The best micro Hifi systems in the UK 2023

Although it seems that multimedia playback technologies have evolved from the Hifi systems of yesteryear, there is still a huge market for mini and micro Hifi systems. Many of us still like to take control of the radio and music via traditional players. If you want to get one, here is a selection of the best models available on the market today.

LG CM2460 1

Editor's Choice

LG CM2460

The best micro Hifi system in 2021

In terms of micro hi-fi systems, those who want sound quality and power will be served with the LG CM2460. It is a mid-range model that has an excellent quality/price ratio.

100 £ on Amazon

The LG CM2460 micro hi-fi system was designed to meet the needs of the modern user. It is a model that comes as a solid 100W power, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and Sound Sync (wireless synchronization with TV). In terms of design, LG has taken care of its work. The central control base is made of polished aluminum, as are the two speakers of 50 W each.

This model has an LED screen to visualize the control and configuration actions, as well as a large knob to control the volume. We appreciate that the available ports are located on the front panel. It will be faster and easier to connect external devices. This model also has a technology called XDSS, which is responsible for strengthening the bass and treble, supports FLAC files (Lossless Audio Format) and has different modes of conventional equalization and a manual equalization mode.

Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S 2

Best entry-level system

Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S

The best entry-level micro Hifi system

If you're looking for a cheap micro hi-fi system that does the job, you'll be seduced by the SC-PM250EF-S from Panasonic. You will be able to broadcast your music wirelessly while getting a clear sound with rich bass.

68,74 £ on Amazon

The Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S micro hi-fi system is distinguished by its compact and elegant design. It easily fits in a bedroom or even in a small table in your living room. The set consists of a main unit and a pair of Bass Reflex speakers of 10 W each. This micro hi-fi system can play CD-Rs and CD-RWs and MP3 files. Moreover, on the front panel, you will find a USB port to play your favorite MP3 tracks. You can also listen to the radio. A DAB antenna is included with the micro Hifi system.

We also appreciate the presence of an equalizer to manually control the level of bass and treble. You also have presets. Among the features we like, we will mention the possibility of activating a surround mode, the automatic standby and the Bluetooth Remaster technology that allows to optimize the broadcast of compressed audio files.


Best high-end system


The best high-end micro Hifi system

The DENON CEOL N-11 DAB is the latest addition to Denon's line of micro Hifi systems, which continues to pack as many features as possible into a compact form factor. As far as high-end micro Hi-Fi systems go, this is the best you can buy.

503 £ on Darty

With the DENON CEOL N-11 DAB, your sonic possibilities are nearly endless. Listen to your favorite CD albums, stream your playlists via Spotify, Amazon Music HD or Tidal, go multi-room with HEOS Built-in, using Bluetooth® or your Wi-Fi network. You'll also enjoy Internet radio, DAB+ and AirPlay 2. The DENON CEOL N-11 DAB can also play data CDs, including CD-R and CD-RW discs with MP3 and WMA audio tracks.

The DENON CEOL N-11 DAB was designed to deliver optimal sound performance with a two-way speaker configuration that enhances the clarity and accuracy of the music. In addition, the speakers deliver a total output power of 130W. It is worth noting that unlike the majority of micro Hi-Fi systems on the market, the control buttons of the DENON CEOL N-AA DAB are not on the front panel but on the top. These keys, which are tactile, give an immediate response.

Thomson MIC201IBT 4

All-in-one stereo

Thomson MIC201IBT

Very good all-in-one micro Hifi system

It's called all-in-one because the speakers are attached to the control unit. Despite the rather small size of the speakers, they deliver a powerful sound with an automatic tuning feature.

102 £ on Amazon

The Thomson MIC201IBT is a stylish micro hi-fi system that allows you to relax with your favorite music after a hard and long day at work. This model has two built-in speakers delivering a total power of 50W. The tuner supports the FM signal. Connections of this model include a 3.5 mm jack input, a headphone output and a USB port. It is also possible to play music via CD player and Bluetooth. With the remote control, you can change songs or increase the volume from anywhere in the room. The auto-tuning function provides a comfortable audio experience.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best micro Hifi system

Any specific needs?

