The best collagen powders in the UK 2023

Wrinkles, roughness, fatigue and joint pain are the signs of a collagen deficiency in the body. A cure is therefore necessary to strengthen the joints and delay skin aging. Taken in powder form, collagen is just as effective as botox, anti-aging creams or hyaluronic acid injections, and the body assimilates it better. Read this guide.

Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder 1

Editor's Choice

Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder

The best collagen powder in 2021

Made with high quality bovine collagen peptides, this food supplement is the ideal supplement to maximize your collagen intake. This is a 100% natural formula that will do wonders for your health!

19,92 £ on Amazon

This collagen powder is a great value, especially for people with joint disease. In addition to being rich in protein, it is also composed of 3% hyaluronic acid and 22% elastin hydrolyzed from fish for enhanced performance. As a result, its benefits are numerous: more supple tissues, strengthened bones and cartilage, and healthy skin.

Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-free, this formula is 100% natural. In addition, each ingredient that makes it up has been thoroughly tested in a laboratory. Finally, the powder form of the product allows you to incorporate it in your recipes and drinks, and its storage is easy since it supports well the heat.

Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate 2


Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate

The best entry-level collagen powder in 2021

It is a powder elaborated with high quality bovine collagen hydrolysate from Germany. Type I, II and III, this supplementation has everything to help you regain a younger appearance.

15,92 £ on Amazon

Thanks to its collagen hydrolysate formula, this food supplement ensures an excellent anti-wrinkle property that firms the skin and promotes elasticity in a quick and effective way. Apart from that, the type III collagen peptide that it exploits allows to soften the blood vessels to prevent strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Free of chemical additives, this collagen powder is GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. It is also easy to dilute and its neutral taste goes into any creamy dish or drink of your choice. Condensed into a 600g resealable pouch, the product will serve you longer and help you achieve better skin appearance, and better health.

By Elixir marine collagen peptide 3

Top of the line

By Elixir marine collagen peptide

The best high-end collagen powder in 2021

Ideal for athletes, this powder supplement provides 10,000mg of marine collagen hydrolysate per day, 9000mg of protein and 18 amino acids. Simply perfect to help the body regenerate after intensive training.

31,92 £ on Amazon

This food supplement is the best ally of the sportsmen and all the people wishing to spare or increase their capital of collagen. Formulated on the basis of type I collagen peptides, this supplementation reduces or even eliminates muscular pain, heals wounds quickly and improves general health.

Effective and fast, this By Elixir powder reaches the targeted areas of the body in less than an hour. For tenfold effects, take the product in addition to a balanced diet. Finally, made in the UK, this collagen powder is certified kosher and halal and contains no additives or preservatives.

NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder 4

A great choice

NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder

For fast visible effects

The German brand NaturaForte promises a high reliability of the natural ingredients it uses in its products including this one. Although very effective, this supplement does have a smell that may bother some people.

22,39 £ on Amazon

It is a powdered marine collagen that has the advantage of quickly providing all the collagen your body needs. And for good reason, it is made from collagen hydrolysate peptides that pass more quickly into the bloodstream than hydrolysed collagen. Nothing could be more effective in cleaning up your joints, strengthening your bones and helping you to better fight the signs of aging.

As for the composition, there is no need to worry because this collagen powder is completely free of chemical additives (coloring agents, soy, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, etc.). However, with its neutral taste and strong smell, it is better to mix it with a drink of your choice or even your favorite creamy dishes (soups).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best collagen powder

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The best collagen powder in 2021

The best entry-level collagen powder in 2021

The best high-end collagen powder in 2021

For fast visible effects

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Comparison table of the best collagen powders

