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It's not enough to have a good, big TV to have a home theater: in many cases, you'll need sound bars to provide the realistic sound that will complete the final rendering. LG designs and markets many of them, but is the reputation of the brand a guarantee of infallible performance? What are LG sound bars really worth? We tell you everything in this guide.


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The best LG sound bar right now

The high resolution audio technology is materialized on this LG soundbar with Dolby Atmos sound system and provided with a subwoofer for a faithful and realistic sound reproduction.

359 £ on Boulanger

High-resolution audio, these words take on their full meaning on this LG soundbar that marries the two greatest sound processing systems: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with Virtual Surround and Hi-Res Audio options. The equipment consists of a sound bar incorporating a center channel for crisp dialogue, and a subwoofer for low notes. In all, this LG soundbar has 9 speakers with a total power of 660 W (440 W for the center panel and 220 W for the subwoofer).

In terms of connectivity, the LG SP8YA has an optical input, a USB port, an HDMI input and output. Wireless connections are also available: you can link this LG soundbar with other digital sources via Bluetooth and through Airplay 2 and Chromecast streaming protocols. The equipment is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control systems. Music fans will not be left out, as the bar can be linked directly to Shopify.

LG SJ3 2

Best Cheapest


The best LG sound bar for cheap

Although it is quite basic, this LG soundbar offers good prospects. It only has 2 speakers and a subwoofer, but it has DTS and Dolby Digital sound processing.

144 £ on Darty

A total power of 300 W animates the LG SJ3: its two speakers are 50 W each while the wireless subwoofer has 200 W. It should be noted, however, that this LG soundbar supports multiple channels, despite the small number of speakers. Indeed, it embeds two digital sound processing systems: Dolby Digital and DTS. Obviously, the sound quality is not equivalent to that of a Dolby Atmos system, but the sound obtained is much better than with a television alone.

Let's talk about connectivity. This LG soundbar has an optical input, a USB port and a jack. A wireless connection is also possible thanks to Bluetooth allowing you to link the bar with your digital devices (smartphone, e-reader, tablet, etc.). If you have an LG television with SoundSync Wireless technology, the connection between the two devices will be automatic. In any case, the design of this LG sound bar, which is 95 cm wide, is unanimously appreciated by users.


Best High-End


The best LG sound bar for high end

This LG soundbar promises an ultra-immersive sound experience, enhanced by AI Room Calibration technology that corrects sound distortions caused by interference and furniture placement.

799 £ on Boulanger

In addition to the Up-Firing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 5.1.2 ch digital sound processing systems whose performance is no longer in question, the LG SN10YG bumps up the ante with Meridian technology allowing it to deliver ultra-immersive sound that puts it in the top tier of LG's high-end soundbars. While the AI Sound Pro analyzes the sound content to optimize the treatment, the AI Room Calibration analyzes the room in 15 seconds to adjust the sound diffusion according to the location of the furniture.

With such performance comes power, and this LG soundbar starts with 570 W for its 11 speakers and 220 W for its wireless subwoofer with 7" Bass Reflex technology. If we find the usual connections (3HDMI, optical, USB), the wireless connection can be done via Bluetooth, WiFi, Google Cast and Chromecast. The icing on the cake: the LG SN10YG already integrates the voice command system Google Assistant and offers connections to Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music and Web radio.


LG One-Piece Soundbar


Compact with built-in subwoofer in the bar

For immersive sound in a small space, the LG SN7CY seduces with a subwoofer built right into the main LG soundbar. The Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Meridian mix will find favor with your ears.

183 £ on Boulanger

Although this LG soundbar has a monoblock shape, it contains 9 speakers with a total power of 160W. The 3 channels of the subwoofer are also nestled in it and enjoy the benefits of a double passive radiator for well accentuated bass notes. To the usual and powerful Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3.0.2 ch is added the Meridian technology. All this guarantees a particularly immersive high-resolution audio system that will delight home cinema and good music fans.

In terms of connectivity, this LG sound bar includes the essentials: an HDMI input and output, an optical input and a USB port. For wireless connection, you'll have to rely solely on Bluetooth to link the bar with mobile digital devices, as it has no WiFi sensors and cannot be linked to Airplay or Chromecast.

