The best facial saunas in the UK 2023

Blackheads, papules and nodules are thorny facial problems that you can solve by using a simple facial sauna. Since this beauty accessory comes in different models, choosing the best one is difficult. Make it easy on yourself by checking out this buying guide of the best facial saunas available.

Beurer FS 50 1

Editor's Choice

Beurer FS 50

Best facial sauna in 2021

Do you dream of treating your face to a steam room treatment? This is now possible with the Beurer FS 50 facial sauna. With this device, the impurities on your face will disappear in record time.

23,99 £ on Amazon

This Beurer FS 50 Facial Sauna is characterized by its two attachments, which allow you to use it for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. To relieve nasal congestion, you need to install the inhalation tip. As for the second, it is designed for you to provide cosmetic care to your face. Deep cleaning, application of masks or moisturizing, you will be spoiled for choice.

The Beurer FS 50 is equipped with a small 1 ml container in which you can put medicinal herbs, aromas or essential oils that are necessary for your well-being. It has 2 power levels and its intensity is independently adjustable from 0 to 15. In other words, you decide how much vapor you want to produce during your treatments.

Plastimea Measteam 2

Best cheap

Plastimea Measteam

Best entry-level facial sauna

The steam produced by this facial sauna allows you to effectively remove all impurities from your face. Thanks to this device, pimples, blackheads and other impurities are no longer a problem.

23,92 £ on Amazon

With this facial sauna from the Parisian brand Plastimea, say goodbye to appointments in facial care centers. All you have to do is fill up the tank, adjust the intensity, choose the right care for your skin and relax during your beauty session. Session after session, your skin will become softer, more elastic and younger. If you're considering a targeted or deep treatment, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the water tank.

Need to clear your airways or relieve nasal congestion? This facial sauna can also be used as an inhaler. Used with the right essential oils, this device will help you quickly regain good health.

Wolady DEFS71204 3

Best high-end

Wolady DEFS71204

Best high-end facial sauna

Wrinkles, blackheads, excess sebum and skin allergies, almost nothing can resist the beneficial effects offered by this Wolady brand facial sauna.

28,79 £ on Amazon

This facial sauna is very easy to use. To enjoy its multiple benefits, you only have to fill its water tank, connect the power supply, press the power button and wait until it is ready for use. Theoretically, this device produces steam continuously for 10 to 15 minutes. Note that this portable spa comes with a kit of tips and tweezers that will be very useful for removing blackheads and spots.

To optimize the results, the manufacturer recommends that you use purified or distilled water with this machine. It seems that if the water quality is poor, the skin care and the integrity of the machine itself will be affected. Another tip: never add lotion, perfume or essential oil to the tank.

Ezbasics KD2331A 4

Best facial sauna to vitalize skin

Ezbasics KD2331A

Best multi-function facial sauna

Deeply moisturize your skin with this stylishly designed Ezbasics KD2331A facial sauna. This device produces nano-ionic steam, but it also offers an aromatherapy function, making it a very complete device.

27,92 £ on Amazon

Ezbasics KD2331A is designed to vitalize your cells and allow them to better absorb oxygen for healthier, more radiant skin. You will notice big changes on your face within the first week of use. Indeed, your face will be rid of all impurities, even those that are deeply embedded. If there's one machine that will quickly make your skin supple again, it's the Ezbasics KD2331A.

You'll be pleased to know that this facial sauna can help you relieve sinuses and clear the airways. However, avoid pouring essential oil directly into the purified water tank. To enjoy the benefits of the therapeutic aromas, pour a few drops onto a cotton sheet and place it near the heat diffusion valve.

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Best facial sauna

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Best facial sauna in 2021

Best entry-level facial sauna

Best high-end facial sauna

Best multi-function facial sauna

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Comparison table of the best facial saunas

Beurer FS 50 5
Plastimea Measteam 6
Wolady DEFS71204 7
Ezbasics KD2331A 8
Beurer FS 50
Plastimea Measteam
Wolady DEFS71204
Ezbasics KD2331A
Do you dream of treating your face to a steam room treatment? This is now possible with the Beurer FS 50 facial sauna. With this device, the impurities on your face will disappear in record time.
The steam produced by this facial sauna allows you to effectively remove all impurities from your face. Thanks to this device, pimples, blackheads and other impurities are no longer a problem.
Wrinkles, blackheads, excess sebum and skin allergies, almost nothing can resist the beneficial effects offered by this Wolady brand facial sauna.
Deeply moisturize your skin with this stylishly designed Ezbasics KD2331A facial sauna. This device produces nano-ionic steam, but it also offers an aromatherapy function, making it a very complete device.
22.9 x 20.7 x 20.2 cm
12 x 6 x 30 cm
26.3 x 16.5 x 12.9 cm
23.3 x 18.5 x 13.7 cm
Tank volume
50 ml
5 cl
70 ml
135 ml
670 g
610 g
780 g
950 g
Ionic function

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Buying guide - facial sauna

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How to choose your facial sauna

Nowadays, it doesn't take much to make your skin look decrepit. Poor diet, pollution, stress and temperature variations can lead to serious skin problems. The facial sauna can remedy these problems, but it is still necessary to choose the right device.