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder 5
Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate 6
By Elixir marine collagen peptide 7
NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder 8
Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder
Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate
By Elixir marine collagen peptide
NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder
Made with high quality bovine collagen peptides, this food supplement is the ideal supplement to maximize your collagen intake. This is a 100% natural formula that will do wonders for your health!
It is a powder elaborated with high quality bovine collagen hydrolysate from Germany. Type I, II and III, this supplementation has everything to help you regain a younger appearance.
Ideal for athletes, this powder supplement provides 10,000mg of marine collagen hydrolysate per day, 9000mg of protein and 18 amino acids. Simply perfect to help the body regenerate after intensive training.
The German brand NaturaForte promises a high reliability of the natural ingredients it uses in its products including this one. Although very effective, this supplement does have a smell that may bother some people.
Bovine collagen
Bovine collagen
Marine Collagen
Marine collagen
I, II and III
I, II and III
Targeted body parts
Tissues, bone, joints, skin, cartilage, blood vessels, muscle
Tissues, cartilage, bone, skin, blood vessels, muscle
Skin, Hair, Joints & Muscles
Connective tissue, bone, cartilage and skin
450 g
600 g
310 g
300 g

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How to choose your collagen powder

Here are the essential parameters to take into consideration in order not to make a mistake when choosing a product for a collagen-based treatment.

#1 - The origin

Depending on its origin, collagen comes in two distinct types: bovine collagen and marine collagen. Because of this, to ensure you get a high-quality product, look for collagen from an animal that is grass-fed, pasture-raised (if you're allergic to seafood), or collagen made from wild marine sources.

#2 - Potential allergens

People who are allergic to fish, shellfish, or eggs should avoid collagen supplements, as many are made from these ingredients. So be sure to check the full list of ingredients on the product label before you buy, including any notes indicating that the product was processed in a facility that handles other ingredients to which you may be allergic.

#3 - Potential side effects

Some reports indicate that collagen supplements may cause mild digestive symptoms or a lingering aftertaste in the mouth. To this end, before you buy your collagen supplement, consult your doctor first. And review with him or her, the ingredients listed on the label of the product you plan to buy.

#4 - The flavor

Some collagen supplements are available in a variety of flavors. When choosing a flavor, think about how you will use the supplement. Do you plan to incorporate it into one of your homemade recipes? Do you plan to mix it with your breakfast smoothie?

#5 - With or without sweeteners

Some collagen supplements are sweetened while others are free of sweeteners. Collagen supplements without sweeteners have a slightly unpleasant taste. If you don't care about that, then choose a product without sweeteners. Most people take their collagen powder in fruit juice. On the other hand, if you prefer them sweet, opt for collagen supplements with healthy sweeteners and without preservatives.

Types of collagen according to their structure and composition

In all, there are 28 different types of collagen, the most important of which are types I, II and III.

  • Type I collagen

This is the most abundant collagen in our body. It is found in teeth, tendons, bones, skin, fibrous cartilage and ligaments. A type I collagen supplementation allows to act on these areas, to heal them, or to strengthen them. Thanks to type I collagen, the skin, ligaments and tendons keep their firmness and elasticity. It also ensures good bone density by providing flexibility and stability to bones and plays an important role in wound healing. Foods rich in type I collagen are the skin and bones of fish, pork and beef.

  • Type II collagen

To take advantage of the benefits of type II collagen, simply include poultry cartilage tissue in your diet. In the human body, this protein is found in cartilage tissue, intervertebral discs and the structure of the eyes. Type II collagen supplementation helps prevent age-related joint pain. Osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases are signs of type II collagen deficiency.

  • Type III collagen

Type III collagen is found with type I collagen. Both of them help reduce minor joint problems. Type III collagen is also present in the blood vessels and tissues inside the heart. It ensures the elasticity of tissues and internal organs. Finally, on the food side, type III collagen can be found in the skin and bones of beef.

The eight foods richest in collagen

  • Beef broth made with marrow bones
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Beef, pork, turkey and chicken
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Salmon
  • Dairy products
  • garlic
  • Egg yolk

Good to know

Collagen has no known interaction with other supplements or medications.

The different types of collagen powders

Depending on its origin, collagen comes in two different types: bovine and marine.

Bovine collagen

Bovine collagen is extracted from the skin, tendons and bones of cows. Quite similar to hyaluronic acid, it is not only widely used in cosmetic surgery, but also in reconstructive surgery in the case of higher degree burns.

However, bovine collagen has come under fire because of the scandals involving beef, including Brazilian meat sold out of date and mad cow disease. In 2001, the European Commission banned the use of bovine vertebrae in the elaboration of food products and France has banned the use of ruminant bones.

