The best cheap microphones in the UK 2023

Are you a podcaster, YouTuber, musician, journalist, speaker, sound engineer or karaoke fan? Do you want to buy the ultimate microphone, but your budget doesn't allow it? Don't be afraid to invest in a cheap microphone. Acting as an acoustic/electronic converter, this accessory will be indispensable in the realization of your projects. If you're ready to invest, find our selection of the best cheap microphones of the moment in this complete guide.

Shure SM58 LC

Editor's Choice

Shure SM58 LC

The best cheap mic in 2021

This is an inexpensive microphone for vocals. Available without an on/off switch, the Shure SM58 LC is unidirectional and has a frequency response of 50 to 15,000 Hz.

78,40 £ on Thomann

Once reserved only for professionals in the audiovisual and film industries, microphones are now commonplace. The proof is in the Shure SM58 LC. Considered the most legendary of all dynamic microphones, this accessory has already won over many professionals. Its sound is very clear and powerful. Whatever your musical style (country, classical, hip-hop...), the cheap microphone will adapt to it while highlighting your voice.

We appreciate the Shure SM58 LC for its top frequency response. Indeed, it is able to reproduce clearly the voice with a satisfactory power. And if you're looking for clear, understandable sound, this model has a good midrange and can attenuate bass. Thanks to its cardioid directional characteristic and the included filter, the device will eliminate ambient noise, feedback, breathing noise and wind noise. It features a robust design with a steel mesh grille, enamel metal shell and integrated air system.

the t.bone LC 97 TWS

Best cheap lapel mic

The t.bone LC 97 TWS

The best cheap lapel mic

The t.bone LC 97 TWS is a condenser lapel microphone with a 3-pin mini XLR connector. In compatibility with an AKG system, it is easy to handle and remains discreet.

15,68 £ on Thomann

This lavalier microphone offers performance worthy of a professional. Weighing only 19 g, it operates with a frequency of 20 Hz. Its length is only 37 mm, ideal if you are looking for a discreet and almost invisible microphone. The set includes a clip, which allows you to hang the microphone on clothes, and a foam cap. The latter prevents it from picking up ambient noise, especially if you are recording in a noisy environment.

Connecting the The t.bone LC 97 TWS takes only a few seconds. No need to be an expert or have special knowledge. Just connect it to the recording device and it's done. Practical and easy to use, this model has a very good sound quality. However, we must admit that as a unidirectional microphone, this model must be oriented towards the mouth to be effective. If you often make YouTube videos, interviews, podcasts..., this is the cheap mic for you.

the t.bone RM 700

Best cheap ribbon mic

The t.bone RM 700

The best cheap ribbon mic

This inexpensive ribbon microphone has a figure-8 pattern. Its frequency response ranges from 30 Hz to 18 kHz. Its sensitivity can reach a maximum of 148 dB.

78,40 £ on Thomann

For a price like this, you'll get the deal of the century. The t.bone RM 700 has already made many guitarists and musicians happy. So why not give it a try? You'll only experience its efficiency and performance when you use it. But don't worry, you won't be disappointed. This inexpensive mic is warm, smooth and super soft. It's perfect for delicate vocals and light acoustic guitars.

The t.bone RM 700 is not only a beautiful accessory. It also comes with a very handy and universal mic stand. The top end of the spectrum seems a bit recessed yet smooth, but that's mostly why we love it. On the negative side, this inexpensive mic lacks precision in a battery environment. On the other hand, it promises you a "vintage" effect if you use it on your jazz drums. You'll have to sub-mix it to get a more interesting warmth in back or chorus. In short, this is an offer not to be missed in case you are looking to complete your arsenal.

Rode M3

Best cheap condenser mic

Rode M3

The best cheap condenser mic

We are still in the world of cardioid polar patterns. But this time we offer you a cheap condenser microphone with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Its low-cut filter could be of great help to you.

63,20 £ on Thomann

This is an investment that will satisfy you fully. The Rode M3 was indeed designed to accompany you in all your recording and sound recording projects. It has a small diaphragm and a 100% frosted black metal body. Its appearance seems solid due to the presence of a protective grille that acts as a shock absorber. To be seen in time. In addition, the switch is well adjusted. It does not protrude.