#1 - The features

Once turned on, the facial sauna produces steam that opens the pores for a deep cleaning of the face. As you can see, producing steam is the primary function of this beauty accessory. However, the best devices include other functions, the most popular of which are :

The inhalation function: which allows the user to relieve headaches, sore throats and colds.

The aromatherapy function: which allows the user to add essential oil to their sauna.

#2 - The power supply

The power is an essential criterion to consider before purchasing a facial sauna. Indeed, it is the power that allows the device to produce steam in a short time. If your goal is to purify your skin, a sauna that produces and projects steam far enough is recommended. To avoid scalding your face, make sure you can adjust the temperature of the outgoing steam.

#3 - The ease of use

The facial sauna can be powered by batteries, a built-in battery or an electrical outlet. Like other home equipment, models that run on electricity are more powerful than those that run on stand-alone power sources. Nevertheless, cordless facial saunas are more flexible to use.

#4 - The design of the device

To make your facial sauna session a real pleasure, opt for a device that is compact and easy to use. A face sauna with a swivel and ergonomic nozzle will allow you to clean your entire face, as the hot steam won't escape into the void. A lightweight, space-saving accessory would also be welcome.

#5 -

By design, we mean mostly the aesthetic appearance and sturdiness of the face sauna. The best facial sauna is one that does not allow any loss of steam. All the exhalation produced must be directed to your face, otherwise the device is not worth the investment. The sauna must also be made of materials that can withstand heavy use by you.

Why should you use a facial sauna?

You will agree that there is no better device to purify the skin and prepare the face for different types of treatments than the facial sauna. If done on a regular basis, fumigation is an excellent natural way to fight against premature aging of the skin. Apart from all this, the facial sauna is a very good detox and moisturizing treatment for the face.

Thus, if you have dry skin, it will quickly regain its elasticity, but especially its softness thanks to the intense hydration it will receive. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, fumigation will rid it of excess sebum and blackheads which are the cause of many daily discomforts.

People with normal or combination skin will benefit from good hydration. Remember that well-moisturized skin is more resistant to external aggressions (pollution, cold, friction), but also to internal aggressions (hormonal imbalances).

So, whatever the nature of your skin, a facial sauna will do it the world of good.

The frequency of use of the facial sauna

Regardless of your skin type, you can use a facial sauna to purify and rejuvenate it. However, there are a few precautions to take when using this device. It is not recommended to use the facial sauna more than once a week. To maximize results, the beauty session should be held in the evening.

When should I not use a facial sauna?

Generally, the facial sauna is safe to use, however, it is not recommended if you suffer from a respiratory disease, in which case inhaling the wet steam could be harmful to you. If you experience discomfort, you should discontinue the session.

The different types of facial saunas

The facial sauna is a multi-purpose device that can solve skin problems, but also relieve minor ailments. Among the models available on the market, we find the ionic facial sauna and the essential oil facial sauna.

The ionic facial sauna

The ionic facial sauna is the most widespread device on the market. This device is charged with negative ions that are known for their many virtues. These elements offer a better hydration of the skin which acts in complement of the action of the water vapor on the face. This ionic function allows to have a softer and more flexible skin. It also tones it by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

The essential oil facial sauna

A fairly classic device, this contains a compartment in which a few drops of essential oil are poured so that it can mix with water. This is a fairly simple way to enjoy aromatherapy at home. Not only does the steam mixed with the essential oil soften, repair and moisturize the skin in depth, but it also helps to fight certain ORLS diseases.

Facial sauna or Vapozone?

Facial sauna

The Ionic Facial Sauna not only solves skin problems, but also relieves certain ailments. The negative ions that are released by the device enlarge the pores to penetrate deep into the epidermis to purify it. These negative ions are also capable of curing benign respiratory ailments.


The Vapozone is an electrically heated device that produces ozonated water vapor or aromatic essence vapor. Unlike a traditional facial sauna, the Vapozone requires the use of distilled water. Water from the tap may damage the device due to possible lime deposits.


Although both the Vapozone and the facial sauna operate on the same principle, our preference is clearly for the latter. You need to purchase ozone cartridges to enjoy the benefits of the Vapozone, while the facial sauna requires only low-calcium water or purified water for the ionic model. For many beauty professionals, the easy sauna is far more effective at clearing the skin of blackheads and impurities.

