The best bulk teas in the UK 2023

Tea has become a must in many countries around the world and France is no exception. Indeed, this drink with antioxidant properties is now consumed by 2 out of 3 English people. Nowadays, tea lovers are spoilt for choice as there is a wide variety on sale: flavored or white? Here is our buying guide on the best loose teas to help you choose.

Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea 1

Editor's Choice

Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea

The best loose tea in 2021

The Earl Grey variety is the English tea par excellence. This elixir to be consumed during tea time and without moderation is particularly appreciated by the British royal family.

9,44 £ on Kusmitea

If you love tea but haven't yet had the opportunity to enjoy Earl Grey, it's time to get started. As its name suggests, this drink will allow you to live your passion even more intensely. The tea leaves have been grown according to the rules of organic farming and carefully assembled and packaged in Normandy. Earl Grey Intense is a black tea flavored with essential oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit appreciated for its antioxidant power while relieving digestive disorders. It also calms skin irritations.

Lemon peel adds a touch of tartness and balance to your drink. Earl Grey teas are enjoyed around the world, including at Buckingham Palace where they are consumed daily. To appreciate it at its true value, it is recommended to drink it after a 3 to 4 minutes infusion with water at 90°C.

Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères 2

Best Cheap

Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères

The best entry-level loose tea

If you wish to enjoy a black tea flavored with an assortment of fruits and flowers of the woods, choose this product prepared and packaged by Damann Frères, an unavoidable reference in the tea industry.

4,76 £ on Maxicoffee

Dammann Frères offers its customers a wide range of tea choices. If you want to shop for a nice assortment of teas, it is difficult to do without this brand offering subtle blends and exceptional flavors. The blue garden variety is made of black tea from Chinese and Sri Lankan plantations that respect organic farming and solidarity.

The tea leaves are flavored with a selection of wild strawberries, cornflower petals and helianthus, which makes for a particularly exquisite tasting experience. If you are fond of beautiful fruity notes, you will enjoy it. If you prefer iced tea to the hot version, no worries, the blue garden will do just fine for your preparations. To fully appreciate the flavors of this blend, it is recommended to consume it during the day, at breakfast or during tea time.

Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam 3

Best High End

Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam

The best premium loose tea

You want to taste the most consumed tea in the world, enjoy the flavor and virtues of this variety known for its stimulating and antioxidant effects.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Darjeeling black tea is in great demand all over the world. This success is due to its exceptional taste, but also to its virtues. Darjeeling is a fascinating village nestled on the slopes of the Himalayas. It offers a sumptuous view of the mountain range and tea plantations as far as the eye can see. These plantations produce the cream of black tea, appreciated mainly for its delicate aromas, its stimulating virtues and its amber color.

Darjeeling tea stimulates the consumer without exciting him. Indeed, very rich in theine and tannin, it is an excellent alternative to coffee and is perfect to start the day in the best conditions. If tea lovers appreciate this beverage for its taste, it is especially in demand thanks to its antioxidant properties, thus allowing to fight against certain diseases and the accelerated aging of cells. In short, Vahdam advises you to choose Darjeeling tea for your health.

Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint 4


Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint

A great loose green tea

You are more green tea than black, it falls well, we found you this mixture flavored with mint that, in a single sip, will transport you to Morocco.

8,80 £ on Kusmitea

Sparkling dunes, rustling palm leaves, this green tea with mint will immediately remind you of the atmosphere of Moroccan-style tea times. Produced from organic farming, gunpowder tea leaves are perfect to refresh yourself, thanks to the addition of mint. Lively and powerful, this organic tea can be drunk hot or iced. If you've never tried an iced tea made with green tea, you might get attached to this drink.

Green tea is appreciated for its antioxidant properties but also for its fat burning properties. It also helps reduce heart attacks and stroke risks. In short, for your health, green tea is more than recommended. To fully appreciate the flavor of this tea, enjoy it with a date.

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Best loose tea

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The best loose tea in 2021

The best entry-level loose tea

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A great loose green tea

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Comparison table of the best bulk teas

Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea 5
Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères 6
Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam 7
Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint 8
Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea
Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères
Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam
Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint
The Earl Grey variety is the English tea par excellence. This elixir to be consumed during tea time and without moderation is particularly appreciated by the British royal family.
If you wish to enjoy a black tea flavored with an assortment of fruits and flowers of the woods, choose this product prepared and packaged by Damann Frères, an unavoidable reference in the tea industry.
You want to taste the most consumed tea in the world, enjoy the flavor and virtues of this variety known for its stimulating and antioxidant effects.
You are more green tea than black, it falls well, we found you this mixture flavored with mint that, in a single sip, will transport you to Morocco.
Black tea
Black tea
Black tea
Green tea
Bergamot, Lemon
Rhubarb / Forest fruits
100% tea
100 g
100 g
255 g
100 g
China/ Sri Lanka

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Buying guide - loose tea

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How to choose your loose tea

When it comes to loose tea, there is something for everyone. Also, it is necessary to take the time to check the composition and the properties of each product in order to taste the drink that corresponds to your tastes and your needs. Here are the criteria to take into account during the selection of teas:

#1 - Type

You will have the choice between several types of tea that can be classified in two families: the 100% teas and the flavored ones. Flavored teas are currently the most popular to meet consumer demand. However, unflavored teas continue to be popular with true tea lovers who can add the ingredients of their choice, as they wish.

