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To dry, straighten and curl your hair as if you had just come out of a hair salon, entrust it to "Good Hair Day". A brand that offers both design and performance hair dryers that deserve your full attention. Professional quality, these appliances use well thought-out technologies that respect the scalp for a perfect finish. Read this guide to find out what this famous brand is worth.

GHD Hairdryer - Air Premium Set 1

Editor's Choice

GHD Hairdryer - Air Premium Set

The best GHD hair dryer in 2021

This semi-professional hair dryer comes with various accessories, several speeds and a "cold air" mode for shiny, soft and protected hair. Professionals and hairdressing enthusiasts alike will be delighted to acquire such a device.

115 £ on Amazon

The modern and luxurious design of the Premium will surely seduce you. The accessories (heat resistant protective pouch, tongs, diffuser and concentrator) that come with it will only increase its appeal to you. The unit has a powerful 2100 watt motor to give you perfect and super fast styling. Its ionic function promises you a beautiful, silky, frizz-free hair no matter what kind of hair you have.

However, weighing in at 700g, the appliance is quite heavy. It may not be practical for professional hairdressers or for those who use it to style their medium to long hair. Note that even if you use the GHD Air Premium for a long time, its exterior remains just warm. A sign of very good insulation. So you don't risk burning your hands like with most conventional hair dryers. In short, the GHD Air Premium is an exceptional model that is well worth the price.

GHD Flight hair dryer 2


GHD Flight hair dryer

The best entry-level GHD hair dryer in 2021

Retractable and small in size, the GHD flight will be your best travel ally. Equipped with "ghd hair safeguard" technology, it protects hair from excessive heat exposure by automatically turning off when the device is too close to it.

52 £ on Amazon

Travel light and smooth with this little gem from GHD. In addition to its futuristic design, Flight also has a removable nozzle and a powerful 1400 watt motor with dual voltage: 240V and 120V to provide fast and precise drying that will restore your hair to its full glory. Its two temperature settings, easy grip and light weight (422 g) are appreciated by all users, as they allow them to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles without hurting their wrists while blow-drying.

Two drying speeds are also offered by the device: a moderate airflow to give movement, shine and flexibility to the hair, and an express airflow for a quick but gentle drying for fragile, dull and/or damaged hair. This model is frankly very good overall. What we might criticize it for is the fact that it doesn't have the ionic technology that prevents frizz after blow-drying.

GHD Helios hair dryer 3

Top of the line

GHD Helios hair dryer

The best high-end GHD hair dryer in 2021

The GHD Helios keeps all its promises to honor its world-renowned manufacturer. Thanks to its incredible drying speed of 120 km/h, it gives you a perfect blow-dry, worthy of the greatest hair salons in record time.

143 £ on Amazon

It is a technological jewel available in four colors that is equipped with a powerful brushless motor. Thanks to this brushless motor, Helios is much more powerful than the GHD Air (2200 watts against 2100 watts) while limiting the risk of overheating the device. The noise it emits is also reduced. This hairdryer also comes with a new patented technology called "Aeroprecis" which ensures a better concentration of air flow for a more precise drying.

The aerodynamic interior design of the GHD Helios, coupled with the presence of an ergonomic concentrator tip, only increases its incredible drying speed. The evenly distributed weight (510g excluding tip and cord) of the GHD Helios, its easy grip and ergonomic shape are simply a match for its innovative design. With this model, say goodbye to frizz and get hair that's 30% shinier than what you'd get with a conventional hair dryer on the market. Helios is truly an exceptional hair dryer!

GHD Air hair dryer 4

A great choice

GHD Air hair dryer

The most coveted by top international hairdressers

The GHD brand offers you here a beautiful device to style and dry your hair with ease. It has been ingeniously designed to bring you a comfortable user experience without restricting your movements.

103 £ on Amazon

The GHD Air hair dryer will be an unstoppable ally for you to take good care of your hair. With a 2100 watt motor, it offers 3 temperature levels to give your hair a beautiful texture after the bath. For your enjoyment, it uses advanced ionic technology to give you beautiful, soft, shiny, frizz-free hair. Whether you're left or right handed, GHD Air has found a way to make your hair ergonomic and easy to hold.

