The best electric chainsaws in the UK 2023

A must-have tool for large gardens, the chainsaw is used to prune branches, cut down trees or cut wood for heating. But if you don't plan to do a lot of felling, choose an electric chainsaw over a thermal model. Bosch, Makita, Ryobi, which electric chainsaw should you choose this year? You'll find out by reading our buying guide.

Bosch UniversalChain 35 1

Best value for money

Bosch UniversalChain 35

The best electric chainsaw

This corded chain saw with chrome-plated Oregon chain with automatic lubrication has a power of 1800 W and a bar of 35 cm. Its weight is limited to 4.2 kg, making it easy to handle.

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It's no surprise to find a Bosch chainsaw at the top of this ranking. But the UniversalChain 35 doesn't just build its reputation on its prestigious name. In fact, this corded chainsaw develops 1,800 W of power. Add to that the 35 cm long guide bar, the 30 cm cutting length and the chain speed of 12 m/s, and you have a tool that rivals many thermal models.

The weight of only 4.2 kg adds to the versatility of the Bosch UniversalChain 35. It's very maneuverable and can be used to fell trees or cut firewood. In some cases, you could even use it to prune branches that are not too high. However, you will need an extension cord to use it properly.

Alpina EA 1800 2

Best value for money

Alpina EA 1800

The best entry-level electric chainsaw

If you don't have more than 100 euros to spend on a chainsaw, this one will do the trick. With this tool, you will have no trouble cutting wood or fixing the appearance of branches in your garden.

59,92 £ on Cdiscount

The Alpina EA 1800 has pleasantly surprised the editors, not only by its price but also by its technical characteristics. Weighing 4.4 kg, it develops a power of 1,800 W and has a bar of 35 cm, enough to saw trunks of 30 to 40 cm in diameter without stumbling. At full power, the Oregon chain speed can reach 13.5 m/s.

Like all corded electric chainsaws, the Alpina EA 1800 requires the use of an extension cord because the power cord is too short. But its maneuverability, versatility and cutting quality are worth the small extra investment.

Makita DUC353RF2 3

Best value for money

Makita DUC353RF2

The best high-end electric chainsaw

Looking for the ultimate cordless chainsaw? Treat yourself to the Makita DUC353RF2. Its power, its autonomy and its cutting length will satisfy the most demanding.

359 £ on Rueducommerce

Makita offers us the cordless chainsaw DUC353RF2. Equipped with 2 Li-ion batteries, it has a total power of 36 V, which ensures an average autonomy of 1 hour. With an impressive speed of 20 m/s, this model can easily compete with thermal chainsaws. In addition, the 35 cm guide bar ensures a variety of uses (pruning, cutting, felling).

Despite the presence of 2 batteries, Makita manages to limit the weight of its chainsaw to 4.7 kg. For a better grip, the Japanese firm has installed soft grip handles. You can also vary the speed of the chain via the trigger. And if you're looking for a lower price, the BLACK+DECKER GKC3630L25-QW should interest you.

Ryobi RCS18X30-50F 4


Ryobi RCS18X30-50F

The best compact electric chainsaw

For cutting firewood or precision pruning, the Ryobi RCS18X30-50F does the job. This cordless chainsaw is very handy thanks to its 4 kg battery weight.

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Ryobi cordless garden tools have always stood out for their ergonomics, performance and build quality. And when it comes to compact chainsaws, the RCS18X30-50F is a must. The 18 V Li-ion battery is impressive with an average runtime of 40 minutes. Also note the 30 cm bar, the self-lubricating Oregon chain, and the 10 m/s chain speed.

Once the battery is installed, the Ryobi RCS18X3050F weighs 4.6 kg, which is very reasonable for a cordless chainsaw. Moreover, men and women can use this model without distinction. And for big jobs, don't hesitate to add a few more batteries.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric chainsaw

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The best electric chainsaw

The best entry-level electric chainsaw

The best high-end electric chainsaw

The best compact electric chainsaw

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Comparison table of the best electric chainsaws

