The best intelligent battery chargers in the UK 2023

Is your car battery dead, losing performance and starting to show signs of weakness? No need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a brand new one, a smart battery charger will be your best ally. Refine your search and save time by discovering in this guide the best smart battery chargers currently available on the market.

Noco Genius 5EU 1

Editor's Choice

Noco Genius 5EU

The best smart battery charger in 2021

The Noco Genius 5EU is worth every penny. Compatible with all types of batteries, it adjusts the charge rate according to the ambient temperature, revives dead batteries down to 1V and charges 6V and 12V batteries via a simple push button.

63,96 £ on Amazon

The Noco Genius 5 is an update of the Noco Genius 2. It offers the same functionality, but with more punch. The 5A charge rate, rather than 2A, means that batteries up to 120Ah can be charged and maintained with the Genius 5.

Like other Noco car battery chargers, this one shines in its ability to charge weak batteries, including batteries that only deliver 1V thanks to the anti-sulfation feature, and its ability to charge lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The Noco Genius 5 can also handle all small and medium capacity 6V and 12V batteries. Beware of exposure to moisture and sunlight!


Best entry-level


The best entry-level smart battery charger

The MOTOPOWER MP00207-FR intelligent battery charger will provide you with enough power to recharge the 6V or 12V battery of your everyday vehicle. Despite its price positioning, it is a robust and efficient model.

19,20 £ on Amazon
Noco Genius 10EU 3

Best high-end

Noco Genius 10EU

The best high-end smart battery charger

The Noco Genius 10EU is a multifunctional battery charger. It can be used as a charger, maintainer and desulfator. A compact and high performance model for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

122 £ on Amazon

The Noco Genius 10EU is compatible with all types of vehicles. You can charge and maintain batteries in cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats and more. In addition, this equipment charges dead 6V and 12V batteries that have only 1V. The Force-Mode function allows you to take control and manually start charging dead batteries.

With the Noco Genius 10EU, you can restore a battery very well. It detects sulfation, acid stratification and restores lost performance for stronger engine starts and longer battery life. This battery charger is really simple to install and use. Just plug in, connect to the battery, select a charge mode and start charging.

Bosch C7 4


Bosch C7

Excellent smart battery charger

What makes the Bosch C7 so special? Its memory function and the protection of the battery against overcharging, overheating, sparks, short circuits or reverse polarity. Add to that its simplicity and 100% automatic charging and you have a model that fits your needs perfectly.

78,10 £ on Amazon

The Bosch C7 is an intelligent 6-stage automatic battery charger with excellent additional features, including regeneration mode and backup power. In addition, it is ideal for charging and maintaining wet lead acid, gel, AGM and VRLA / SLA batteries up to 230Ah (12V) / 120Ah (24V). The regeneration mode of the Bosch C7 battery charger can recover deeply discharged batteries with a constant current of 1500 mA.

The Bosch C7 battery charger has an exceptionally wide range of applications. You can use it to charge batteries in classic cars, modern cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, caravans and electric lawnmowers, among others.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best intelligent battery charger

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The best smart battery charger in 2021

The best entry-level smart battery charger

The best high-end smart battery charger

Excellent smart battery charger

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Comparison table of the best intelligent battery chargers

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Noco Genius 5EU 5
Noco Genius 10EU 7
Bosch C7 8
Noco Genius 5EU
Noco Genius 10EU
Bosch C7
The Noco Genius 5EU is worth every penny. Compatible with all types of batteries, it adjusts the charge rate according to the ambient temperature, revives dead batteries down to 1V and charges 6V and 12V batteries via a simple push button.
The MOTOPOWER MP00207-FR intelligent battery charger will provide you with enough power to recharge the 6V or 12V battery of your everyday vehicle. Despite its price positioning, it is a robust and efficient model.
The Noco Genius 10EU is a multifunctional battery charger. It can be used as a charger, maintainer and desulfator. A compact and high performance model for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.
What makes the Bosch C7 so special? Its memory function and the protection of the battery against overcharging, overheating, sparks, short circuits or reverse polarity. Add to that its simplicity and 100% automatic charging and you have a model that fits your needs perfectly.
Maximum current supplied
5 A
4 A
10 A
7 A
Car battery voltage supported
6 V / 12 V
6 V / 12 V
6 V / 12 V
12 V / 24 V
Battery capacity supported
Up to 120 Ah
Up to 100 Ah
Up to 230 Ah
Up to 230 Ah (12 V) / 120 Ah (24 V)
Protection index
Auto shutdown function

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How to choose your intelligent battery charger

With so many smart battery chargers on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why we're revealing the key criteria to help you choose the right model for you.