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The best LG sound bar right now

The best LG sound bar for cheap

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Compact with built-in subwoofer in the bar

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Comparison table of the best LG sound bars

LG SJ3 6
The high resolution audio technology is materialized on this LG soundbar with Dolby Atmos sound system and provided with a subwoofer for a faithful and realistic sound reproduction.
Although it is quite basic, this LG soundbar offers good prospects. It only has 2 speakers and a subwoofer, but it has DTS and Dolby Digital sound processing.
This LG soundbar promises an ultra-immersive sound experience, enhanced by AI Room Calibration technology that corrects sound distortions caused by interference and furniture placement.
For immersive sound in a small space, the LG SN7CY seduces with a subwoofer built right into the main LG soundbar. The Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Meridian mix will find favor with your ears.
440 W and 220 W
100 W and 200 W
570 W and 220 W
160 W
Sound processing
Dolby Atmos + DTS:X
Dolby Digital + DTS
Up-Firing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 5.1.2 ch
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3.0.2 ch
2 HDMI, optical input, USB
Optical input, USB, jack
3 HDMI, optical input, USB
2 HDMI, optical input, USB
Voice control
Alexa and Google Assistant
Google Assistant

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Our opinion on LG sound bars

The LG Electronics brand is well known as a South Korean manufacturer of household appliances, but also and above all in the world of television, audio and video. In this guide, we have decided to take a look at LG sound bars, audio equipment that should guarantee a faithful and pleasant sound. Without letting ourselves be convinced by the brand's reputation, we'll take a look at the more technical characteristics.

LG sound bar: equipment from a reliable brand

LG was Lucky Glodstar, it is the chaebol that today bears the Life's Good logo, and it is also a brand of household appliances of international renown, present in the UK since 1991, but officially launched in 2005. Is it reliable? The answer is yes, if we are to believe the numerous positive feedbacks from consumers who have chosen to remain loyal to this brand specializing not only in kitchen equipment, but also in audiovisual equipment.

And of course, as one would expect with the brand's reputation, LG sound bars hit the spot. The brand's pioneering past is still evident, as it was one of the first to offer products of all ranges to the general public. This undoubtedly explains the success of LG's inexpensive, basic, but high-performance sound bars, as well as the craze for high-end versions that are winning over many people.

The power of LG sound bars

When it comes to power, LG sound bars have nothing to be ashamed of compared to other major brands. Of course, this value depends largely on the number of speakers that the equipment embeds, but generally, the power is between 150 and 600 W for products of high or medium range. And we might as well specify that this power does not include the subwoofer when the LG soundbar is equipped with one. This one generally starts on 200 W or more for a good restitution of the low notes.

However, in the entry-level category, the power of LG sound bars is around 100 W. Needless to say, this is not the best, but you have to stretch your budget to hope for better with LG sound bars. Nevertheless, the sound rendering remains acceptable if you choose to confine them to small spaces and to associate them with TVs of 40 inches maximum.

Digital sound processing

If LG soundbars offer the same sound rendering as home cinema speakers, it's because they incorporate systems that digitally process the different sound frequencies to reproduce them faithfully. In cheap LG sound bars, we often find a mix of Dolby Digital and DTS. As you move upmarket, you'll appreciate all the advantages of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, whose number of channels varies from one model to another.

Lately, for an immersive or ultra-immersive sound experience, LG's high-performance sound bars include Meridian technology. In the wake of this mix, which is unanimously approved, we discover AI Sound Pro, which analyzes the sound in order to optimize its reproduction, as well as AI Room Calibration, which corrects sound distortions due to the presence of furniture in the room.

As for the subwoofer, when the LG soundbar is equipped with it, the result is amazing. Generally equipped with 3 channels, this equipment brings more tone to the sound of the equipment; even more so when it is equipped with Bass-Reflex technology.

The connectivity and the wireless connection

The connectivity is without doubt one of the few characteristics shared by all LG sound bars, whatever the range. They all have HDMI inputs and outputs, optical inputs and USB ports. The only thing that varies is the number of ports, depending on the model you choose.

