The best appetite suppressant in the UK 2023

Are you trying to shed those extra pounds, but certain areas of your body refuse to go along with the plan? Forget the drastic diets and opt for a sustainable solution: the appetite suppressant. Less frustrating and less risky for your health, this revolutionary product avoids food cravings, the enemy of dieters. Discover through this guide the best appetite suppressants of the moment.

Lashilé Beauty Good Diet

Best value for money

Lashilé Beauty Good Diet

The best appetite suppressant in 2021

No more snacking, cravings and hunger pangs, trust this slimming product. Lashilé Beauty Good Diet consists exclusively of carob, L-Tyrosine and chromium.

18,01 £ on Doctipharma

Despite your best efforts to work out and follow a strict diet, fat seems to have passed the word to accumulate on your hips, buttocks and thighs? Stop frustrating yourself and take these delicious little apricot-flavored stars. This appetite suppressant, a blend of carob, L-Tyrosine and chromium, is designed to reduce your appetite while enhancing the feeling of fullness and regulating blood sugar levels.

With its many benefits, Lashilé Beauty Good Diet will help you lose weight naturally, without cravings. Its format of gummies, 100% vegan and of French manufacture, ensures an easy catch and a better assimilation. It contains neither gelatin, nor dairy products, nor gluten. It is advised to take 3 gummies per day to be completely effective.

Anaca3 Réducteur d’Appétit

Best value for money

Anaca3 Appetite Reducer

The best entry-level appetite suppressant

Anaca3 does not only reduce appetite, it also brings a satiating effect and helps to lose weight without effort. This appetite suppressant, enriched with carob and fucus, comes in the form of capsules.

10,98 £ on Doctipharma

You have heard so much about it? It's time to test this natural appetite suppressant with countless benefits. Indeed, Anaca3 Appetite Reducer limits snacking and helps you to lose weight without having untimely urges to eat. It is above all a food supplement rich in trace elements and minerals such as carob, bladderwrack, zinc and chromium.

Anaca3 Appetite Reducer intervenes about sixty minutes after its consumption. You can thus control your food desires and dislodge definitively the fat accumulated in your body. Of course, this appetite suppressant normalizes your carbohydrate metabolism and your fatty acid rate.

Exceldiet Pharma Pack

Best value for money

Exceldiet Pharma Pack

The best high-end appetite suppressant

This 90-day slimming pack contains 5 bottles of food supplements, ideal for long-term weight loss. Appetite suppressant, fat burner and detoxifier are included.

39,96 £ on Doctipharma

As part of a healthy diet followed by regular sports activity, the Exceldiet Pharma Pack is super effective. Indeed, you will obtain 5 bottles of tablets and slimming capsules including Body Clean, Belly Slim, Konjac, Nopal and Chitosan. If the Body Clean detoxifies your organism by evacuating accumulated waste, the Konjac, enriched in glucomannan fiber, guarantees a high feeling of satiety.

In addition, the Nopal contributes to the absorption of greases as well as sugar and limits your caloric intake daily. The Belly Refines, as its name indicates it, slims precisely the belly and the thighs. Finally, the Chitosan helps to capture fats and allows an optimal intestinal transit.

Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac

For a complete cure

Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac

A complete 25 to 50 day treatment

Intended for the people wanting to sculpt a silhouette of dream, Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac increases the feeling of satiety and acts as a natural appetite suppressant thanks to the glucomannan.

17,39 £ on Doctipharma

Rediscover the pleasure of eating without frustration with this appetite suppressant essentially composed of Konjac, the ingredient renowned for its high fiber and vitamin B6 content. Very low in calories, it quickly fills your stomach to easily reduce your appetite. At the same time, it puts at your disposal its digestive virtues and its detoxifying character.

Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac (1 to 2 capsules) must be taken approximately 30 minutes before each of your 3 daily meals and accompanied by a large glass of water. This appetite suppressant can in no way replace a balanced diet, but it does help you reach your weight loss goal.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best appetite suppressant

Any specific needs?

The best appetite suppressant in 2021

The best entry-level appetite suppressant

The best high-end appetite suppressant

A complete 25 to 50 day treatment

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Comparison table of the best appetite suppressant

Lashilé Beauty Good Diet
Anaca3 Réducteur d’Appétit
Exceldiet Pharma Pack
Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac
Lashilé Beauty Good Diet
Anaca3 Appetite Reducer
Exceldiet Pharma Pack
Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac
No more snacking, cravings and hunger pangs, trust this slimming product. Lashilé Beauty Good Diet consists exclusively of carob, L-Tyrosine and chromium.
Anaca3 does not only reduce appetite, it also brings a satiating effect and helps to lose weight without effort. This appetite suppressant, enriched with carob and fucus, comes in the form of capsules.
This 90-day slimming pack contains 5 bottles of food supplements, ideal for long-term weight loss. Appetite suppressant, fat burner and detoxifier are included.
Intended for the people wanting to sculpt a silhouette of dream, Arkopharma Arkogélules Konjac increases the feeling of satiety and acts as a natural appetite suppressant thanks to the glucomannan.
Essential ingredients
Carob, Chromium, L-Tyrosine
Carob, wrack, zinc and chromium