#2 - Provenance

The majority of teas marketed at the moment come from Asia, particularly from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, former British colonies. These products are, generally speaking, always reliable. So, if you fall in love with a variety and it comes from these countries or from China, there is a good chance that the tea you choose is of good quality.

#3 - Flavors and ingredients

Specialists very often advise to opt for unscented tea and to add the ingredients of your choice as you taste. On the other hand, if you find tea that contains flavors you are a fan of, don't deprive yourself. For example, if you like mint or lemon tea, you'll easily find what you need among the many choices available today.

#4 - Brand name

Given the wide selection in tea, it will take time to try them one by one. To speed up the search, it's best to narrow down to a dozen or so brands that have already proven themselves to consumers around the world. These brands include Damman Brothers, Kusmi, Republic of tea and many others.

#5 - The way it was planted

The major brands marketing tea are committed to providing only products that come from organic farming that respects environmental standards and the lives of producers. In addition to promoting a solidarity economy, it is the guarantee to have quality products and perfectly organic. So, avoid taking out the checkbook before being assured that the tea has been planted in compliance with these rules.

The virtues of green, black and white tea

The worldwide success of tea is not only due to its unique flavor and thirst-quenching properties. Indeed, this beverage, which can be hot or cold, has particularly beneficial effects for the human body. Here are the good properties of the three most popular tea families at the moment: green tea, black tea and white tea.

Green tea

Green tea has incredible properties, especially when it is not oxidized. Indeed, in this state, its components are almost intact and allow to slow down the oxidation of the cells, thus protecting them from aging too quickly. Green tea is often prescribed by nutritionists for its fat burning properties. It helps to regain tone and vitality and promotes intellectual alertness. Most Buddhist monks drink green tea before meditating.

Black tea

Black tea has most of the virtues found in green tea but to a lesser degree, since the leaves have already been oxidized. However, in this state, black tea helps to ease the digestion of consumers. In addition, research has concluded that black tea helps to reduce stress and certain varieties, such as Darjeeling, stimulate the body without exciting it. In short, it would make a good alternative to coffee.

White tea

White tea is the ally of those who wish to rejuvenate themselves. Indeed, it strengthens the immune system while giving a boost to the metabolism. It also allows you to have a smoother and more beautiful skin while helping its consumer to maintain its line.

The different types of bulk teas

The bulk tea market offers consumers a choice between two main product families: pure, unscented teas and flavored teas. Focus on the differences between these two types of tea in the following lines:

100% loose tea

As the name suggests, 100% loose tea is made up of tea leaves only. It can be black, green or white tea. The distinguishing feature is the absence of additives, a detail particularly appreciated by tea lovers who prefer to enjoy tea in its purest state.

100% loose tea allows consumers to let their imagination run wild and add the flavors and scents of their choice. Scented teas, on the other hand, are the result of years of research and are still worth a look, if only for the pleasure of discovery.

Flavored loose tea

Scented loose teas are paired with fruits, herbs and other elements to enhance their taste and aroma. These flavors are the result of expert research to create a recipe that consumers are sure to love. Moreover, these additions allow to reinforce the virtues of the drink, such as mint or bergamot.

On the other hand, flavored teas somewhat deprive consumers of their freedom to flavor according to their tastes. This makes a big difference for those who like it neat or already have ideas of flavors in mind. Among the most popular loose leaf teas are black and green teas.

Loose tea or tea bags?

Tea in bulk

Loose tea, as its name indicates, is marketed in recyclable bags or boxes. It can be used to prepare tea for several people, unlike the individual tea bags. Loose tea is more economical and ecological because it does not generate any waste, except for the leaves. On the other hand, it is a little less practical, as the tea bag can be carried in a pocket.

Tea in infuser

The tea in infusette is contained in a bag to soak in hot water for a few minutes. All you need is a little hot water, a sugar sachet and an infuser to enjoy your tea, which is ideal for those who don't have time for preparation. This type of tea is practical and perfect. On the other hand, it generates a lot of waste for a single cup, although these tea bags can still be recycled.


It depends on your habits. Drinking loose tea is recommended when you can afford to make it at home. If you are having friends or family over, this is the best option. If you need to drink tea when you're out and about, there's nothing to stop you from taking tea bags and drinking a few cups.

Why buy tea in bulk?

Because you can check the content

When you buy tea in bulk, you can look at, smell or even nibble on a tea leaf to verify that it is the product you asked for. This is a big difference from tea bags. It is always a privilege to be able to check what you are ingesting, especially when it is such a virtuous beverage that is supposed to bring us the greatest good when we consume it regularly.