Its long 2.7 meter cord only adds to its practicality. If you're a professional hairdresser who does home care, the GHD Air is a great lightweight (600g) and practical ally you can have. It also comes with a cold air mode for twice as fast drying. And to top it off, the GHD Air saves you 25% more energy.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best GHD hair dryer

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The best GHD hair dryer in 2021

The best entry-level GHD hair dryer in 2021

The best high-end GHD hair dryer in 2021

The most coveted by top international hairdressers

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Comparison table of the best GHD hair dryer

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
GHD Hairdryer - Air Premium Set 5
GHD Flight hair dryer 6
GHD Helios hair dryer 7
GHD Air hair dryer 8
GHD Hairdryer - Air Premium Set
GHD Flight hair dryer
GHD Helios hair dryer
GHD Air hair dryer
This semi-professional hair dryer comes with various accessories, several speeds and a "cold air" mode for shiny, soft and protected hair. Professionals and hairdressing enthusiasts alike will be delighted to acquire such a device.
Retractable and small in size, the GHD flight will be your best travel ally. Equipped with "ghd hair safeguard" technology, it protects hair from excessive heat exposure by automatically turning off when the device is too close to it.
The GHD Helios keeps all its promises to honor its world-renowned manufacturer. Thanks to its incredible drying speed of 120 km/h, it gives you a perfect blow-dry, worthy of the greatest hair salons in record time.
The GHD brand offers you here a beautiful device to style and dry your hair with ease. It has been ingeniously designed to bring you a comfortable user experience without restricting your movements.
Cord length
2.7 m
1.8 m
3 m
2.7 m
700 g
422 g
510 g
600 g
2 100 W
1,400 W
2 200 W
2 100 W
Ionic technology
Accessories included
Ghd diffuser, size 3 ceramic round brush, cotton storage pouch, 2 hair clips
One cotton pouch, one air concentrator tip
Air concentrator tip
Two tips

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Our opinion on GHD hair dryers

Good Hair Day was founded in England in 2001 and is a leading brand in the field of hair care products and appliances. Highly appreciated for its professional quality straighteners and hair dryers, it specializes in high-end hair styling tools. Suitable for all hair types, GHD hair dryers will be your unbeatable beauty allies for beautiful straight or curly hair.

Quality at a price

The brand's hair dryers are manufactured in factories in England and the products offered are dedicated to both professionals and individuals. But in any case, the brand does not do things by halves! The design of GHD hair dryers is cleverly thought out and the brand does not skimp on quality and ergonomics either. This provides users with a pleasant, comfortable and effortless experience. Whether the hair dryer is professional or not, the result is always impeccable. The price of GHD hair dryers is high, as it is estimated to be equal to their quality. A financial constraint that may put some people off, but the reality is quite different. On the contrary, hairdressing enthusiasts are flocking to GHD hair dryers.

Ease of cleaning

According to the many opinions of satisfied GHD hair dryers, these appliances are, on the whole, easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the removable tips from the hair dryer. Once that's done, all you have to do is remove any strands of hair that are stuck in the vent or air outlets of the dryer. To clean the outside of the dryer, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth. For a thorough cleaning, the filter of the device is removable. For the rest of the operation, you just have to follow the instructions in the product's manual.

Great freedom of movement

In designing its hair dryers, GHD has had customer satisfaction at the heart of its considerations and has seen fit to equip its products with a long power cord. This is so that the user can remain free in his movements. This is very convenient when you want to change sides when you do your clients' hair or when you want to grab a hair clip or a comb that is a little further away from your dressing table. The freedom of movement and comfort of using the hair dryer is also the same for people who do their own blow-drying. GHD has made this possible by making the power cord of its hairdryers swivel at the junction with the unit.

Responsive customer service

According to the brand's fans, GHD's customer service and after-sales service are quite competent and helpful. If you're looking for accessories or spare parts for your GHD hair dryers, all you have to do is contact the customer service by mail, email, or simply by going on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Note that these items are available for five years. You can also get them from approved stores.


If you think GHD hair dryers are the same as the classic models on the market, you haven't seen anything yet! Designed to meet the needs of all hair types, these appliances use innovative technologies (Airprecis, ionic, etc.) for a result worthy of a hairdresser's salon, with total respect for your hair fiber. Recognized worldwide, GHD is a luxury brand that offers professional quality products, whether they are straighteners or hair dryers. In short, GHD hair dryers are well worth the price. However, to be able to enjoy such high-end appliances, you will have to budget quite a lot.

GHD or Dyson hair dryer?

GHD hair dryer

GHD is a brand that focuses on design and innovative technology in the design of its hair dryers. Customers can choose from a wide range of hair dryers to achieve any style. Offering various hair accessories, the brand offers a temperature range that meets all needs. The GHD Air Premium kit has been a big hit with professionals and hair enthusiasts alike.

