The best headphones under 150 euros in the UK 2023

The constant improvements made to headphones have turned them into an iconic item that you can't live without. For entertainment or for work, they have become indispensable. Nowadays, the offers are so diverse that you can even get excellent products for less than 150 euros. In fact, we dedicate this buying guide to the 4 best of them.

Marshall Major IV Bluetooth 1

Editor's Choice

Marshall Major IV Bluetooth

The best headphones under 150 euros of 2021

Considered the ultimate in Bluetooth headphones, the Major IV produces unparalleled sound with its custom dynamic drivers. Plus, its battery provides up to 80 hours of playback, enough to make the competition jealous.

103 £ on Amazon

The design of the Major IV seems drastically lacking in freshness, but it still has one major advantage: its ergonomics. To ensure that it can be used for hours on end, Marshall took care to improve its ergonomic properties, starting with the ear cups, which have been fitted with firm but soft pads. This way, the headphones fit perfectly around the ears, which optimizes comfort even more.

The headphones can be turned on and off via a multi-directional control button. This same button will also allow you to take or reject calls, but also to control your musical repertoire in every aspect. To recharge, simply place this equipment on its charging stand and wait for its battery to fill up with energy. Thanks to its fast charge option, 15 minutes on this base offers 15 hours of listening.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X 2

Best headphones with noise cancellation

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X

The best headphones under 150 euros for professional and personal use

Thanks to its low impedance, this ATH-M50 X is compatible with mobile devices that do not have the same output power of an amplifier. Its ingenious noise cancellation system also allows it to be used as a monitor headset.

94,40 £ on Thomann

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X was designed to meet a single need: to immerse you completely in your music. In addition to its ingenious noise-cancellation system, these headphones are equipped with two 45mm drivers with CCAW coils powered by neodymium magnets. This allows it to deliver a sound quality that rivals that of headphones costing more than 500 euros.

Thanks to its closed design and excellent shielding, the ATH-M50 X is the perfect equipment for studio recording. Its isolation also makes it ideal for deejaying. If you're looking for headphones that deliver fine highs and rich bass, the ATH-M50 X is one of the best options in this price range.

Sennheiser HD-25 3

Best value for money

Sennheiser HD-25

The best headphones under 150 euros for monitoring and deejaying

Equipped with a swivel headset, detachable cable and 6.3 mm jack adapter, the HD-25 is ideal for monitoring. Popular with sound engineers, these headphones promise crystal-clear sound with good noise isolation.

106 £ on Thomann

As this is a more recent version, this Sennheiser HD-25 doesn't look at all like the model you used a decade ago. Rest assured, these monitoring headphones have the same technical and sound characteristics as the original model. Better yet, it's got a few improvements. To offer you a better support and more comfort, the mechanical joint between the earpieces and the headband has been improved and its articulations have been reinforced.

While it's true that these headphones are primarily intended for disc jockeys and sound engineers, they can also be used for more personal use. This model will allow you to fully enjoy your music thanks to its noise-cancellation function. Be careful though, as this Sennheiser HD-25 has an impedance of 70 ohms. It should therefore be used with more advanced equipment, including an amp.

AKG K702 4

Best headphones with detachable cable

AKG K702

The best headphones under 150 euros for multiple use

The AKG K702 is the perfect example of versatile headphones for professional and personal use. Indeed, it can be used as both studio and personal headphones. This model is no different from its big brother, the K701, except that the cabling is detachable.

103 £ on Amazon

Apart from the black finish and the detachable cable, the AKG K702 follows the design of the K701 in every detail. But it really doesn't matter, because the quality is there. Indeed, the Austrian manufacturer has made this headset a real precision instrument that will not fail to please all audiophiles, whether they are sedentary or mobile. Its dynamic transducers with flat-wire coils provide a lively treble and a precise bass, the equivalent of a quality sound in the classical jargon.

The AKG K702 also benefits from some design improvements. With a genuine leather-covered headband, dense circumaural ear pads and a well-thought-out adjustment mechanism, you get the whole package. It's one of the best consumer headphones around, no doubt about it. And with its low impedance, it's compatible with an unlimited number of sources.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best headphones for less than 150 euros

Any specific needs?

