The best UV tanning lamps in the UK 2023

Dreaming of a beautiful tan? Forget cosmetics and try the UV tanning lamp. Very effective, it offers you a controlled and safe tanning at home while stimulating the fixation of vitamin D. Given the various models and qualities of UV tanning lamps on the market, rely on our guide to make the best choice.

Rubino 3 en 1

Best value for money

Rubino 3-in-1

The best UV tanning lamp in 2021

With the Rubino 3-in-1, get a tan without going to the beach while taking care of your skin. This high quality device will give you everything you need to fight against skin aging.

497 £ on Cdiscount

The Rubino 3-in-1 UV tanning lamp allows you to perfect your tan without leaving your home. By emitting balanced spectrums of red light and ultraviolet light, this lamp accelerates tanning for a quick and safe result. You can program the tanning time so that each session is meticulously calibrated.

The Rubino 3-in-1 doesn't just tan. The device, ranked among the best light therapy tools, also takes care of your skin. It works in depth to encourage the production of collagen, a substance that is essential for the renewal of skin tissue. Wrinkles will be less pronounced and your skin will be smoother, more supple and more hydrated after each session.

Beurer IL 50

Best value for money

Beurer IL 50

The best entry-level UV tanning lamp

The Beurer IL 50 is the lamp that takes care of you. Regular exposure can help you fight a cold or stiff muscles while making your skin smoother.

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Beurer, the leading specialist in light therapy devices, offers you the IL 50. It is a lamp that uses the power of infrared light on the body. This light is involved in several healing processes. By regularly exposing yourself to the light emitted by the Beurer IL 50, you can help your body to fight against muscle stiffness, colds and sore throats.

The light emitted also has beneficial effects for the skin. It optimizes the care you apply to your skin to make it healthier, suppler and younger. The sessions will be easy and comfortable since the lamp can be tilted as you wish. It also has a programmable electronic timer, which is essential for accurately setting the exposure time for each session.

Pierucci BodyPAD

Best value for money

Pierucci BodyPAD

The best high-end UV tanning lamp

The Pierucci BodyPAD will give you the opportunity to tan from head to toe. The best part? You won't have to go out in the sun, with all the constraints that implies.

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Facial Tanner BBWC 9212

A great choice

Facial Tanner BBWC 9212

A great low-cost alternative

Keep the skin on your face and décolletage tanned all year long with the Tanner BBWC 9212 Facial Tanning Lamp. Plus, it's portable, so it's handy when you're traveling.

332 £ on Cdiscount

In winter or summer, ensure a perfect tan on your face and décolletage with the Facial Tanner BBWC 9212. This device features 12 UV tubes that emit ultraviolet spectrums to turn your skin golden and present it at its best. Of course, the light has been calibrated to be safe for your skin. A pair of glasses will be offered to better protect your eyes.

Tanning is not only done at home. The Facial Tanner BBWC 9212 is a portable tanning lamp. When you're on the go, your tanning package will come with you to help you look your best. The UV lamps have a 300-hour life span, which gives you that many hours of tanning time.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best UV tanning lamp

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The best UV tanning lamp in 2021

The best entry-level UV tanning lamp

The best high-end UV tanning lamp

A great low-cost alternative

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Comparison table of the best UV tanning lamps

Rubino 3 en 1
Beurer IL 50
Pierucci BodyPAD
Facial Tanner BBWC 9212
Rubino 3-in-1
Beurer IL 50
Pierucci BodyPAD
Facial Tanner BBWC 9212
With the Rubino 3-in-1, get a tan without going to the beach while taking care of your skin. This high quality device will give you everything you need to fight against skin aging.
The Beurer IL 50 is the lamp that takes care of you. Regular exposure can help you fight a cold or stiff muscles while making your skin smoother.
The Pierucci BodyPAD will give you the opportunity to tan from head to toe. The best part? You won't have to go out in the sun, with all the constraints that implies.
Keep the skin on your face and décolletage tanned all year long with the Tanner BBWC 9212 Facial Tanning Lamp. Plus, it's portable, so it's handy when you're traveling.
Facial or full body tanning
Tanning, infrared therapy, collagen therapy
Infrared therapy
Number of UV/infrared tubes
Water meter
Yes, with auto shut-off
Yes with auto shut-off
Yes with auto shut-off
Yes with auto shut off

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Buying guide - UV tanning lamp

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How to choose your UV tanning lamp

To get the best results, whether for aesthetic reasons or for skin treatment, it is important to consider a number of criteria before buying a UV tanning lamp.

#1 - Body parts to tan

Before using a sunbed, you should know the nature of your skin and the areas you want to tan. If you only want to tan your face and chest, choose a facial solarium. However, if you prefer a complete tan, this type of device will not be sufficient. Turn to a tanning booth instead.

