The best garden borders in the UK 2023

The garden reflects the personality of the gardener. Better yet, the gardener can add his or her own style by using a garden border. After many hours of research, the Floranica seems to be the best adapted to efficiently delimit a flower bed, a vegetable garden, shrubs and a lawn. For more information, read this guide.

Floranica 1

Best value for your money


The best garden edging in 2021

The Floranica impregnated wood garden border consists of 10 posts of 100 cm each. These sturdy posts are arranged at regular intervals.

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The Floranica is made from willow wood planted in Europe. 100% natural, this material is very resistant, no matter the season. You can use it as a border for flowerbeds, paths, lawns or even vegetable gardens. Note that this model exists in other versions, varying according to the height and length of the posts.

The wood used is impregnated, which guarantees a longer life for this garden border. The height of each post is 35 cm. In addition, you have 15 cm of stakes so that each border penetrates easily into the ground. It is important to specify that regular maintenance with wood oil will be essential.

Amispol 8 m 2

Best value for your money

Amispol 8 m

The best entry-level garden edging

Made of plastic, the Amispol roll-up garden edging has a total length of 8 m. This model is suitable for all uses as it is also available in 12 and 25 m.

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Did you know that plastic is easily cut? This way, you can keep the remaining part for future use. This is the case with the Amispol garden border. With a total length of 8 m, it is 12.5 cm high and 4 mm thick. Moreover, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -25 to +60 °C.

Thanks to its well thought-out design, this model promises a life span of up to 30 years. Its black color ensures total discretion around your lawn or flowerbeds. In addition, this garden edging is recyclable. Flexible, it is suitable for a flat surface as well as for curves and other shapes.

Uisebrt 35 m 3

Best value for your money

Uisebrt 35 m

The best high-end garden edging

Want to create a peaceful and beautiful garden? Use the Uisebrt garden border. Made of galvanized steel with a flared top edge, it will perfectly delimit your lawn.

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By installing the Uisebrt, you will have control over the growth of your lawn. This garden edging is made of galvanized steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, its flared edges guarantee greater stability and protect animals, gardeners and especially children from accidental injury when they come into contact with the sheet.

Fixing and installing the garden edging is quite easy. Moreover, it will bring a vintage touch to your exterior. Each piece measures 100 x 14 cm and the whole set has a total length of 35 m.

Relaxdays 4 m 4


Relaxdays 4 m

The best plastic garden edging

This Relaxadays garden border has a false air of wrought iron. With a height of 30 cm, it will suitably delimit your flowerbeds, beds or your lawn.

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The Relaxdays border is composed of 6 garden fences of 13.5 x 6.6 cm specifically designed to delimit your green space. Its design and shape give your exterior an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Each of the garden borders is effectively embellished with beautiful decorative elements.

Available in black or white, the Relaxdays stands out for its great stability and resemblance to wrought iron pieces. Each plastic piece is equipped with 3 pegs. The assembly will only take a few minutes. The plastic used is very robust, even against the weather.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best garden border

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The best garden edging in 2021

The best entry-level garden edging

The best high-end garden edging

The best plastic garden edging

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Comparison table of the best garden borders

Floranica 5
Amispol 8 m 6
Uisebrt 35 m 7
Relaxdays 4 m 8
Amispol 8 m
Uisebrt 35 m
Relaxdays 4 m
The Floranica impregnated wood garden border consists of 10 posts of 100 cm each. These sturdy posts are arranged at regular intervals.
Made of plastic, the Amispol roll-up garden edging has a total length of 8 m. This model is suitable for all uses as it is also available in 12 and 25 m.
Want to create a peaceful and beautiful garden? Use the Uisebrt garden border. Made of galvanized steel with a flared top edge, it will perfectly delimit your lawn.
This Relaxadays garden border has a false air of wrought iron. With a height of 30 cm, it will suitably delimit your flowerbeds, beds or your lawn.
Impregnated beech/shoulder wood
Galvanized steel
100 x 20 cm
12.5 x 0.4 cm
100 x 14 cm
135 x 66 cm
Available length
30, 40, 50, 60 and 100 cm
8, 12 and 25 m
5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30, 35 m, 40 m, 45 m, 50 m
4 m
Natural wood
800 g
2.76 kg
1.4 kg

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Buying guide - garden border

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How to choose your garden border

To better guide you, we recommend that you consider these important parameters. They will certainly help you find the right garden edging for your needs and preferences.