The best headphones under 150 euros of 2021

The best headphones under 150 euros for professional and personal use

The best headphones under 150 euros for monitoring and deejaying

The best headphones under 150 euros for multiple use

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Comparison table of the best headphones under 150 euros

Marshall Major IV Bluetooth 5
Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X 6
Sennheiser HD-25 7
AKG K702 8
Marshall Major IV Bluetooth
Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X
Sennheiser HD-25
AKG K702
Considered the ultimate in Bluetooth headphones, the Major IV produces unparalleled sound with its custom dynamic drivers. Plus, its battery provides up to 80 hours of playback, enough to make the competition jealous.
Thanks to its low impedance, this ATH-M50 X is compatible with mobile devices that do not have the same output power of an amplifier. Its ingenious noise cancellation system also allows it to be used as a monitor headset.
Equipped with a swivel headset, detachable cable and 6.3 mm jack adapter, the HD-25 is ideal for monitoring. Popular with sound engineers, these headphones promise crystal-clear sound with good noise isolation.
The AKG K702 is the perfect example of versatile headphones for professional and personal use. Indeed, it can be used as both studio and personal headphones. This model is no different from its big brother, the K701, except that the cabling is detachable.
Wireless circum-aural headphones
Wired circum-aural headphones
Wired on-ear headphones
Wired circum-aural headphones
Transducer impedance
32 Ω
38 Ω
70 Ω
62 Ω
16 - 22000 Hz
15 - 28000 Hz
16 - 22000 Hz
10 - 39800 Hz
Charging base is optional.
The ear cups of this headset can be rotated 90 degrees.
Because of its 70 Ω impedance rating, make sure it is compatible with your source.
The limited impedance allows it to be used with a classic nomadic player.

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Buying guide - headphones for less than 150 euros

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How to choose your headphones for less than 150 euros

To give you the chance to get a product that you will enjoy using for a very long time, different criteria should be taken into consideration before buying.

#1 - Comfort

Pay attention! The comfort of a headset is not only measured by the density of the padding in the ear cups and the tightness of the headband. In fact, the product must be able to provide you with true hearing comfort in all circumstances. It is thus imperative that the sound is pleasant to listen to and does not irritate the ears when it goes up in volume. This is a minimum for an equipment of this type.

#2 - Noise reduction

Some headphones, powered by a battery, are equipped with an active noise reduction system. Thanks to the opposing waves, users are completely cut off from the outside world. You should seriously consider this criterion in case you have to spend a good part of your day in a noisy environment. Rest assured, noise-canceling headphones can filter out certain frequencies, allowing you to converse with a friend without having to turn off the sound reduction system.

#3 - Impedance

Expressed in Ohms, impedance refers to the headphones' resistance to the current flowing through them. The principle is simple. The higher the impedance value, the more power the headphones will need to deliver the sound at high volume. For the case of a cell phone or mp3/mp4 player, the impedance of the headphones must remain below 60 Ω. Beyond this value, the headphones would be better suited for a sound system with an amplifier.

#4 - Bandwidth

The bandwidth is a notion that refers to the capacity of the headphones to produce a wide range of frequencies, from bass to treble. Of course, this data can only really be read in terms of the quality of the sound reproduced by the headphones. Depending on the design and technology of the headphones, they may accentuate or reduce the bass, midrange and treble. It may not even be able to reproduce certain frequencies, which is why it is important to interpret the data provided by the manufacturer.

#5 - Controls

The latest headphones have controls that allow you to play a song, pause it, or navigate through your playlist. The layout of the controls differs depending on the manufacturer. If some rely on the remote control positioned on the cable, others prefer to embed them on the shell of the headphones. Between the physical buttons and the tactile interface, it's a matter of taste.

#6 - Additional features

Headphones are primarily aimed at a nomadic and sporty audience. To avoid them picking up the smartphone in case of a call, these headsets also act as a hands-free kit. The most technologically advanced ones even embed activity trackers and would be more effective than connected bracelets. In short, the presence of numerous features should above all enhance the user experience.

How do you distinguish between open and closed-back headphones?

Headphones can be either closed or open sounding. Here's how to tell them apart.

Headphones with a closed sound box

The majority of headphones have a closed sound box which has the particularity of attenuating surrounding noise. By their configuration, these closed headphones prevent the sound from leaking outside. This is what gives you the impression of being in an inviolable bubble when you listen to music. With better bass reproduction, these headphones are ideal for both mobile and stationary use. The technologies used to reduce ambient sound allow you to enjoy your personal playlist on the street, in public transportation, at the office or in your apartment.

