The best spreads in the UK 2023

According to fresh statistics, France still holds the first place in the world in terms of spread consumption: this essential invades even more the daily life as more than 60% of French households have a jar of spread at home. Don't break the custom, we help you in this buying guide to quickly find the spread adapted to your tastes.

Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread 1

Best value for your money

Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread

The best spread of the year

We have chosen for you Lindt's 25% Hazelnut spread: its fine and authentic taste reveals the know-how of the Swiss master chocolate makers, long experienced in the field.

3,27 £ on Monoprix

The delicacy and finesse of Lindt's 25% Hazelnut Spread has earned it the title of best spread of the year. The recipe is the result of the excellent dexterity of the brand's professional chocolatiers and promises pleasure and delight. Its intense creamy texture conceals this unique chocolate-hazelnut flavor. In addition, the palm oil-free formula is a huge relief for gourmands.

Ideal to spread on bread, toast, pancakes, to eat with a spoon or to mix with your desserts, Lindt's 25% Hazelnut Spread contains a reasonable amount of sugar, which makes it even easier to swallow.

Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread 2

Best value for your money

Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread

The best entry-level spread

Purely organic, this delicious cocoa and hazelnut spread from Nocciolata is an economical and practical choice. Very creamy, it remains exclusively healthy.

2,95 £ on La Belle Vie

Opt for the organic way by buying this cocoa and hazelnut spread from Nocciolata. The artisanal formula includes neither hydrogenated fat, nor coloring agent, nor GMO, nor conservative, nor flavours of synthesis, but remains for all that very greedy and unctuous. The ingredients of this spread have been carefully selected to give it its authenticity: hazelnuts from Italy, lean cocoa from Santo Domingo, vanilla from Madagascar, etc.

The recipe uses sunflower oil as a smoothing fat, and organic cocoa butter for the spread's fragrance. The whole is absolutely digestible and well caloric. It is hard to resist such a delicacy!

Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread 3

Best value for your money

Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread

The best premium spread

Enjoy the greediness of this new vegan spread: the caramel spread Le Bar à Cake. The formula quite purified does not fail on the gustatory richness.

7,96 £ on La Belle Vie

Those who are on a vegan diet are well served with this caramel spread from Le Bar à Cake. Tasty and creamy, this spread is particularly easy to digest thanks to the well-balanced proportions between the different organic ingredients. The 100% homemade recipe will delight you with bread, pancakes, waffles or rusks.

The creaminess of this caramel spread comes from the cream and the vegetable butter, a perfectly smooth mixture. The recipe contains no chemical additives, only natural ingredients. We recommend this caramel spread Le Bar à Cake combining greediness, nutritional richness and lightness.

OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread 4

Excellent selection

OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread

The best fat-free spread

Have you ever tried a spread with red beans in it? If not, we are delighted to offer you this organic spread from OUF!, a rather special recipe that will not disappoint you.

3,16 £ on La Belle Vie

You may find it hard to believe, but this OUF! cocoa hazelnut spread is fat free and extremely low in sugar. The slightly extraordinary composition of this spread makes it unique: well-roasted hazelnuts, pure cocoa, red beans, coconut flower sugar, and even water. This relatively healthy combination contains a high nutritional value (fiber, protein, antioxidants, various trace elements).

The integration of a legume in the recipe was a challenge for the brand, and it does quite well on the level of the most recommended spreads. Moreover, the choice of "fat free" distinguishes this spread from its competitors.

