The best GPS car radios in the UK 2023

It is on the example of the car accessories that we notice that the new technologies are now firmly anchored in our daily life. Today, GPS car radios have become a must-have, especially when we spend a large part of our day behind the wheel.

ATOTO S8 Gen2 1

The best


The best GPS car radio

This second generation S8 car radio from ATOTO offers better performance than its predecessor. Not only do you have the radio at your disposal, but you can also install many Android applications and get traffic information.

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You get a beautiful 7-inch Full HD touchscreen with a resolution of 1024*600. The screen has a high contrast that does not fade with daylight. It has the advantage of being able to be shared: it displays a navigation map and another application. Of course, you have a high sensitivity FM/AM radio tuner with SCVC (Speed Controlled Volume) that automatically adjusts the volume according to the speed of the car.

In terms of connectivity, S8 Gen2 offers 3 Intenet accesses: via Wifi, Bluetooth and USB connection sharing. Navigation is provided by Google Map which is already installed. The system has an external GPS antenna, as well as a built-in GPS receiver. It is also possible to install other applications, such as Waze or Tomtom.

Dasaita PX6 rotary chip 2

The best cheap

Dasaita PX6 rotary chip

The best cheap GPS car radio

To accompany all your car trips, choose the new model of car radio from Dasaita. This 10.2 inch equipment can be used as a car radio, as well as a GPS working by Wifi, and even better, has an Android Auto steering wheel control.

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The Dasaita Bluetooth car radio is a multifunctional device equipped with HD video output, SUB output, MID output, audio output and 3 USB ports. This device can work via Wifi or Bluetooth, and embeds GPS navigation, with optional DVR camera, OBD2, DAB, Carplay, or TPMS. It can be used offline for navigation, but also with an online map to access various applications such as Google Map or Waze.
The Dasaita Bluetooth car radio has a rotating Px6 chip with 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of ROM, integrating the Android 10.0 operating system. Otherwise, an external microphone also accompanies the already integrated double DIN. This device is compatible with android equipment u an Apple CarPlay car radio. Equipped with a 15-band equalizer customizable on the touch screen, it allows you to better choose the listening environment, especially since the TDA7850 4*50 Watts amplifier gives a sound of optimal quality.

ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus 3

The best premium

ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus

The best premium GPS car radio

The G2109 Ultra Plus Android S8 car radio offers versatile assistance when you're behind the wheel. Music with high quality synchronized sound, connected or offline navigation, and many features that enhance your daily life.

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The S8 G2109 UP-A features a large 10.1-inch full HD touchscreen display with 1280 x 720 resolution, featuring quantum film LED backlighting LCD technology. You'll enjoy a split-screen display as well as the option of a digital photo frame. For a better audio experience in your car, the car radio is equipped with an ultra-powerful Toshiba preamplifier, but also a speed-sensitive volume control.

In terms of connectivity, the S8 G2109 UP-A is equipped with a dual Bluetooth chip (BT1 5.0 and BT2 4.1). Among other things, you'll find an AUX (L/R) audio and video input, inputs for the front and rear cameras, a micro SD slot, as well as USB interfaces. On the navigation side, the S8 G2109 UP-A is equipped with a receiver and an external GPS antenna. Google Maps and EasyConnect are the applications provided with the device.

Dasaita HA5225 CB008 4

The best for Nissan X-Trail Qashqai j11

Dasaita HA5225 CB008

The best GPS car radio for Nissan X-Trail Qashqai j11

Pleasure, comfort and safety is what this Bluetooth Android car radio from Dasaita offers you. It is suitable for Nissan X-Trail Qashqai j11 cars from 2014 to 2019. Enjoy the music to the fullest, whether from the FM/AM support or from your smartphone or tablet.

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The car radio has a 7-inch 2.5D touch screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600 that produces a precise visual effect. It supports the reverse screen, as well as the split screen. For more precision in the controls, the screen is also capacitive with 5 points of contact. In addition, the audio system is top-notch with built-in 4*50W Bose amplification, delivering clear music at any volume level.

Enjoy with this Bluetooth car radio the latest Android 10.0 system with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, Rockchip PX6 64 Bit Quad Core 1.4G and Dual Core 1.8G. It supports hands-free calling and Google Play store. Connect the car radio with your smartphone or tablet, and you can stream music, sync your phone book. A built-in microphone and an external microphone are available for your hands-free calls.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best GPS car radio

Any specific needs?