As a premium brand, GHD offers hair dryers at a high price, but this does not discourage buyers. The GHD Helios hair dryer, for example, has been a cult favorite since its launch in 2012. It took a long time for the competition to surpass it. Its successor stands out for its "Aeroprecis" technology, specially designed by a team of GHD physicists, engineers and styling professionals. This technology combines an internal aerodynamic design with a uniquely contoured nozzle that promises to reduce frizz.

Ionic technology, on the other hand, has been commonplace in the hair care industry for some time. But the GHD Helios has managed to outperform many of its rivals in terms of power. It dries your hair much faster compared to most other professional hair dryers on the market.

While ionic hair dryers leave your hair smoother, know that the results from a GHD version are more impressive. Even a coarse, nozzle-less blow dryer can give you high quality results. Despite the high power of its hair dryers, GHD still manages to provide users with very quiet and ergonomic devices that you will enjoy handling.

Dyson hair dryer

It took four years for the hair dryer legend to really take off. Upon its release, beauty and styling enthusiasts were surprised by the unique design of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. The motor is hidden inside the handle, making the device much easier to handle. Because the weight is redistributed on the handle, it fits comfortably in the hand and doesn't cause any wrist strain.

While traditional hair dryers have a vent in the back, Dyson has placed its vent in the back of the handle. There's no risk of the dryer accidentally sucking in and burning stray strands. As the first consumer ionic hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic offers record drying time for hair. That's because of its patented "air multiplier" technology, which produces a powerful, high-speed stream of concentrated air. Despite this, the device is quieter than a regular hair dryer.

Dyson also has an intelligent heat control that regulates the temperature up to 20 times per second. Dyson's famous Supersonic is surprisingly easy to use, both at home and when traveling. For added portability, Dyson ships its hair dryer with detachable, magnetic nozzles.


Dyson may have been the best in the hair dryer world for four years now, but GHD is now its first direct competitor. More powerful than the Dyson for two-thirds the price, the GHD is a must-have brand for any hair care enthusiast looking for professional quality results. A GHD hair dryer is especially useful for those with longer, thicker hair who find blow-drying takes them much longer during their daily routine. Admittedly, the Dyson Supersonic is vastly more sophisticated via its design favoring weight redistribution on the handle and vent displacement.

However, GHD beats Dyson with the ease of use and handling of its devices. While there are fewer manual temperature or speed options, you can rest easy knowing you can do what's best for your hair without constantly changing settings. Reliable, powerful, and easy to use, the GHD is still our top choice over Dyson.

How to choose your GHD hair dryer

To take advantage of a device that is both efficient and adapted to your needs, here are the essential parameters to consider when choosing a GHD hair dryer.

Criterion 1 : The weight of the appliance and the size of its handle

Whether you are a professional or not, always choose a hair dryer that is not too heavy so as not to tire your arm. You should know that a device that is too heavy for your arm will end up harming your health in the long run. So don't neglect this criterion. Aside from weight, make sure that the hair dryer you plan to buy is easy for you to hold. If you have small hands, make sure that the handle of the hair dryer is not too big for your hand. It's also important that your fingers can reach the dryer's buttons easily.

Criterion 2 : Ease of use

For comfortable and enjoyable blow-drying sessions, opt for a dryer that is easy and simple to use. For this reason, a device that doesn't have too many buttons is an excellent choice. Also, make sure you have no trouble accessing and pressing the hair dryer's buttons.

Criterion 3 : Temperature and power

The power of GHD hair dryers usually hovers around 1300 to 2200 watts. To better choose the right appliance for you, let the nature of your hair be your guide. If your hair is fine, a low or medium power dryer will do the trick. On the other hand, thicker hair is better off with a more powerful hair dryer. In short, to save time, opt for power, because low power makes blow-drying or drying too long. Moreover, a powerful hair dryer offers a more professional result. When it comes to temperature, opt for hair dryers with multiple settings and a "cold air" function. This function offers a better hold for your straightening or blow-drying by styling your hair without heating it.

Criterion 4 : Accessories

This indicator will depend mainly on what you expect from your hair dryer. If you are looking for a professional look, then invest in a hair dryer that comes with an air nozzle. This is an accessory that will precisely direct the air flow emitted by the device on your hair. For your information, there are two types of air concentrators: wide, dedicated to thick and long hair, and fine, ideal for medium-long or short hair. In case you just want to dry your hair or define your natural curls, turn to the air diffuser.

