The best eyelash curler in the UK 2023

The eyelash curler is a small metal beauty accessory. It allows you to add volume and curl to your lashes, fundamentally changing your look in just a few seconds. However, there is no standard model of this accessory, which is why you should take your time before choosing. Our comparison guide of the best eyelash curlers will undoubtedly help you.

Recourbe-cils chauffant Scobuty

Best value

Recourbe-cils - Scobuty

The best eyelash curler in 2021

With this model from Scobuty, getting gorgeous lashes in seconds has never been easier. The small device has 3 operating temperatures and is very easy to carry.

15,99 £ on Amazon
Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up 1

Best cheap

Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up

The best entry-level eyelash curler

Appeared in 2011, this eyelash curler sublimates the eyes at a small price. It will not disappoint you if you are looking for a good accessory that does its job well. Its ergonomics ensure a quick mastery of the maneuver.

20,29 £ on Amazon

The Elite Models Make-Up is a metal eyelash curler that is very easy to use. You don't need dozens of hours of practice or expertise in make-up to successfully curl natural and false lashes with this instrument. At most, 2 or 3 sessions are enough to master it. And its ergonomic design allows you to spend several minutes making yourself beautiful without feeling the least bit tired.

As for the design, the non-slip coating in candy pink color will please the most coquettish. It brings a feminine touch to your beauty kit. In addition, it comes with a refill to change after 3 to 6 months, depending on use.

Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura 2

Best premium

Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura

The best high-end eyelash curler

Smaller than most eyelash curlers, the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is suitable for all eyes. Its mini size allows access to lashes that hide in the corners of the eyes without fear of cutting or tearing them.

23,98 £ on Amazon

Comes with a spare rubber, this eyelash curler won't give you a hard time. This well-made beauty accessory has a long life, making it a must-have in any makeup bag.

In addition, its compactness allows it to be taken anywhere and to fit the small hands of many women. Not to mention that it allows access to lashes that hide on the corners of the eyes, without fear of cutting or tearing them by the pressure of the tweezers. Finally, the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is suitable for all eyes and gives excellent results.

Eyelash curler - Revlon 3


Eyelash curler - Revlon

The best eyelash curler kit

Revlon eyelash curlers have never disappointed users in terms of quality. If you have droopy, unruly lashes, this high-performance model could be your best bet.

7,14 £ on Beauty Coiffure

This model of eyelash curler proposed by the brand Revlon proposes to completely redesign your lashes to have a maximum curvature. This is mainly due to its ergonomics that allows you to reach the lashes to their roots. If you like lashes with a very pronounced curved effect, this is the device for you.

This eyelash curler is very easy to use because all you have to do is place it at the roots and hold it closed for about 5 seconds before releasing. In addition, it is a mechanical model, you canuse it atany time. There is nothing to worry about in terms of resistance, as it is made of quality steel.


Good price


Alternative good price

If you want quality equipment at a low price, this is the eyelash curler you need. It is very durable and it is very effective in curling your eyelashes safely. Moreover, it is an intuitive device, easy to use for beginners.

2,12 £ on Beautycoiffure

On the market, there are many models of eyelash curlers at a low price, but nothing equals this model of the brand Matic. Indeed, it is especially known for its ease of use and its very practical format. This is mainly due to the weight of the article. It weighs only 20 grams.

In addition, you will be entitled to beautiful curved lashes with a natural effect. It is a mechanical type model, it is not dangerous for lashes and eyes if you are careful when handling it. You just have to be careful not to pull on the lashes. It also helps to open the eyes for those who want to have doe eyes. The spring is strong enough to keep this eyelash curler functional for years.

Eyelash curler - TOUCHBeauty 5


Eyelash curler - TOUCHBeauty

Alternative quality

This model represents high quality and high performance. It is a state-of-the-art eyelash curler that is both practical and functional. It is suitable for all types of users, amateur or professional.

15,99 £ on Amazon

It is a heated eyelash curler with a thermostat technology that protects the eyelashes and the eyelids. There are silicones that will prevent the direct contact of the lashes with the heating wire. This device is therefore not dangerous for your lashes.
It is equipped with long and short comb teeth compatible respectively with the upper and lower lashes. It heats up very quickly. In only 15 seconds, it can reach a temperature of 55 to 85 °C. The battery is quite powerful and the time between two charges is very far. Finally, this eyelash curler is distinguished by its practicality. It is very light and can be taken anywhere without any problem.