Bosch UniversalChain 35 5
Alpina EA 1800 6
Makita DUC353RF2 7
Ryobi RCS18X30-50F 8
Bosch UniversalChain 35
Alpina EA 1800
Makita DUC353RF2
Ryobi RCS18X30-50F
This corded chain saw with chrome-plated Oregon chain with automatic lubrication has a power of 1800 W and a bar of 35 cm. Its weight is limited to 4.2 kg, making it easy to handle.
If you don't have more than 100 euros to spend on a chainsaw, this one will do the trick. With this tool, you will have no trouble cutting wood or fixing the appearance of branches in your garden.
Looking for the ultimate cordless chainsaw? Treat yourself to the Makita DUC353RF2. Its power, its autonomy and its cutting length will satisfy the most demanding.
For cutting firewood or precision pruning, the Ryobi RCS18X30-50F does the job. This cordless chainsaw is very handy thanks to its 4 kg battery weight.
Corded or cordless?
1,800 W
1,800 W
2 x 18 V
18 V / 5 Ah
Chain bar length
35 cm
35 cm
35 cm
20 cm
4.2 kg
4.4 kg
4.7 kg
4,6 kg
Chain speed
12 m/s
12 m/s
20 m/s
10 m/s

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Buying guide - electric chainsaw

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How to choose your electric chainsaw

The functionality and features offered for each model change the capabilities of the device. It is therefore important to look at each of these criteria to avoid disappointment during use.

#1 - Security

Despite the safety precautions taken before using an electric chainsaw, the safety level of the unit matters. The best models provide a finger guard on the front to prevent fingers from coming into contact with the blade. In addition, there is a safety lock button, which may not be present on all chainsaws. In addition, the chain stop system needs to be more responsive to the extent that you lose control of the unit.

#2 - The power


this parameter is closely related to the length of the chain. If it is a small model with a 35 cm guide bar, it is better to prefer a power of 1200 to 1600 W. On the other hand, the chainsaw should have a power of 1,700 to 2,000 W for a chain up to 40 cm. This second alternative is mainly for medium-sized models.

Then, the scope of the work to be done also has something to say on this point. A power of 500 to 1,100 W is sufficient for cutting branches of about 25 cm in diameter. More advanced models are suitable for logs up to 45 cm in diameter.

#3 - The nature of the work


you're buying an electric chainsaw for occasional pruning work, a small model with 600 to 800 W is more than adequate for the job. For thicker branches, the required features are:

  • A power of 800 to 1 500 W
  • A chain length of 25 to 35 cm

Users who plan to use the electric chainsaw to cut down trees can turn to models with :

  • A power greater than 1,500 W
  • Chain length from 35 to 35 cm

#4 - The chain


you could see in the previous section, the length of the chain depends on the work to be done. On average, it revolves around 30 cm if it is a mains powered chainsaw. However, more advanced models go up to 40 cm or more.

The battery-powered chainsaw has a shorter guide bar, between 10 and 35 cm depending on the use. In any case, it is best to choose a length of 30 to 50 cm to get a versatile chainsaw. It goes without saying that the self-lubricating Oregon chain is to be preferred, regardless of the brand.

In addition to the length, the type of chain also counts: low kickback, chisel, or half chisel. As for the cutting speed, it should be at least 5 m/s. The larger the diameter of the trunks and branches to be cut, the higher the chain speed should be. Allow for at least 10 m/s.

#5 - The comfort


device that is not too heavy is preferable to benefit from a certain comfort. Electric chainsaws are more advantageous on this point, because their weight oscillates around 3 to 4 kg. While thermal models can go up to 7 or 8 kg. Apart from weight, there are other elements that influence the comfort level:

  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Noise level
  • Compactness
  • Adjustment buttons

If you choose a corded electric chainsaw, consider purchasing an extension cord for ease of use. And if you choose a cordless chainsaw, don't hesitate to buy extra batteries to increase the autonomy.

~ The Editor

Things to remember for safe operation

Using a chainsaw can be different depending on whether it is a corded or battery-powered model. In the latter case, the first thing to do is to connect the battery. Once this is done, disable the immobilizer. The start button can then be pressed.

If it is a corded model, connect the device to the source, then activate the chain brake. When you're ready, simply turn on the saw with the appropriate button. If you are right-handed, use your left hand to release the brake. Always wear safety equipment in addition to these steps: safety glasses, helmet, gloves, coveralls and boots if necessary.

Maintain the chain

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the chain in good condition. It needs maintenance if it does not stop completely when you pull the trigger.

The different types of electric chainsaws

Some electric chainsaws are mains operated and others are battery operated. Find out the main differences between these two types.

The corded electric chainsaw

This variety is chosen for small to medium-sized tasks. The biggest advantage of a corded chainsaw is its constant power. Still, it can be quite limited. It goes without saying that an outdoor outlet is essential in this case. It is also smaller and therefore easier to handle. Its practicality is acceptable. That's why it's used more by individuals.

Prefer this type of device if you need to maintain a more or less small garden quite regularly. Moreover, its maintenance is not tedious and its lifespan is optimal. Its lower purchase price adds to its strengths. Nevertheless, all work is stopped as soon as there is a power cut. In addition, its noise level may disturb the most sensitive.