Criterion 5 : Technology

Hair dryers exploit one or more technologies for a flawless and professional result. That's without damaging your hair. Ionic technology allows for better absorption of your hair care products for a flawless, frizz-free finish. Tourmaline technology retains your hair's natural moisture and gives it an anti-static, shiny finish. Finally, ceramic technology will be the best ally for fine and fragile hair as well as for people who dry their hair or blow-dry on a daily basis. Ionic technology will make your hair both silky and soft if used in conjunction with ceramic technology.

Criterion 6 : Cord length

Opt for a hairdryer with a long enough cord so you don't have to be nailed down near the electrical outlet. Fortunately, GHD hair dryers have a long cord that can reach 3 meters for some. In any case, make sure you choose a device with a cord length that suits you.

Some functions available on GHD hair dryers

The "turbo" function

Ultra convenient, this function reduces the drying time of hair. It is especially useful for those with long, thick hair and is not recommended for fine hair. It is important to note that the "turbo" function should be used sparingly, as it is particularly hard on the hair over time.

The "cold air" function

The "cold air" mode is a function that allows you to quickly fix the contours of a blow-dry and perfect the curls drawn by a curling iron. This mode is also useful for dull and damaged hair, providing a very gentle drying. The "cold air" mode has the advantage of not attacking the hair fiber and brings shine and color to the hair.

The "power variator" function

This function gives you the right to fast, normal or blow drying. Very useful, it grants you an efficient and safe drying of your hair. This is achieved by adapting the power of the hair dryer according to the nature of your hair. Longer and/or thicker hair will save time by choosing the quick dry mode. The normal mode, on the other hand, is suitable for fine and/or damaged hair that needs a more gentle treatment.

The GHD guarantee

GHD hair dryers come with a non-renewable 2-year warranty and can be repaired during the warranty period and even after. Damage caused by not following the cleaning instructions of the hair dryer is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

What is a diffuser?

Itisa circular accessory with large spikes. Its role is to distribute heat evenly throughout the hair. Hair stylists use it on damaged or fine hair. Curly hair will also keep its natural look thanks to the diffuser.

What is a concentrator?

As the name implies, it's a flat nozzle that concentrates the airflow on a smaller area of the hair. Available in several sizes, this accessory is used for blow-drying, but also for drying.

Ionic technology

This is a technology that allows a hair dryer to produce negative ions that will attach to the hair and neutralize the positive ions that are present. This process eliminates static electricity in the hair for a softer, shinier look.

Why buy a GHD hair dryer?

For its ionic technology

Advanced ionic technology sets the GHD hair dryer apart from its counterparts. The device has a built-in ionic generator that is located near the nozzle and therefore near your hair when it emits the hot air flow. This allows you to have smoother, shinier and frizz-free hair.

For its speed

Spending all your time in front of a mirror to style your hair is a distant memory thanks to a GHD hair dryer. With a professional-grade, high-powered AC motor that sets it apart from traditional hair dryers, it's fast and long-lasting. Some users even say that drying their hair with a GHD hair dryer only takes about five minutes. In short, a GHD hair dryer will cut your styling time considerably.

For the well-being of your hair

Heat styling may be a necessity, but it can also damage your hair over time. The GHD hair dryer is gentle on your mane, as it reduces the amount of heat exposure to your hair. This is achieved by operating at a reasonable power. The unit typically includes two speed settings and three heat options. This allows you to regulate the temperature and airflow as needed. Finish your blow drying sessions by pressing the cool shot button for a better finish.

For its ergonomics

We all know the various discomforts associated with handling a hair dryer. Aware of this, the brand has made a great effort to design hair dryers that are both ergonomic and convenient to use with improved comfort. This translates into a lighter weight, an easier grip, and a more balanced feel when using the device. It also has a long cord for easy movement during blow-drying sessions.

For a quality result

The GHD hair dryer is the result of the experiences of several leading stylists in the beauty industry. By using the services of such a device, you will immediately notice the difference in your hair, both in its texture and appearance. GHD hair dryers usually include two concentrator nozzles that will help you create the hair style you like.

For the brand's eco-friendly policy

The more eco-friendly will be pleased to know that GHD's appliances can be recycled when they reach the end of their life. Also, the brand delivers its products in eco-responsible packaging. Finally, GHD hair dryers are energy efficient and can be repaired if they break down.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the GHD hair dryer:

Babyliss Paris

BaByliss Paris was born in 1961 and launched its first curling iron, distributed in professional networks and then to the general public. Then in 2015, the brand developed a new technology: the EC motor allowing ultra fast drying while respecting the health of the hair. Currently, Babyliss Paris is the European leader in the world of hairdressing and is present in 61 countries where it has sold more than 2.5 million hair dryers.

