The best keratin shampoos in the UK 2023

Damaged, brittle and dull hair? You need an intense and effective treatment: keratin shampoo. This treatment helps to nourish and revitalize your scalp, making it resistant to external aggressions. Our buying guide shows you all the essential points you need to know when buying a good keratin shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo 1

Best value for money

Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo

Best keratin shampoo of the year

The best keratin shampoo we have selected for you is from an expert brand in the field of hair care. The effectiveness of this product is definitely proven.

15,26 £ on Amazon

Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo contains no harmful chemicals. The gentle cleansing formula provides an enriching wash for even the dullest hair. The keratin layer that the shampoo provides forms a protective barrier that will stick to the hair fibers for a long time.

This keratin shampoo deeply nourishes and softens the texture of your scalp with its effective active ingredients. The generous 1000 ml container allows you to use it again after a specific treatment. Its composition with apricot oil leaves a light pleasant scent on your hair. Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo is normally used once or twice a week, alternating with a micellar shampoo.

Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin 2

Best value for money

Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin

Best entry-level keratin shampoo

The Natessance Capillary Shampoo with castor oil and vegetable keratin is an excellent choice if you want to have a supple, light and revitalized hair.

7,04 £ on Amazon

Along with keratin, castor oil is also a key component to perfectly care for the scalp. Natessance has seen on the blow and in the wake, the brand has combined in a single product these two essential and complementary ingredients. At the end of your treatment with Natessance Capillaire Shampoo with Castor Oil and Vegetable Keratin, you will surely notice that your hair has recovered its natural health.

The in-depth treatment at the end of this shampoo with keratin guarantees a fortification of the hair fiber. This product particularly advocates the respect of the environment with a purely vegetable container, made with sugar cane. By choosing Natessance Capillaire Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin, you will appreciate an excellent result on your hair but you will also realize an important gesture to preserve the planet.

GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo 3

Best value for money

GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo

Best premium keratin shampoo

This high-end keratin shampoo is highly recommended by many professional salons thanks to the effective action of its favorite ingredient: Juvexin.

45,52 £ on Amazon

GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo is an excellent promise of effectiveness and reliability in treating all hair types. The care provided by this keratin shampoo is guaranteed by the precious Juvexin, combined with other natural ingredients. The action of Juvexin concerns the entire scalp, from the roots to the ends.

This particularly enriching mixture easily enhances the shine and softness of your scalp. With GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo, hair will find the perfect balance to face the vagaries of nature (intense wind, strong sunlight, etc.). The moisturizing formula is an excellent finish that ensures healthy hair at all times.

Organic solid shampoo 4

Excellent selection

Organic solid shampoo

Best solid keratin shampoo

Otherwise, why not try a new experience that is both ecological and effective by opting for this organic solid shampoo with donkey milk and keratin?

7,92 £ on CDiscount

This organic solid shampoo with keratin is an effective treatment for all hair types, offering a relevant result for damaged and brittle hair in particular. With the anti-waste spirit, you will easily apply the dose you need on your hair without gross excess. The formula without chemical additives provides volume and softness on the scalp and strengthens it enough to not falter in the face of various external aggressions.

This new form of shampoo becomes even more interesting in an ethic of reducing waste. It also provides a better grip and takes up less space if you need to slip your keratin shampoo into your luggage for any trip.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best keratin shampoo

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Best keratin shampoo of the year

Best entry-level keratin shampoo

Best premium keratin shampoo

Best solid keratin shampoo

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Comparison table of the best keratin shampoos

