The best Samsung wireless headphones in the UK 2023

Today, users want stylish yet portable audio gadgets, making headphones the way to go. If you're a fan of the Samsung brand, own a Samsung device, or are simply looking for a pair of headphones, Samsung has a wide variety of choices in this buying guide. The two most important things to keep in mind are battery life for wireless headphones and fit.

Galaxy Buds Live R180 1

The best choice of the editors

Galaxy Buds Live R180

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

The molded bean earpieces are Samsung's effort to create something that fits any number of ears. Since nothing stays in the ear hole, it allows you to wear the Galaxy Buds Live R180 longer.

118 £ on Amazon

With its bean-shaped design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live might be the most innovative new wireless earbud. Like the standard AirPods, they have an open design, are quite comfortable to wear, and fit your ears more securely than the AirPods. These wireless earbuds are discreet and essentially sit flush against your ear without a little white pipe coming out of them.

They offer good sound and work well as a headset for making calls, with good background noise reduction so callers can hear you clearly even when you're in noisier environments. While they do have active noise cancellation, it's mild compared to the noise cancellation in the earbuds that have a noise isolation design.

Galaxy Buds Plus Black 2

The best cheapest

Galaxy Buds Plus Black

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

These wireless headphones have a compact, comfortable fit and do a great job of staying put. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are some of the best wireless headphones for Android.

75,57 £ on Amazon

These smooth, high-quality in-ear headphones are an updated adaptation of the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Buds Truly Wireless. They are very well built and comfortable, and they even accompany a versatile charging case to help you get through long days in a hurry. Their sound profile is very uniform and unbiased, so they're appropriate to fit many types of sound substances.

If you're leaning towards a different sound, there are a few equalization presets accessible in the Galaxy Wearable friend app to help you tweak them. They also don't release a lot of clamor, so you can turn up the volume on your No. 1 tracks without disturbing those around you.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom 3

The best high end

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones offer rich sound and will delight music lovers. With active noise cancellation, they have a battery life of 5 hours.

197 £ on Amazon

The Galaxy Buds Pro has a few extra features when paired with Samsung devices. The headphones support Samsung's proprietary Scalable audio codec, which "prevents audio hashing by changing the bit rate based on the strength of the Bluetooth connection," according to Samsung. You can also charge the wireless earbud case on the back of any recent Galaxy S or Note phone, though it also works for all Qi-compatible earbuds.

The best Samsung earphones for noise cancellation are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. These truly wireless earbuds have an ANC feature that provides good noise isolation, so you're not distracted by the sounds of people talking around you or the hum of nearby AC units. Using the Samsung Wearable app, you can set the ANC level to "High" or "Low" depending on your preference. These comfortable, well-built headphones have a slightly excited V-shaped sound profile that delivers powerful bass while making voices bright and bubbly.

Galaxy Buds Black 4

The best excellent choice

Galaxy Buds Black

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

Bluetooth compatible, the Galaxy Buds are convenient and easy to use because the pairing is done automatically. Made by AKG, the sound is good and well balanced for an optimal listening comfort.

114 £ on Amazon

Slip them easily into your pocket. Galaxy Buds feature a sleek, comfortable, and compact new design that's perfect for bundling with your other belongings. Available in a variety of standard colors to match your everyday life. With its next-generation dual-microphone adaptive noise reduction technology, the Galaxy Buds recognize your surroundings and switch between internal and external microphones to remove noise from your conversation.

The Buds' ultra-efficient micro-battery lets you listen to up to 6 hours of your favorite songs on a single charge. When you're done, the Galaxy Buds take advantage of wireless power sharing by connecting to compatible Galaxy devices. And the sound that moves you is now made to move with you. With sound from AKG, Samsung Galaxy Buds deliver balanced, natural sound with superb dynamic range and precision, which means every word and note you hear sounds stellar.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Samsung wireless headset

Any specific needs?

