The best Motorcycle GPS in the UK 2023

Many motorcyclists use their car GPS even when they ride their motorcycle. However, there are GPS units specially designed for two-wheelers. They are useful for choosing the best routes thanks to a map adapted to your needs, and they also offer a large number of indispensable functions for long-distance trips. Here's our guide to the best motorcycle GPS units to help you choose the right model.

TomTom Rider 500 1

Best value for money

TomTom Rider 500

The best motorcycle GPS in 2021

Simple and intuitive, the Rider 500 with 4.4" touchscreen will be your best ally wherever you go. This GPS adapts to your preferences and shows you the best routes.

266 £ on Cdiscount

With its mapping of 49 European countries, the Rider 500 from TomTom is one of the most complete motorcycle GPS on the market. You have a Wi-Fi connection for updating. The device is automatically connected as soon as it detects an available network. It provides you with information on traffic and danger zones in real time.

This motorcycle GPS has a hands-free function so you can take calls. Its compatibility with Siri and Google Now and its smart touch screen make navigation much easier. Compact, it can cope with the elements thanks to its IPX7 certification. It attaches quickly thanks to the RAM anti-drop and vibration system.

Garmin zumo 346 2

Best value for money

Garmin zumo 346

The best entry-level motorcycle GPS

This Garmin Zumo 346 GPS is undoubtedly the most versatile device on the market and will be your best companion for tracking your routes during your little motorcycle trip.

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Compact and ultra-resistant, this GPS for motorcycle is equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen that has the property of being foolproof. Its connected function lets you share GPX data and control the music you play via your smartphone. You'll also get a free Live service that shows you traffic, weather and danger zones when you choose this Garmin-designed model.

Zumo 346 also offers a hands-free option and includes Wi-Fi for map updates. In fact, it provides a map of 24 Western European countries so you can find your way wherever you go. This GPS also features Garmin Adventurous Routing technology for driving away from highways.

Garmin Zumo 595 LM 3

Best value for money

Garmin Zumo 595 LM

The best high-end motorcycle GPS

Its intuitive touch screen and technology make the Zumo 595 LM a powerful GPS. It offers the option of voice assistance and adventure to allow you to fully enjoy your two-wheeler.

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If you're looking for a high-performance GSP, the Zumo 595 LM is what you need. It has new features that keep you riding safely. From the Link7 smartphone that gives you real-time weather and traffic information to LiveTrack that you can share with friends and family so they can follow your ride.

Zumo is also a player so you can listen to your playlist while riding your bike. Its 5-inch touch screen is responsive, even when wearing gloves. This hands-free GPS also displays important data such as dangerous curves and crossings, and above all, lets you experience a whole host of adventures with the Adventurous Routing system.

TomTom GPS Moto Rider 50 4

A great choice

TomTom GPS Moto Rider 50

The best feature motorcycle GPS

You can perfectly opt for this model if you are looking for a functional GPS with correct options. Rider 50 promises smooth navigation thanks to its various technologies.

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It's the perfect GPS for adventure. TomTom's Rider 50 features mapping for 49 European countries that can be updated via Wi-Fi. With a smart 4.3-inch screen, it displays a lot of easy-to-read information about traffic, hazards and more. You can also plan your route and share it with your friends.

The Rider 50 also offers voice control and hands-free operation so you can drive safely. With TomTom Traffic, you can avoid traffic jams and get to your destination on time. Also use TomTom Road Trip to get off the beaten track and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Motorcycle GPS

Any specific needs?

The best motorcycle GPS in 2021

The best entry-level motorcycle GPS

The best high-end motorcycle GPS

The best feature motorcycle GPS

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Comparison table of the best Motorcycle GPS

TomTom Rider 500 5
Garmin zumo 346 6
Garmin Zumo 595 LM 7
TomTom GPS Moto Rider 50 8
TomTom Rider 500
Garmin zumo 346
Garmin Zumo 595 LM
TomTom GPS Moto Rider 50
Simple and intuitive, the Rider 500 with 4.4" touchscreen will be your best ally wherever you go. This GPS adapts to your preferences and shows you the best routes.
This Garmin Zumo 346 GPS is undoubtedly the most versatile device on the market and will be your best companion for tracking your routes during your little motorcycle trip.
Its intuitive touch screen and technology make the Zumo 595 LM a powerful GPS. It offers the option of voice assistance and adventure to allow you to fully enjoy your two-wheeler.
You can perfectly opt for this model if you are looking for a functional GPS with correct options. Rider 50 promises smooth navigation thanks to its various technologies.
Mapping of 49 European countries
Alert in case of danger (turn, accident)
5-inch dual-orientation touchscreen
Hazardous area alerts
Quadcore processor
Technology Garmin Adventurous Routing
Alert mode for dangerous turns, crossings, danger zones
Smart display
Intelligent screen
Free Live Services
Music control
Quadcore processor

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Buying guide - Motorcycle GPS

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How to choose your Motorcycle GPS

When choosing your motorcycle GPS, remember to check the following criteria:

#1 - The mounting option

This is a key factor not to be overlooked when selecting the best motorcycle GPS. This perspective will ensure that the GPS device is firmly mounted in one position and strategically placed. This is beneficial for the rider so that he or she can have a clear view of the display on the screen. It is advisable to get a universal mount that will allow you to firmly mount your GPS on any other motorcycle which will save you time and money.