Open-back headphones

Unlike closed-back headphones, open-back headphones allow sound to pass through the earcups. Often, the headphone shells allow a glimpse of the speakers through a grille, and for use in a noisy environment, they are simply not great. However, this category of headphones is perfect for use at home or in a music recording studio. Sound engineers love them because the sound they reproduce is as close as possible to that of a speaker. In addition to moderate bass, their sound is natural and more spacious.

Hybrid headphones: an interesting option!

As the name suggests, hybrid or semi-open headphones combine the advantages of both open and closed headphones. You can recognize them by their shell, which has numerous openings similar to the vents in bass-reflex speakers. These openings provide a multitude of functions. Not only do they expand the soundstage by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio, but they also improve bass performance while maintaining good sound isolation.

The different types of headphones under 150 euros

Headphones come in different formats. You can choose between circum-aural headphones, supra-aural headphones and in-ear headphones.

Around-ear headphones

In circum-aural headphones, the ear cups completely enclose the ears. The way the headphones are positioned on the earlobes frees them from pressure and strain. The comfort is therefore unbelievable, but unfortunately the sound is not. Indeed, this configuration makes that the loudspeakers are found far from a few centimeters of the auditory canals, which is not without consequence on the quality.

Advantages : Circum-aural headphones offer more effective passive isolation. In other words, external noise is filtered out much better, which broadens the sound stage.

Disadvantages: Since the ears are completely covered by the headphones, the sound delivered by the headphones seems more closed. In addition, you may experience a feeling of overheating if you listen for a long time.

Who are they for? A circum-aural headset will meet the needs of users who are looking for comfort above all. This product finds its audience among sedentary people, such as gamers, freelancers and sound technicians.

Over-ear headphones

On the supra-aural audio headphones, the earpieces are placed on the ears without covering them. The distance between the speakers and the ear canals is shortened, which improves sound perception. However, its passive isolation is less good. Being halfway between in-ear and around-ear headphones, supra-aural headphones are perfect for both sedentary and mobile use.

Benefits: Keep in mind that these headphones offer no concessions in comfort. Since the headphones are less bulky, they are less hot for the ears. These headphones can be used for hours on end without risking hearing fatigue, but caution is still advised.

Disadvantages: Passive sound isolation is poor which makes the sound more focused. Even if you have supra-aural headphones screwed to your ears, chances are you'll hear what's going on around you.

Who are they for? On-ear headphones are popular with athletes because of their lightweight design and a headband that provides a secure fit on or behind the head.

In-ear headphones

As they are miniaturized, on-ear headphones penetrate the hollows of the ear to provide excellent sound isolation. The foam or rubber tips fit snugly inside the ear canals and block out all outside sound. The same way, people around you won't be able to hear the music playing in your in-ear monitors.

Advantages: Small, light and therefore very discreet, in-ear headphones can be carried everywhere with you. For outdoor use, they are a must. In addition, the sound they produce is not bad.

Cons: These headphones will prevent you from hearing what is going on around you. Since they are placed very close to your eardrums, they can damage them, especially when you listen to loud music for a long time.

Who are they for? In-ear headphones are for anyone who doesn't want to be burdened with a large pair of on-ear or around-ear headphones when they leave the house.

Wired or wireless headphones?

Wired headset

Lovers of good sound swear by wired headphones for the simple reason that they are not very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Indeed, the copper wires that connect the music source to the headphones do not lose any of the electrical signal they carry. The sounds are therefore of excellent quality. Before buying wired headphones, you should make sure that the remote control works with both an Android and iOS smartphone.

Wireless headphones

The wireless headset brings immense freedom of movement, such as the ability to listen to music remotely from a source for example. It also frees you from the cable that twists around in the bag. As long as the music sources have a Bluetooth function, they should be able to be paired with wireless headphones. The only downside is that the battery life of these headphones is limited, especially on entry-level models.


Wired or wireless headphones? It's primarily a matter of taste, since both categories of products are equal in almost every respect. However, if you want to be at the top of the trend, prefer a model without the cable.

Why should you invest in headphones?