#1 - The style

Do you want more aesthetics? The choice of style depends on your personal taste and the elements that already exist in your garden. If you want to highlight it, we advise you to choose the stone garden border or, even better, the plant border. It should also be adapted to the style you wish to adopt: Japanese, English or French. For a classic garden, prefer the wrought metal border. With a rough garden, it is advisable to opt for a wooden model.

#2 - Practicality

It is advisable to always think about the use you plan to make with the garden border. Concrete or stone models are very resistant and sturdy. They are perfect if you are going to walk on the border. For purely aesthetic purposes, plastic or metal borders are ideal.

#3 - Implementation and stability

Whatever type of model you choose, today's garden borders are designed to be easier to install. Likewise, wood and metal receive special treatments to limit maintenance time. The length of the post plays an important role in the stability of the border. Note that a model to be planted such as wood or metal is relatively easier to install than a concrete, plant or stone type border.

#4 - The material


garden border comes in various materials: wood, metal, plants, concrete, stone, plastic... Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, keep in mind that materials like wood or plastic can disintegrate more quickly

compared to metal. Some therefore require regular maintenance on your part.

#5 - The size

It is highly recommended to measure the perimeter of the garden to be delimited before buying the border. Indeed, it will be used to separate your green space from the paths as well as the terraces. Note that the larger the size of the garden border, the longer the maintenance will take.

How a garden edging works

An essential and decorative element, the garden edging gives you the possibility to obtain a clean and well organized garden. Before choosing a specific model, it is advisable to know how it works. This is to avoid making any mistakes.

First of all, calculate the ideal length for each garden plot to be delimited. This will give you the exact size you need to install. Note that the garden border will enhance your green space as well as the elements that make it up.

Next,determine the appropriate depth for driving the stakes. This will depend on the type of material chosen. Start by digging the ground with the appropriate tools such as a shovel, being careful of the roots of your plants. Unroll or take each piece of garden edging and place them vertically, driving in the entire area indicated. Stabilize the whole with the soil you removed beforehand by compacting it.

The different types of garden borders

Currently, there are a multitude of models of garden edging. However, in order for you to make the right choice, we have categorized them according to their manufacturing material.

Wooden garden edging

These are certainly the most popular garden edgings if you will. Highly appreciated because they respect the environment, these models are easily installed by simply driving stakes into the ground. The wooden garden edging brings a natural effect

to your outdoor decoration. You can choose between planks, rolls, planks, crosspieces and bamboo.

Wooden edging should not be used if you live in a rainy region. However, it must be admitted, wood is a noble and light material that will perfectly dress a garden in a natural way.

Plastic garden edging


, this material has the ability to be just as durable as it is inexpensive. Here, let's consider all synthetic materials following the example of PVC, polyethylene, plastic and rubber. Plastic garden edging is more flexible

, which allows you to use it for the delineation of a rounded garden. It is also thanks to this feature that we can now find models of various shapes: flat or wavy, imitation stone or wrought iron ...

You want to bring more cheerfulness, colors and style in your garden? Do not hesitate to choose the plastic garden border. Customizable, it is also easy to install.

Metal garden edging

Metal garden edging works wonderfully as a border for beds or walkways. In particular, it can be used as a decorative element that will bring a retro, antique or modern touch

to your exterior depending on your needs. You can choose between galvanized steel, cast iron, wrought iron, aluminum, Corten steel, gabion...

If you are looking for the most durable garden edging, the metal model will be an excellent long-term investment. It can be discreet and very easy to put in place.

Stone garden edging


best in terms of garden edging, stone guarantees increased durability compared to other types of models. It can come in the form of raw rock or cut rock. Stone garden edging will offer authenticity to your exterior

. There are many different types of mineral edging, including pebble, concrete, brick, sandstone, slate, shale or cobblestone.