5 good reasons to use a facial sauna

Optimal safety
A pan full of boiling water is dangerous. One wrong move and you'll scald your face. With the water temperature control function, the risk of burns is minimal with the face sauna. The same goes for accidents. To maximize the effects of the unit, you can cover yourself with a towel.

Excellent temperature maintenance
The biggest problem with the pot filled with boiling water is that it is impossible to get the ideal temperature to do a treatment properly. So you'll waste time waiting for the temperature to become more bearable. With a facial sauna, you will quickly get the right temperature that will be maintained throughout the treatment.

To benefit from the inhalation function
It is true that the archaic technique of the pan-towel is effective against coryza, but the facial sauna with inhalation function will help you clear your airways thanks to the steam loaded with ions or essential oil. Whether you inhale the steam through your nose or mouth, the beneficial effect will be felt instantly. People who use a facial sauna will confirm that the relaxing effects are immediate. So, without leaving your home, you can give yourself a relaxation break worthy of the best spas with this device.

For a better effectiveness of the care
When the pores are dilated, the negative ions and essential oils are able to penetrate the epidermis in depth to clean the skin more effectively. The skin is cleared of impurities very quickly. The creams and other facials you plan to use will be more effective if your skin is healthy.

To maximize savings
A facial sauna will save you a trip to the spa, but a personal session is just as effective. Since your skin is already prepared for the treatments, you don't need to do them often and you save precious time.

The best brands of facial saunas

In our opinion, the best brands of facial saunas in 2022 are :


Beurer is a manufacturer that is known for its well-stocked catalog with items related to wellness and health. Despite their excellent quality, its facial saunas remain accessible at small prices.

Plastimea is a French company specializing in beauty care products and accessories for professionals and individuals. Effective and inexpensive, Plastimea facial saunas promise relaxing moments to all who use them.

Revlon is an American brand known for its highly effective cosmetic treatments. In recent years, Revlon has decided to diversify its offerings and now excels in facial care devices such as the facial sauna.

Silk'n is part of an Israeli group specializing in electro-beauty devices for professionals and individuals. Its line of facial saunas is best known for its ease of use, but also for its effectiveness.

While BaByliss is best known for its hair appliances, it also excels in facial appliances. Its line of facial saunas is a huge hit with the local public, but also internationally.

What is the price for a facial sauna

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Identify your skin

Before using your facial sauna, identify your skin in order to determine the length of the session and the care products to use. It will be easier for you to choose the essential oil if you know all the details of your skin.

Put your facial sauna on a flat surface

To avoid spilling the liquid contained in the device, put the facial sauna on a flat surface, a well-cleared work surface for example. Since facials are a time to relax, practice them in a quiet environment and in a comfortable pose.

Adjust the time to suit your skin

A sauna session lasts about 10 minutes on average. Select the duration of yours according to the nature of your skin. In addition, you must use the necessary amount of water. In principle, the unit will shut down once the water tank is empty.

Adjust the steam flow

You will have to adjust the flow of steam according to your skin type, but also according to the impurities embedded in it. This will help to remove spots, blackheads and other pimples from the face more effectively. However, be careful to get it right, because the slightest mistake in the setting is guaranteed to scald you.

Make sure the unit is versatile

A facial sauna should be a versatile device. Ideally, choose a device that offers at least three features. It also needs to have an adjustable temperature to suit your needs. A model that has a reservoir for essential oils will allow you to enjoy the many benefits that are granted by this substance.


Why use a facial sauna?

As it is technologically advanced, the facial sauna is more effective than the pan and towel technique. It is a reliable and easy-to-use equipment with which you will purify your face thoroughly. Its inhalation function allows you to clear your airways, which is excellent in case of a cold.

When to use a facial sauna?

Specialists recommend using the facial sauna only once a week, preferably in the evening, due to the fact that essential oils are photosensitive. Moreover, at night, the skin will have ample time to recover and regenerate. Since excessive use can lead to damage, it is important not to overdo the use of a facial sauna.

Can you use essential oil with a facial sauna?

Yes! This is even recommended. To enjoy the benefits of these essential oils, simply pour a few drops directly into the water tank and near the exhaust nozzle. Be careful! The choice of essential oil depends on your skin type. As long as the product used is organic, no problems should occur.

Can you scrub after a facial sauna?

Yes! The facial sauna is an excellent way to prepare the skin for a scrub or other similar treatment. Remember that the facial sauna opens the pores and cleanses the epidermis thoroughly. Once purified, the face is better able to assimilate the treatments that are administered afterwards.


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Beurer FS 50 9
Beurer FS 50
Plastimea Measteam 10
Plastimea Measteam
Wolady DEFS71204 11
Wolady DEFS71204
Ezbasics KD2331A 12
Ezbasics KD2331A


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