The best Apple Wireless Headset in the UK 2023

First released in December 2016, Apple's wireless earbuds are driving the True Wireless (TWS) movement. Completely wireless operation, ergonomic design and impressive active noise reduction technology characterize the Apple brand's models. But which one to choose? We'll save you hours of research with this guide to the best Apple wireless headphones.

Apple AirPods Pro

Best value for money

AirPods Pro

The best Apple wireless headphones in 2021

You'll be impressed by the symbiosis between dynamic noise reduction technology and the sound quality of AirPods Pro. The comfort of listening is not left behind thanks to the 3 different tips.

164 £ on Amazon

Unlike previous versions, Apple AirPods Pro feature dynamic noise cancelling technology that isolates you from your surroundings so you can enjoy your music, calls or podcasts without disturbance. But when you want to hear what's going on around you, just turn on the Transparency mode. These Apple wireless headphones come with 3 different sized ear tips, plus the famous tapered tips.

With the H1 chip, the audio quality is remarkable, especially since there is little to no latency. Each earpiece has its own exclusive speaker for powerful bass. Due to their low energy consumption, these technological gems have a battery life of over 24 hours guaranteed by wireless charging via the QI standard.

Apple AirPods 1

Best low cost

Apple AirPods 1

The best entry-level Apple wireless headphones

Set up your Apple AirPods 1 with a simple gesture and activate them automatically. Because of their intelligence, they instantly pause when you take them off your ears.

103 £ on Amazon

The Apple AirPods 1 do not require any major manipulation on your part. They activate and connect automatically to all Apple devices. Their universal design has been specifically designed for optimal comfort. Just touch one of the earphones twice and you will have immediate access to your personal assistant. Note that they can switch from one device to another very easily.

The Apple AirPods 1 wireless earphones offer up to +24 hours of battery life, which is not to your displeasure. In particular, you get 5 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. These models feature a W1 chip that efficiently manages wireless connectivity and sound.

Apple AirPods Max

Best high end

Apple AirPods Max

The best high-end Apple wireless headphones

Not yet won over? You will be when you buy the Apple AirPods Max. It has many advantages: perfect sound reproduction, active noise reduction, top digital crown...

439 £ on Amazon

For those who haven't yet adopted TWS headphones, the Apple AirPods Max is the ultimate in Bluetooth headphones. It offers the assurance of a good fit on the head thanks to its adjustable headband (a sliding system). Each headset is equipped with several sensors, including the optical sensor, the position sensor, the case sensor and the accelerometer. The gyroscope is only on the left side.

The Apple AirPods Max headset positions itself naturally, but over time, the pressure it exerts becomes uncomfortable. It gives you the ability to listen to your audio files for 20 hours on a single charge. In addition, you will have to take advantage of the "active noise reduction", "transparency" or "spatial audio" modes. The fast charge of 5 min promises up to 1 h 30 of listening.

Apple AirPods 2


Apple AirPods 2

The magic of the 2nd generation

The Apple AirPods 2 have undergone a significant improvement over the previous version. In addition to increased talk time, they have wireless charging via a QI certified station.

143 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Apple Wireless Headset

Any specific needs?

The best Apple wireless headphones in 2021

The best entry-level Apple wireless headphones

The best high-end Apple wireless headphones

The magic of the 2nd generation

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Comparison table of the best Apple Wireless Headset

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods 1
Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods 2
AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods 1
Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods 2
You'll be impressed by the symbiosis between dynamic noise reduction technology and the sound quality of AirPods Pro. The comfort of listening is not left behind thanks to the 3 different tips.
Set up your Apple AirPods 1 with a simple gesture and activate them automatically. Because of their intelligence, they instantly pause when you take them off your ears.
Not yet won over? You will be when you buy the Apple AirPods Max. It has many advantages: perfect sound reproduction, active noise reduction, top digital crown...
The Apple AirPods 2 have undergone a significant improvement over the previous version. In addition to increased talk time, they have wireless charging via a QI certified station.
Total battery life

More than 24 hrs

More than 24 hrs

Up to 20 hrs

Over 24 hrs
Talk time on a charge
Up to 3.5 hrs
Up to 2 hrs
Up to 20 hrs
Up to 3 hrs
Active noise reduction
Earphones: 2 x 5.4 gCarrying case
: 45.6 g
Earphones: 2 x 4 gCarrying case
: 38 g
Headset: 384.8 gSmart Case
: 134.5 g
Earphones (each): 4 gCharging case
: 40 g

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Buying guide - Apple Wireless Headset

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How to choose your Apple Wireless Headset

Apple wireless headphones models are not numerous, but you have a great choice to make according to your needs. You should pay attention to these few features:
choisir écouteurs sans fil Apple

#1 - Size

In this area, there are both adjustable and non-adjustable Apple wireless earbuds to fit your ears. Only the Apple AirPods Pro are available in 3 sizes and come with soft silicone tips. These interchangeable accessories attach in a snap for greater comfort. The one-size-fits-all models are not modular and are more for the less demanding.