Best value for money Best value for money Best value for money Excellent selection
Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo 5
Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin 6
GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo 7
Organic solid shampoo 8
Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo
Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin
GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo
Organic solid shampoo
The best keratin shampoo we have selected for you is from an expert brand in the field of hair care. The effectiveness of this product is definitely proven.
The Natessance Capillary Shampoo with castor oil and vegetable keratin is an excellent choice if you want to have a supple, light and revitalized hair.
This high-end keratin shampoo is highly recommended by many professional salons thanks to the effective action of its favorite ingredient: Juvexin.
Otherwise, why not try a new experience that is both ecological and effective by opting for this organic solid shampoo with donkey milk and keratin?
1000 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
1 bar of 140 g
Apricot oil and keratin
Ricin oil and vegetable keratin
Juvexin, combined with natural seed oil and natural plant extracts
Donkey's milk and keratin
Ideal for
All hair types, very ideal for dry hair
Normal, dry to fragile hair
All hair types
All hair types
Excellent price-quality ratio
Totally environmentally friendly
Cleansing and volumizing effect
Anti waste

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Buying guide - keratin shampoo

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How to choose your keratin shampoo

To get your hands on the best keratin shampoo, you need to evaluate it based on the following few criteria.

#1 - The type of hair

Before giving the right care to your hair, it is essential to determine your hair type: only then can you find the right products for your hair texture and length. Since keratin is an integral part of the scalp, keratin shampoo plays a strengthening and protective role. It is particularly suitable for naturally dry and damaged hair, such as curly or frizzy hair. Keratin shampoo is also less recommended for hair with a straight texture and that are looking for flexibility for curls.

#2 - The composition

Another important criterion although we have in mind that the active principle of the shampoo is indeed keratin. In the composition, prefer formulas without allergens, sulfate and silicon. As much as possible, prefer a gentle alloy that does not cause any threatening effect on the scalp.

More and more brands are opting for a large majority of natural ingredients in their keratin shampoos. In particular, try to find a product with a neutral pH. The thickness of the lather when washing doesn't mean that the keratin shampoo is very effective either: on the contrary it signals the presence of a delicate amount of SLS, an active ingredient that is very aggressive to the hair.

#3 - The frequency of treatment

Depending on the degree of need, you will have to do your hair care at different frequencies. Very damaged hair will need an intense treatment, among other things a wash a day, without prolonging for too long. In this case, use a keratin shampoo mixed with moisturizing agents (castor, argan or coconut).

Oily hair requires a keratin shampoo with a softer formula that is easy to rinse out. If your hair is particularly sensitive, make sure the keratin shampoo you choose does not contain any harsh chemicals. Preferably, the keratin treatment should be used over a short period of time (2 to 3 weeks should be sufficient). At least, if you insist on it, alternate it with a good classic shampoo.

#4 - The fragrance

Beyond the treatment side the keratin shampoo must also provide a certain comfort of use. This criterion is among the points that do not leave indifferent when buying care products. We want the air to smell good when we walk by. Here, the choice will be made only according to the taste of each. Among the variety of keratin shampoos, there is also a good panel to satisfy every olfactory taste.

#5 - The ethics

Each brand stands for essential values that characterize its signature. Some keratin shampoos are for the vegan lifestyle, others are purely organic for the more traditionalists. Above all, there are keratin shampoos that are qualified as high-end because of the brand's reputation in the field of hair care. This criterion respects the principles of each one, while providing the necessary care for the hair.

What you need to know about keratin

Damaged Hair vs. Keratin-Cured Hair

Keratin is an insoluble protein that makes up the epidermal layer, nails, and hair and fur. It is thus responsible for the flexibility and shine of these few elements of our body. It is an increasingly popular component in cosmetics because of its enriching properties. If you have opted in particular for the keratin shampoo, this care deeply moisturizes and strengthens your hair to make it silkier.

In designing keratin shampoo, manufacturers already know that this protein can come from different origins. In animals, it is found in horns and hooves, but also in poultry feathers, sheep's wool or eggshells. Beta keratin also exists, but more rarely, in reptiles and birds. Apart from the extraction techniques, which can sometimes be atrocious, the structure of keratin of animal origin is similar to that naturally present on the human body.