Of course, all these elements are not without effect. The cheap microphone is therefore heavier, weighing 360 g on the scale. If you plan to mount it on the end of a pole, you will need a little elbow grease. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Once it is well fixed, the accessory is not likely to move. As far as sound is concerned, the Rode M3 is very comfortable, whether you are recording a person's voice or the acoustic wave of a musical instrument. Sensitive, it faithfully and naturally reproduces the sound. Note that this model can operate without requiring a phantom power supply.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap micro

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The best cheap mic in 2021

The best cheap lapel mic

The best cheap ribbon mic

The best cheap condenser mic

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Comparison table of the best cheap microphones

THE BEST Ribbon microphone Condenser microphone
Shure SM58 LC
the t.bone LC 97 TWS
the t.bone RM 700
Rode M3
Shure SM58 LC
The t.bone LC 97 TWS
The t.bone RM 700
Rode M3
This is an inexpensive microphone for vocals. Available without an on/off switch, the Shure SM58 LC is unidirectional and has a frequency response of 50 to 15,000 Hz.
The t.bone LC 97 TWS is a condenser lapel microphone with a 3-pin mini XLR connector. In compatibility with an AKG system, it is easy to handle and remains discreet.
This inexpensive ribbon microphone has a figure-8 pattern. Its frequency response ranges from 30 Hz to 18 kHz. Its sensitivity can reach a maximum of 148 dB.
We are still in the world of cardioid polar patterns. But this time we offer you a cheap condenser microphone with a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Its low-cut filter could be of great help to you.
Figure in 8
-56 dBV/Pa (1.85 mV)
2mV/Pa (-55 dB) SPL max of 148 dB
SPL max of 130 dB - 21 dB S/N ratio
Frequency response
50 - 15,000 Hz
20 to 20,000 Hz
30 Hz - 18 kHz
40 Hz - 20 kHz
298 g
19 g
794 g
360 g

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Buying guide - cheap micro

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How to choose your cheap micro

A microphone used for recording a podcast will not be the same as the one used by an artist on stage. All this to say that you need to consider several parameters before choosing the right model. Apart from brand and price, you should also prioritize your needs. Here's how to find the perfect cheap microphone:
choisir micro pas cher

#1 - The use

Not all inexpensive microphones are suitable for all uses. Some models are uniquely versatile, while others are only suitable for a specific purpose. The following details will help you understand:

  • The inexpensive dynamic microphone : it has the ability to capture close-up sounds and is very suitable as a singing microphone, including karaoke, or stage microphone. No power source is required. Durable and solid, it is one of the most affordable microphones on the market.
  • The inexpensive condenser microphone : with small or large diaphragms, the condenser microphone can pick up distant sounds despite its fragility. An external power supply is essential. It is most often used in the studio when recording voices.
  • The cheap electret microphone : this is a relatively sensitive microphone. Because of its very small size, it is usually used in the audiovisual world.
  • The cheap ribbon microphone : the most popular for interviews, this type of model captures the sound more effectively thanks to its bidirectional directivity.

#2 - The sensitivity

Evaluated in decibels, the sensitivity of the microphone is a determining criterion that you should not neglect. The values vary from one type of microphone to another, but the higher the value, the more sensitive the accessory will be. A high sensitivity allows you to record low-intensity sounds, for example. On the other hand, if you are looking for a less sensitive microphone, choose a low sensitivity. It is important to know that the maximum level supported will be defined by the sound pressure measured in dB SPL or decibels Sound Pressure Level.

#3 - The directivity

The directionality translates into the way the sound is picked up by the microphone. It can be omnidirectional, unidirectional (cardioid for those in the know), bidirectional, hyper-cardioid or super-cardioid. Each type of model has its own way of capturing sound:

  • Cheap omnidirectional microphone : this microphone records sounds from all directions. It is generally used outdoors to capture ambient noise.
  • Cheap cardioid or unidirectional microphone : it only picks up sound emitted in its direction. However, this is the most common directional pattern used to date.
  • Cheap super-cardioid microphone : A format that has been abandoned in favor of the hyper-cardioid, the super-cardioid picks up sound more tightly than the unidirectional.
  • Cheap hyper-cardioid microphone : better than the previous one, the hyper-cardioid allows a capture of very tight sounds, far away, at the back or at the front. Not very sensitive to feedback, it is often found on stage.
  • Bidirectional cheap microphone : as its name indicates, this cheap microphone receives sound from both sides. In most cases, it is a ribbon microphone. Even if it is now very rare, this type of microphone is very popular for an interview.

#4 - The compatibility

Before you make the purchase, check the compatibility of the cheap mic with your various devices. If you are doing Computer Aided Music or CAM, pay particular attention to the OS and software factor. Some models support Windows and MacOS operating systems. Others even go so far as to fit mobile OSes like Android and iOS. When it comes to software, make sure the cheap microphone of your choice is compatible with the one you are used to using. For this, refer to its datasheet.

#5 - Wired or wireless?