The best micro Hifi system in 2021

The best entry-level micro Hifi system

The best high-end micro Hifi system

Very good all-in-one micro Hifi system

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Comparison table of the best micro Hifi systems

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Very good
LG CM2460 5
Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S 6
Thomson MIC201IBT 8
LG CM2460
Panasonic SC-PM250EF-S
Thomson MIC201IBT
In terms of micro hi-fi systems, those who want sound quality and power will be served with the LG CM2460. It is a mid-range model that has an excellent quality/price ratio.
If you're looking for a cheap micro hi-fi system that does the job, you'll be seduced by the SC-PM250EF-S from Panasonic. You will be able to broadcast your music wirelessly while getting a clear sound with rich bass.
The DENON CEOL N-11 DAB is the latest addition to Denon's line of micro Hifi systems, which continues to pack as many features as possible into a compact form factor. As far as high-end micro Hi-Fi systems go, this is the best you can buy.
It's called all-in-one because the speakers are attached to the control unit. Despite the rather small size of the speakers, they deliver a powerful sound with an automatic tuning feature.
100 W
20 W
130 W
50 W
CD player
1 USB port, 1 jack input, FM radio antenna
1 USB port, FM radio antenna
1 USB port, 2 optical digital inputs, 1 stereo analog input, 1 subwoofer output, 1 jack input, FM radio antenna, one RJ-45 Ethernet port
1 USB port, 1 3.5 mm jack input, 1 headphone output

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Buying guide - micro Hifi system

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How to choose your micro Hifi system

Here are the main features you should consider if you want to invest in a new micro Hifi system.

#1 - External antenna

If you want to listen to FM/AM or DAB radio, you'd better get a micro HiFi system that comes with an external antenna. If the supplied antenna isn't up to scratch, it's possible to swap it for another one, but check with the manufacturer before you buy one to make sure it's compatible.

#2 - Internet access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Having a device that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable means easy access to your existing internet connection, so you can stream music and podcasts, as well as receive internet radio.

#3 - Input ports

For wired music streaming from smartphones, tablets, and other devices, you'll need a micro Hi-Fi system with a 3.5mm jack input and an input cable to connect to your Hi-Fi system.

#4 - Bluetooth and NFC

These are useful if you want to stream music wirelessly from your mobile or tablet. Micro Hifi systems with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity easily sync with your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.

#5 - CD player

It's not as common as it used to be, but many mini Hi-Fi systems still offer a CD player. Some can hold multiple CDs and have internal storage so you can digitize your CD collection and record hundreds of songs on the micro hi-fi.

#6 - Remote control

Not everyone will think this is essential, but if you choose a micro hi-fi for a living room rather than the bedroom, it can be handy so you don't have to get up every time you adjust the volume or change the radio station, for example. Look for one with clearly visible, well-labeled buttons. Some audio brands offer a free app you can download to turn your smartphone into a remote if the model you're interested in doesn't come with one.

#7 - USB port and/or card reader

A USB port can be useful, as it allows you to plug in other devices, like a phone or tablet. The stereo can then charge your devices or play the music stored on it. Similar to a USB drive, some mini hi-fi systems have an SD card slot so you can play digital music files stored on an SD card.

Do mini and micro Hifi ecosystems still have a place in our homes?


When it comes to mini and micro Hifi systems, the big question is: Are they interesting alternatives to traditional Hifi systems and can they stand up to Bluetooth speakers and other wireless devices?

For the most part, yes! Mini and micro Hifi systems bridge the gap between older Hifi standards and modern music playback, which can be quite difficult to find. For those of us who still like to play old music formats such as vinyl and cassette tapes, mini and micro Hifi systems can still offer a lot of joy and convenience. However, times have changed. There is no need to worry too much, as there are still many mini and micro Hifi systems that should do justice to the old music you love.

For some people, the idea of buying a hi-fi system may seem a bit retro. Many people have moved on to streaming music via portable Bluetooth speakers and soundbars, which means there is little or no need to rely on traditional systems. However, this seems unfair, especially since micro hi-fi systems aren't that old! In the end, technology has come a long way in a very few years.

Many people buy and use mini and micro Hifi systems when they want to play physical copies of their music. While music can be played digitally, many of us still have huge CD collections! Most micro Hifi systems should be able to play CDs, while others will even still allow you to play cassettes.

Modern micro Hifi systems are designed with a sleek design and bring together the best of the old and the new. Many models have a built-in DAB radio, and some have removable speakers. You can also play digital music, which means that if you want to mix physical music with digital media, you can.