The best GPS car radio

The best cheap GPS car radio

The best premium GPS car radio

The best GPS car radio for Nissan X-Trail Qashqai j11

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Comparison table of the best GPS car radios

Editor's Choice Inexpensive top of the range EXCELLENT
ATOTO S8 Gen2 5
Dasaita PX6 rotary chip 6
ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus 7
Dasaita HA5225 CB008 8
Dasaita PX6 rotary chip
ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus
Dasaita HA5225 CB008
This second generation S8 car radio from ATOTO offers better performance than its predecessor. Not only do you have the radio at your disposal, but you can also install many Android applications and get traffic information.
To accompany all your car trips, choose the new model of car radio from Dasaita. This 10.2 inch equipment can be used as a car radio, as well as a GPS working by Wifi, and even better, has an Android Auto steering wheel control.
The G2109 Ultra Plus Android S8 car radio offers versatile assistance when you're behind the wheel. Music with high quality synchronized sound, connected or offline navigation, and many features that enhance your daily life.
Pleasure, comfort and safety is what this Bluetooth Android car radio from Dasaita offers you. It is suitable for Nissan X-Trail Qashqai j11 cars from 2014 to 2019. Enjoy the music to the fullest, whether from the FM/AM support or from your smartphone or tablet.
7 Inch
10.2 inches
10.1 inch
10.2 inch
Connectivity technology
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection sharing
Dual Bluetooth with aptX HD, Wireless Phone Link, Gesture Operation, VSV and LRV, Built-in 4G cellular modem
Bluetooth 5.0 / WIFI / HD video output / 4 audio outputs / 2 sub-outputs / 3 USB ports / RDS Radio
Screen definition
1024 X 600 pixels
1024 x 600 pixels
1280 x 720 pixels
1024 x 600 pixels
Display type
Number of applications

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Buying guide - GPS car radio

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How to choose your GPS car radio

A GPS car radio has many functions to perform in your car. So, take your time to choose the one that you will get the most out of.

#1 - The screen

It is the first element of interaction with the user. And it is from the screen that he will deliver his first impressions. A touch screen is preferable, more ergonomic and faster. But your main requirement should be the size of the screen. The larger the screen size, the easier it will be for you to read it. The average size of a screen will be 7 inches.

#2 - The interface

It must be simple and fast, because remember, you handle it especially when you drive. You can, for example, choose a GPS car radio with an interface similar to your smartphone or tablet that you are already familiar with.

#3 - Inputs for SD cards, USB port etc

The connectivity is important for your comfort, especially when you have to travel. Even though the GPS car radio already has internal memory, it's still a good idea to have some extra storage space. If you're an avid music lover, consider a GPS car radio with a CD player as well.

#4 - The FM radio

From GPS car radio apps, you'll be able to tune in to a large number of local and other radio stations. But the best part about these radio channels is the information that could be useful during your drive, such as weather, traffic jams or other traffic information.

#5 - The navigation

Of course, you could benefit from a navigation system from your smartphone, but have it all in one and take advantage of the GPS navigation system that most GPS car radios are equipped with.

How does the GPS of a car radio work?

The GPS is a chip equipped with an antenna, a processor capable of receiving signals from satellites. For a better positioning accuracy, 3 or 4 satellites send their waves at the same time and then calculate the information collected.

The GPS of a car radio uses a network called GNSS, Global navigation Satellite System. The latter is composed of a number of satellites located in space in orbit around the Earth. These satellites broadcast microwave signals to receivers, including the GPS of a car radio. Thanks to the waves, the satellites will be able to position the GPS system and follow its course in real time.

The GPS not only allows you to calculate your position, but it can also help you choose the ideal route to reach a goal. It will also be very useful to help you spot and avoid traffic jams. It can also give you suggestions of sites to visit on your route. It will gradually replace road maps. For the moment, the GPS of a car radio is mainly used in the transport of goods when it is necessary to trace the route and progress of a delivery vehicle. Individuals use it to track the movement of a child, provided that the vehicles are equipped with car radio GPS.