#2 - Noise reduction technology

Not all Apple wireless earbuds take advantage of this technological innovation. If you're desperate to take advantage of it, we recommend the AirPods Pro or the AirPods Max headphones. These are the only models with active noise reduction. It is characterized by the presence of 2 microphones focused, one towards the outside in order to capture ambient noise and thus be able to attenuate them and the other towards the inside to neutralize unpleasant noises thanks to an anti-noise.

#3 - Water resistance

The Apple wireless headphones, just like their charging case, are not waterproof. Under no circumstances should you submerge them in water during your swimming sessions or wear them in heavy rain. On the other hand, they are able to withstand perspiration or a light shower, as is the case with the AirPods Pro, which have an IPX4 protection rating. In particular, it is recommended never to recharge wet Apple Wireless Headphones.

#4 - Battery life

As a rule, Apple Wireless Headphones come with a storage case that serves as a charging case as well. This can give you up to 24 hours of battery life or more, depending on your usage. When your earphones are low on battery, simply replace them in the case and they'll recharge. On average, a single charge provides 5 hours of listening and about 2 hours of phone conversation.

#5 - Design

Design is an optional criterion for some, but has a lot of importance for others. Although they're all in-ear, Apple's wireless earbuds are distinguished by the interchangeable tips. Make sure the earbuds fit snugly in your ears without the risk of falling out or getting lost. Also consider the size of the stem. The AirPods Pro have a shorter stem.

How do Apple Wireless Headphones work?

In order to better understand how Apple Wireless Headphones work, you'll need to know all the components that make them up. For that, you should know that they have a unique speaker that allows for low distortion and produces quite powerful bass.

In the case of the AirPods Pro, they are composed of microphones with the ability to detect ambient noise. The headphones reduce noise, improve audio performance and make adjustments to the bass and midrange. The amplifier works in concert with the integrated chip (H1 or W1 depending on the model) to generate a more crystal-clear sound and adjust listening levels.


The Apple Wireless Headphones can be paired easily with a device such as a computer, tablet or Apple smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity technology. Once you take your headphones out of the case, they're instantly ready to use. Turn on your device's Bluetooth mode, select the name of your headphones and you're good to go. The next connections are made automatically without any complex manipulations.

Battery life

Like all other True Wireless headphones, Apple's headphones, unlike the wired models, are equipped with a battery. It needs to be recharged regularly to keep it running smoothly at all times. You can place the earphones in the charging case or, when the case runs out of power, use the included cable. The design of the Apple Wireless Headphones means they'll go anywhere you go. They're effectively sweat-proof and water-resistant.

Indicator lights

The indicator lights on your Apple Wireless Headphones change color depending on the information they want to convey. Green indicates a full charge while orange warns you when it's time to recharge the battery. If the latter is blinking, it means you need to reconfigure your AirPods.

Apple AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless headphones?

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones

Offered in their storage case, the Apple AirPods wireless earphones come in 2 completely independent earpieces. They are relatively easy to use because of the absence of wire, which promises greater freedom of movement. They also stand out from the competition with their autonomy of more than 24 hours and their easy access to Siri. As "open" headphones, they slip easily into your ears. So you don't need silicone tips. However, these models tend to let outside noise in.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Wireless Headphones

Like the Apple AirPods wireless headphones, Samsung's models are also True Wireless. The case charges wirelessly by induction via the Samsung S10's power sharing technology or a QI-compliant charger. Pairing is done in the same way as the AirPods. These closed earphones have a very sensitive touch surface. They are compatible with various voice assistants like Siri or Bixby. Even better, it is possible to customize the features using the Galaxy Wearable application.