They are suitable for different uses

Whether you're a gamer, a sportsman, a music lover or an average user, you'll always find a headset for less than 150 euros adapted to your uses on the market. Although it is relatively affordable, this product remains very qualitative, both in terms of sound and overall design. From entry-level to mid-range, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

They are design

In order to stand out from the crowd, the most popular manufacturers are constantly redesigning their creations to make them more fun and up to date. From modern, futuristic to vintage looking headphones, there's something for everyone. You'll be spoilt for choice, even if your budget is limited to 150 euros.

They're comfortable

Whether they are circumaural or on-ear, the best headphones offer unprecedented wearing comfort. The use of quality materials optimizes the wearing experience, which makes them all the more enjoyable for use at home or outdoors. Moreover, manufacturers have worked to make these headphones more ergonomic and easy to use with intuitive controls.

They have good battery life

Manufacturers have been working to improve the battery life of wireless headsets by making them better. The best products can run continuously for about 10 hours, which is very promising. In addition, it only takes one to two hours to fully recharge the batteries.

They are durable

Today's headphones are more resistant to shock, abrasion and especially moisture. Most of them can be used in light rain or during a sports session, since the speakers are protected from water infiltration and sweat.

The best brands of headphones under 150 euros

In our opinion, the best brands of headphones under 150 euros in 2022 are :


Although Audio-Technica has been in existence since 1962, it did not introduce its very first headphones until 1974. This product was so innovative that it was sold by the tens of thousands in Japan. Of course, it didn't take long for them to conquer the rest of the world.

Angle for nearly 65 years, AKG has made it its mission to produce headphones for artists, producers, and sound engineers. Today, the firm is well on its way to becoming one of the most influential manufacturers in the world.

Launched at the end of World War II, Sennheiser amazes with the robustness and sound quality of its headphones. Today, everyone agrees that Sennheiser is one of the European leaders in this business segment.

Marshall is known as one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric guitar amplifiers, but it also excels in speakers and headphones. Its products are known for their rugged durability.

Sony is a giant in the electronics, telephone, computer, and video game markets. Since its creation in 1946, this company has had one success after another. Its audio headphones are highly appreciated by music lovers, sound engineers and gamers.

What is the price for a headphones for less than 150 euros

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 125 £
125 £ to 135 £
more than 135 £
Price range diagram


Take care of your headphones

Your headphones will deteriorate quickly if you do not take care of them. Always handle it with clean hands. Before and after using them, gently wipe off any sweat marks on the earpieces. Also, avoid exposing them to the sun.

Wearing glasses? Use on-ear headphones

If you wear glasses, the best bet would be to wear over-the-ear headphones that sit directly on the ears. In principle, the arms of your glasses should not come into contact with the headband or the earphones.

Opt for waterproof headphones

Sports enthusiasts will have to fall back on waterproof headphones, as they are perfectly resistant to humidity and especially to sweating. Even if they are more expensive, these headphones are worth buying.

Stay alert when you go out

Get into the habit of storing your headphones when you are not using them. This will keep it dust-free. Always remember that clean and well-maintained equipment is likely to last longer.

Noise cancelling headphones are best used at home, when you need to concentrate on work. Of course, this equipment can be worn in the city, but since you will not be aware of your surroundings, an accident is so quick to happen.


What impedance for headphones?

The impedance is the resistance of an audio headphone to the passage of a signal. It is therefore directly related to its power. For use with a mobile device, specialists recommend headphones with an impedance not exceeding 60 Ohms. Beyond this value, there is a good chance that the bandwidth will be cut off at the ends, which will cause the battery to wear out quickly.

What are the best headphones for running?

Besides the quality of the sound, which must be exceptional, the ideal headphones for running must combine comfort and resistance. It is imperative that the equipment can withstand shocks and the infiltration of moisture and sweat. Waterproof supra-aural headphones are ideal for sports, as they do not oppress the ears.

Why do my headphones stop working?

Headphone malfunction is mostly the result of a mismatch between its impedance and the power of the music source. However, this malfunction can also result from improper use and lack of maintenance of the equipment. Without regular cleaning, headphones lose their effectiveness. Dust and moisture will eventually get the better of the speakers.

How do wireless headphones work?

The wireless headphones are connected to a music source via Bluetooth technology. You need to press the pairing button for it to be recognized by the source. When the headset appears in the list, click it to start the connection. The rest will be done automatically. Its battery should offer about ten hours of autonomy if it has been properly recharged.


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Sennheiser HD-25
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AKG K702


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