Currently, GPS of a car radio will add features, such as access to information on traffic or the presence of speed cameras, or access to the telephone network 4G or 5G. Many applications are also available to make a car radio GPS your main partner in driving.

The different types of GPS car radios

The 1 Din

It has the standard size of 5 x 17.8 cm and fits perfectly into the space dedicated to this purpose, regardless of the make of the car. Despite its small size, the 1 DIN car radio has all the features of a modern car radio. In particular, it can play several sound file formats, such as WMA, MP3. Many 1 DIN car radio models are equipped with motorized touch screens. At rest, they will be stored horizontally and unfold when turned on. In this respect, this type of radio has nothing to envy the 2 DIN.
If you want to replace your old car radio with a GPS car radio, the installation of a 1 DIN type will be easier, because its size is perfectly adapted. You will not have to make any adaptations to connect your radio.

car radio The 2 Din

The main difference from its 1 Din predecessor is the size of its screen, which can go up to 7 inches. It then offers a better readability of the display, as well as a better quality of images. The 2 Din car radio is especially recommended if you plan to take advantage of navigation services, as most models have a touchscreen interface. If you want to use an application with map display, it is also recommended to choose the 2Din car radio and its larger screen.
The 2 Din car radio is equipped with all the basic functions of a conventional radio, and added to that, an equalizer. It is also capable of playing a large number of media files. The best models are equipped with CD and DVD player, and all the necessary connectivity, such as USB port.

car radio The car radio with Bluetooth

The use of Bluetooth technology allows for better connectivity and versatility to the car radio. Through Bluetooth, you can connect your GPS car radio with the smartphone or tablet, from where you can send music, or make hands-free calls or just check it. The Bluetooth car radio has a CD player, supporting MP3, WMA, AAC, CD-R and RW formats, as well as an equalizer to control the sound of your player.
The disadvantage of Bluetooth on a car radio is that its effective range is limited to 10 meters. However, this is not necessarily a handicap if you use it within the confines of the vehicle and its direct environment.

1 Din GPS car radio or 2 Din GPS car radio

1 Din GPS car radio

Single Din GPS car radio is simpler in design, as it is more convenient to use. Even though it is small in size, it is still equipped with all the modern features of a car radio, such as USB port, player supporting different file formats.

However, the screen of the 1Din car radio is smaller and it can be more difficult to distinguish what is displayed, especially when the driver's eyes have to stay on the road. It's also hard to watch videos on such a small screen.

The GPS 2 Din car radio

The 2 Din GPS car radio is just the latest model. It is therefore equipped with more modern technology, starting with the screen, which can reach 7 inches in size. The display is more powerful and of better quality. It has a wider range of features, such as internet browsing, video streaming.

However, the 2Din car radio, considered as top of the range, is obviously more expensive. Installing it in place of an old conventional car radio can also be complicated for those who are not familiar with electronics.


Most of the time, a GPS car radio is in 2 Din format, since navigation requires a map display, thus a larger screen. We turn to a 1 Din car radio to replace easily and cheaply a classic car radio.

Why buy a gps car radio?

  1. The all-in-one

Why carry around a lot of devices when you can enjoy your music with just one, and have GPS technology to guide you? Plus, you'll save money by investing in one device now, and as a bonus, you'll save space.

  1. Countless features to date

The GPS car radio will be of great help to you thanks to the numerous applications you can integrate. Assistance on all your route, detection of radars, information on the traffic...

  1. You want to enjoy yourself ?

All you have to do is choose between music, videos, games or phone calls. And all in one device. On many models, your car radio can replace your smartphone while driving. So you can communicate freely, hands-free.

  1. Good sound quality

To listen to music, GPS car radio models support many formats, such as WMA, MP3, MP4 ... We must also recognize that the sound quality is high, offering you a quality listening, much better than a simple radio.

  1. A connected car

Finally, your car will be perfectly connected, to the great pleasure of your children who will be able to play games and watch movies. The older ones will be able to consult their Facebook page or organize professional discussions.

The best brands of GPS car radios

In our opinion, the best brands of GPS car radios in 2022 are :


A top-of-the-range brand, unavoidable in the world of sound. It offers many models of GPS car radio very powerful. For example, PIONEER AVIC-Z730DAB or sph-evo82dab-uni which are compatible with Android devices and can replace the car radio of different brands. Pioneer's must-have is its GPS car radio for motorhomes, the Avic-Evo1-DT2-C-GR.