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

The best Samsung wireless headset in 2021

Your guide : Samuel

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Comparison table of the best Samsung wireless headphones

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent selection
Galaxy Buds Live R180 5
Galaxy Buds Plus Black 6
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom 7
Galaxy Buds Black 8
Galaxy Buds Live R180
Galaxy Buds Plus Black
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom
Galaxy Buds Black
The molded bean earpieces are Samsung's effort to create something that fits any number of ears. Since nothing stays in the ear hole, it allows you to wear the Galaxy Buds Live R180 longer.
These wireless headphones have a compact, comfortable fit and do a great job of staying put. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are some of the best wireless headphones for Android.
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones offer rich sound and will delight music lovers. With active noise cancellation, they have a battery life of 5 hours.
Bluetooth compatible, the Galaxy Buds are convenient and easy to use because the pairing is done automatically. Made by AKG, the sound is good and well balanced for an optimal listening comfort.
Open design
Smooth, high quality
Allows for good sound insulation
Sleek, compact design
Sound quality
Good sound
Highly uniform, unbiased sound profile
V-shaped sound profile
Balanced, natural sound
Noise suppression during a conversation
Good noise reduction
Equalization settings
Noise suppression
6-hour battery life

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Buying guide - Samsung wireless headset

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How to choose your Samsung wireless headset

Samsung Wireless Headphones are true wireless headphones with a unique design. They sound great, fit comfortably and have impressive battery life. Here are some criteria to help you choose the right model and get the most out of your headphones.

#1 - Easy pairing

The only thing you need to do to pair them with an Android device is to open the case and unlock your phone. A second or two later, you should see a prompt on your phone asking if you want to pair the headphones. Follow the process, which takes maybe 30 seconds, and then start using your new Samsung wireless earbuds.

#2 - Galaxy portable app

The Galaxy Wearable app is where you configure all the settings for the Samsung wireless earbud. It provides battery life information at the very top so you don't have to search. The Noise Control section is also important, and this is where you can toggle between ANC, ambient sound or turn them off completely. +

Samsung gives you two options for noise cancellation, high and low, as well as four options for how much ambient noise you want to let in. Finally, this section lets you turn off voice detection, the feature that automatically lowers the volume and switches the ANC to ambient sound when you start talking.

#3 - Sound quality

Samsung spent a lot of time designing its two-way speakers. The company claims that these headphones have "the most complete sound" of its true wireless lineup to date. After testing, normally, you should notice that the result is a wide soundstage with real depth and solid clarity.

#4 - Bluetooth pairing with another device

You just need to long press each earbud for about three seconds or until you hear a beep. After that, open the Bluetooth pairing menu on the device you want to pair with and complete the process. So, normally, you can also pair them to another device, whether it's a computer, tablet, or other phone.

#5 - Audio delay reduction capability

Bluetooth devices can suffer from audio delay. This is where what you hear doesn't exactly match what's happening on the screen. You'll notice it most when you're watching videos or playing games. You can try to solve this problem by using Samsung wireless headphones away from other Bluetooth devices and moving closer to the connected device.

Putting on the headphones correctly

It may seem obvious, but first you need to make sure you're wearing Samsung wireless headphones correctly. Improper use can decrease the sound quality and make the touch functions ineffective. With the speaker facing inward and downward, make sure the "L" and "R" indicate the correct ear. First, place the earpiece in your lower ear. Then rotate the earpiece so the top part fits into the concha of your ear.

The different types of Samsung wireless headphones

Samsung wireless headphones stand out as the best headphones you can buy right now. There are different types to know that we will mention below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Headset

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones are designed to fit in every moment, with an iconic shape and ergonomic design, a fit that leaves in your natural environment, and a speaker optimized for a better experience. It's sound made for your ears.

The eye-catching design of Galaxy Buds Live stands out, even inside your ear. Reflecting the natural curves of the ear and face, they're enhanced with a glossy finish. It all comes with a jewelry box-inspired case that fits in your hand on the go.

Designed for all-day comfort with less fatigue, the Galaxy Buds Live rest gently inside the ear. Its ergonomic design is comfortable yet non-intrusive with two wingtip sizes for a better fit.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Wireless Headset

If you have a Samsung or other Android phone, the Galaxy Buds offer easy connectivity, a comfortable fit, and warm, bassy sound. Listen and chat during the day, then wirelessly charge for 15 minutes to get up to 1.7 hours of extra play time.

Featuring AKG sound, with Galaxy Buds you can stream calls, your favorite podcasts and the music you love all at the same time while keeping you aware of your surroundings while you walk, work or exercise.

The sound quality offered by these true wireless headphones is also very good, with deep bass and a wide-open soundstage.

If you have a lot of experience with the previous entries in the Galaxy Buds line, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will sound pretty familiar. In many ways, these true wireless headphones look like a mix of the Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live. The glossy metallic paint on the Galaxy Buds Live is very striking.

The bean clamshell charging case also makes a return. The case is quite small, but it feels solid and the heads fit perfectly in it, secured by magnets and they can also charge wirelessly.