#2 - The power of the device

The most common devices for home tanning are facial solariums. They are different from those intended for professionals, and are of the UV3 type. The effectiveness of a facial tanner depends on the number of ultraviolet light tubes on the device. For an even, quality tan, make sure your device is equipped with at least 6 to 12 tubes with a minimum power of 105 W. Some models offer reflectors to minimize the number of lamps required while others have side panels for optimal tanning.

#3 - The options

Some lamps offer a light therapy function to enjoy an extra moment of well-being while tanning. Units that have a timer and an audible alarm to signal the end of the operation are also very convenient. The automatic shut-off option is also recommended, especially if you're the dizzy type or have small children at home. Also choose lamps that offer a user memory feature with customizable programs in case several people use it at home.

#4 - Compactness


most users, compactness is an important criterion when choosing a UV tanning lamp. Indeed, in addition to not taking up much space, it can be moved anywhere for more convenience. Note that some devices are designed to be foldable, retractable for easy storage.

#5 - Security

Make sure your lamp is CE certified, has UVA neon lights and generates more UVA and less UVB. Indeed, ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation has a better ability to tan the skin while ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation is likely to reduce the thickness of the second layer of the skin, thus promoting the appearance of wrinkles and burns.

The level of tanning according to the type of skin

Not all skin types tolerate prolonged exposure to UV tanning lamps in the same way. Whether it's for aesthetic purposes or for a skin treatment, some skin types take time to tan while others have a really hard time tanning.

Types of skinCharacteristics
by skin type
Time supported
under UV without protection
Burn levels Sensitivity to tanning
Type 1Very fair skin, often with pigmented spots, red or light blonde hair, light eyes1-5 to 10minBurns very quicklyDoes not tan
Type 2Light skin, blond hair, light eyes, grey, blue, green10 to 20 minutesBurns quicklyTans very slowly
Type 3Light skin, dark blond to brown hair, often dark eyes20 to 30 minutesBurns fairly quicklyTans easily
Type 4Dark skin, dark hair and eyes30 to 45 minutesBurns sometimesTans very well
Type 5Very matte skinRarely burnsRarely burns Tans intensely
Type 6Very dark to black skinNever burnsNever burns Invisible tanning

Therapeutic light

UV light can treat certain skin disorders such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or vitiligo, but always seek medical advice.

UV facial tanning lamp or sun?

UV facial tanning lamp

The UV facial lamp offers an effective and controlled tanning of the upper part of your body. It emits an ultraviolet light that is responsible for the inner tanning. There are several types of tanning lamps, most of which can be classified into two distinct groups: low pressure and high pressure. However, the UV radiation it generates is more intense than that emitted by the sun and it is dangerous if you do not follow the instructions for use carefully.

Sun tanning

As the name implies, sunbathing is simply sunbathing while lying exposed to the sun's rays for the purpose of tanning. If you know how to do it right, sunbathing can have certain benefits such as the release of serotonin which is a mood enhancing hormone. However, when you spend too much time in the sun, you are also at risk of being vulnerable to what are called "sunburns". These can be extremely painful and can even cause blistering in the worst case scenario.


In general, tanning equipment emits UV rays at a higher intensity than the sun. Lamps and tanning beds can actually emit up to 10 times more UVB rays and, on average, 2 to 14 times more UVA rays than the sun. This makes these devices dangerous. However, sun tanning shows less effectiveness compared to facial tanning lamps especially if you want to target specific areas of your body.

In conclusion, tanning lamps outweigh sun exposure. All you have to do is follow the safety instructions to the letter when using your tanning device. On the other hand, if you have a vitamin D deficiency, it is better to expose yourself to the sun from time to time than to a tanning lamp, even though it can also fix vitamin D.

Things to note

It is crucial to always use UV protection glasses during your sessions to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Why buy a UV tanning lamp?

Combining beauty and pleasure

Tanned skin is a symbol of fun and vacation in seaside resorts. It is also an asset of seduction and beauty. The UV tanning lamp is an effective solution to get that nice tanned complexion in any season, without waiting for the sun to appear.

Rectify your complexion

A UV tanning lamp allows you to have a nice complexion. If you have an aspirin complexion or a complexion that is neither white nor matte, you don't have to wait for the sun to shine brightly to hit the parks on the weekend. This type of lamp is the best solution! In addition, the effects of UV tanning help fight various skin rashes, such as acne.

Get a tan whenever you want

During the winter and even in the middle of summer, the sun is not always out. The UV tanning lamp allows you to do sessions at home at the time that suits you. It allows you to have a tanned complexion in any season. No need to make an appointment at the spa or institute.