The cordless electric chainsaw


cordless electric chainsaw is battery operated. It is very powerful compared to the other model. It also has a wider operating range. Which means it is mostly a suitable choice for professionals. Not only are classic jobs like pruning, trimming and cutting done more easily, but tasks at height are also a breeze with these models.

Either way, their performance is perfectly suited to any requirement. The downside is that their maintenance cost can quickly become very exorbitant, as the battery needs to be replaced when damaged. In addition, their autonomy rarely exceeds 40 minutes.

Electric chainsaw or thermal chainsaw?

Electric chainsaw

The first point characterizing an electric chainsaw is its weight. Lighter, it is also easier to handle for small and medium work: pruning, trimming, cutting ... It is mainly used by individuals. This device is equipped with a less noisy motor. A great point in terms of comfort.

However, its power is somewhat limited for pruning work. You will have difficulty cutting down large diameter trees with an electric chainsaw, not only because of its power, but also because of its size.

Thermal chainsaw

The thermal chainsaw is therefore more powerful. Opt for this variety to deal with trees with a diameter greater than 45 cm. The length of the bar is longer and allows you to work safely. The thermal model gains in autonomy and is the tool adapted to carry out work outside and far from a power source.

The absence of a cord is appreciable in the sense that the user will never be limited by the place of use. In addition, it is more powerful with 6,500 W for the best models, intended for professionals. Nevertheless, its use is not necessarily comfortable with its very high noise level. Not to mention its polluting footprint on the environment.


The choice depends on the work to be done. Individuals can turn to electric chainsaw manufacturers to meet their needs. The price range here is more suitable for the budgets of non-professionals. In addition, you have a wide choice of models with different power and features. Professionals and those looking for undeniable performance will be better off choosing a thermal model.

Why buy an electric chainsaw?

High Power

These chainsaws are quick to provide engine power to the rotating chainsaw chain. When you pull the trigger on a gas-powered saw, there is a delay in the power supply. The use of an electric version is beneficial, because the power is immediately transmitted to the chainsaw, which allows the rapid engagement of the chain. A feature that is conferred by the electric power supply of its motor.

Easy to start and use

The electric chainsaw has been a popular choice for several years now. The reason for this success is related to the various advantages it offers. For example, it is easier to start an electric chainsaw. Simply plug in to an available power source, check the chain and press the "ON" button, the machine will start. How easy it is!


The electric chainsaw is naturally quite light, this is clear from the comparison with its ancestor. Its medium size is also concerned, which allows better handling for its user. There is no extra load to store gas or other fuel, which is why the electric chainsaw is lighter than all other chainsaws. This makes the tool really easier to operate than its predecessor.

Low noise

These types of chainsaws are generally much quieter than gas-powered chainsaws, which allows the operator to not only work in noise-sensitive environments, but also to work for long hours without disturbing the neighbors. An electric chainsaw produces low noise.

Environmentally friendly and economical

The gasoline chainsaw transmits many toxic fumes that are harmful to the earth and the environment. An electric chainsaw is safe for the environment. The device does not emit any earth-destroying gases. In addition, the power consumption is also an advantage, because the number of kWh spent does not represent expensive additional costs.


Pay special attention to the oil tank

Check it regularly to avoid leaks. Regular cleaning is also necessary since wood debris can get caught in it.

The chain must not come into contact with the ground

When the unit is running, the chain should not be placed on the ground, either accidentally or intentionally

Be sure to position the unit correctly

The saw should not be level with your shoulders. It should be positioned well below to ensure accuracy.

Respect the conditions of the workplace

Generally, this unit is always used outdoors. At the very least, make sure the area is well ventilated and spaced out. This is crucial for comfort, but also for your safety.

Do not neglect chain lubrication

The chain requires regular lubrication to ensure the intended efficiency. You can even do this before each use.


What is the best electric chainsaw?

The best electric chainsaw depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How does a chainsaw work?

The chainsaw works with a link chain that does the cutting work. You can easily adjust the cutting speed with an electric saw.

What is an electric chainsaw used for?

You need this device for DIY and garden maintenance work. It can be used to shape shrubs and decorative plants, but it can also be used to tackle more complex tasks such as felling trees or pruning branches.

What are the main disadvantages of an electric chainsaw?

The main weakness of a corded and battery-powered electric chainsaw is not the same. The autonomy of cordless models leaves something to be desired, while freedom of movement is compromised with corded versions.

How long is the extension cord needed to use a corded chainsaw?

This depends on the model of the device. This information can be found in the user's manual. Nevertheless, consider your needs first.


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