These are very similar in shape and size to the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus, but with smoother edges and a more pronounced separation between the matte and glossy sections. The earbuds still have wing-like protrusions for stabilization, but they are much smaller and less pronounced.

Samsung wireless headset or AirPods

Samsung Wireless Headset

The form factor and design of the Samsung wireless headphones are high-end, they are very nice headphones, in fact more high-end in person, in a very small package that you can't go back and replace it with other larger headphones after its use.

They are very comfortable to use and wear all day. If you choose the right ear tips and extra wings, you will never worry about dropping them. Its scanning mechanism too is very responsive once in the ears to control music and phone calls. There are 3 main features that control the volume, launch the voice assistant and activate the ambient sound to hear your surroundings.

However, in relation to its microphone, it works very well in a quiet place, but when it's outside and moving, the other person could barely hear, it's like the user's voice coming out of a tunnel, it's a bit disappointing.

Apple AirPods

AirPods are wireless headphones launched in 2016, with the iPhone 7 by tech giant Apple. The devices are compatible with iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and even MacBooks. The Airpods have superior audio quality.

They feature elite Advanced Audio Coding ACC sound. Thus, these devices are designed to offer excellent audio quality that you can't get in most wireless headphones. On the other hand, the microphone sound quality for recording is barely acceptable.

It's not nearly as good as the sound quality of the microphone in Apple's wired headphones, and it's much worse than the iPhone's built-in microphone. It may be acceptable for a phone call, but that's about it. You don't use them to record an interview.


Samsung's wireless charging is all inclusive and can be charged directly from any Android phone. This feature is also very convenient and is automatically included with the Galaxy Buds.

Some may prefer the larger, relatively flat panels of Samsung's wireless earbuds while others may be more attracted to the AirPod design. Not to mention, the clarity and overall sound quality is better with the Galaxy Buds, as they are true in-ear headphones that seal to your ear.

Because of the solid fit, AKG didn't have to tweak the frequency response too much to make the Buds sound good.

Why buy a Samsung wireless headset?

New specifications and features

Samsung's wireless headphones come with new features, better battery life, improved sound and new color options. They pack a lot of punch in a very small package, and they also work great with the iPhone.

Battery life

A Samsung wireless earbud can give you an hour of playtime on just 5 minutes of charging, perfect for when you need to rush out the door. Qi certified wireless charging is also supported. Samsung's official figures claim up to 6 hours of playback time from the headphones with ANC enabled and Bixby voice disabled and up to 21 hours with the case.

If both features are disabled, the numbers jump to 8 hours and 29 hours respectively. The statements are mostly accurate. There is always a discrepancy between the published numbers and real-world usage, but it is by no means significant.

Design and fit

Samsung opted for a unique bean-shaped design for example for the Galaxy Buds Live. It designed them to look more like a fashion accessory while being very comfortable to wear for extended use.

To achieve this design, he had to arrange the internal components horizontally. The touchpad on a Samsung wireless earpiece in general allows for easy control. A single tap can play or pause your music, a double tap can skip songs, receive or end calls while a triple tap can bring up the previous song.

Press and hold the touchpad to activate one of the many functions you can choose from within the app, such as wake Bixby. Samsung has done a good job of making sure that all Samsung wireless headphone models fit perfectly.

Performance and sound quality

In general, with the different models of Samsung wireless headphones, the reproduction of mid and high frequencies is improved, which simply means that these headphones don't sound too basic, and that's a good thing. The volume can get nice and loud without any crackling noise when it's fully turned up. This will be a pleasant experience for you, more so than on other wireless headphone models.

Compatibility and versatility

Samsung's latest headphones are compatible with iOS and Android devices, provided they are running iOS 10 or later and Android 5.0 or later respectively. Swift Pair allows for easy pairing with PCs running Windows 10 version 1803 or later.

There are additional features such as game mode that can be enabled via the Galaxy Wearable app. It improves audio latency when playing games. The new Buds Together feature is especially useful if you like to share what you're listening to with your friends.

The best brands of Samsung wireless headphones

In our opinion, the best brands of Samsung wireless headphones in 2022 are :


Samsung, a South Korean company that is one of the world's largest producers of electronic devices. Samsung specializes in producing a wide variety of consumer and industrial electronics, including home appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips and embedded systems. Arguably, currently, it has become one of the most recognizable names in technology.

