The best car polishes in the UK 2023

Even if you maintain your car properly, it's never safe from scratches. Fortunately, there is a way to bring out the shine in your car's body paint. It's called car polish. To make your car shine, choose the right polish that will eliminate all its little defects!

Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator 1

Editor's Choice

Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator

The best car polish in 2021

Restore your car's paint quickly and effectively with Meguiar's Ultimate Restorer. Applied by hand or with a polisher, this restorer polish removes all minor body defects effortlessly.

15,96 £ on Norauto

The maintenance of your vehicle's bodywork requires the best product. And for its renovation, Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator is the best choice. It is specially designed to restore a paint damaged by various external aggressions. You can apply it on the bodywork to get rid of the numerous defects.

You can use it against micro-scratches, oxidation, a dull veil, water marks and other unsightly stains. This renovating polish contains micro-abrasives capable of restoring all types of cars. It is an easy-to-use product. You can apply it manually or with a polisher for less effort.

Auto Pratic Renovator Polish 2

The best cheapest

Auto Pratic Renovator Polish

The best entry-level car polish

This renovating polish is the ideal product to renovate your vehicle. Perfect for rough or aged bodywork, its abrasive power will make your paint shine like the first day.

2,96 £ on Oscaro

Your rough or aged bodywork will be able to regain its beauty thanks to this renovating polish from Auto Pratic. Without silicone, it contains abrasive particles in its composition. These are the ones that remove the defects of the surface layer of your paint. This product makes it much less dull than before, and even more shiny.

It is also a double action renovating polish. In fact, in addition to its abrasive side that removes micro-scratches and stains from your bodywork, it deposits a protective shield to preserve the paint from various external aggressions such as pollution, dust and other residues. Easy to use, it is a polish that is applied manually with a soft cloth.

Menzerna Professional Polishing Set 3

The best high-end

Menzerna Professional Polishing Set

The best premium car polish

For a complete polish of your car, use this polish set from Menzerna. It includes three types of polishes plus a protective wax, pads and cloths to polish your body.

87,92 £ on Amazon

You want to achieve a perfect polishing of your car? Choose this complete polishing set to restore your vehicle's shine. It includes: a bottle of abrasive polish, a bottle of medium polish, a finishing polish and a Carnauba protection wax to finalize the maintenance of your vehicle's bodywork. For their application, four specialized polishing pads for each polish of the set are also provided.

You also have four soft microfiber cloths to remove polish residue after polishing. With this set, you can then make sure to remove all the blemishes from your vehicle, small and big scratches, wear marks, sanding marks, etc. It promises a result that lives up to your expectations, with the end result being a shiny car that is even protected from various aggressions.

Polish micro rayures GS27 4

The best alternative

Polish micro rayures GS27

A great alternative

This car polish has a double function: to eliminate scratches and to restore the shine to the body of your car. Easy to use, it ensures the shine of your vehicle after its application.

13,20 £ on Mister Auto
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The best car polish in 2021

The best entry-level car polish

The best premium car polish

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Comparison table of the best car polishes

Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator 5
Auto Pratic Renovator Polish 6
Menzerna Professional Polishing Set 7
Polish micro rayures GS27 8
Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator
Auto Pratic Renovator Polish
Menzerna Professional Polishing Set
Polish micro rayures GS27
Restore your car's paint quickly and effectively with Meguiar's Ultimate Restorer. Applied by hand or with a polisher, this restorer polish removes all minor body defects effortlessly.
This renovating polish is the ideal product to renovate your vehicle. Perfect for rough or aged bodywork, its abrasive power will make your paint shine like the first day.
For a complete polish of your car, use this polish set from Menzerna. It includes three types of polishes plus a protective wax, pads and cloths to polish your body.
This car polish has a double function: to eliminate scratches and to restore the shine to the body of your car. Easy to use, it ensures the shine of your vehicle after its application.
Abrasive power
Polish type
Polish renovator
Polish restorer
Abrasive, fine, and finishing polish
Fine polish
473 mL
500 mL
250 mL for each bottle
500 mL
Restoring damaged or neglected paint
Renovation, protection
Full polish
Micro-scratch removal, gloss
Application method
Manual or with a polisher
Manual with dedicated polishing pads

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How to choose your car polish

The effectiveness of each car polish is different. To make sure you get the result you want on your car body, always read the technical specifications of the product. Here are also some criteria that should never be overlooked.

#1 - The function of the polish

Each polish has different effects on the body of a car. While some are designed to remove large and sometimes deep scratches, others can remove small defects such as scratches or light oxidation. You also have polishes intended for finishing, they help to shine your vehicle so that there are no more traces of sanding for example. The ideal polish for your car also depends on its color. Indeed, if it is of lighter color, the perfect polish should have a more consistent abrasive power. You should then also get rougher polishing pads to get the desired effect. Darker colored cars, on the other hand, require a polish with a softer formula so as not to damage the paint.

