary E is a vintage belt-driven record player. It is unremarkable in terms of basic design and appearance, but is efficient and sounds amazing.
33t/min, 45t/min
33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM
33t/min, 45t/min and 78t/min
33 rpm, 45 rpm
33 rpm, 45 rpm
Modern and retro at the same time
Modern and retro at the same time
Modern and retro at the same time
5.7 kg
2.23 kg
Very light and convenient, suitable for all types of music
9.8 kg
5.2 kg
4 kg
Special benefit(s)
Very high performance, turntable with electronic amplifier
Recording from vynils to MP3 Vinyl-to-MP3 format, RCA and AUX jack
Very durable, very high quality
Sturdy design, Auto shut-off, Adjustable sizing
NM quality ORTOFON cell, no plastic, handmade in Europe

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Buying guide - vinyl turntable

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How to choose your vinyl turntable

#1 - Automatic or manual operation?

Depending on whether you are a beginner or an audiophile, you should choose an automatic or manual turntable. The first one, certainly more expensive, does not require any manipulation or complicated adjustment and avoids the very delicate exercise of balancing the tone arm with a counterweight. The manual turntable is preferred by connoisseurs who like above all the contact with the object. Its very ritualized use goes through different steps and requires the user's intervention from the beginning to the end.

#2 - With or without pre-amplifier?

The raw sound produced by vinyl turntables being by default of low intensity, an amplifier is absolutely necessary for its treatment. Some vinyl turntables incorporate amplifiers, which makes them more expensive but makes them ready to use. Those that are sold without amplifiers are more popular with audiophiles who have the flexibility to choose a more powerful amplifier and all the hardware to be associated with the turntable.

#3 - With or without scanning function?

If your priority is to convert the sound of your vinyl records into mp3 files that are compatible with modern playback devices, you're going to have to opt for a turntable with a USB connection, capable of transforming the analog sound into digital sound. This model generally has a less warm sound rendering than that of classic vinyl turntables intended for analog sound playback, because priority is given to its digitization function.

#4 - Scalability

The degree of scalability of vinyl turntables is measured by the possibility of upgrading them by changing some of their accompanying hardware: phono cable, phono cell, etc. The more upgradeable the turntable is, the more latitude you will have to modify the accessories that accompany it and thus boost its sound power. In general, the possibility to change the different accessories is indicated on the technical sheet of the devices.

#5 - Reading speeds

This aspect must obligatorily be taken into account in particular by the collectors. Indeed, vinyl turntables do not play all records. The most common ones support records spinning at 33 and 45 rpm, however there are some that play 78 rpm records although these are no longer marketed. So depending on the records you have in your collection, you should choose a 33 and 45 rpm or a 75 rpm turntable.

How does a turntable work?

A DJ's ally, the turntable also has its own way of working like any other device. Indeed, what guarantees the quality of music listening on a turntable is the performance of the belt and the motor.

Basically, the vibration of the sounds recorded in the vinyl is etched into a groove on a vinyl record. Once the record is placed on the turntable, the record will spin. In the turntable, there is a sensor that guarantees the regularity of the rotation. It measures the time to check the speed, between 33 or 45 turns.

Indeed, the turntable is equipped with a motor that allows this rotation. For a turntable with indirect drive, the motor is located on the side, and a belt drives the rotation axis to make the link. For a direct drive turntable, this motor is installed directly on the rotation axis.

The difference between the two is that the direct drive allows the DJ to control the speed of rotation directly from the source. On the other hand, one feels the vibrations directly, which impacts the listening quality. With indirect drive turntables, these vibrations are absorbed by the belt. The belt needs to be replaced at some point as it is always in use.

The diamond takes care of transcribing the sound in the amplifier by running the groove and reading the engraving. The amplifier then transmits the sound to the loudspeaker. That's all you need to know about the operation of this device. Finally, a good maintenance is essential, because it is the key to its longevity.

Belt driven or direct drive turntable?

Vinyl turntable with belt

A belt-driven turntable is suitable for regular playback. The platter that spins the record is driven by a rubber or synthetic belt. Its motor is placed away from the platter. The platter receives the power from the motor and turns. Because of the simple design, this model of turntable can offer good sound performance. It also has many advantages.

This machine absorbs shocks and prevents vibrations produced by the motor. In addition, it creates smoother sounds than direct drive turntables. However, the disadvantages of this type of turntable are that the belt wears out quickly after a few years and needs to be replaced regularly. Most of these models have a much lower torque. In addition, their playback speed is not very accurate.

Direct drive turntable

For a direct drive turntable, the platter is directly connected to the drive motor. It provides the speed capability needed for fast starts. In addition, an electronic brake is usually incorporated to bring the platter to a quick stop. The unit has fewer moving parts, making it much more durable than the belt-driven model.