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Best eyelash curler

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The best eyelash curler in 2021

The best entry-level eyelash curler

The best high-end eyelash curler

The best eyelash curler kit

Alternative good price

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Comparison table of the best eyelash curler

Recourbe-cils chauffant Scobuty
Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up 6
Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura 7
Eyelash curler - Revlon 8
Eyelash curler - TOUCHBeauty 10
Recourbe-cils - Scobuty
Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up
Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura
Eyelash curler - Revlon
Eyelash curler - TOUCHBeauty
With this model from Scobuty, getting gorgeous lashes in seconds has never been easier. The small device has 3 operating temperatures and is very easy to carry.
Appeared in 2011, this eyelash curler sublimates the eyes at a small price. It will not disappoint you if you are looking for a good accessory that does its job well. Its ergonomics ensure a quick mastery of the maneuver.
Smaller than most eyelash curlers, the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is suitable for all eyes. Its mini size allows access to lashes that hide in the corners of the eyes without fear of cutting or tearing them.
Revlon eyelash curlers have never disappointed users in terms of quality. If you have droopy, unruly lashes, this high-performance model could be your best bet.
If you want quality equipment at a low price, this is the eyelash curler you need. It is very durable and it is very effective in curling your eyelashes safely. Moreover, it is an intuitive device, easy to use for beginners.
This model represents high quality and high performance. It is a state-of-the-art eyelash curler that is both practical and functional. It is suitable for all types of users, amateur or professional.
Curling effect assured
Precise curves
Compact size, comfortable to use
Durable material
Safety level
22,68 g
20 g
20 g
29,94 g

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Buying guide - eyelash curler

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How to choose your eyelash curler

You choose the wrong eyelash curler and your eyes go haywire. Besides, not everyone has the same needs, which means that you shouldn't rely too much on the opinions of others. That's why you need to focus on your purchasing criteria beforehand.

#1 - The protective pad

An eyelash curler with a protective pad does not pluck or cut lashes. Better yet, a device so equipped curls them nicely without too much effort. Nevertheless, you should take into account the width of the protective pad when purchasing and make sure that the device is able to grip all the lashes. Also, it is essential to check that the pad holds well. Finally, it is more practical to opt for a device, whose pad is not black to better see the lashes.

#2 - The material of manufacture

The manufacturing material is also a determining criterion of choice. It is better to choose a device made of high quality steel or rigid plastic to preserve its lifespan. This will protect you from the inconvenience of rust. The market offers a wide choice of very resistant stainless steel + ABS models. They have the advantage of never breaking in the makeup bag.

#3 - The press mechanism

We can evaluate the reliability of an eyelash curler, by referring to its press mechanism. A system involving a spring, for example, allows to press the lashes well, in order to better curl them. We also note a unique pivot system, guaranteeing a constant pressure and therefore a perfect result every time. It avoids the risk of injury to the eyelids. The lashes are in no danger of being torn off, even if they are pressed several times, starting from the base to the tips.

A good pressing mechanism of an eyelash curler also facilitates sweeping curls, as it ensures easy opening of the eyes. Best of all, lashes curl instantly, which is very convenient when you're in a hurry.

#4 - The type of feed

This criterion only applies to heated models. To this end, the eyelash curlers on the market have 2 power systems: electric recharge and battery recharge. In both cases, they are devoid of wires so as not to encumber the user. Thus, we almost never find a corded eyelash curler. The choice depends on your preference.

In fact, the performance of the heating device depends on the characteristics of the battery and the battery. When it comes to rechargeable models, the charging time should be 40 minutes to an hour with a battery life of about 40 minutes.

#5 - Heating characteristics

Once again, the influence of heating capacity only applies to electric models. Heating time matters a lot, as it may set you back if it's too slow. The best devices heat up in about ten seconds and the maximum time that can be accepted is one minute. The device should not be too hot so as not to burn your lashes. The ideal temperature is therefore around 60 to 80°C.

What is the replacement pad and what is it used for?

The pad of an eyelash curler is also known as a buffer. It is often made of silicone and is placed over the metal or plastic tweezers to protect the lashes from the pressure of the instrument.

Manufacturers usually provide at least one spare pad with the kit. Some give up to 6, which allows users to avoid buying one for a long time. Like the Eyelash Curler, sometimes the model you buy does not match any replacement pad available on the market.

Most of these products come in black, but you can also find pads in any color from some brands. In any case, it is better to choose ecological and health-friendly materials such as soft, non-toxic and odorless silicone.

How to properly use your eyelash curler?


The way you use an eyelash curler influences the effect of the curl and the health of your eyes. That's why you should never start any gesture. On the other hand, you can have very sparkling and irresistible eyes if you know how to handle this little gadget well.

Already, it is FORBIDDEN to curl the lashes when the eyes are already made up. Indeed, lashes become more fragile after mascara is applied and there is a high chance that they will break if you curl them. What you need to do is to start with a makeup remover and continue by detangling the lashes before using the famous eyelash curler.