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Comparison table of the best spreads

Best value for your money Best value for your money Best value for your money Excellent selection
Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread 5
Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread 6
Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread 7
OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread 8
Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread
Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread
Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread
OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread
We have chosen for you Lindt's 25% Hazelnut spread: its fine and authentic taste reveals the know-how of the Swiss master chocolate makers, long experienced in the field.
Purely organic, this delicious cocoa and hazelnut spread from Nocciolata is an economical and practical choice. Very creamy, it remains exclusively healthy.
Enjoy the greediness of this new vegan spread: the caramel spread Le Bar à Cake. The formula quite purified does not fail on the gustatory richness.
Have you ever tried a spread with red beans in it? If not, we are delighted to offer you this organic spread from OUF!, a rather special recipe that will not disappoint you.
200 g
270 g
250 g
200 g
Sugar, 17% low-fat cocoa, vegetable oil (sunflower, safflower, rice), 25% hazelnuts, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, almonds and other nuts, soy lecithin, vanilla powder
Cane sugar, 18.5% hazelnuts, sunflower oil, skim milk powder, low-fat cocoa, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla powder
Vegetable cream, sugar, vegetable butter, agave syrup, salt
Roasted hazelnuts, pure cocoa, kidney beans, coconut blossom sugar, water
Nuts, milk, soy
Nuts, milk, soy
Gluten, egg, milk, nuts
Nutty fruits
Contains palm oil
Ideal for
Breakfast, dessert or snack
Breakfast and dessert
Breakfast, dessert or snack
Breakfast and dessert

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How to choose your spread

In order to treat yourself with the best spread, consider the following selection criteria.

#1 - Composition

Since spreads are extremely high in calories, the composition of the spread is of the utmost importance. The guarantee of a reliable composition can be recognized simply by carefully reading the list of ingredients. Specifically, it must be as short and clear as possible. Beware if you come across a long list with unusual ingredients.

On the other hand, avoid spreads containing palm oil, refined sugars, synthetic flavors, soy lecithin or DEHP: these are indeed components that quickly degrade health. Instead, opt for healthy organic compositions with rich nutritional values and tasty character.

#2 - Sugar content

Sugar is part of one of the fundamental ingredients in a spread. However, it must remain in reasonable proportions to be appreciated at its true value. The conventional rate does not exceed 30% (for 100g of spread): this is the limit to feel that the spread is indeed sweet.

Be careful, sugar is not the main ingredient in a spread: if you notice that it is at the top of the list of ingredients, it is not a good sign. Also prefer spreads made with natural sugar such as cane sugar or coconut sugar, or why not honey.

#3 - Fat type

In the spread there is always fat: it mainly influences the creaminess. However, you should absolutely check the quality and reliability of the fat to avoid developing diseases. How to recognize a good quality fat? It is simply rich in omega 3.

Rapeseed oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil are examples of healthy fats. On the other hand, palm oil or rapeseed oil are less recommended because of their high proportion of saturated fat, which is very harmful to cardiovascular health.

#4 - Texture

For a better tasting experience, the spread should be very creamy: in order to spread it easily and in order to enjoy it in the mouth. This texture comes from a correct combination on the dosage of the different components. Many manufacturers are currently opting for a crunchy cream texture with the addition of some hazelnut chips. You will sometimes find spreads that are slightly hard and difficult to spread. This means that there is an imbalance on the composition.

#5 - Nutri-score

For a few years now, various food products on the European market have been scored based on the nutri-score, a five-level colored labeling system that ranks them according to their nutritional value. Spreads are no exception to this evaluation, and moreover, competition is taking place between manufacturers to achieve the best nutri-score.

You will indeed find many spreads with this rating scale. The best grade is obviously the green A, the spread in question would then be well balanced in terms of nutrients and texture. It's hard to deny the obvious: in terms of nutritional evaluation, the spread, which is very greedy, will not necessarily be well rated.

Homemade spreads


Ideal for dessert or as an appetizer, spreads are usually used as a side dish but can also be an ingredient in many gourmet preparations (mille-feuilles, yogurt, pancakes, etc.). If you want to try a new culinary exploration, we invite you to be inspired by these few easy spread recipes to treat your taste buds.

Hazelnut spread. Before preparation, you need to put the raw hazelnuts in the oven first and then remove their skins. Then grind them, adding walnut oil little by little to obtain a consistency. At the same time, melt some chocolate and add it to the crushed hazelnuts with sugar, cocoa powder and a few pinches of sea salt. Continue to grind until you have a smooth texture. You are also free to flavor it with vanilla extract.