Its real strength is that it keeps the correct location on the disc. You can also use a proper height control to alternate its speed. However, it does have some drawbacks. The rotation of the motor produces unwanted vibrations. This problem can affect the sound quality.


The choice between these two varieties of turntable depends solely on your personal preferences, needs and expectations.

If you are an occasional user, the belt-driven model usually lasts long enough and easy to replace in case it wears out. On the other hand, the direct drive model has higher torque and offers very stable speeds. Plus, it's the model that's most commonly used by DJs.

Why buy a turntable?

Warm sound reproduction

Fans of dematerialized music, streaming and HD music often wonder about the relevance of owning a vinyl turntable. Yet, as incredible as it may seem, these retro-looking devices offer a sound quality incomparable to that of mp3s and other more advanced players. The sound is warm and unique.

Take the time to listen to your music

Using a turntable is a whole ritual that puts the direct contact with the object at the center. The fact of taking out the record, removing the vinyl from the envelope, placing it on the turntable, selecting the speed, then activating the playback arm to change the side of the record after 15-20 minutes allows to find a real listening pleasure, without any rush.

Nice collector's item

On this subject, everyone is unanimous: a turntable is a nice decorative object even if you don't use it for its primary purpose. More and more modernized, the latest models are very design, with colors that fit perfectly into the decor of a living room.

Nostalgia for the good old days

For a gift for grandpa, a nice retro style turntable will do the trick. Indeed, many generations of music lovers find this device irreplaceable and unmatched. The crackling sounds that come out at the beginning and during playback bring back many memories.

Affordable price range

For a long time, vinyl turntables were considered to be the preserve of an elite group of connoisseurs and were unaffordable. The new models are increasingly affordable with a very wide price range.


Pay attention to the location of your turntable.

Vinyl decks are sensitive instruments and are designed to work on a flat surface. As flat as possible. It's best to get a stand specifically designed to have flat support and to avoid unnecessary vibration.

A slight alignment of the pickup does not prevent vinyl wear - it causes it.


pickup should make proper contact with your vinyl. For obvious reasons, the contact should not be too heavy. But it shouldn't be too light either. If your alignment is too light, the pickup will bounce funny in the grooves. This is not good for your vinyl. An alignment that is too light will ruin your vinyl just as quickly as one that is too heavy.

Second hand vinyls are usually ok.


money - buy used! However, don't buy vinyl that has too big scratches or grooves that are too visibly tired.

Cleaning the read head is important.


dirty vinyl only affects the listening experience of that vinyl. A dirty pickup, on the other hand, will sound very weird no matter what vinyl you listen to. The solution? Clean the pickup! Your vinyl can get covered in dust, which will then accumulate on the pickup, and the pickup will put this gunk inside the grooves of all your vinyl. The longer you go without cleaning it, the more dirt will stick to it. Finally, the dirty headstock has a negative impact on the sound.

Get an antistatic brush.

Dust and static electricity are the enemies of vinyl, especially during the winter months or other dry periods. Static electricity attracts dust to the surface of your records and prevents proper playback. Your stylus will eventually accumulate all the surface dust as your record spins, preventing it from working properly. The easiest and most economical solution is to purchase an antistatic brush. Before each use, rub your brush against the surface of your vinyl, it will make a difference.


Should I have speakers for my turntable?

It all depends on the type of turntable you bought. Some models include a powerful sound system, others do not. The most powerful ones even offer an amazing sound capacity. However, if you are a music professional or want a more immersive sound experience, investing in a speaker and amp would be the best option.

Can I listen to MP3 songs with my turntable?

If you're a big collector or a fan of vintage equipment, you won't be able to listen to any music other than that played on your vinyl turntable and using 45 or 33 rpm records. On the other hand, if you're into technology, there are models equipped with a USB port, allowing you to listen to your MP3 playlists. Again, it's all a matter of taste and affinity.

Why a vinyl turntable?

This device offers a multitude of possibilities, especially the most recent models. A little back to basics for listening to music instead of consuming it? Need to know more about the artist? Vinyl records are a convenient and effective way to ensure authenticity. There are many reasons to buy a vinyl turntable.

How to maintain a turntable?

A record player or turntable is a complex and relatively fragile device. You must therefore have some essential accessories and know some tips for maintenance, such as a small brush to clean the diamond (to be handled with care), or a record cleaning machine. Indeed, the discs must never be in contact with elements likely to scratch them.


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House of Marley Turntable 13
House of Marley Turntable
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Vinyl turntable 1Byone
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Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable
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Victrola Empire Chain
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