The Apple AirPods wireless earphones provide unparalleled comfort even when used for long hours. They're easy on the eyes with their ergonomic design. What's more, they're among the cheapest on the market in terms of price. You can also take advantage of its incomparable sound quality, especially if you own an Apple product. On the other hand, if the one size does not suit you, you want to have different sized ear tips and you have an Android smartphone, prefer the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are particularly appreciated by those with a Galaxy S10 because of the ease of charging.

Why buy Apple wireless headphones?

pourquoi acheter écouteurs sans fil Apple

True wireless headphones

Apple's wireless headphones are unparalleled in that they're no longer wired, but are completely independent of each other. You no longer need to plug them in via a jack or take out your phone when setting up. Just connect them via Bluetooth with your devices and tap lightly on the headphones to navigate your playlist. Place them to your ears and they play the sound directly. Once you remove them, they automatically pause.

Easy setup

You only have to pair once. Apple Wireless Headphones connect automatically during future sessions. They start broadcasting when they touch your ears and can be paused if you take them off. By the way, the sound experience is pretty much the same whether you connect them to an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

More than satisfactory performance

Via the W1 or H1 chip, the Apple Wireless Headphones have a very fast and efficient connection. Switching from one active device to another is a breeze and very stable. Plus, connection times are increased by 1.5 times for phone calls.

Intelligent headphones

As mentioned above, these are intelligent wireless headphones. They know exactly if you are talking or listening to music. These models incorporate optical sensors as well as voice motion accelerometers that can instinctively manage the audio or open the microphones during calls.

More than 24 hours of autonomy

The best battery life on the market, Apple Wireless Headphones give you up to 5 hours of listening and at least 2 hours of talk time on a single charge. The storage case delivers about 3 to 4 additional charges, so you can effortlessly gain up to 24 hours of battery life. A quick 15-minute charge gives you 3 hours of listening time.

What is the price Apple Wireless Headset

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

129 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Simply charge your Apple Wireless Headphones

The new generation of Apple wireless headphones feature an innovative wireless charging system. To do this, you need to place the case on a QI standard charging station. You'll get confirmation of full charge via the LED indicator on the front of the case. Those who don't have a charging station nearby will still have the option of using the Lightning port.

Use Audio Sharing to listen to your favorite sounds with 2 pairs of Apple Wireless Headphones

Through the "Audio Sharing" system, it becomes easy to share music, podcasts or other sounds between 2 pairs of Apple Wireless Headphones, each with 100% independent sound volume. Whether or not they're in their case, you simply move them closer to the source device to distribute the audio stream.

Disable the noise cancelling option to hear what's going on around you

With the noise-cancellation option turned on, you'll be completely in your own bubble. But to turn it off and engage in conversations with the people around you, just give the pressure sensor a long press. Transparent mode lets outside noise filter through the earbuds.

Test fit the ear tips

Test fitting the noise-canceling tips from your phone if you want to get the most out of your Apple wireless earbuds. It determines the exact size of the earbuds and ensures better sound isolation at the same time.

Protect your Apple Wireless Headphones

To protect your Apple Wireless Earphones as much as possible, avoid getting them wet as much as possible. You are thus required to move them away from any source of moisture (washing machine, heavy rain, shower, sauna, hammam, tap...). Also, take care not to drop them, as shocks would cause malfunctions. After cleaning them with a damp cloth, wipe them and let them air dry before putting them back in their case.


Are Apple Wireless Headphones compatible with Android smartphones?

Yes! However, you have to understand that they don't have the same integration capacity as on an iPhone. You'll manage to preserve a lot of functionality through apps. When pairing, you are forced to go through a classic Bluetooth association mode.

How do I set up Apple Wireless Headphones on an iPhone for the first time?

Make sure your iPhone is equipped with the latest version of iOS. After that, go to the home screen. Put your Apple Wireless Headset in its case, leave it open and place it near the phone. A window will automatically appear, touch the "connection" and "OK" menus.

How will I clean my Apple Wireless Headphones?

The external surface can be easily cleaned with a wipe that you will have previously soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol or even a disinfectant wipe. Make sure not to get the speaker grill wet and avoid using bleach. If you have AirPods Max headphones, avoid cleaning the mesh headband as well as the ear pads.

What about cleaning the charging case?

The charging case of Apple wireless headphones requires a few swipes with a soft, dry cloth. You can dampen it slightly with isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, leave it in the open air. No liquids should get into the charging ports of the case, but you can remove debris that has become embedded in the Lightning connector with a soft bristle brush.


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