Marine collagen

Largely more efficient and more beneficial than bovine collagen, marine collagen is very well tolerated by the body. Its structure is very similar to human collagen. It remains longer in the body and is easily assimilated by it.

This youthful protein is made from the scales, bones and cartilage of shellfish and fish. Marine collagen is essentially composed of fibrous proteins that ensure the elasticity, firmness and suppleness of the skin.

Collagen powder or anti-aging cream

Collagen powder

Taking collagen directly by mouth is the best way to provide the body with its daily dose of collagen. This allows the epidermal tissues to regenerate and maintain their elasticity more quickly. The advantage of powdered collagen over cream is that it is better absorbed by the body and thus reaches the deeper layers of the epidermis more quickly and effectively. Simply add it to a smoothie, milk or any liquid breakfast preparation and you're done! A real time saver for you.

Anti-aging cream

Most cosmetic products, including anti-aging creams, are based on collagen to prevent and reduce the signs of aging skin. To achieve good results, the cream must be applied morning and night to the areas to be treated. However, the collagen molecules in the creams are too large to penetrate deep into the skin layers. Their effects are therefore limited to the outer surface of the skin. In addition, the positive effects of creams are short-lived. They must be applied several times a day to have a long-term effect.


In conclusion, if you want to benefit from the effects of collagen on your skin more quickly and in the long term, taking collagen powders is a better choice. In addition to being easily assimilated by the body, taking collagen orally is more effective than applying creams. However, there is nothing to prevent you from using these two options simultaneously.

8 reasons to take collagen powder

To benefit from the advantages of collagen in a direct way

The dose of collagen in the capsules is not sufficient for a good efficiency. Liquid solutions often lack stability and therefore need chemical acidifiers to be more effective. As for powdered collagen, it allows a quick ingestion.

To fight against wrinkles and cellulite

Numerous studies have proven that taking 2.5 grams of collagen per day for eight weeks helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles by about 18% and to firm up the skin. Similarly, the same daily amount of collagen was effective against cellulite. Collagen supplementation is also an excellent option for pregnant women as it allows them to have beautiful, plump skin without unsightly striae after giving birth.

To help the body heal

Collagen has proven to be effective in quickly healing injuries, whether they are minor (scratches or scrapes) or serious. Thanks to collagen, the body creates new connective tissue essential for wound healing.

To have a firm, elastic and rejuvenated skin

Collagen is widely used in cosmetic products for its anti-aging properties. Indeed, it plumps the skin from the inside and allows a natural lifting of the epidermis. Result: the skin, rid of its imperfections, is radiant. Moreover, the body cells are quickly regenerated to delay their aging as long as possible.

To have healthy hair

A collagen treatment strengthens the hair day after day, moisturizes the hair fiber and gives you a thick, healthy head of hair. What a boon for problem hair!

To soothe joint pain

People suffering from joint problems such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis or chronic joint pain will solve part of their problem by following a collagen cure. Taken daily as a complement to collagen, hyaluronic acid will also contribute to increase the joint comfort of the sick person.

For a healthy bone structure

Numerous studies have shown that a collagen treatment improves bone health by increasing bone density. In addition, the anti-inflammatory effect of collagen has a beneficial effect on osteoarthritis.

To prevent cardiovascular diseases

Collagen contributes to a better arterial health. Indeed, when this protein is in sufficient quantity in the body, the arteries are flexible and robust.

The best brands of collagen powders

In our opinion, the best brands of collagen powders in 2022 are :

Alpha Foods
By Elixir
AM Nutrition

Alpha Foods is a German brand founded in 2014 that puts forth environmentally friendly and effective products. And for good reason, its collagen powders are free of chemical agents, GMP/ISO certified, and the ingredients used are all of natural origin.

Vit4ever is a German brand whose keyword is quality. As a result, the brand offers pure, laboratory-tested bovine collagen powders that are completely free of undesirable additives (preservatives, GMOs, flavoring, sweeteners, gluten, etc.). Thanks to the very good amino acid profile and good nutritional values of this brand's collagen powders, they are taken as a complement to all kinds of diets (paleo, high protein, low carb, etc.)