Stone garden edging or mineral edging meets the needs of those looking to create a natural and elegant effect in their garden.

Garden border or garden fence?

Garden edging

It is essential to have a garden border if you want to protect your flowers and your garden in the best way. It also serves to personalize your exterior by making it more aesthetically pleasing. The border is a fairly small delimiting element, with a height of only a few centimetres. This allows it, among other things, to enhance a green space, to delimit a specific area of the garden, to facilitate maintenance and mowing of the lawn, to aerate crops and vegetable gardens, to create a circulation area between greenery...

Garden fence

When it comes to garden fencing, you don't have to stay with the ordinary. Indeed, the choice is vast, especially when it comes to the design material. The garden fence can be used as a decorative element, but it is mainly used to separate outdoor spaces. This partition will even be easy to install if you wish to delimit an area while protecting it from prying eyes. The installation of such equipment is a desire for more security.


In short, the garden edging is only a few centimetres high and can be easily stepped over. It allows you to take care of your plants and prune them in complete peace of mind. Likewise, mowing the lawn will not be a difficult task. On the other hand, the garden fence is mainly used to protect your flowers and vegetable gardens if you have children and pets.

The advantages of putting a garden border

Professional look

A garden border adds a professional finish to the landscape. Brick pavers create a clean edge and keep flowers, plants and shrubs clean. Edging around flowerbeds and other green spaces also organizes the area and helps you delineate paths and walkways around different sections.

Style cohesion

When you match garden borders to the style of your home, you create a cohesive image for your property. The landscaping becomes an extension of your living space in which the interior space opens seamlessly to the exterior. Choose shades for the bricks and flowers that complement the style, colour and accessories of your home.

Erosion Prevention

Bricks act as a barrier to control soil erosion. When these borders are placed around the perimeter of a flower bed, their presence is similar to a small retaining wall that controls water runoff and prevents soil from being washed away. Less erosion keeps your landscape in great shape and your soil healthy.

Low maintenance

Because of the way the curbs are laid, they are easy to install and repair if they become damaged or stained. If it's brick edging, the interlocking design makes it easy to remove the flawed section and replace it with a new one, leaving your landscape clean and beautiful without major maintenance issues.


Edging with borders means adding a garden design element that is durable. These borders are structurally sound and can survive a range of temperatures and weather conditions. Because they stand up to the tests of time and nature, they continue to protect your beds while maintaining their beauty.


Beautiful long flowering plants to beautify your garden border

There are several types of perennials that bloom longer than others (seasonal, climbing, floribunda...). We can mention among others the helichrysum, the hyssop, the santoline, the lavender or the rustic geranium. They can only enhance your garden while giving it a neat appearance.

Remove debris when cleaning


cleaning the garden border, you must first remove all dead leaves and debris in and around the green patch. Use a suitable broom or if you are afraid of damaging the plants, pull them out by hand. Feel free to wear rubber work gloves before tackling this task.

Make your own garden border out of micro-rounds

Are you

more of a "walk in the woods" type? If so, you've probably come across some logs along the way. You can cut a few branches off of them as you go (permission is required, however). Micro logs are also available in stores. Be sure to give it the proper treatment to ensure its longevity of life.

Adopt the English garden style


adopt an English garden style, you'll only need red bricks. In fact, that's what Jean Monet used to design his garden at Giverny. The process is simple. Install and bury them vertically, up to halfway and at an angle for a better look.

And if your garden is by the sea...


house is by the sea and you want to design your garden? Simply use pebbles. Opt for those that weigh at least 1 kg. They will not risk to move easily.


What is the best garden border?

The best garden edging depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What are the essential tools for installing a garden border?

All you need is a small hammer to drive in each stake and a shear, which is essential for trimming the border.

How do I install a garden border?

The installation depends on the soil and the type of border chosen. Generally, you have to dig in the ground to plant the stakes.

What is the minimum depth for installing a garden border?

Allow 10 to 15 cm if you want your garden border to be as stable as possible.

Is it possible to run the mower over a garden border?

If the border is made of plastic or resin, the mower will be easy to pass. On the other hand, avoid as much as possible to do it on a wooden border.


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