The best beer brewing kits in the UK 2023

Brewing beer is like riding a bike. Once you learn the techniques, you can only get better. Of course, you need the right materials and ingredients to make good beer. To make your life easier, you can choose between the hop kit, the malt extract kit and the all-grain beer brewing kit. Want to get started with home brewing? Check out our guide to the best beer brewing kits.

Brewandbeer Stout

Best value for money

Brewandbeer Stout

Best beer brewing kit in 2021

A quick and inexpensive way to get into the world of beer brewing, the Brewandbeer Stout kit allows you to brew up to 5L of homebrew beer.

47,20 £ on Amazon

The Brewandbeer Stout includes everything you need to brew your first homebrew without leaving your kitchen. Among the materials included in this reusable kit, you have a 5L glass carboy, a 2-chamber bubbler, a stopper, a thermometer, a sanitizer, a racking wand and 6 mechanical stoppers. The latter can be adapted to all bottles.

In addition, you will have the basic ingredients like barley malt, crushed cereals, hops and yeast. With the Brewandbeer Stout, you will be able to make up to 5 L of typical Irish beer with a dark color and good quality with a fermentation temperature above 15°C. The brewing guide will detail all the processes to follow.

B Maker Belgian Ale

Best value for money

B Maker Belgian Ale

Best entry-level beer brewing kit

Especially dedicated to beginners, the B Maker Belgian Ale brewing kit will help you to make 1.5 L of malted lager. A good way to get started.

47,20 £ on Amazon

You will quickly fill your beer brewing gaps with the B Maker Belgian Ale. Sold at a mini price, it contains everything you need to make good Belgian beer, impossible to miss. Of course, you'll have to do without the fermentation barrel, but that doesn't stop you from getting started. With this beginner's kit, all you need is a pan, a spoon, some sugar, a baking tray and 2 clean 75 cL glass bottles.

All the necessary ingredients are provided in the B Maker Belgian Ale. Unlike other beer brewing kits, the malt is delivered as a powdered extract, which limits the work to be done. 1 hour and a half is enough for the brewing, while the 10 days of fermentation take place directly in the 2 bottles that you will have recovered.

SB Saveur Bière Kit complet

Best value for money

SB Flavor Beer Complete Kit

Best high-end beer brewing kit

If you want to impress your friends while saving time when making your home brew, choose the SB Saveur Bière Complete Kit. A simple and efficient brewing kit.

83,20 £ on Amazon

Live your passion of amateur brewer thanks to the SB Saveur Bière Kit. It provides you with everything you need to brew 12 to 20 L of lager. No technical knowledge is required, especially since the steps to follow are reduced to a minimum. All the ingredients (malt, hops, yeast and spices) are ready to be used.

This is a complete kit from brewing to bottling. It includes a 30 L brewing bucket, a graduated fermentation bucket, a bubbler with tap, a thermometer, a fork, a hose, a capper with 2 adapters, a bottle brush, a density meter, 48 empty long neck bottles and 26 mm caps. The materials are reusable at will with the refills of the same brand.

BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest

A great choice

BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest

Fastest kit to make

Just the name of the all-in-one beer brewing kit will make you feel like a professional! To get 5 L of malted beer, the brewing will take only 10 min.

39,92 £ on Amazon

There's no need to worry about required dosages or brewing materials when you use the BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest. With this all-in-one beer brewing kit, you'll have the added pleasure of tasting and enjoying your home brews. Its greatest asset is its ease of use. Of course, it includes the basic equipment (5L keg and pressure valve). It also includes the ingredients already proportioned.

Weighing only 1.54 kg, the BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest package allows you to prepare your beer in no time. No more than 10 minutes are needed for brewing, and your beer will be ready for fermentation, which will last 5 days. After putting it in the fridge for 2 days, you can pour it directly from the keg via the pressure valve.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best beer brewing kit

Any specific needs?