Sony Corporation is one of the most recognizable names in consumer electronics. Since its founding shortly after World War II, Sony has released a series of groundbreaking products, including the transistor radio, the Trinitron television, the Betamax VCR, the CD player, the Walkman portable cassette player, and the PlayStation game console. Sony is ranked among the best in sound enhancement in all of their designs.

JBL is an audio company, making some of the most high-end, high-quality speakers and audio products, ranging from small Bluetooth speakers to cars, nightclubs and even recording studios. JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing (1902-1949) who was an American audio engineer and speaker designer known for creating two audio companies that bear his name, Altec Lansing and JBL, the latter taken from his initials. He is a great leader in innovation, as you can hear JBL's superior sound even underwater.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology electrical engineering professor Dr. Amar G. Bose founded Bose Corporation in 1964. Today, the company manufactures music and home theater systems, as well as speakers for the home, vehicles, and professional venues. Known for the innovative and professional quality of these products, Bose is also making noise-canceling headphones for aviation and home use now.

JABRA has been dedicated to sound for over a century. The brand was the first to lay telegraph cables linking Europe and Asia, the first to create ultra-noise-reducing microphones, and the first to integrate an in-ear heart rate monitor into a pair of sports headphones. JABRA is the only company in the world to combine consumer, professional and medical audio under one roof, and it is this combined expertise that has allowed them to create the intuitive solutions for which Jabra is so well known.

What is the price for a Samsung wireless headset

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 70 £
70 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram



Something that sits in your ear for long periods of time is bound to get dirty with earwax and debris. It's important that you keep your earphones clean so that the speaker and air duct aren't clogged. If you don't, your Samsung wireless headphones may seem out of balance. To clean, use a dry cloth to wipe off any visible dirt. You can also use a soft brush or cotton swab. Never use liquids to help clean.


Gone are the days when devices never changed after the initial setup. Now, almost everything gets better with software updates, which is also true for a Samsung wireless headset. To make sure you have the best listening experience, you need to keep all the components of the earpiece up to date. This includes your phone, if you're using a Samsung device, do this by going to Settings > Software Update > Download & Install.

Touch function

Samsung wireless earbuds have many different touch features to make settings easier, and you can also customize their actions. You can change the touch and hold functionality through the Galaxy Wearable app. Go to the Touch Controls section and under the Touch and Hold section, tap Left or Right. You can choose from active noise cancellation, voice control, volume down/up, and Spotify.

Wireless charging capability

The case you store your Samsung wireless headphones in also charges them. On a full charge, the headphones give you eight hours of playback, with another 21 hours from the case. You can charge the case with the included USB Type-C cable, but did you know it also supports wireless charging? Simply place the case in the center of a wireless charger and you're done. Of course, Samsung recommends using one of its wireless chargers, but one from a reputable company will do just fine.

Reading application notifications

Your Samsung wireless headset can read some notifications, so you don't have to take your phone out. To turn it on, launch the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Read Notifications Aloud, and then swipe the Enabled button at the top.


How to avoid sound-image lag on my Samsung wireless headphones?

The Sound lag is the fact that the sound output from the headphones does not match what is happening on the screen of the connected device. There are several reasons for this lag when watching a video or playing a game. However, there is usually a simple solution, such as strengthening the Bluetooth connection. Sound lag can occur on any Bluetooth audio device. You can minimize the delay by limiting the interference. Move the devices closer together to improve the connection. Make sure there are no objects, metals, walls, or people between the headphones and the other Bluetooth device.

How to connect and update Samsung wireless headphones with a smartphone?

Designed to pair easily with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can control Samsung wireless headphones from your smartphone, connected watch, Galaxy tablet, or even using a voice assistant such as Bixby. After downloading and installing the Galaxy Wearable and SmartThings apps from Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store. And make sure you have the most recent versions of these applications. Connect and update headphones with your Galaxy smartphone is easy and you'll be able to take advantage of all the features your headphones have to offer.

How do the touchpad controls work for Samsung wireless headphones?

Your headphones have several built-in controls to enhance your user experience. From a simple swipe or quick keybutton, you can play music, skip songs, answer calls from a connected phone and more. When you connect the Galaxy Wearable app to your headphones, you can set up touchpad controls to adjust volume, use voice commands, and activate ambient sound. You can even launch Spotify.

How to clean Samsung wireless headphones?

When cleaning the headphones, don't hold the earbuds upright and don't use liquids like alcohol or soapy water to clean them to prevent debris or liquids from falling inside.


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