For wireless connection, however, the difference in range is quite noticeable. With the cheap LG sound bars, you'll have to make do with Bluetooth connectivity. For high-end models, this can go up to a WiFi connection, automatic pairings with LG TVs equipped with SoundSync Wireless, compatibility with Airplay 2, Chromecast and Google Cast.

Additional features

Another commonality between the various LG soundbars is the existence of a physical remote control. However, by adding a few hundred euros to your budget, you can enjoy voice assistance and take advantage of an LG soundbar compatible with Alexa and / or Google Assistant.

In many cases, high-end LG soundbars can be connected to streaming music platforms. Also, you will have the ability to play your playlist on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music or even follow Web Radios.

Verdict: Our opinion on the LG sound bars

What are LG sound bars worth? Whether in terms of power, sound quality and functionality, you need to choose mid-range or high-end models to enjoy immersive or ultra-immersive sound worthy of the name. You can't expect great performance when you choose an inexpensive, entry-level LG sound bar, since the sound processing system is limited to Dolby Digital.

LG or JBL sound bar?

The LG and JBL sound bars share at least one thing in common: brand awareness that makes them the equipment of choice for home theater and good music lovers. But are the two brands the same? Let's find out in the following paragraphs.

LG Sound Bar

LG sound bars are among the most popular products among the general public, which is understandable when you consider that the brand was one of the pioneers in the popularization of sound equipment. And when LG Electronics addresses the general public, the brand does not pull any punches. Indeed, LG sound bars are offered in a very wide range of prices to satisfy all budgets, but also to meet all needs.

In this plurality of LG sound bars, we find basic models like the LG SJ3 that offer the maximum that one can expect from a Dolby Digital system. On the other hand, in the category of high-end sound bars, we find equipment that is able to correct the sound distortions caused by furniture. This is not surprising given the brand's penchant for new technologies.

JBL Sound Bar

JBL is a brand with a worldwide reputation in the world of sound, whether in the professional or private sector. Known for its well-made sound bars, the brand seems to bet big on the quality-price ratio of its products. The proof: the entry-level JBL sound bars are under the 150 euro threshold; yet the rendering is sometimes equivalent to LG models in the same range.

When it comes to the plurality of offers, especially in the high-end category, it is easy to notice this use of the latest technologies. This is easily understood given the close relationship between JBL and the giant Samsung. Like the LG sound bars, the high-end JBL products offer excellent sound rendering and manage to provide an excellent immersive experience.


LG or JBL sound bar? Both brands have similar arguments. While JBL offers the best prices in the entry-level category, LG insists on better quality and charges a higher price. In any case, they are both reliable brands that rarely disappoint.

How to choose your LG sound bar

When choosing your LG soundbar, there are certain criteria you should consider to help you find the most suitable model.

Criterion 1 : The dimensions

If size is one of the main criteria to consider when choosing an LG sound bar, it's because it affects the placement of the equipment. In some cases, you'll need to place it on a conventional TV stand; in other cases, it will need to be mounted on the wall. In any case, you need to take into account the length, but also the height of the LG soundbar. Ideally, the latter should be less than or equal to 6 cm to facilitate installation and to find the right location.

Criterion 2 : With or without subwoofer?

LG sound bars can be supplied with a subwoofer, usually wireless. If the subwoofer is efficient, it really brings a clear improvement to the sound quality by restoring the low sounds. If not, it is an additional clutter that we will gladly dispense with. So, before determining whether you need an LG soundbar with a subwoofer, check its characteristics: if it offers a frequency not covered by the center bar, then it won't be superfluous.

Criterion 3 : The sound system : 3D sound

The best LG soundbars offer multi-channel sound support. To do this, they integrate one or both of the currently very famous systems: DTS and Dolby Digital/Atmos. Given the limitations of the Dolby Digital system, LG's high-end soundbars rely on Dolby Atmos; with or without the True HD option for uncompressed playback.

For its part, the DTS sound system comes in two main variants, including DTS Surround and DTS HD Master Audio, which is the equivalent of Dolby True HD. To this day, the cream of the crop of sound technology for LG soundbars remains Dolby Atmos and DTS X. In addition to rendering sound in 3D, these systems guarantee vertical and lateral spatialization.