#1 - Voltage

Voltage is one of the most important features to check when purchasing a smart battery charger. It is the measure of the charger's electrical strength. The voltage determines whether or not a particular smart charger will be able to fully and safely charge your vehicle's battery. Fortunately, finding the right voltage is fairly simple: most vehicles use a 12-volt electrical system, so you'll need a 12-volt charger. However, if you're hoping to find a more versatile charger that can be used for several different types of batteries or that will work for both your car and your utility vehicles, you may need a different voltage, 14 volts for example.

#2 - Current draw

The amperage, or current, turns out to be just as crucial as the voltage of a smart battery charger. The amperage of a car battery charger is the amount of current the charger can handle or, more simply, the amount of current that flows through it while it is operating. Higher amperage equals faster charging, and vice versa. However, you'll also need to determine what's ideal for your car's battery. Additionally, the best car battery chargers are smart and can automatically detect which amperage and charging mode is best to use for a particular battery. This ensures that you always get the correct charging amperage.

#3 - Safety features

You can't overlook safety when you want the best smart battery charger. Typically, this type of charger has many safety features to protect you (you, your car and your battery) from dangerous accidents. Any smart battery charger can prevent overcharging, which can quickly degrade your battery. Most smart battery chargers can also offer automatic voltage and amperage detection to prevent overheating, as well as reverse polarity, spark-resistant clamps and easy-to-use cables, so you can always charge safely and without worry.

#4 - Industrial protection rating (IP)

Since most car battery chargers are used outdoors or in garages, a basic level of outdoor protection can keep it in good condition for a long time. Protection from water and dust is an important feature, often referred to as the IP rating system that measures a device's resistance to these elements. Basic thermal protection goes a long way toward protecting a charger's interior components. So always check the external protection features.

#5 - Additional features

If you want to get the most out of a smart battery charger, additional features and accessories are a must. Things like USB ports for charging small devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), a built-in light, and fast charging functionality make a charger versatile and give you more bang for your buck. Even basic add-ons such as LED indicators, LCD displays or a waterproof or spark-proof coating contribute to the usability and durability of a smart battery charger.

How to charge your battery with a smart charger?

Now you have the charger, but you don't know how to properly charge your car battery. You hope it's as easy as charging your phone, but it's not. It's not insurmountable either. Just follow these steps:

  1. First and foremost, you need to make sure you're working in a dry, well-lit area, preferably in your garage. Next, make sure you wear protective eyewear and gloves.
  2. Most batteries can be charged on the car, but some need to be disconnected to be charged. So when removing the battery, disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal.
  3. If you have disconnected the battery from the car, place it on a flat surface. You should also keep the charger as far away from the battery as possible to avoid damage or fire.
  4. Start by making sure the charger is turned off. Next, connect the black cable from the charger with the negative (-) sign on it to its corresponding terminal on the battery. Do the same with the positive (+) sign.
  5. Start the charge.
  6. Some modern batteries are equipped with LED displays that provide all the information you need to check.

The different types of intelligent battery chargers

All smart chargers send electricity to your car's battery, but they can perform one or more of three main functions. Make sure the charger you buy can do what you need!

Standard smart battery charger

As the name implies, this type is a smart battery charger can put juice back into a battery, often even if it has been completely discharged. Basic chargers are plentiful, and it's usually possible to find the right charger that has the perfect size, shape, and amperage you need for your vehicle.

Smart battery charger with maintenance

Less common than standard smart battery chargers, models with a battery maintenance feature are designed to keep car batteries from discharging completely. They're good for a quick charge and maintaining the overall health of a battery if you don't use it often.

Smart battery charger with restoration

Less common version of a battery charger, models with a restoration option breathe new life into old batteries. As various contaminants build up in a battery's cells, it loses its effectiveness. Restorers can break down these contaminants so that they can once again hold a charge. These are the most expensive type of charger and are more common in professional garages than for home use.

Battery charger or battery booster?

Battery charger

The battery charger works exactly like a cell phone charger except that its output voltage is around 12V DC. It must be plugged into a 220V AC source to work and will certainly not work in places without electricity. During charging, it evaluates, tests the charging time of your battery and can even diagnose the condition of your alternator. A charging management that may not be found on battery boosters. The charging speed of your battery will depend mainly on the current supplied by your charger.

Battery booster

The battery booster, on the other hand, is a portable device that serves to give your existing battery a boost in a few minutes in order to start your vehicle's engine. It is easy to use, because you just have to turn it on and connect it to the positive and negative terminals of your car battery. However, it does not charge your battery to 100%, nor does it track the state of charge of your battery, but it will help you when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.


If you're going to travel to a remote area without electricity or to very cold regions and are worried about running out of battery power, get a booster to help your vehicle start. On the other hand, if you want to diagnose the real state of your car's battery by fully charging it, use a charger that will analyze its state of wear as well as that of your alternator.

Why buy a good smart battery charger?