This is a French brand that is highly appreciated for the seriousness it shows in the development of its patented collagen powders. In addition to using only 100% pure and natural collagen, the brand is totally transparent about the composition of its products. And above all, it makes sure that its products are in sufficient quantities to achieve visible results.


German brand NaturaForte is known for its marine collagen powders made from wild fish. The powders from NaturaForte are highly dosed and free from chemical additives. The ingredients used are both natural and effective in providing the daily dose of collagen that the body needs.

It is a French brand that elaborates its collagen powders with the right ingredients and the right dosages, for an increased efficiency in the total respect of the well-being and health of the consumer. Moreover, the entire AM Nutrition team is committed to being the first consumers of the brand's products before putting them on the market.

What is the price for a collagen powder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram



Aesthetic doctors and rheumatologists recommend taking 10 g of collagen per day, the equivalent of one tablespoon of collagen powder. Ideally, these supplements should be taken in the morning or with a meal. For effective and fast results, take your collagen supplements over a period of two to three months, renewable once or twice a year. However, the length of the treatment will depend mainly on the brand and the product used.

Limit sugar consumption

Excess sugar in the body promotes glycation, a reaction in which sugar molecules mix with collagen fibers and harden them. The result: skin loses its elasticity and becomes stiffer. Therefore, reduce your consumption of sugar, soft drinks, fruit juices, candies, ready-made meals, sauces etc....

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle will allow you to effectively protect your skin and your cells against premature aging and thus naturally stimulate your collagen level. Therefore, hydrate yourself to the maximum at a rate of 1.5 liters of water per day, or even a little more if you do a lot of sports or are very physically active. Choose vegetables and fruits rather than meat and canned food. Finally, stop smoking because tobacco is the worst enemy of collagen.

The best way to take collagen powder

It is recommended to take collagen in the morning at breakfast time. To do this, simply dissolve the powder in any fluid or liquid food such as milk, tea, yogurt, juice or even water.

Protect your skin from the sun

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you really must go out during the hottest part of the day (between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.), wear a hat, a long-sleeved top and sunglasses. Also remember to apply sunscreen to your skin every two hours.


How to stimulate collagen production naturally?

All you have to do is eat a healthy diet and take care of your skin. This is done by moisturizing and massaging it regularly. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as much as possible; it is better to stay at home in the shade at the hottest times of the day. If you absolutely must leave your home at those times, wear sunscreen and renew your protection every hour.

Is it good to take collagen?

Collagen intake is really beneficial for the overall health of the body. In addition to preventing premature aging of the skin and body cells, this youthful protein soothes diseased bones and brightens the skin. Oral collagen peptide supplementation will therefore considerably increase the hydration of the skin and give it a youthful glow after 8 weeks of intake. Therefore, you must follow a non-interrupted cure and be patient to benefit from all the beneficial effects of taking collagen powder. Remember also to renew this cure every year to keep your capital as long as possible.

What is the best type of collagen to take?

For many reasons, marine collagen is the best type of collagen to take to offer the body its dose of youthful protein. In fact, there are few side effects although some people have reported suffering from gastrointestinal pain. Because of this, make sure the marine collagen you choose is produced from wild fish.

How to recognize a collagen deficiency?

Fatigue, arthritis, osteoarthritis, weakness, overall lack of energy. These are the signs of a collagen deficiency. Therefore, if you have these symptoms, it is better to take collagen now, even if you are still young. As you get older, these symptoms will get worse. There is really no ideal age for taking collagen supplements. In fact, it's never late to start. However, you should know that the amount of collagen in the body progressively decreases around the age of 20 to 25. Then, this capital decreases by about 1% each year. This is a natural phenomenon that tends to become more pronounced at the age of 50.


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Our selection
Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder 9
Alpha Foods bovine collagen powder
Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate 10
Vit4ever pure collagen hydrolysate
By Elixir marine collagen peptide 11
By Elixir marine collagen peptide
NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder 12
NaturaForte Marine Collagen Powder


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