Exotic spread.To refresh aperitifs, spread on sandwiches or accompany deli dishes, concoct a delicious mango chutney quickly and well. It is mainly the spices used that make the preparation succulent: cumin, coriander, cardamom, garlic, red pepper and ginger. The first step is to boil vinegar and sugar, then add all the finely chopped or crushed spices, and the mango slices after a few minutes. Let it simmer until the mixture is thick and releases syrup.


Salmon Mash Spread. Super delicious spread on crusty country bread or potato chips, salmon mashed potato is made in one easy step. All you have to do is mix canned salmon with tomato paste, capers, a little mustard and ketchup, margarine, sour cream, salt, pepper and a spice of your choice (if possible harissa or tabasco for a better connotation). Another variation uses just cottage cheese and lemon juice with the salmon.


Guacamole. This is mostly used as an appetizer with potato chips or crackers, but it would work well as a spread. Mash the avocados and then mix them with onion and some tomatoes. Add salt, a generous drizzle of lemon juice, and don't forget the hot sauce.


The different types of spreads

To enjoy the various variations of spreads, you should know that it is essentially categorized according to whether it is sweet or savory.

The sweet spread

The classic spread: the sweet taste. Ideal to accompany breads, pancakes or waffles, the sweet spread has a more gourmet succulence. Among the sweet spreads you will obviously find fruit jam and its variants (marmalades, jellies, etc.), chocolate spreads (Nutella or other cocoa-based compositions), oilseed puree (based on hazelnuts, almonds, cashews or sesame), maple syrup, etc.

A wide variety around this type of spread is emerging every day thanks to the constantly evolving culinary innovations. The sweet spread is a source of worrying controversy insofar as the amount of sugar it contains can sometimes be excessive in consumption. However, it remains very popular with children.

The savory spread

We are not necessarily aware of it but salty spreads also invade our daily lives. Butter, melted cheese, low-fat margarine, peanut butter, creamy sauce (mayonnaise, mustard, etc.) or pâté, these various foods are among the most common salty spreads. Unlike sweet spreads, the caloric intake of a salty spread is not an imminent danger to consumption.

The salty spread exists in several forms and can accompany various meals, with or without bread according to taste. Of a lighter composition, conducive to good health, the salty spread does not lose points for flavor either. It even has a wide range of connotations because it can be spiced.

Industrial spread or homemade spread?

Industrial spread

The market is full of all kinds of spreads. The biggest brands compete with each other in the search for the best textures, the best flavors and the best ingredients for a good spread. In industrial spreads, fat and sugar predominate in the composition: hazelnuts, almonds or chocolate represent a relatively small proportion. Indeed, the high fat content allows a longer preservation and accentuates the taste of hazelnuts. Other ingredients such as milk or soy lecithin are present to standardize the formula.

Homemade spread

The homemade spread is very healthy and light: the nuts that give it its taste are in large quantities and hold the role of basic ingredient with a percentage approaching half of the composition. The sugar and fat content remains reasonable. Instead of oil, which must imperatively be part of the ingredients, the spread favors butter: it is better in the mouth.


If you have to choose between an industrial spread or a homemade one, you should mainly think about the impact on your health. We don't deny the harm of consuming too much industrial spread, because of its high sugar and fat content. Homemade spreads have the same creaminess and richness of taste but are still healthy.

5 advantages of the spread

Ideal at any time

Since spreads come in many types, from sweet to savory, they can be served for breakfast, snacks, dessert or as an appetizer. Many of you are even tempted to use a small spoon to taste half a jar of spread in front of a movie.

Delicious to eat

Spreads come from ingredients rich in flavor: chocolate or cheese, each spread has a unique taste that characterizes it among many others. Its composition is rather associated with crunchy and tasteless food bases for a better tasting.

Rich in caloric intake

The spread necessarily contains a certain amount of sugar and fat, already two components that guarantee a rich nutritional intake. On the other hand, there is still milk, fruit, butter and other elements that make the spread a greedy pleasure.

Suitable for family consumption

Spreads are generally an indispensable family food, because they are convenient and do not require complex preparation. However, it is available at any time and can accompany you anywhere: at home, on vacation, on a picnic or camping.