Best beer brewing kit in 2021

Best entry-level beer brewing kit

Best high-end beer brewing kit

Fastest kit to make

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Comparison table of the best beer brewing kits

Brewandbeer Stout
B Maker Belgian Ale
SB Saveur Bière Kit complet
BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest
Brewandbeer Stout
B Maker Belgian Ale
SB Flavor Beer Complete Kit
BrewBarrel Style Oktoberfest
A quick and inexpensive way to get into the world of beer brewing, the Brewandbeer Stout kit allows you to brew up to 5L of homebrew beer.
Especially dedicated to beginners, the B Maker Belgian Ale brewing kit will help you to make 1.5 L of malted lager. A good way to get started.
If you want to impress your friends while saving time when making your home brew, choose the SB Saveur Bière Complete Kit. A simple and efficient brewing kit.
Just the name of the all-in-one beer brewing kit will make you feel like a professional! To get 5 L of malted beer, the brewing will take only 10 min.
All grain
Malt extract
Hop Kit
Malt extract
Quantity of beer obtained
5 L
1.5 L
12 to 20 L
5 L
3.86 kg
280 g
6 kg
1.54 kg
Fermentation time
2 weeks
10 days
5 + 2 days
Preparation time
4 hrs
1 h 30
10 min

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Buying guide - beer brewing kit

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How to choose your beer brewing kit

A beer brewing kit that suits your budget, skill and taste is certainly out there. To help you find it, here are the main criteria to consider:
choisir kit de brassage de bière

#1 - Your level of practice and knowledge of brewing

You should consider your level of experience in order to find the right beer brewing kit. If you are a beginner, start with a kit that has ready-made ingredients that will teach you all the tricks of the brewing process. A kit that includes malt extract will be more suitable for you if you want to explore new horizons.

#2 - The ingredients needed

Whether you choose to brew lager, russet or dark beer is entirely subjective. However, the ingredients vary depending on the type of beer you want to produce, but include the basics of hops, barley malt and yeast. Note that keg models are often single-use. For reusable kits, you can add spices, sugar... to vary the tastes and concoct a personalized beer.

#3 - The materials included in the kit

Ideally, a good beer brewing kit should include these 5 materials:

  • The bucket or fermenter : The amount of beer you can make depends on its capacity. Made of glass or plastic, the bucket can be fitted with a tap for easier bottling.
  • The bubbler : its main role is to release the CO2 from your beer during fermentation. The addition of a little water or alcohol in this device prevents air from penetrating.
  • Disinfectant : it is essential to clean your equipment before using it. The disinfectant does not require rinsing.
  • The anti-bite hose : once the beer is ready to be tasted, the hose will be used to pump it from the bucket or the fermentation tank.
  • Thermometer : Since temperature plays an important role throughout the brewing process, a thermometer will be a great help in controlling it.

#4 - Additional materials

Once you've learned all the basics of brewing, you can use other materials to make sophisticated beers. For example, the malt mill gives you the opportunity to make your own malt, not too thick, not too thin. The more complete kits will put at your disposal other accessories such as a capper, a fork, a bottle brush, a test tube...

#5 - Bottling

The beer brewing kits are composed, in most cases, of hermetic caps, even those intended for beginners. They come with one or 2 cappers as well as some beer caps for bottling. For the case of some models, you even get a batch of empty bottles.

#6 - Production capacity

It varies from one brand and model to another. The average is between 1.5 to 5 L. However, it is advisable to start with a small amount in case the beer fails. The most elaborate models offer a production of up to 20 L.

How to brew a beer correctly?

Brewing beer without leaving home is now within everyone's reach. Of course, you have to be patient because you will only be able to consume it after several days or even weeks. In order to prepare yourself, here are the essential procedures to follow:

  • The crushing: this method consists in the preparation of grains. You must extract them from their envelope.
  • Mashing: this is the step of soaking and brewing the crushed malt in hot water. This mixture is called "maische". The use of a thermometer is necessary here.
  • Filtration: the wort can now be filtered through the malt residues or spent grains. The mash is then rinsed with hot water (80°C) to remove as much sugar as possible.
  • Boiling: boiling the wort for about 1 hour ensures its stability and sterilization. It is at this precise stage that the hops and other ingredients such as sugar, spices... are adjusted.
  • Cooling: at this stage, the temperature must drop to 20°C. This avoids the proliferation of bacteria, among other things.
  • Fermentation: the wort is put in the fermentation tank with the beer yeast. Either you adopt the high fermentation at a temperature of 22 °C (ales), or at a low temperature of 12 °C (lager).
  • Bottling: bottling is the last operation of the brewing process. A re-sugaring could be necessary (7 g/L for bottles or 3 g/L for kegs).