On top of that, many of us prefer to have a complete system at our fingertips. With the mini and micro systems, you get at least two speakers and a simple control unit. Everything is there for you to use and play with. It may be less confusing for many people to play music via a physical stereo system than via streaming services and wireless speakers.

On top of that, many of us prefer to have a complete system at our fingertips. With mini and micro Hifi systems, you get at least two speakers and a control unit. Everything is there for you to use and play with. It may be less confusing for many people to play music via a physical hi-fi system than via streaming services and wireless speakers.

Retro products, at least those with a retro design, are on a roll. Modern mini and micro systems are really embracing this concept, as some are condensed new technologies wrapped in retro shells. Of course, the choice of a micro Hifi system will be a matter of taste and personal convenience. Indeed, there really is something for every taste and budget.


The different types of micro Hifi systems

Micro Hifi systems fall into two categories: a main unit with separate speakers, or an all-in-one unit with built-in speakers. Both options have their pros and cons, offering you different things depending on your needs.

Micro Hifi system with separate speakers

As the name suggests, this type of micro hi-fi system has two separate speakers that connect to the control unit by wire. The main advantage of models with separate speakers is that you can replace them if they are damaged or old, without having to buy a whole new system. If you can afford it, you can often dramatically improve the sound quality by swapping speakers. Also, if you have limited space for your micro Hifi system, a three-piece system is a bit more flexible in terms of positioning, although it may not be as convenient to install as an all-in-one model.

All-in-one micro Hifi system

An all-in-one micro Hifi system has speakers attached to the control unit. So they are not removable. What this type of micro Hifi system lacks in versatility, it makes up for in simplicity. Although you don't have the option of changing the speakers, these compact units usually have fewer wires and are pretty much plug-and-play. For a more modern look, some all-in-one models have flat profiles to allow for wall mounting.

Micro Hifi system or mini Hifi system

Micro Hifi system

A micro hi-fi system is ideal when space is limited. Compact, easy to use, and capable of delivering plenty of audio power for everyday use, these devices can help you get the most out of your entire music collection.

Some De micro Hifi systems come with a built-in iPod dock or USB port. This often means you can charge your device (if any) while enjoying playback through the speakers. If you're a radio listener, look for models with DAB+ technology, the ability to save multiple stations and features like auto-tuning.

If you're a seasoned audiophile, you might consider a micro hi-fi system with adjustable audio settings. Such a feature will allow you to optimize the sound to get the perfect amount of bass and treble.

Mini Hifi system

Mini Hifi systems are ideal for anyone looking for a powerful Hifi system at an affordable price. They offer plenty of power to cover an entire room, and in some cases fill the entire house.

If you want the power of a mini Hifi system but are concerned that you don't have the space to accommodate one, look for models with adjustable placement. This will allow you to place the Hi Fi on its side or end to increase your setup options.

Many Mini Hi Fi's have brightly colored lights built into the chassis. These can be set to flash in time with the music to create the perfect party atmosphere.


Micro and mini hi-fi systems are characterized by their compact design and versatility. They have built-in amplifiers, CD players, radios and numerous connections so you can enjoy your entire music collection, regardless of the format. There are a few differences to consider, however.

Micro Hifi systems tend to be more compact and less powerful than mini Hifi systems. As a result, they are better suited to small rooms and background music.

Mini Hifi systems are therefore more powerful and usually have more features. They are ideal for those looking for a powerful sound system for their living room and for parties.

In the end, your choice of compact Hifi system should be guided by the size of the room and the intended use. A 20W micro Hifi system will probably suffice for an average-sized living room. If you want something for parties, consider a mini Hifi system with an output power of over 100W.

Why buy a micro Hifi system ?

To improve the sound of your TV set

Micro Hifi systems are generally associated with music playback, but they can be an interesting alternative to a TV sound bar or a home cinema. The sound quality is more than satisfactory, even superior in some cases.

To enjoy your smartphone playlist in a different way

If most of your music collection is stored digitally, you can use a micro hi-fi system with a USB port or an integrated Apple Lightning dock to break the routine with your headphones or Bluetooth speaker.

To get a designer radio

Almost all micro Hifi systems come with either an analog (FM) or digital (DAB) radio. Many have both, giving you the option to choose between the two, as coverage can vary depending on where you live.

Because it's customizable

One of the main advantages of a micro hi-fi system, especially the models with separate speakers, is that the system can be upgraded over time. If you are no longer satisfied with your speakers, you can easily change them. You can also add a turntable or record player. A separate system allows you to upgrade components over time as you see fit, as well as add new features with new products.