Fumitory, Burdock, Dandelion, Cherry Tail, Glucomannan, plant extract, chitin, aqueous green tea extract
Capsules and tablets
150 Capsules
Body Clean : 120 capsulesKonjac

: 120 capsulesNopal : 120 capsulesFine tummy: 120 tabletsChitosan: 120 capsules
1 to 2 capsules half an hour before each meal
3 gummies a day whenever you want
3 capsules per day, 1 capsule 30 minutes before each meal
Body Clean: 30 minutes before mealsKonjac: 30 minutes before mealsNopal: 30 minutes before mealsFine tummy: during mealsChitosan: during meals

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Buying guide - appetite suppressant

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How to choose your appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant comes in various forms and includes different ingredients depending on the goals you want to achieve. This is why it is often difficult to make the best choice. In order to better guide you, discover in the following the parameters to be taken into account before the purchase.
choisir coupe-faim

#1 - The form

Whatever the form you choose, the appetite suppressant must bring its satiating effect at any time. You will find them in the form of tablets, powder, capsules, gummies or protein bars, essential oils... For some, the tablets are the easiest to swallow compared to the capsules while others say the opposite. Protein bars, to be consumed mainly at snack time, are low in calories while reducing appetite once meal time arrives.

#2 - The use

The appetite suppressant you need depends on the number of kilos to lose. For about 1 to 5 kg, a dietary supplement that can simply limit your cravings would be enough. On the other hand, if you have more than 5 kg to lose, it would be wise to opt for a powerful appetite suppressant composed of many ingredients favoring in particular the actions on the metabolism of sugars as well as lipids, improving the intestinal transit...

#3 - The dietary issues

Those who have problems with snacking will have to choose an appetite suppressant that is rich in glucomannan or contains konjac in order to better favor the feeling of a full stomach. In addition, if you have appetite problems due to stress or depression, it's best to turn to an appetite suppressant that can curb sugar cravings and thereby stop the risk of bulimia.

#4 - The preferred ingredients

Not all appetite suppressants are created equal. The ingredients vary from one label to another. However, we can give you a more precise idea of the most effective ingredients namely:

  • Psyllium : an Indian seed with anti-constipation properties, psyllium increases the duration of intestinal absorption. Indeed, it becomes a gel when it is put in contact with liquid.
  • Agar-agar : it is a vegetable fiber that can easily replace gelatin. Very well known for its appetite suppressant properties, agar-agar also reduces cholesterol levels and fights against constipation.
  • Caralluma fimbriata : it is an Indian cactus that can reduce the desire to eat, gradually eliminate fat and thus promote weight loss.
  • Pectin : it is found in large part in apples. It is a soluble fiber that contributes to the reduction of appetite. It is highly recommended in case of small cravings.
  • 5-HTP : an amino acid that is ideal for treating depression, it is also present in various protein foods such as meat and dairy products. It acts on satiety and is recommended, in most cases, to obese people.
  • Konjac : this Japanese root is an important source of glucomannan. Like chia seeds or psyllium, it turns into a gel in the stomach.
  • Nopal : you may know it as prickly pear, it is a Mexican cactus rich in fiber. It is capable of regulating the appetite and eliminating fats.

Other ingredients may also come into play such as bladderwrack, green tea, caffeine, green coffee or Hoodia Gordonii.

#5 - The side effects

First of all, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions on the recommended daily intake. In the same vein, make sure that any side effects do not impact your daily habits(bloating, intestinal disorders, sleep disorders...). They will not always be visible on the characteristic sheets of each food supplement. You should therefore ask other users or consult your doctor directly.

How to use an appetite suppressant ?

The effects of an appetite suppressant, whatever it is, are quite palpable. Of course, you must follow some recommendations if you want them to be as effective as possible. With this in mind, here is the advice of our experts:

  • Avoid taking an appetite suppressant after 3 pm (capsule, tablets, gum, powder ...) at the risk of insomnia. And if you expose yourself to it, stress will set in and thus lead to snacking. Consume it rather in the morning and at midday (before or during the meal according to the indications).
  • Thereafter, eat your meals at a fixed time, for example every 4 hours. This will reduce the secretion of the hormone called insulin, which helps reduce snacking cravings. At snack time (11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.), eat a fruit such as an apple, grapefruit, etc., except bananas.
  • Preferably choose an appetite suppressant made of natural ingredients, not synthetic ones, and follow your doctor's recommendations.
  • As soon as you feel a weight gain, immediately follow a diet based on organic food or take an appetite suppressant to reduce your desire to eat. The ideal duration of treatment is 3 months.
  • Take your time when eating by chewing each bite well. Leave out the junk food and the meals on the run. On average, you should stay 20 minutes at the table. And don't forget to drink at least 1.5 L of water a day. It can be an excellent slimming ally.
  • As the appetite suppressant must be consumed before or during the meal, do not skip any of them, especially breakfast. If you do, you're sure to be hungry by 10 a.m.
  • Occupy your free time by moving your body and expending energy. If possible, go for a walk or jog, cycle, do some housework, go shopping... Go to the gym if you feel the need. Know that the more you break the monotony, the more you will limit the food cravings.