To avoid battery replacements

On most vehicles, replacing the battery is a simple process: disconnect the clips, remove the old battery, insert the new one and reconnect it. On other cars, such as some hybrids, the process is much more complicated, requiring access to tight compartments and the use of special tools. With a simple smart battery charger, however, you can solve much of the problem.

To save money

Beyond the difficult replacement process, a good smart battery charger also saves you money. First of all, you don't have to buy a new battery. Secondly, you can save money on the labor it would require. Either way, investing in a quality car battery charger up front will pay off in the long run.

To charge other devices

Some smart battery chargers come with additional charging modes and ports for other smaller accessories and battery types. USB ports, for example, are the most common and perfect for keeping devices charged while on the go.

To enjoy a full battery charge

Smart chargers are programmed with several automated steps and variations to provide the best environment for the battery to accept a full charge. A typical smart charger may have as many as 8 or 9 separate steps to get the best performance from a battery.

For added safety

The big advantage of smart battery chargers, for those of you with a "spare" car or electric bike that sits in the garage until summer, is that they can be left connected at all times in order to keep the battery in the best possible condition.

The best brands of intelligent battery chargers

In our opinion, the best brands of intelligent battery chargers in 2022 are :


When it comes to automotive products and battery chargers, NOCO is a well-known brand that offers an extensive catalog. Since 1914, the company has been a trusted brand in many mechanical garages thanks to the durability and efficiency of its products. NOCO's Genius line brings together the brand's best smart battery chargers.

Long known as a manufacturer of high-end power tools and equipment, Black&Decker also has a strong presence in many professional and home garages. Its range of smart battery chargers is quite limited, but the existing models are of good quality.

It is an international brand with a presence around the world and is known for its excellent quality engineering and technology products, including its smart car battery chargers. Simple to use, intelligent and automatic, these chargers incorporate a full battery protection system.

We love this brand for its car battery chargers. Connoisseurs particularly appreciate Dunlop chargers for their compactness, their charge levels (up to 5 levels for lead acid or gel batteries) and their ability to automatically regenerate batteries and maintain them.

Filmer markets many entry-level models of intelligent battery chargers that support 6 to 12 V batteries. Featuring reverse polarity and overcharge protection, Filmer smart battery chargers are popular because of their compactness, fast charging, ease of use and excellent maintenance functionality.

What is the price for an intelligent battery charger

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 80 £
80 £ to 120 £
more than 120 £
Price range diagram


Clean the battery terminals

Before starting a charging process, check the battery terminals and clean them if necessary. Remember that you should not touch the terminals if they are covered with a whitish powder. This is dried sulfuric acid and can burn your skin if you touch it with your bare hands.

Fasten the charger cables securely

Make sure the car is turned off, then attach the cables or wires to the battery terminals. The charger will have two wires. The red wire should be connected to the red or positive terminal. The other is connected to the negative terminal. Make sure the two wires do not touch. This is because the wires spark when they touch, causing the hydrogen gas surrounding the battery to ignite.

The slower, the better

With a fast charge, you'll save time, but a slow charge will always be better for optimizing the life of your battery. Smart battery chargers work much the same when used normally although smart circuitry can dramatically reduce charging times.

Read your battery's specifications

Before you buy a smart battery charger, read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and safe handling guidelines. The type of charger you use will depend on the type of automotive battery you have and its components. For example, lead acid and calcium batteries require different charge rate settings. Therefore, it is essential that you know your battery type.

Consider the manufacturer's instructions for charging batteries in parallel

In parallel charging, be aware that specific charge times and rates are not easy to determine due to factors such as the electrical capacity of the batteries, the temperature of the electrolyte, the condition of the battery, and the state of charge at the time of charging. Take note of the manufacturer's guidelines for approximate charge times to get an idea of what to expect.


How does a smart battery charger work?

Smart battery chargers are much more sophisticated, than standard chargers, because in addition to offering different switchable charging modes, they are also programmed to provide a scheduled and varied output to charge and maintain your battery in the best condition.

How do I connect a smart battery charger?

While there are different models of smart battery charger, the basic instructions for connection are almost the same. First, make sure the charger is turned off. Next, connect the negative (usually black) cable of the charger to the positive terminal of the battery. Do the same for the positive cable.

How long does it take to charge a battery with a smart charger?

On a car, if the battery voltage is less than 11.85 volts and your charger reads 5 amps, it will take about 12 hours to fully charge a battery with 400 to 500 amps of cold-start current. The same battery will take about 6 hours to fully charge if the charge rate is 10 amps. The lower the open circuit voltage of the battery, the higher the cold start current. So, the longer it will take to charge the battery.

Can a smart battery charger be left on all the time?

Yes, a smart battery charger can be connected to the battery all the time. A smart model has a basic automatic functionality. With an automatic charger or battery maintainer, the charger will shut down once the battery is full and start using the maintenance mode to keep your battery in top condition.


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