Because it is more ecological

One of the other advantages of loose tea compared to tea bags is that it generates very little waste. Indeed, the small bags, the string and the labels accompanying the infusette represent a huge waste, perfectly avoidable garbage. Moreover, this type of tea is guaranteed without pesticides, another good ecological point giving maximum credit to teas sold in bulk.

To allow yourself tea time sessions

Tea times are moments of rest and relaxation that we allow ourselves during the day. They are much more pleasant when spent with guests over a few cups of Darjeeling or Earl Grey. So, if you like this kind of moment and wish to organize it, think of making some reserves of tea. To vary the pleasures with your tea time friends, consider keeping a notebook of the teas consumed so far, this will allow you to enrich your know-how on the subject while proposing new ones each time.

To give as a gift

You don't know what to give to a loved one for the holidays but you know that this person likes good tea, so don't bother and give him or her a few grams of brand name tea in bulk. For this, prefer high-end teas such as Darjeeling or even Earl Grey Twinnings, the latter being the favorites of the British royal family.

A more authentic taste

Unlike infused tea, loose tea delivers a more authentic taste. Each leaf of loose tea is scattered in the hot water to deliver its flavors and beneficial properties.

The best brands of bulk teas

In our opinion, the best brands of bulk teas in 2022 are :

Dammann Frères
Kusmi Tea
Republic of Tea

If you're looking for the best loose leaf teas, it's impossible not to pass by one or more of the varieties offered by the Dammann brothers. They offer a wide range of quality products at very affordable prices.

Kusmi is the benchmark for Made in the UK tea. Black, green and other teas are produced in countries such as China and India and then assembled, flavored and packaged in Normandy.

Teakruthi is a tea company famous for marketing Ceylon teas. Black tea, green tea, Oolong, this company provides a wide variety of teas certified organic and containing no artificial coloring or flavoring.

The Republic of tea brand was born in 1992 and is based in Novato, USA. It offers more than 300 varieties of tea to its customers and also sells herbs as well as bottled tea, to the delight of consumers.

You know the virtues and reputation of Darjeeling tea and want to adopt it in your daily life? You'll have to look at the Vadham products catalog that markets this variety, which is the best-selling in the world.

What is the price for a loose tea

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Follow the supplier's instructions

It is more than recommended to follow the instructions provided by the seller while preparing your tea, or you may end up with a drink that is too bitter, too astringent or even tasteless. Pay attention to the suggested dosage, especially in terms of the amount of dry tea and water.

Avoid tap water

The quality of the water is paramount to getting the recommended results. With this in mind, it's best to avoid tap water, which may have a little too much calcium in it. Prefer filtered water or spring water with a low level of minerals. These types of water will promote the full development of flavors.

Consider the temperature

The temperature of the water for brewing a tea can vary depending on the type of tea. Each time you switch to a new variety, expect to change your habits. For example, a white tea should be brewed in 70-75°C water while a black tea requires 95°C water. You can find the necessary instructions from the supplier

Consider the brewing time

The brewing time also varies according to the type of tea. This can range from a few seconds to several minutes so be careful to bring your tea to be brewed in optimal conditions. Here again, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the product supplier.

Be careful with the sugar

To fully appreciate your drink, look for the right amount of sugar suitable for your tastes and make sure you do not exceed the recommended threshold. This will allow you to bring out all of the tea's aromas and flavors while keeping you from consuming too much sugar because this drink. If you drink tea on a daily basis, you should follow this advice carefully.


How many cups of tea can you drink each day?

Despite its many virtues, tea should be consumed in moderation. Indeed, this drink contains 750 more flavonoids than coffee. An abusive consumption would put you in danger, not to mention the sugar used. Generally speaking, 5 cups a day at different times of the day is more than enough.

Does tea make you lose weight?

Yes, it is but for green tea. Indeed, this category of tea contains a level of caffeine that helps burn fat by accelerating body metabolism. However, avoid overconsumption of green tea, especially if you add a lot of sugars. This could have the opposite effect.

How to brew loose tea?

For tea lovers, the bulk format is ideal for preparing and serving tea in the traditional way. To prepare, place the tea in the cup after re-cutting the leaves if necessary. Then, run the hot water directly over the tea. Let it infuse according to the duration recommended by the supplier then you can enjoy it quietly.

Is Rooibos a variety of tea?

No, Rooibos is a tree native to North Africa and consumed for over 300 years. It allows to elaborate a drink with a sweet and fruity taste having virtues almost similar to tea. Many people consider it as a category of tea, but it is not. Indeed, tea leaves are produced by a tree native to China called Camellia sinensis or Chinese Camellia.


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Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea 9
Organic Earl Grey Intense Kusmi Tea
Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères 10
Jardin Bleu Dammann Frères
Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam 11
Darjeeling Black Tea Vahdam
Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint 12
Kusmi Tea organic green tea with mint


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