Available in several formulas

The spread also exists in several formulas respecting the lifestyle and dietary constraints of each person. For those who follow a vegan diet in particular, they are generously served thanks to a wide range of organic and gluten-free spreads, while remaining very tasty.

The best brands of spreads

In our opinion, the best brands of spreads in 2022 are :

Jardin Bio

An excellent reference in organic food, this French brand produces a wide range of high quality grocery products: cookies, spreads, chocolate, pasta, rice, condiments, infusions, etc. The gluten-free formula makes the brand unbeatable in promoting healthy eating.

Everyone knows this Italian brand that is over 50 years old now. In fact, it initiated the spread on the market and still holds a good reputation today despite the profusion of thousands of competitors.

The German brand, expert in sports nutrition, also produces spreads that are well-caloric and rich in taste. The foods selected for the composition of these spreads speak volumes about their nutritional value.

With almost two centuries of experience, this Swiss brand has been working with chocolate for these long years and knows its subtleties. This advantage allows them to find various ways to vary chocolate-based products, including spreads.

The leader in spreads especially in Italy, this brand favors organic ingredients. It extends its influence on the French territory and quickly becomes a formidable competition for Nutella.

What is the price for a spread

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 5 £
5 £ to 10 £
more than 10 £
Price range diagram


Finishing the entire jar

When the jar is almost out of spread, you are adamant about finishing it to the last spoonful so that there is nothing left. To do this you can pour in hot milk and shake well to soak the spread in the milk or add ice cream which will consistently take on the taste of the remaining spread.

Imagining recipes

With your spread, you can think of new recipes to enjoy at any time. Whether sweet or savory, find inspiration and prepare gourmet combinations to serve to guests when entertaining or to enjoy with family for snacks or potluck gatherings.

Falling on the ideal composition

More and more consumers today are turning to organic food formulas, made from natural ingredients and containing minimal chemical additives. The list of ingredients is the proof of the pudding spread, as it is for most foodstuffs: it lists the components according to their quantitative importance in the product.

Tasting differently

The spread is not limited to the classic consumption that consists in spreading it on bread or rusks. You can play around with a wide range of ways to enjoy it: either by rolling it in pancakes, dipping shortbread in it, or combining it with skim milk and ice cubes to make a delicious milkshake. Find your own tasting secrets that will make your spread stand out.

Avoiding the cold

Beware, many will tend to believe that spreads can be stored in the fridge. Mistake: after opening the container, it just needs to stay at room temperature, because if you file it in the fridge it will just harden.


What are the storage conditions for spreads?

The spread should be kept at room temperature, estimated at 18-20°C. High heat will unhappily melt the spread, while cold will harden it. In any case, keep the jar tightly closed and make sure it is placed in a dry place.

What are the origins of spreads?

The history of this much-loved sweet begins in Italy, with the first recipe being a combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. The concept was developed by pastry chef Pietro Ferrero in 1946, so the mixture was designed to be topped on bread. In 1949, following a strong heat wave that melted the chocolate in the factory, the craftsmen not wanting to waste anything found the idea to put it in a jar. This was the beginning of the success of the chocolate spread, revisited years later in several variations.

How to identify a good spread?

Provided that the amount of sugar does not exceed 30% of the composition, it is already a good sign regarding the reliability of the spread. Check carefully the details on the ingredients to make sure you get your hands on the right spread: the nuts should also be in remarkable quantity compared to the whole.

What are the health effects of spreads?

The spread is a particularly caloric food, it is undeniable that the bad consequences on health can present themselves quickly if the consumption is done in an excessive way. To avoid degrading the health, it is enough to moderate the tasting of the spread and look for those with a lighter composition.


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Our selection
Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread 9
Lindt - 25% Hazelnut Spread
Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread 10
Nocciolata - Cocoa and hazelnut spread
Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread 11
Le Bar à Cake - Caramel spread
OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread 12
OUF! - Organic Cocoa Hazelnut Spread


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