Phytokeratin, on the other hand, is of plant origin and is also similar in structure to keratin of animal origin. Among others, it is corn, soy or wheat proteins. It will serve as the ingredient of choice for shampoos with vegan keratin for example, which must not include any animal snippets. However, the intake remains similar whether the keratin is of animal or plant origin.

In short, keratin shampoo strengthens the keratin that already exists in our hair, to make it shinier and well-supplied. This treatment is highly recommended for hair that is a victim of frequent chemicals or thermal shocks.

The different types of keratin shampoos

Keratin shampoo comes in two main forms.

Keratin liquid shampoo

This is the classic version of shampoo in general: the fluid, fragrant consistency contained in a bottle that is poured into the hair to lather. The high water content in keratin liquid shampoo is an important advantage as it acts as a solvent. Several surfactants are distributed in defined doses in the liquid keratin shampoo to offer a better efficiency to the product.

This conventional version is somewhat problematic when on the go. Its bulky format becomes imposing for limited luggage. The packaging and the container itself are necessarily involved in environmental recycling constraints.

Keratin solid shampoo

The main characteristic of a solid keratin shampoo is the absence of water in its composition, or the very small amount if any. It comes in soap form and immediately contains a good concentration of active ingredients. To use it, you can either rub it directly on your wet hair, or lather it between your hands and wear this foam on your hair.

The solid shampoo with keratin is a good compromise against waste: it does not require any prior dosage and avoids unnecessary excess. Practical to take everywhere, you just have to wrap it well if you go on a trip with it, there is no risk of leakage. This type of shampoo is formally ecological and environmentally friendly: it limits the use of plastic (for packaging) and reduces the carbon footprint (less intense production and transportation resources).

Keratin shampoo or argan oil shampoo?

Keratin Shampoo

Keratin is a protein that essentially makes up the scalp, so keratin shampoo is a revitalizing and repairing treatment for hair. It first protects your hair from thermal shocks caused by straighteners or hair dryers. It fortifies the hair fiber and repairs the hair in depth to give it suppleness and shine. Keratin shampoo is effective in nourishing the scalp and keeping it healthy. It can be a part of your hair routine without any risk.

Shampoo with argan oil

This miracle oil of Moroccan origin is well known for its multiple virtues on the skin and hair. Argan oil has a regenerative capacity on the scalp, protecting it from usual aggressions such as UV rays. It contributes to a deep hydration of the hair, from the root to the tips. The shampoo with argan oil contains a high content of fatty acids and protects hair against the appearance of split ends, signs of chronic dehydration.


If you have to choose between a shampoo with keratin and a shampoo with argan oil, remember that each one has its richness for effective care of your hair. However the shampoo with keratin is especially suitable for fragile hair and provides them with shine and elasticity. Many manufacturers also combine these two components in the same formula for a better result.

5 benefits of keratin shampoo

Strengthening agent

Every day, hair is exposed to natural (pollution, sunlight, sea water, etc.) and sometimes chemical (coloring, straightening, etc.) aggressions. As a result, it gradually loses the natural keratin that keeps it healthy, and subsequently becomes dull. Faced with this situation, keratin shampoo acts as a reinforcement: it brings the scalp back to life by making it supple, silky and shiny.

Protective shield

When you use keratin shampoo, the mechanism works as follows: keratin surrounds the hair fiber and protects it from those little daily hazards, such as straightening. Among other things, it mixes with natural keratin to form a barrier against hair damage.

Spot treatment

The use of keratin shampoo is done at a moderate frequency and should not be prolonged over a long period. However, it is advisable to use the keratin treatment in conjunction with a conventional shampoo. Also, if you need to buy some, be aware that the treatment should not last longer than two or three weeks.

Spontaneous hydration

Some conventional shampoos do not include a moisturizer in their composition. Keratin shampoo, on the other hand, has a moisturizing property that naturally maintains the shine of your scalp. This way, you won't need to find another product dedicated to moisturizing your hair.

Matching with chemical treatments

And finally, keratin shampoo is the ultimate treatment for hair straightening and coloring fanatics. Not only will your hair be permanently protected and moisturized, but it will also retain the effect of straightening or coloring for several months.