Tanning on a specific area

This innovative device also offers the possibility of tanning only in a specific area: the neck, the back of the neck, the face, etc. Unlike natural tanning or other devices, the UV lamp is light. Therefore, you can easily pass it on a specific part of the body to have a perfect complexion.

A controlled tanning

A UV lamp is equipped with a timer. It allows you to tan for a time adjusted to your needs. It sends a sound signal when the time is up. This allows you to have a regular and quality tan since you have control over the device and any risk of burning will be completely eliminated.

The best brands of UV tanning lamps

In our opinion, the best brands of UV tanning lamps in 2022 are :

Hapro Summer

Rubino the brand of the German company Cosmedico, a company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of tanning products. The company started with the production of tanning beds 40 years ago. Today, their UV lamps are acclaimed for their quality and performance.

Beurer GmbH is a German family-owned company that manufactures electrical devices for health and wellness. The brand was first noticed for its heating blankets, before making an excellent reputation in the production of tanning devices, including lamps. This brand is reliable and robust.

The best invention of this German brand is the Facial Tanner UV tanning lamp. Certified safe for health by the European certification, the lamp is robust and efficient. This small size solarium is perfect to give you a soft skin with a beautiful tan.

A German brand that has convinced consumers with its Efbe-Schott SC OKB 912 device. It is a brand that loves simplicity: its devices have been designed with a minimalist, but very elegant design.

Hparo summer boasts to be The professional brand of home tanning. It has been offering for years a wide variety of tanning units designed to meet all needs and for all spaces.

What is the price for an UV tanning lamp

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Take care of your UV tanning lamp

It is recommended to change the lamps every 1000 hours of normal use. It is also essential to change the quartz, reflectors and dichroic filters every year if they are used for 8 hours a day. In order to maintain optimum efficiency for as long as possible, the lamps and reflectors should be cleaned every 500 hours using isopropanol wipes. It is also important to ensure that the ventilation system of your dryers does not become clogged in order to reduce air circulation and avoid overheating the lamps.

Determine your skin type.


is imperative to know your skin type before you have a tanning session. If you don't know your skin type, do a test because the exposure time to the rays of a UV tanning lamp is different according to your skin type. For this, contact a dermatologist. If your skin type is type 1, tanning is not recommended because people with skin type 1 do not tan and their skin becomes reddish and burns very quickly.

What to do in case of burns after UV tanning.

If you

get burns, apply cold water to cool the affected area. You can also apply an after-sun cream such as Aloe Vera lotion to soothe your skin. If you have an Aloe Vera plant at home, cut off one of its leaves and rub the sap directly onto the burn. Do this several times a day with a freshly cut leaf to soothe the itching and pain and help the skin heal faster. Finally, drink plenty of water. If the pain is unbearable, take painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, and seek a doctor's advice on the right dose.

Beware of tanning creams!


good moisturizer, tanning lotion, and specific gas pedals will protect your skin from aging and reduce its sensitivity to UV radiation. When using a tanning lotion, do not shower until 60 to 90 min after the session. Leave the lotion on. Tanning lotion should be applied liberally to all areas to be tanned, especially sensitive areas. Although these tanning lotions give excellent results when used with indoor tanning systems, they do not protect against sunlight. Therefore, never use indoor tanning lotions as a sunscreen. Likewise, don't use outdoor tanning products with an SPF filter when you go into an indoor tanning system.

Check the contraindications of your medications.


medications can increase your sensitivity to UV radiation and cause unexpected effects. These include antibiotics, diuretics, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antimalarials, some painkillers (for treating rheumatism and arthritis), some birth control pills, psoralens (for treating psoriasis), eosin (lipstick), etc.


What is the best UV tanning lamp?

The best UV tanning lamp depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Apart from the aesthetic effect, what are the benefits of tanning with a UV lamp?

In addition to tanning, UV lamps provide the body with vitamin D so that it can assimilate calcium. On the recommendation of a doctor, they are also used to treat certain skin disorders.

How long does a UV tanning lamp last?

After 1000 hours of use under "normal" conditions, a UV lamp loses 20% of its UV efficiency, but it all depends on the frequency of use and the way you maintain your device.

What kind of person is vulnerable to UV tanning lamps?

People with diabetes, epilepsy, migraine and asthma may be sensitive to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from a UV tanning lamp.

Can I keep my make-up on throughout the tanning session?

No. Be aware that perfumes, make-up, deodorants and other cosmetic products can influence the effect of UV rays on your skin. It is common for these cosmetics to increase the sensitivity of your skin and increase the risk of burning. The only exception is tanning lotions.


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Rubino 3 en 1
Rubino 3-in-1
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Beurer IL 50
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Pierucci BodyPAD
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