Asian brand, Atoto evolves in the manufacture of Android car radios. In this case, its presence in this sector allows users to access different product ranges, depending on their budget, ranging from entry-level to high-end, and passing through mid-range car radios. Thus, the brand allows to offer to the drivers possibilities of distractions or driving aids, with in addition models for all tastes.

Already world famous in the field of household appliances, Kenwood has jumped into the marketing of car radios. The brand is doing very well with its GPS models, such as the DNX5260BT, which allows you to navigate safely by GPS and benefits from Smartphone and Bluetooth control.

Pioneer in the high-tech sector, the Dasaita brand is very popular in its sector. This brand evolves in particular in electronic products for cars, as well as wall mounts and other electronic installation equipment. These Android car radios, antennas or receivers integrating the new technology are aimed at all budgets to allow accessibility of its articles to all social categories.

This Germanic brand has made its way and has broken into the market of low cost car radios. It offers many models with many options, whether 1Din or 2 Din with all the features worthy of a modern car radio. For example, XOMAX XM-2VDA715 or XOMAX XM-2V717, both with GPS navigation.

It is a brand offering GPS car radios with a remarkable quality-price ratio. Its car radios are also distinguished by its beautiful aesthetics in terms of lighting and its facade. With 7-inch screens and benefiting from GPS navigation, they are concentrates of assistance and comfort to the driving, as well as the pleasure to listen.

It is a brand that positions itself as one of the leaders of the embedded electronics. It offers multimedia equipment for cars, especially for Peugeot or Mitsubishi. Examples of the performance of these products the Alpine 8" X802D-U GPS car radio.

What is the price for a GPS car radio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


An alternative to the car radio without GPS

Need the kinds of information a GPS delivers, but your car radio doesn't have GPS? Use applications you can download to your smartphone. For traffic information or guidance on a drive, the Waze car GPS app is just the thing to lend a hand.

New android car radio, several checks to do

When you install a new car radio and plug in the wiring, test each time whether or not the connection is secure. Indeed, the most common failures come from a bad connection of the power supply or other cables.

The car radio does not keep memory

You've already recorded your favorite stations and they get lost as soon as you turn off the ignition? It turns out that when your Android is new, it resets when the connection with the power supply is broken. So check the power supply and make sure the wires are properly connected.

Require a warranty when you buy it

It's a known fact that electronic equipment is particularly fragile, and you don't want to invest a sum of money for a failing device. Also, a minimum 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects must be required from the seller.

Installation car radio 2 Din

If you need to install a 2Din car radio in place of your old classic car radio? The place of a classic car radio is smaller than the 2Din car radio. So, there are some precautions to take. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, call a professional in order to avoid connection problems.


How to connect a 2din gps car radio?

First, remove the original car radio with extraction keys. Then check the current voltage with a multimeter. When installing the car radio, first connect the power supply connector. Then, move on to the speaker connector, the multimedia connector, and finally the navigation system connector. Then install the GPS antenna and update the radio. Once this is done, install the GPS software, as well as the various features and accessories.

What app for Android car radio?

Android car radio apps are primarily aimed at improving your driving comfort. Android auto, for example, lets you connect your phone to the car radio. You'll have Spotify, Telegram or Audible at your disposal. Apps will also be of great help to you while driving. Scanner Radio, for example, will keep you up to date on the weather, road or air traffic.

How to connect my android gps car radio?

You must first remove the old car radio. Then check to see if the old and new units have the same connectors, inputs and cables. As a rule, they won't differ much, you'll just have to adapt the connections. Start by disconnecting the cable from the old unit and connecting it to the new one. Then move on to the harness by disconnecting it from the old one and connecting it to the new one.

How to add an app in an Android car radio?

You'll find new Android car radio apps on the market, especially online, some of them are free. Once the application is loaded on a support, an SD card, for example, find it in the explorer and perform the installation launch. You can then make the necessary settings according to your preferences. Do not hesitate to consult the installation tutorials on YouTube.


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Dasaita PX6 rotary chip 10
Dasaita PX6 rotary chip
ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus 11
ATOTO S8 Ultra Plus
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Dasaita HA5225 CB008


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