Criterion 4 : The width of the spatialization

The number of channels in LG soundbars varies from one model to another; but generally this is included between 2.0 and 7.1.2. To understand the width of the spatialization, know that the first number indicates the channels for high and midrange sounds, while the rest corresponds to the number of channels for bass. This is commonly referred to as the subwoofer.

Unlike a home audio system where the channels necessarily have a physical presence (for a 5.1 spatialization: there are 4 stereo speakers, a center speaker and a bass), LG soundbars can offer digital sound processing to reproduce the same effect. In other words, the spatialization can be virtual. A 5.1 soundbar, may have only 2 speakers, but the sound rendering remains similar to a real 5.1 system.

Criterion 5 : The power of LG sound bar

The power of an LG soundbar is usually between 100 and 500 W. I might as well say it directly: don't choose a very powerful model if the room where your TV is located remains narrow, because it will be difficult to reconcile the volume, your desire to obtain a quality sound and the rules of the neighborhood...

To give you an idea, here is a small correspondence :

  • Less than 15 m² : Up to 120 W
  • Between 16 and 40 m² : 120 to 300 W
  • More than 40 m²: 300 to 500 W

Criterion 6 : The connectivity

The variety of connectivity increases with the range of the LG soundbar. In an entry-level model, there will be an optical input and/or an HDMI ARC port to link the TV. If this is the case, your other digital sources (game consoles, decoder, player...) must be linked upstream to your TV so that it sends the sound signals back to the LG soundbar.

Of course, you will benefit from a great ease of handling and installation, but the sound is first converted by the TV before arriving at the bar; therefore the channels will be considerably reduced. The alternative is to upgrade to more audio inputs, including HDMI, USB, optical ports, etc.

LG soundbar: what about Google Assistant and Alexa?

The Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa voice assistants are on a roll today. Such is the success of these control systems that LG's most advanced soundbars have truncated the Google Home and Amazon Echo with these smarter, more intuitive systems.

What's in it for us? For starters, you won't have to wield the remote control anymore, because the microphone built into the LG soundbar will transmit your instructions directly so that "your wishes will be fulfilled." This ease of use is already a good point, even if so far it remains more of a gadget than a truly functional element.

Going further, however, one discovers all the advantages of such voice control systems. With Alexa or Google Assistant built into an LG soundbar, you can ask for the weather, get information on general culture topics, access digital platforms to play your favorite music without having to touch anything, etc. Basically, the bar listens and responds to you; this interactivity clearly makes a difference.

Why buy a good LG sound bar?

If we turn to an LG sound bar, it is because we are looking for a big brand equipment that will satisfy our expectations in terms of sound quality; whether it is for home cinema, for listening to music or for playing video games. What are the advantages of an LG sound bar? We develop in these few paragraphs.

The LG sound bar is reliable

Of course, we will not go so far as to say that the name LG is an infallible guarantee of reliability, but it is a renowned brand that will offer, at least, the minimum sound quality that we expect from a sound bar. No risk of having a bad surprise: you get what you pay for! LG's entry-level sound bars are still quite basic, but they are made to last. The higher you go, the more you gain in performance, sound quality and technology.

The LG sound bar offers a small footprint

Because we are not all lucky enough to have a living room of more than 100 m², the space requirement of an LG sound bar is always attractive. Indeed, it stretches over 60 cm to 1 meter in width for a low height and depth. Even though the LG sound bar is accompanied by a subwoofer, this element will not be imposing and will only occupy a small space in your living room. Basically, it will have a small footprint for a performance rarely equaled.

The LG sound bar offers a good sound rendering

It must be admitted that, even if TVs today have more advanced sound technologies, the LG sound bar still provides a surplus of sound realism that is more than satisfying. It may have compact dimensions and only 2 speakers, but it will benefit from digital sound processing to capture and reproduce all frequencies, from the lowest to the highest. Of course, there are models equipped with a subwoofer, designed precisely for the bass.