We always place the small curling device near the root and hold it there for 10 seconds. We repeat this gesture for two or three times, going little by little towards the length to have a more natural and less angular effect. On the other hand, be careful not to pull on the lashes when you remove the device, as this gesture is likely to pull them out.

To get longer-lasting doe eyes, you should use heated eyelash curlers and finish with a waterproof mascara application.

Afterwards, it's also important to know how to apply your mascara so that the curved effect is enhanced. First of all, the crucial mistake that almost everyone makes is to apply mascara from the base of the lashes. This is not recommended by professionals, as it tends to weigh down your lashes. It will also cancel out the curved effect you created with your lash curler. What you should do is to apply the mascara in pass to get a lighter effect.

Finally, if you have oily skin, the weight of the sebum will stiffen the lashes. Thus, it's normal that the curled effect won't last long. It's not due to improper handling of the eyelash curler, but it's the character of your skin.

The different types of eyelash curler

The eyelash curler exists in 2 versions: the manual and the electric. The first one is the most common, because it is less expensive and more convenient. However, the electric model is easier to master.

Mechanical eyelash curler

The mechanical eyelash curler is the most effective. But it is impossible to master it the first time around if you are a beginner, since good practices come with time. This type of lash curler gives a natural result with a professional hold. Please note that it is not a good idea to apply mascara before curling the lashes.

Indeed, the latter become greasy and stiff and are more insensitive to the action of this instrument, however very effective.

Advantages: The main advantage of the mechanical model is its long lasting effect. Once your session is over, you will not have to adjust your lashes during the day. Then, this type of device is not very expensive because you will be able to find some starting from 1 euro on the market.

Disadvantages: The major disadvantage of this type of eyelash curler is its grip. Looking like a strange device, the use of a mechanical eyelash curler requires a certain dexterity and practice. For beginners, this can be a bit of a hesitation, but if you adopt it, you won't be surprised by the results when faced with a heated model.

Who is it for? Mechanical eyelash curlers are for makeup experts or those who are already used to using such a device. It is also intended for those who are going to travel because you don't need to find a source of electricity to charge it.

Heated eyelash curler

The heated eyelash curler is intended for those who are beginners in the exercise or those who are in a hurry. Unlike the mechanical model, this one looks funny like a mascara, which makes it much easier to use. Equipped with a heating mechanism, you have to press the buttons on its surface to activate the system. The heat produced will curl the lashes.

Advantages: This type of instrument is that it can be used after mascara. It is more practical and easier to handle than a mechanical eyelash curler. In addition, it constitutes less risk for the lashes and the contour of the eyes.

Disadvantages: On the other hand, its hold is not as good as that of the mechanical eyelash curler. The curl effect is very impressive, but it tends to come undone after a day. This will force you to make adjustments several times during the day.

Who is it for? Heated eyelash curlers are for those who are not yet used to curling their lashes or those who need to readjust their makeup throughout the day. They are also for those who seek to have an exceptional rendering for one day. In addition, some professionals also opt for this type of eyelash curler because of its practicality.

Metal eyelash curler or plastic eyelash curler?

Metal eyelash curler

It goes without saying that this version is more solid. Metal eyelash curlers are therefore more durable. In addition, these models are as safe as can be. The quality of each manufacture is a determining factor in this respect.

Plastic eyelash curler

The plastic eyelash curler is less durable, but has a more pleasing design. In addition, it is less frightening and inherits the aesthetic quality of any other beauty instrument. It is also the most suitable choice for people who have allergen-sensitive skin. It is more concerned about your well-being and comfort. This variety also promises better practicality due to its lightness.


When you buy a mechanical eyelash curler, you have a choice between plastic and metal. The former is certainly more practical and elegant, but has a less than desirable longevity. In any case, the metal instrument is more expensive than the plastic one, but it is a lasting investment. It's also more effective, provided you find a model that won't pinch your eyelid.

Why buy an eyelash curler?

Guaranteed effect

With the right choice of eyelash curler, you can expect results far beyond your expectations. As an added bonus, you'll enjoy a long-lasting effect that can last a whole day. All you have to do is choose a device that fits the shape of your eyes to avoid the risk of damaging your lashes. In this condition, the result is of a bluffing nature. The eyelid is lifted for a very charming doe-eyed look.

Innovative design

The market offers a wide range of eyelash curlers with an innovative design that guarantees ease of use. The device has an ergonomic handle and is easy to hold. There is no risk of it slipping off and then cutting or damaging the lashes. With such a device, you can even lengthen and separate lashes with disconcerting ease. Applying mascara becomes child's play.