The different types of appetite suppressant

An appetite suppressant can help you lose weight by moderating your appetite without altering your shape or vitality. However, if you really want to control your weight, you must consider the form that is easiest to consume. In this sense, you have the choice between the capsule, the gum, the powder and the tablet.

Appetite suppressant capsules

Coupe-faim en gélules

The appetite suppressant in capsules is the most appreciated and the most present on the market. Smooth, it is characterized by its great facility of assimilation. You must swallow it with a large glass of water. In general, they are capsules made from animal or vegetable gelatin and contain the active ingredients of the appetite suppressant in powder format. This type of appetite reducer works between 1 h 30 to 2 h after taking it.

Appetite suppressant gum

Coupe-faim en gomme

The gummy appetite suppressant is relatively convenient to distract both the stomach and the mouth. Chewable only, you don't need water to consume it. Its shape makes it easier to carry and gives you the possibility to eat it at any time of the day. Besides, the simple fact of chewing avoids impulsive snacking and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Appetite suppressant powder

Coupe-faim en poudre

A much more restricted form, the powdered appetite suppressant requires more preparation time. You need to mix it with liquid including water, smoothie or yogurt. You don't have to suffer from hunger despite its low calorie content. The appetite suppressant nonetheless is considered a dietary supplement with a shorter satiety time compared to the solid.

Appetite suppressant tablets

Coupe-faim en comprimés

The appetite suppressant in tablets, the second most popular format of the moment, arrives in your stomach in a dry form. It releases its active ingredients only when it arrives in the intestine. In some cases, the tablet is covered with a gastro-resistant film to avoid irritating effects. Like the capsule, it takes effect approximately 90 to 120 minutes after taking.

Appetite suppressant or fat burner?

Appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant acts on the body as an appetite reducer, the best way to help you fight against obesity, reduce fat absorption and slim down quickly. It contains natural active ingredients such as fruit, plant and vegetable extracts. It is especially appropriate if you tend to snack a lot between meals since the less you eat, the more your daily caloric intake will decrease. To be more effective, it must be accompanied by a program to rebalance your diet. Change your habits and adopt a healthy diet. Moreover, the results will be seen quickly if you practice regular physical activities and drink a lot of water.

Fat burner

The fat burner attacks mainly the fats stored in the body. It can eliminate them directly upon consumption or during digestion with the help of the mechanism of increased metabolism. Its main active ingredients, such as caffeine, L-Carnitine and Garnicia Cambogia extract, stimulate the reaction of hormones and break down the fat to make it a source of energy. In order for you to benefit from all of its advantages, however, you must use it in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.


The appetite suppressant is not to be confused with the fat burner insofar as they work on the body in a totally different way. However, it is important to understand that some fat burners can contain appetite suppressants in order to lose weight quickly and effectively. You can combine them in order to reach your goals without much difficulty.

The appetite suppressant is ideally suited to people who want to get rid of their excess weight or stabilize their current weight. It works naturally as an appetite reducer and contributes to the anti-snacking process. Since you don't eat, your caloric intake will not increase, which leads to a gradual weight loss without constraint.

On the other hand, the fat burner intervenes on the fat masses already present in your body or the fat contained in the food you have just eaten. As a preventive measure or as a slimming product, it stops them and transforms them into a usable energy source to attack the day in a good mood.

Why buy an appetite suppressant?

pourquoi acheter coupe-faim

You don't always have time to cook and prepare balanced meals? In your situation, the appetite suppressant is THE most appropriate solution. In addition to reducing your appetite, it offers a number of advantages.

Beneficial effects for your health

The appetite suppressant does not only act in the reduction of the feelings of hunger, you will be able to use it also for its beneficial effects on your health. Some can, apart from limiting weight gain, relieve your fatigue, improve the quality of your sleep and de-stress you. Others allow you to get rid of your bulges.

Natural ingredients

A powerful appetite suppressant is usually the result of a perfect marriage between a well thought-out formula and natural ingredients, including exotic Asian fruits, caffeine, green tea, guarana, yerba mate leaf extracts or nopal fiber extracts, pectin...