The best brands of keratin shampoos

In our opinion, the best brands of keratin shampoos in 2022 are :

GK Hair

Since 1995, this brand has specialized in the creation of organic cosmetic products dedicated to body and hair care as well as to well-being. Its wide range is suitable for all members of the family. With nearly 120 years of experience, this German brand is undoubtedly one of the leaders in hair care and styling products today. The brand has adapted its production to current innovations in order to keep its millions of customers around the world loyal.

This brand already bears the name of its favorite ingredient (Global Keratin Hair). The products it offers meet the highest quality standards. More and more hair styling professionals are opting for GK Hair products because of their immediate effectiveness.

This Australian brand is captivating many users on American soil and has an excellent reputation in the field of hair care. It favors natural active ingredients in its products, as well as formulas without parabens or sulfates, all in total respect of the environment.

This brand is known for providing salon quality results even when using the products at home. It is a reference of excellent reputation in the field of hair care. You are bound to find a treatment that meets your requirements among its wide range.

What is the price for a keratin shampoo

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Keratin shampoo - classic shampoo

If you have to do an intense treatment with keratin shampoo, it is often recommended to follow with a more gentle classic shampoo. In this case, the keratin shampoo will act as a treatment while the classic shampoo will serve as a simple wash. The result on the scalp will be more effective.

Let your hair blow out

Although the many scientific innovations today allow you to provide the right care for the most damaged hair, you have a huge part in taking care of it. Even if you insist on staying on top of beauty, remember that your hair also needs to breathe in its natural state. Don't torture it with coloring after coloring or straightening too often.


As with a regular shampoo, you need to spread the keratin shampoo on your well detangled and wet hair. Then, massage in all directions so that the product reaches every corner of your head, especially the roots. For rinsing, there is no general rule: you can use cold or lukewarm water, as you wish. Depending on the evolution of your hair's condition, you are free to repeat the operation or not.

Prefer "sulfate-free"

Why do we often hear this recommendation? Simply because sulfate is particularly aggressive on the hair fiber. It cancels out the keratin contribution and thus makes the treatment superfluous. When buying a keratin shampoo, never forget to check this detail on the composition.

Support through diet

In addition to operating a treatment with keratin shampoo, you can also stimulate natural keratin by regularly consuming foods rich in animal proteins: meat, fish or dairy products. Beta-carotene, found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables as well as spinach, also promotes the rapid synthesis of natural keratin.


Why is keratin shampoo best suited for Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian straightening consists of fixing keratin on the hair to keep it smooth, silky and shiny for a certain period of time. The keratin shampoo is the perfect maintenance to accentuate this result and prolong the effect of smoothing. In this case, choose a keratin shampoo without sulfate, silicon or paraben.

What are the limitations of keratin shampoo?

Keratin shampoo is particularly concentrated and can weigh down fine hair. Moreover, a keratin treatment is not very ideal for this type of hair. By seeking advice from a styling expert, you'll find a treatment better suited to your hair's texture: for example, why not shea butter.

How do you recognize when to use keratin shampoo?

When you notice your hair becoming dull and brittle, it's time to boost it with a keratin shampoo. Some professionals also recommend a keratin treatment after a cut or coloring. After nourishing the hair fibers with a keratin shampoo, your hair color will have a beautiful shiny effect and will last for a long time.

Are there any contraindications in using keratin shampoo?

The main contraindication in the use of keratin shampoo is mainly related to allergies, various forms of intolerance and irritation at the skin level. If you are affected by any of these problems, keratin shampoo is a risk for you. If you have any doubts about other situations, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a specialist in the field.


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Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo 9
Schwarzkopf Smooth Perfect Shampoo
Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin 10
Natessance Capillary Shampoo with Ricin Oil and Vegetable Keratin
GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo 11
GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo
Organic solid shampoo 12
Organic solid shampoo


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