#2 - The color of your car

With solid colored finishes, your body will be able to handle almost any polish well (taking other criteria into account of course). However, if you have a matte paint, you can only use a special polish at the risk of finding shiny spots on the bodywork after polishing. Similarly, metallic or pearlescent paints require great caution, as some polishes can leave large polishing marks.

#3 - The type of paint

In general, polishes are pretty easy to use. However, depending on the polish, there are different application techniques. For example, some car polishes require the use of a polisher to be fully effective. If you are a beginner or if you don't have a machine for the application, you should use polishes that can be easily applied manually or at least with a pad.

#4 - The ease of application

The size of your vehicle or the frequency of polishing will determine if you need to buy a big bottle or if a small tube of polish will be enough to give your car a shine. Moreover, polishes have a limited life span. Indeed, its properties and quality deteriorate with time. Also, you can't store them for too long!

#5 - The polish packaging

How to apply a car polish?

To get the results you want, here are some practical tips on how to use a car polish.


1- Wash the car

First, wash your car thoroughly to remove any dust, mud or paint grime. Any grains of sand or other foreign objects such as a dead insect could create new scratches or interfere with the polishing process.

Then allow the vehicle to dry thoroughly before moving it to a shaded area. Heat or sunlight can interfere with the effectiveness of the car polish, which will dry too quickly before it takes effect.

2- Apply car polish to a section

Dry the product vigorously, then apply it according to the instructions provided by the brand. Generally speaking, for a manual application, you will need to use a microfiber pad, put some polish on it, and use it to scrub the bodywork.

Proceed step by step, applying evenly to a small area of about 20 square inches. Make movements in all directions to avoid leaving swirl marks.

3- Remove the residue

Depending on the formulation of the product, it could change color, become whiter or even invisible once it breaks down. There may still be some traces left that you can remove with a microfiber towel.

When the surface is well cleaned and you are satisfied with the result, move on to the next section.

4- Repeat the process on the rest of the body

In this step, proceed in the same manner as the first polished portion. You should also compare the result between the two sections. Apply the product a second time if necessary, or until both sections have the same degree of shine. If you are satisfied, you can repeat the process on a new section.

It can take hours until the entire body is uniformly shiny. But a manual application of polish requires a lot of patience. By carefully inspecting individual sections to make sure the polish has done its job, the end result can't disappoint!

The different types of car polishes

Depending on the abrasiveness and function of the polish, there are three main types of car polishes.

Renovating polish

Renovators are the most abrasive polishes. Also called compound, this type of car polish helps you to rectify the deepest and most visible scratches as well as the very marked defects on the bodywork of your vehicle. This type of polish is therefore, as its name indicates, the most suitable to perfectly renovate an old car body.

It will also be of great help to correct certain defects that have appeared following a collision for example. Ideal to clean and polish the car, it will also help you to permanently remove small imperfections of the body such as scratches and oxidized surfaces.

Fine polish

Also called polish gloss, the fine polish is medium abrasive. As the name implies, it's perfect for buffing the car, smoothing out small blemishes and removing minor marks fairly quickly. For example, you can use it to remove micro-scratches that are caused by scratches.

But fine polish can also be used to reduce UV rays. Because it works primarily on the surface of your vehicle's body, it's not very effective for large nicks. On the other hand, fine polish works very well on light-colored paint, which is what it is actually designed for.

Finishing polish

This type of polish will help you polish your car's paint. For example, you can use it to remove marks left by brush strokes on your car's body or sanding marks. If there are unsightly pores in the paint, use the finishing polish to remove them.

As a finishing product, it can also be applied to the surface of the vehicle after working it with a fine polish. This is especially the case for darker paints that require a lot of delicacy for a perfect result. The finishing polish is also equipped with a polishing power, very effective to restore the shine to the paint of your bodywork.

Polish or polisher?

You will find on the market different maintenance products designed to improve your car's bodywork. Despite very similar functionalities, you should not confuse products like polish or polisher. Some brands tend to confuse the issue by offering 2-in-1 products. But to make sure you can tell the difference, let's review these two very different products.

The polish

Polish is a liquid or paste product designed to smooth the bodywork of a vehicle. To do this, its composition includes more or less powerful abrasive elements. Thanks to this particularity, it can correct certain defects such as scratches, swirls, water spots, oxidation and other spots on the car. The polish gives the vehicle a shine by removing all these small defects. However, it does not offer any additional protection to the bodywork although the result is definitive due to its mechanical effect.

The polisher

These products do not have abrasive properties. However, they do help to enhance the shine and depth of your new paint, giving it what is known as the "wet" effect. It also provides additional protection against UV rays by reinforcing the varnish. The polish can be applied after using a polish, or on a repainted car that does not need to go through the polishing phase. Since the polish has no mechanical effect on the paint, the paint will look like new when the product is removed.