The LG sound bar is easy to install

You don't need to be a genius to install an LG soundbar. The device is already well connected, including an optical input for digital sources, an HDMI ARC input for the TV, HDMI and USB ports. All you have to do is connect your TV, your console, your computer or even your phone to the soundbar using the cables and wires provided.

The LG sound bar offers many perspectives

Sure, LG's entry-level soundbars offer basic functionality, but by adding a few hundred dollars to your budget, you can get more advanced features. In the high-end category, you could have your LG soundbar tell you the time or the weather, give you general knowledge or news information, access and play your playlists on music platforms.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the LG sound bars:


Since its takeover in 2016 by the giant Samsung, JBL has become the branch of this multinational company, specialized in sound processing. LG and JBL soundbars compete for market share.

Sony is a corporation of about 100 companies, including a French branch. Like LG, it designs sound bars under all ranges, but also other home appliances.

TCL or The Creative Life is a Chinese company, known more for being the world's3rd largest TV manufacturer. However, it designs bars that compete with LG's entry-level and mid-range sound bars.

Hisense is a Chinese brand specializing in audio-visual and home appliances. These products are not yet equal to LG sound bars in terms of notoriety, but the brand has good arguments to convince.

Yamaha, this Japanese company, has been known for centuries to be an unavoidable reference in sound and music. It's not surprising that it designs sound bars that are as successful as the LG sound bars.


To find the right LG soundbar location

For ease of installation and best sound performance, the LG soundbar should be placed in line with the TV: either on the TV cabinet under the TV itself, or on the wall above it. The latter is recommended for wall-mounted TVs, especially if you want to save space and do without an additional piece of furniture. Nevertheless, make sure to keep a 10 cm space between the TV and the LG soundbar.

To choose between DTS-Dolby Digital and DTS-Dolby Atmos on an LG soundbar

To put it simply, the DTS-Dolby Digital pairing is found on the cheap LG soundbars while the DTS:X-Dolby Atmos mix lands on the high-end, ultra-immersive models. This clearly shows that the second combination offers better sound rendering and significantly more advanced features. But first you need to choose based on your own possibilities.

To mount an LG soundbar on the wall

To install an LG soundbar on the wall, you'll already need to make sure the surface is smooth. Use screws to fix the center panel, making sure not to reverse it. Usually, the screws are already provided at the time of purchase and the panel already has holes for your convenience. Remember to install the various connectors before attaching the bar to the wall.

To connect the LG soundbar via Bluetooth

If your LG soundbar offers Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair it with certain digital sources, like your smartphone. Press the button provided on the bar to have it scan for connected devices. When a message indicating pairing appears on the bar, conclude the process by making the final adjustment to the digital source.

To find out if you need a subwoofer or not

Like some, LG soundbars may not be equipped to play low-pitched sounds, even though they incorporate a digital sound processing system. If this is the case, the subwoofer will help you get a more realistic sound because the bass and low end will be reproduced by the subwoofer.


How to connect a LG sound bar to TV?

To connect your LG soundbar to your TV, regardless of the brand, you need an HDMI cable. Insert both ends into the HDMI ports on the TV and the LG soundbar. Then, you need to make a connection between the optical output of your TV and the OPTICAL IN input of your LG soundbar.

How to connect a LG sound bar?

Already, you should know that the LG soundbars proposed in this comparison do not require any particular connection, except for the links you need to establish with your digital sources. To do this, you use an HDMI cable or a cable for optical ports to connect the TV and the LG soundbar. You can even choose the wireless connection!

How to connect a LG sound bar to a Samsung TV?

Before anything else, turn off both devices. Then, connect both ends of the optical cable to the Digital Audio Out on your Samsung TV and the Optical IN on the LG soundbar. You can bypass this connection if your Samsung TV is equipped with the SoundConnect feature. This wireless option is available in high-end bars with built-in voice control systems.

What is the difference between Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital?

Dolby Digital reproduces sound in 5, 6, or 7 channels, regardless of the sound frequency range of an audiovisual file. Dolby Atmos adapts to the sound for greater accuracy and realism. Moreover, this sound system is a strong point of LG's high-end sound bars according to the test we conducted.


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