The different types of beer brewing kits

Depending on your needs and skills, you can choose between 3 types of beer brewing kits: the hop kit, the all grain kit or the malt extract kit.

Hops kit

Kit houblonné

This is the perfect kit for beginners who plan to brew their very first homemade beer without difficulty. The hops it contains come in concentrated, ready-to-use form. It basically consists of liquid malt extract mixed with hops and brewer's yeast. The procedure to follow is simple. Just mix all the ingredients provided with water and start the fermentation. A few minutes can be enough for the preparation while the quantity of the drink made varies between 5 and 23 L. This kit will save you a lot of time.

Malt extract kit

Kit extrait de malt

The malt is often powdered or liquid in this type of kit. There are also hop extracts, yeast and sometimes spices. Specifically designed for intermediate level brewers, it requires several specific steps. The malt must be dissolved before the hopping and cooling phase, knowing that the mashing has already been done. About 1.5 hours is essential to prepare 10 L of beer.

All grain kit

Kit tout grain

The all-grain kit requires more time(about 3 hours more than the hopped kit) and skill. It is intended for advanced levels and offers the advantage of designing a beer like a true professional. This type of kit integrates grains, yeast, hops, malt and spices. The first phase is to work the cereals. The beer obtained will be of the highest quality.

Beer brewing kit or beer tapping machine?

Beer brewing kit

As the name implies, the beer brewing kit is primarily used to produce beer. It comes in a box that already contains all the required ingredients and materials. Perfect for hobbyists, the brew kit allows you to make up to 20L of your craft beverage in a single batch. It guarantees all procedures from brewing to bottling. In the all-grain kit, ideal for carrying out the production stages from A to Z, the ingredients are still in their raw state.

Beer fountain

The beer tapping machine has many names: beer pump or beer machine, but its principle remains simple. The role of the device is to serve you a draught beer as if you were at the bar. The beer has to be contained in a keg that fits very well in the tap. In addition, some beer fountains are universal and equipped with a CO2 cartridge for pressurization. These types of models fit a large number of kegs with an adapter.


Choosing a beer brewing kit is interesting if you want to learn how to make a craft beer the right way. On the other hand, you will only need a beer keg and a CO2 cartridge if you don't have a pressurized keg to make draft beer. But let's face it, you can combine the two: make the beer from the kit and then tap it with the beer machine and impress your guests.


Think long term

If you have experience brewing beer, take the long view. Make the most of your time by brewing a good amount of beer in one sitting. Plus, you'll save money on buying materials and ingredients in large quantities.

Choose a quality bottle

To ensure that the material of the fermentation carboy doesn't affect the taste of your beer, choose it made of glass or steel.

Prefer ingredients offered by the same brand as your kit

By opting for the same brand of ingredients, you can be sure they'll still fit your equipment. Most beer brewing kit brands offer compatible refills.

Cautions to take

Cleanliness is key. Before each use, don't forget to disinfect all your equipment at the risk of affecting the quality of your drink.

Avoid using bleach

Avoid as much as possible cleaning your equipment and especially the glass carboy with bleach. This product can indeed denature the beer.


What is the best beer brewing kit?

The best beer brewing kit depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Is it easy to make your own beer?

Yes! The beer brewing kit is simple to use and provides satisfactory results. Just follow all the instructions in the user manual to the letter.

Can you make beers with different tastes?

Yes, some kits even come in various versions: lager, red beer, Belgian beer, English beer... After gaining experience, feel free to customize your drink and create your own recipes.

What is the average cost of a beer brewing kit?

Before purchasing, calculate the cost per liter. The beer brewing kit should not exceed 20 €/L.

How to recognize a failed beer?

A failed beer is easily recognized by its taste that becomes acidic, alcoholic, metallic...


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Brewandbeer Stout
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B Maker Belgian Ale
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