If your main objective is to polish your car, choose a polish. It will help you erase the various unsightly marks on the body of your vehicle. Moreover, polish remains effective whether it is on old paintwork or cars with brand new paintwork that need some finishing touches.

Why use a car polish?

Car polishes offer many advantages. Here are a few that will convince you to use it for your own vehicle!

1- Corrects imperfections

Thanks to its abrasive properties, polish helps you remove scratches, stains, paint defects such as dents or uneven coating. This product will help you keep your car in good condition by removing all those little unpleasant imperfections.

2- Beautifies the bodywork

Using a car polish is ideal to even out the paint on your vehicle. By applying it, you also give the bodywork an extra shine. It will look as good as when you bought your car!

3- Extend the life of the paint

Small scratches can get bigger if you don't remove them quickly with a car polish. But it also removes oxidized paint. In a way, it is an essential maintenance to make the paint more resistant to peeling, cracking or drying!

4- Reduce the frequency of washing the vehicle

By polishing your car's bodywork regularly, you can limit the number of times you wash it. Indeed, some dirt adheres to the bodywork by getting into the scratches. But if these are removed, a quick cleaning can be enough to keep your car nice and clean.

5- Keep your car looking good

If you want to keep your car looking good, you'll need to keep an eye on its maintenance. Applying a polish regularly will help you preserve its beauty.

6- Increases the value of your car

If you plan to renovate your car for resale, a good polish with a suitable product will make it shine! You will be able to remove small imperfections and make the body shine. Certainly, a more beautiful car will be much more valuable.

The best brands of car polishes

In our opinion, the best brands of car polishes in 2022 are :


Created in 1950, the German brand specializes in car maintenance products. It offers a wide range of body care products, including polishes with varying abrasive powers and effectiveness justified by many consumers. Despite their quality, its products are still sold with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Menzerna is another German brand that manufactures excellent polishing pastes, as they comply with the quality standards demanded by consumers. Always more affordable, its polishes are offered individually or in sets according to the needs of each one in terms of body care.

Born in 1965, this brand offers hundreds of car care products manufactured in its factories in Letchworth, England, and then distributed all over the world. Yet, despite its international reputation, its maintenance products and their accessories are offered with a good quality/price ratio.

Kitautos is also among the reference brands to consult for a quality polish. This one manufactures products for car detailing (cleaning, improvement, protection, restoration, protection, etc.). It stands out for its car polishes without silicone or ammonia ensuring the quality of the product at a very correct price.

Having been born around 1901, the American family business quickly became a world leader in detailing. It started with a body care wax. But today, its various products, with impeccable quality, but at a very affordable price, makes the happiness of motorists.

What is the price for a car polish

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Mask plastic trim before application

Mask other parts of your vehicle such as the stripes with a protective sticker before applying the polish. This precaution will help you avoid inadvertently damaging them during the process.

Apply in thin coats

When applying polish, put on just a thin coat. If that's not enough, it's better to add a little more afterwards rather than putting on too much. Also, avoid attacking too large an area, proceed in small sections for greater effectiveness.

Apply a little more on visible scratches

To make the polish more effective, rub the product a little harder on the most visible scratches or nicks on the bodywork. In fact, a more thorough polishing will make them less conspicuous.

Don't overuse abrasive polish

Abrasive polish is very effective in making your car shinier. However, its abrasive nature refines the paint of your bodywork. The polish will eliminate the defects of your car's body, while the wax will ensure a long-term protective role against various aggressions such as rain, dirt, UV rays, micro-scratches, etc. It will avoid you to use it more frequently. It will prevent you from having to use polish more often in the future.

Apply wax after polishing


When to polish your car? What to use to polish your car? How long does it take to polish your car? How to make your car shine without polish?

The use of a car polish is done when you want to remove small defects from the paint of your car such as micro-scratches or oxidation marks or when the car does not shine anymore. However, you should not overuse it at the risk of removing the entire layer of varnish that protects the body of your vehicle. Wash your car thoroughly and protect it with wax and polish so that you don't have to polish it more regularly.

To apply the car polish, you will need to use a pad that allows you to manually spread the product and evenly. Otherwise, you can also use a polisher or an aggressive pad for big scratches. On the other hand, the soft pad is recommended for gentle polishing to remove micro scratches or for finishing.

Themanual application of car polish requires a lot of patience if you want to have a good result. In general, you need at least two or three hours to polish the entire body of a small car. But this method allows you to be precise and more efficient. If you want to go faster, use a polisher.

If you don't have polish on hand, you can dislodge the dirt with royal jelly after washing the car. Furniture polish will also help you shine the car, but test on a small area first in case the paint doesn't stand up to the product. In any case, polish is still the best way to polish your car body.


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Meguiar's Ultimate Renovator
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Menzerna Professional Polishing Set
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