Eyelash curler pack

It is possible to buy a whole pack of eyelash curlers. A pack that usually contains enough spare cushions, but also the tweezers to apply the false lashes.

Suitable for all lash types

Even if you have naturally curled eyelashes, the eyelash curler can be used to tidy them up from time to time. Although one model may not be suitable for all eye shapes, this instrument can be used by everyone. The only thing is that you have to make sure that you find a compatible device, whether it is heated or not.

Rounded instruments, suitable for round and wide eyes, are perfect for almost all women. You need to turn to a flat, wide eyelash curler for large eyes. When the tool is able to give a considerable opening, it is suitable for fairly deep-set eyes.

Easy to use

Using an eyelash curler is not rocket science. The only requirement is that your lashes must be free of make-up, except with a heated eyelash curler, which does not have to worry about this. After two or three tries, you will have a result worthy of a professional.

The best brands of eyelash curler

In our opinion, the best brands of eyelash curler in 2022 are :

Shu Uemura

The brand takes its name from its Japanese creator Shu Uemura. Particularly creative, this makeup artist ensures that his innovative techniques are successful. His prowess is reflected, among other things, in the high quality, precision and attention to detail that are so characteristic of his work, including the eyelash curlers.

As a pioneer in the market of eyebrow care and beauty tools, the Tweezerman brand never ceases to surprise with its inventions. It has built up a solid experience over more than 30 years and has established its reputation through its expertise in the field.

Founded in 1999, TouchBeauty specializes in various beauty products for manicures and pedicures as well as facials, body care and hair care. The company focuses on the heated eyelash curler. Moreover, it is the first brand to be known in this field.

KIKO MILANO, a world-renowned Italian brand, is as well known for its makeup and skincare products as for its eyelash curlers. It uses quality formulas to offer tools and products that are all sensational.

Nuonove is among the best brands of heated eyelash curlers. It offers professional quality models, most of them battery-powered. Nevertheless, its products are aimed at both wellness-conscious individuals and makeup specialists.

What is the price eyelash curler

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 11 £
11 £ to 26 £
more than 26 £
Price range diagram


Do not curl your lashes after applying mascara.

Not only will you mess up your lash line, but it can also damage your lashes. When mascara dries, it makes them harder and less flexible. Curling them when they're in a stiff state can lead to breakage: you'll end up with short, stubby lashes.

Do not overtighten.


you want to have long, healthy lashes, make sure you apply gentle pressure when you curl them. Too much pressure can not only give them a weird 90-degree curl angle rather than a realistic curve, but it can also break them.

Curl at the base of your lashes.

Curling at the very base of your lashes gives a better effect.

You don't need to use heat to curl your lashes.

Even if you always curl your lashes before applying mascara, there's a chance that eyeliner, eyeshadow, bacteria and dead skin cells will build up on them over time. Once a week, pour some alcohol on a cotton ball and rub your eyelash curler to clean it.

Clean your eyelash curler.

Effectively, the rubber of the eyelash curler may not hold very well and this makes it very difficult to use. If this is the case with your device, you can dry it with your hair dryer before using it, or even soak it for a few minutes in warm water.

You need to proceed as follows to use your eyelash curler properly: first, you start by pulling your eyelid up. Then, you place the eyelash curler so that all the lashes are in the cushion. Then, we continue by pinching from the root and hold in this position for a few seconds before gently sliding it.

It is safer to use your eyelash curler before makeup. Here is the step par excellence to avoid damaging the lashes: Makeup removal + eyelash curler + micellar water + mascara.

To have an attractive result, you must adopt the right gestures when using an eyelash curler. If you have a spiral brush, you can discipline your lashes before curling them. Afterwards, you apply mascara lightly and avoid putting too much on the tips.


What is the best eyelash curler?

The best eyelash curler depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the place of the eyelash curler in the make-up process?

The eyelash curler is used when you are about to go out, whether in the morning or at night. It can be combined with mascara. However, those who like a more natural effect can do without it.

Can I do without an eyelash curler if I don't have long lashes?

Few people have naturally long, curly lashes. If you are not one of them, try this tool. You'll fall in love with it right away.

What are the risks for the well-being of the eyelashes?

In principle, the use of an eyelash curler is not dangerous. However, the rules of use must be respected to avoid pulling or burning the lashes.

What about the life span of an eyelash curler?

Like any product, the eyelash curler stops working after a while. In general, it lasts about a year, or even longer if you have a model whose pads can be easily replaced.


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Recourbe-cils chauffant Scobuty
Recourbe-cils - Scobuty
Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up 11
Eyelash curler - Elite Models Make-Up
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Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura
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