For a better sound experience with CDs

No mp3 file or compressed audio signal can reproduce high-quality sound or even come close enough to it to make a meaningful comparison. With a CD player on a micro hi-fi system, you can enjoy the best sound experience possible.

The best brands of micro Hifi systems

In our opinion, the best brands of micro Hifi systems in 2022 are :


Overall, Panasonic Hifi systems offer the most innovative features. High resolution audio, a range of ways to connect and sync your devices wirelessly and multi-room functionality are just some of the aspects that make Panasonic HiFi systems so popular. Panasonic's line of HiFi systems has evolved and expanded to meet the needs of every listener, including entry-level micro Hifi systems.

Denon is a Japanese electronics company founded in 1910 by Frederick Whitney Horn, an American entrepreneur. It is one of the pioneers of digital audio technology. Its catalog includes ready-to-use mini and micro Hifi systems with a two-way speaker configuration designed for optimal sound performance. Denon models are more of a high-end model.

Thomson is a company that excels in manufacturing high-quality electronic gadgets. Thomson micro Hifi systems are known for their durability and performance. The connectivity features of its home audio systems are exceptional.

LG is a technology company that is among the world leaders in home appliances, and multimedia equipment (TV, Hifi, etc,). Its catalog also includes various types of home audio systems, including excellent micro Hifi systems that incorporate all the technological know-how of the South Korean brand.

Sony is one of the pioneers of the consumer and professional audio industry in the world. With its decades of expertise and experience, the brand offers high-performance home audio systems like its mini and micro Hifi systems, which are a bit expensive, but extremely powerful.

What is the price for a micro Hifi system

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

60 £ to 120 £
120 £ to 350 £
more than 350 £
Price range diagram


Choose a wireless connection to play your songs

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC can be used to establish a wireless connection between your micro hi-fi system and another device. It is very easy to pair smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and laptops to your micro hi-fi system, and wireless connections allow you to stream music from the Internet.

Connect your mini hi-fi system to a multi-room system

You can stream music wirelessly to every room in your house with a multi-room speaker system. It can be the same song in every room or different music. Some micro Hifi systems can connect with multi-room speakers and sound bars. Panasonic, Sony and Denon offer devices that allow this, for example.

Find the ideal location for your micro hi-fi system

The two speakers in micro Hifi systems react differently depending on their position in a room and their proximity to each other and to walls. So pay close attention to the location of the speakers and the distance between the two.

Listen to your micro hi-fi system at night or in the dark

Listening to your micro Hifi system when it's dark or at night outside can greatly enhance your listening experience. People often say that our senses become more active in the dark, especially the ability to listen. Well, this perception is scientifically true, as it is a basic human instinct to detect danger or familiarize oneself with one's surroundings by listening and sensing in case one's vision is impaired.

Maintain your micro hi-fi system regularly

Electronic equipment, whatever its purpose, should be serviced at the right time to keep parts, hardware and software up to date and performing. Likewise, you should always follow a regular maintenance schedule for your micro Hifi system, as there are some things that cannot be repaired at home and, therefore, need the intervention of a specialist.


Can I play music on a micro Hifi system from a USB key?

Many micro hi-fi systems allow you to play music from many different inputs. If you have mp3s on a USB drive that you want to play through a micro Hifi system, you should find a few units with this feature. These models are cheaper than you think!!

How to connect a micro Hifi system to a record player or a turntable?

Whether you're new to vinyl or have a collection somewhere gathering dust, you can get the most out of your records by playing them through your micro Hifi system. Typically, you'll need an auxiliary or phono cable to connect it to your record player, depending on the ports present on your micro Hifi system.

How to connect a micro Hifi system to my TV?

If you want to connect your micro Hifi system to your TV, you can connect it via the digital audio output or with a standard auxiliary cable. Most Hifi systems will not have an optical or coaxial digital input to receive the digital signal, but you can easily buy a digital-to-analog converter on the Internet or in specialized stores.

For the same audio result, a Bluetooth speaker is not enough?

In terms of audio power, the balance tips in favor of the micro HiFi system whose speakers are detachable, allowing for a wider sound result. Moreover, with more features compared to the speakers, the micro HiFi system offers you a wider musical choice.


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LG CM2460
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