#2 - Robustness

Toughness is the ability to overcome adverse conditions and is an essential feature of the GPS unit. A rugged GPS unit will not get damaged easily due to the vibrations of the motorcycle.

#3 - Water resistance

Since you are going to take your motorcycle out for a ride in almost any kind of weather conditions, the GPS unit should be ready to deal with all situations whatever is projected. Therefore, not only should the GPS unit be waterproof, but it should also be able to withstand the various vagaries of the weather, including extremely cold, hot, direct sunlight, etc.

Opt for a lifetime mapping update

A lifetime update of the cartography is more than interesting. Indeed, it requires no travel, no return to the manufacturer, and no additional costs.

#4 - Ergonomics


best motorcycle GPS units are ergonomic, which means they are designed to promote efficiency and comfort in any work environment. In such systems, with an ergonomic GPS, you will be able to easily use all the features: from the buttons to the user interface.

#5 - Mapping

It's a feature that can determine how much time you save by displaying the fastest possible routes. But for this to happen, the GPS system should have the latest maps and include update options to directly download available maps in the future with new map updates running from time to time. Motorcycle GPS units with this feature may cost a little more, but in the end it's worth it. In most GPS systems, there may be free map updates for the brand's country, with the option to purchase new maps for different countries.

Is a motorcycle GPS so different from a car GPS?

Both car and motorcycle GPS systems use global positioning satellites orbiting the Earth to transmit your location and route. The satellites share data to pinpoint your location. The two types of devices differ in durability, ease of use and installation.

Motorcycle GPS units are much more durable because they're designed for outdoor use. They are also easier to use because the safety of the rider depends on it. Finally, they require a special mount to be properly attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle. Note that some brands (such as Garmin) offer GPS compatible with both cars and motorcycles.

The different types of Motorcycle GPS

There are several types of motorcycle GPS available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

The adventure GPS

This type of motorcycle GPS offers a useful feature for serious adventurers. With it, routes can be customized to suit your needs: like focusing on beautiful landscapes or making obstacles like steep hills materialize.

More sought after by thrill-seeking bikers, this GPS has a wide range of routes and is easy to use. But beware, setting up this type of device is not always easy when you lack experience. The adventure GPS is especially for bikers with a taste for curves and steep hills.

The motorcycle GPS with European mapping or more


fashionable, this motorcycle GPS offers road mapping, the preferred option for bikers for impromptu escapes or an organized trip. Available in several versions (autonomous, assisted or multipurpose), it is equipped with a carter of the unit production area, extended to the European area. The most daring manufacturers have even added World cartography!

This GPS increases your thirst for adventure tenfold. With it, you can define as many routes as you want. The computing power is good for finding new areas and it is also easy to handle. However, the disadvantage with this type of GPS is sometimes the quality of the mapping: there are many maps, but they are not necessarily all very accurate.

GPS experience sharing

Motorcyclists usually go in groups, with a few exceptions. This type of motorcycle GPS is therefore dedicated to these fellow travelers who like to share their experiences and routes. With the experience sharing GPS, it is possible to record the route taken, extract the data and transfer or share it. These actions can be done via a dedicated application.

Thus, each fellow traveler can receive the experiences of others on their smartphone. The advantage with this type of device is that there is more flexibility in planning routes. GPS is more intuitive but not always easy to use. Recommended for the most experienced and knowledgeable users.

Stand-alone motorcycle GPS unit or smartphone-based motorcycle GPS?

Autonomous motorcycle GPS unit

A stand-alone motorcycle GPS unit is generally easier to use. In the forest, in the countryside or in the city, your motorcycle GPS will help you to stop consulting your road book. The route of your choice will be given to you in no time.

The calculation of the duration of your journey with the indication of possible obstacles will be provided to you in a few clicks. It will allow you to reach points of interest as quickly as possible without making a big detour and will give you a signal if there are any dangers on the roads.

The only real drawback with this type of device is that it is a separate investment. But it is still a useful investment.

Motorcycle GPS on smartphone

Any beginner biker can use it. It is easy to handle and its reputation is based on the quality of the mapping it offers. It can also be adapted for cars. It usually comes with kits and is easily transportable.

Even though smartphone-based motorcycle GPS units seem more affordable and easier to use, there are still some significant drawbacks. The first disadvantage is that your smartphone will be exposed to direct sunlight and may overheat.

The second disadvantage is that the screen can also be difficult to read in varying sunlight conditions. It is also exposed to dust and even water (in case of rain or drizzle) which could damage it.