Reduction of snacking cravings

An appetite suppressant is intended both for those who suffer from obesity and for people prone to untimely cravings. It promotes the feeling of satiety and regulates the appetite, which reduces your cravings for foods rich in sugar, salt, flour and fat.

Easy to take

Unlike a diet that is too restrictive, taking an appetite suppressant is very easy. Moreover, it is offered in different formats that are more or less adapted to all expectations: powder, capsule, tablet or gummies, and in a bottle or a hermetically sealed bottle. You can take it with you everywhere and even during your vacations.

A wide target audience

The appetite suppressant is suitable for both men and women, as long as they want to lose weight. Whether it's a small kilo or a dozen, even sportsmen and women use it during their dry period.

The best brands of appetite suppressant

In our opinion, the best brands of appetite suppressant in 2022 are :

Lashilé Beauty
XLS Medical
Forté Pharma

The Lashilé Beauty laboratory designs exclusively food supplements that are natural, vegan and free of artificial coloring. You will find both anti-hair loss products and detox and slimming products. Their particularity lies in their particular presentation form (star in gummies) which makes them easy to assimilate.

Anaca3 works in the field of food supplements based on natural ingredients. It is among the most prized and has a large number of products intended for slimming such as meal bars fat burners, slimming capsules 12 in 1, shot flat stomach ...

Having its headquarters in the UK, more precisely in Carros, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in phytotherapy. Its herbal appetite suppressants are relatively easy to swallow thanks to their capsule format.

XLS Medical is aimed at overweight people who tend to give in to foods too rich in fat and sugar. More of a booster than a miracle worker, it mainly helps reduce appetite through its appetite suppressants. The weight loss is noticed in a progressive way.

The brand, subsidiary of the group Laboratorio Reig Jofre SA., was born in 1999. Helping weight loss, memory, fitness, beauty and health... in short, Forté Pharma has put all its know-how into practice in order to offer you effective appetite suppressants enriched with active ingredients of natural origin.

What is the price appetite suppressant

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Appetite suppressant essential oils

Yes! Appetite suppressants also exist in the form of essential oils to inhale or swallow such as ylang-ylang (relaxing and appetite suppressant effect), rosemary/verbenone (suppresses appetite and regulates the endocrine system), tangerine (eliminates excess fat, bloating and helps with weight loss), grapefruit (feeling of satiety)...

Crack down smartly

It's normal to have cravings, but do it intelligently and don't feel guilty. For example, if you were tempted by a 100 g chocolate bar representing an energy value of 556 kcal, compensate by jumping rope for 15 min, doing 8 min of jumping jack, running on foot at a pace of 9.5 km/h for 1 h... You can also crack by consuming low-calorie foods such as plain yogurt, granola, fruits or wholemeal rye bread.

Account for the reasons you crave food

Before starting your cure, first get to know yourself. Do a personal assessment and consider the reasons for your cravings. Ask yourself why you still crave food even when you are full. This may be emotional, due to stress or depression.

Set a weight goal

Before you start, set goals for yourself, because losing 10 kg will be easier than losing 20 kg. Nevertheless, you can easily reach your goal by respecting a certain number of rules: be patient, do not make any deviations and change your eating habits. Note that if the appetite suppressant of your choice is effective and powerful, it will make you lose up to 3 to 4 kg in the first month (results vary from one morphology to another). It is nevertheless necessary to accompany it with a regular physical activity and a healthy diet.

Natural alternatives

It is recommended not to continue a cure of appetite suppressant beyond 3 months. During your breaks, natural alternatives can be very useful, such as apple pectin, konjac, guar flour, yogurt, 0% fat cottage cheese, almonds, vegetables (especially green vegetables which are low in calories), water and green tea.


What is the satiety index? Is the use of an appetite suppressant dangerous? Are there appetite suppressants forbidden in the UK? Is it important to take the advice of your doctor before taking an appetite suppressant?

The satiety index ranges from 0 to 500 per 100 g of food. It determines the capacity of a food to satiate over time. The state of satiety corresponds to the time during which you do not feel hungry between 2 meals. The satiety power of each food product is not the same. In this sense, fibers and proteins have higher energy values, therefore more satiating.

The appetite suppressant does not present any danger for health if its composition is entirely natural. However, it is important to understand that some ingredients such as caffeine and guarana can cause undesirable effects such as nervousness and insomnia. Don't hesitate to seek advice from a health professional (a nutritionist or dietician) before your purchase.

All the products presented here are authorized by the state and are therefore legal. However, there are unauthorized appetite suppressants such as the case of Mediator or Sibutral because of their dangerousness for health. All products containing amphetamine are also prohibited by the ANSM since 2006.

Undesirable effects can never be excluded. You may be allergic to certain components of your appetite suppressant or if you are taking medication, their interaction may compromise its effectiveness. In any case, it is always important to have medical advice on the subject.


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