A key brand in the electronic world, Philips offers different models of quality hair dryers that allow for efficient and neat styling. In 2016 alone, the company employed 114,000 people in more than 100 countries where it had a turnover of 24.52 billion euros.

Remington is an American company founded in 1937 and specialized in electro beauty. It was the first brand to market the first electric shaver in the world. Currently, electric shavers are far from being the only products of Remington. This American company satisfies its customers with other electric beauty accessories: hair dryers, blow brushes, curling irons. What these accessories have in common is their ease of use.

In the late 1970s, after many years of research and collaboration with many large Italian hair salons, the young Paolo Parodi, director of Parlux, began his career with a group of equally young employees in a professional company that would become a global giant. Their first product was the famous "Superturbo 1500". In 2016, At the Cosmoprof Worldwide 2016 Show Exhibition in Bologna, Parlux presented for the first time their newest hair dryer, the Parlux ADVANCE®: innovative, technologically advanced and futuristic.

Dyson is a brand that was created in the early 80s. It first specialized in the manufacture of cordless vacuum cleaners before moving on to other appliances such as hair dryers. Quality, durability as well as a modern and decorative design are the key words. Qualities that you have to pay a high price for. Dyson stands out for its multi-functional products. Whether column fans, hair dryers, hair straighteners or others, the devices offered are among the best sellers on the market.


Storing a GHD hair dryer

Always allow the GHD hair dryer to cool before storing. Once the GHD hair dryer has cooled, fold the power cord in the same manner as it was when it was delivered in its packaging. Do not wrap the power cord around the GHD hair dryer as this can create tension in the cord and cause premature failure of the power system.

Good use of a GHD hair dryer

After washing your hair, dry it thoroughly with a towel. Do not allow any excess water from your hair or any other moisture source to come in contact with the GHD hair dryer. For faster drying, use the GHD dryer without the styling nozzle. Never cover the fan or the inlet opening. Make sure the air inlet filter is not blocked by lint or hair. When drying or styling, do not allow any of your hair to cover or come in contact with the air inlet filter on the back of the unit.

Cleaning a GHD hair dryer

To ensure that your GHD hair dryer works at its best, the back filter must always be kept clean. So remember to clean it regularly. To do this, first unplug the hair dryer from the mains. Never immerse the unit in water. Don't use a steam cleaner either. Instead, wipe the outside of the dryer with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid using sharp or abrasive objects, detergents or corrosive products. Always use the GHD hair dryer with the original GHD filter. After cleaning the exterior, turn the ring with the air inlet filter counterclockwise. Remove the metal filter from the rear housing. Rinse and dry the filter or use a brush to gently remove dust and debris. After cleaning the filter, replace it and secure it.

The recommended people to use a GHD hair dryer

The GHD hair dryer should not be used by children under 8 years of age, people with mobility, sensory or mental impairments. Ditto for persons without sufficient experience or knowledge of the proper use of such an appliance. The user should also understand the dangers involved in using a hair dryer.

Always unplug your GHD hair dryer when not in use

The hair dryer should be unplugged from the power outlet before cleaning and maintenance procedures. This is in case it does not work properly, as soon as you finish using it or when you leave the room, even for a short time.


How to remove a GHD hair dryer nozzle?

If you find that the nozzle of your hair dryer is too tight to remove, you can rotate the hub to loosen it. Another tip is to remove the nozzle when the hair dryer is hot. This will help you avoid any risk of breaking this one when it gets stuck.

How to open a GHD hair dryer?

The GHD hair dryer can be disassembled by removing the plugs above and below the speed/heat switches. Once the caps are removed, you will then have access to two screws. Remove them. Once these screws are removed, the back half of the housing will swivel up to separate the two halves.

Which hair dryer to use without damaging your hair?

With a hair dryer with ionic technology like the GHD dryers, drying is faster. A quicker action that subjects the hair to heat for less time to avoid damage. A hair dryer with the "cold air" function in addition to this ionic technology will also provide fragile hair, a gentle and non-aggressive drying.

How to dry your hair with a diffuser?

Dry your hair with a clean towel. Then add a curl-enhancing hair product, applying it from roots to ends. Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer and turn it on to the lowest setting. Diffuse your hair from the roots in a slow circular motion first. Hold the dryer over your head at a 90-degree angle to add volume to your hair as you dry. Once the top of the hair is dry, focus on the ends, keeping the dryer above the hair. Finally, flip your hair over and blow dry with the diffuser for about a minute for a volumizing effect.


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