If you regularly have to make short trips around town in good weather, a smartphone-based GPS unit may be all you need. But if you have to ride for long periods of time, in exposed areas or in bad weather, we recommend a standalone GPS unit instead of a smartphone-based GPS.

Why buy a motorcycle GPS?

A more demanding design than a car GPS

Designed to withstand all eventualities, the motorcycle GPS is suitable for outdoor tours and rough roads. It is resistant to UV rays, rain and all kinds of bad weather. It is not affected by shocks, splashes or fuel sprays that could seriously impair the device's functionality. It is specifically designed to be as rugged as the motorcycle you ride.

More specific options

The newly registered "twisty roads" option is specific to motorcycle GPS, so only bikers who enjoy extreme adventures dare to use it. Indeed, only a biker can say that the most interesting thing about motorcycling is the curves. Hence the number of roads and curves between two points of travel. The motorcycle GPS is therefore a biker GPS designed for bikers.

Simple and adapted use

On a motorcycle, the bodywork does not protect you, which is why you have to be very careful when you drive it. The use of the motorcycle GPS has therefore been facilitated by the existence of a touch screen adapted to motorcycle gloves. Indeed, the screen must be wide enough to make scrolling easier. Or simply so that the visibility is good even if the biker lowers his visor. The presence of a voice guide is also adapted, because it is safer for the motorcycle user to announce his requests and keep both hands on the handlebars of his bike.

The best brands of Motorcycle GPS

In our opinion, the best brands of Motorcycle GPS in 2022 are :

BMW Motorrad
Trail Tech

Created in 1991 in the Netherlands, this brand was first specialized in the design of software for PDAs. But when GPS opened up to the general public, it began to specialize in navigation and became the leader. We appreciate the options it offers and the ease of use it provides.

Created by two Americans, Gary Burrel and Min H. Kao, in 1989, Garmin is present throughout the world. Its latest creations? GPS for cars and motorcycles in the 2000s, not to mention connected watches. Its reputation and the quality of its products are still appreciated.

The name of the German manufacturer is associated with quality and refinement in the world of cars and two-wheelers. Present throughout the world, BMW has also created a specific navigation system for its cars and motorcycles. We appreciate the quality of its GPS.

This brand presents itself as a major manufacturer of motorsports products. It gives complete information about the reaction of your motorcycle when you ride it on different types of terrain. We appreciate its reputation in selling high quality products.

What is the price Motorcycle GPS

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 360 £
more than 360 £
Price range diagram


Place your motorcycle GPS correctly.

It is very important to place your GPS correctly on your motorcycle. Generally, it is placed on the handlebars for better accessibility and visibility. Make sure that it does not interfere with your driving. So, the GPS must be well fixed, that it is well in the middle so that you can drive and consult it without too much difficulty. But it is always very prudent to hire a professional to install it.

Activate your Bluetooth option and voice guidance.


option will allow you to connect to your phone. It is effective to answer your calls easily, listen to your favorite music and receive directions from your GPS. Be careful, the volume should be at normal for the health of your ear but also to be attentive to the sound volume inside your headset. As for the voice guide, its use will save you time and will ensure you more safety. Indeed, it is safer to address the GPS directly rather than manipulate it while driving.

Specify your route data.



before departure will save you time. Indeed, the GPS will immediately indicate your precise request and show you the shortest route. The information will be more accurate and you could directly change the route in case the traffic is heavy in the chosen area. Moreover, the smaller the defined area, the clearer the GPS will give information.

Explore the possibilities of your GPS.


you are into extreme sports and you like back roads and winding roads, your GPS will be able to tell you, just program your request. If you're interested in lunch spots and bivouacs, your device's point-of-interest option will get you there. If you want to avoid traffic jams and receive your information in real time, your GPS will help you. Don't hesitate to use all the options that have been proposed to you, several adventures are waiting for you.


What is the best motorcycle GPS?

The best motorcycle GPS depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Does the GPS unit fit my bike?

Most GPS units come with universal mounts, which allows the GPS to be easily mounted on most motorcycles. However, you should always make sure that the particular model you choose is suitable for your motorcycle and that it is easy enough to attach and detach when needed.

What types of cards do you really need?

When selecting the best motorcycle GPS unit, you need to make sure of the range of maps that you can enjoy. Maps can already be loaded into the GPS via third-party data. You need to know what types of maps you need and how you want to display them, as some GPS units even display 3D buildings on the map to help you get to know the surroundings better.

Can I use a motorcycle GPS unit for anything else?

The best motorcycle GPS models often consist of advanced features such as the ability to talk to other devices, answer calls, receive messages via Bluetooth. This is convenient most of the time, so you need to make sure before purchasing that your MP3 player, mobile phone, headphones, etc. are compatible with the unit and can be connected wirelessly to Bluetooth.

How long does it take for the motorcycle GPS to position itself once it is turned on?

The GPS unit starts collecting data and positioning itself relative to the environment about 1 minute after it is turned on, which is the usual standard time.


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TomTom Rider 500
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Garmin zumo 346
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