This question should be asked in case you need mobility. A wireless model is not necessarily ideal in the studio. Cables scattered on the floor won't bother you. However, it can be a real problem if you are doing a live performance, especially for your safety. There are several types of wireless microphones (with a transmitter/receiver pair): handheld, headset, lapel...

#6 - The connectivity

The choice of the connector will depend on the device on which the cheap microphone will be connected. Is it a game console, an audio interface, an amp, a monitoring speaker or a computer? As a general rule, you can choose between the XLR 3-pin or the 6.35 jack if you want to use a balanced transmission. In the case of a so-called "digital" transmission, a USB connection is the best choice.

How does a cheap microphone work?

avis micro pas cher

The microphone is omnipresent in everyday life. You have them in your mobile devices, but also in your intercom, in your headset, in your Bluetooth headphones, in your living room speakers... Do you know how it really works? To find out, here are some explanations.

The general mode of operation of a cheap microphone

The microphone works in much the same way as the human hearing aid. Once the microphone picks up sound energy, it amplifies and transmits it. The device has a membrane that acts as a sensor. This membrane generates an electrical flow that is then sent to the receiving device such as a speaker, headphones, mixer, etc.

In other words, the vocal chord or musical instrument produces a sound, and this is what makes the microphone membrane vibrate. This causes the coil around the magnet to move. The variation of the magnetic field produces an electric current within the coil. It is this current that will modulate the sound of the voice or the instrument. The fidelity of acoustic reproduction varies according to the type of microphone.

How a dynamic microphone works

The membrane of the cheap dynamic microphone is connected to the coil. It vibrates under the effect of the sound wave. The coil, for its part, moves back and forth around the fixed magnet while producing an electric current. The electrical signal emitted is identical to the oscillation of the sound wave.

Mode of operation of an electrostatic microphone

Here, it is the sound wave that gives rise to the vibrations of the two armatures of the capacitor. The capacitance of the latter changes. The movements thus created generate an electromotive force, which produces an electrical voltage similar to the sound waves.

The different types of cheap microphones

There is no point in investing in an expensive and fragile microphone if you regularly work in extreme and difficult conditions. It is better to choose one of the 3 types of cheap microphones presented below, namely the dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphone.

Cheap dynamic microphone

Micro dynamique pas cher

This is the most popular type of inexpensive microphone. It is used for singing (including stage and karaoke) and conferencing. Equipped with a diaphragm and a moving coil, it functions much like traditional loudspeakers. The cheap dynamic microphone is robust and durable. It is characterized by its ability to reproduce close sounds.

Thanks to its low sensitivity, the tool prevents you from recording the rubbing noises caused by the contact of your hands on the body of the microphone. It does not pick up high-frequency sound waves, but can create background noise. The fact that it requires no connection to a power source is a major advantage.

Condenser microphone

Micro à condensateur pas cher

The cheap condenser microphone or cheap condenser microphone is recommended if you work in a studio or recording house. It has a condenser with a fixed electrode and a lightweight plastic polymer diaphragm. It is the latter that moves under the effect of sound pressure.

Ultra-sensitive, it captures sounds even at a very low volume. It reproduces friction, but not background noise. This is why it tends to be attached to an anti-vibration system. The condenser microphone requires an external power supply to function properly. You will therefore be limited in your movements. Of course, it is possible to configure this type of inexpensive microphone to various polar patterns.

What is a phantom power supply?

A phantom power supply uses the 2 lines of the audio cable to provide the cheap microphone with a continuous current at the same voltage. It is only present on XLR microphone inputs.

Cheap ribbon microphone

Micro à ruban pas cher

The cheap ribbon mic is among the dynamic mics. Instead of the usual copper coil, it uses a suspended aluminum ribbon. This ribbon moves in the magnetic field thanks to the acoustic pressure. And since the electrical voltage of the signal is relatively low, it needs a stronger amplification.

The ribbon microphone has a figure-of-eight pickup pattern. This means that it picks up sound from the front and back, not from both sides. The preferred tool of sound engineers, it is suitable for recording vocals as well as guitars and pianos. In addition, the inexpensive ribbon mic offers a round low-midrange response. It delivers a warm and natural sound, even vintage. Unlike a condenser microphone, this type of model offers a soft, resonance-free sound, but it does not reproduce high frequencies well.

The cheap electret microphone

A cheap electret microphone is halfway between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone. It is based on the same operating principle as condenser microphones. The biggest difference is that it has a permanently polarized diaphragm. It's a pity that this polarization is getting weaker by the day. To be avoided if you are looking for a microphone that can be used on a long term basis.

Cheap static or dynamic microphone ?

Cheap static microphone

The cheap condenser microphone, called a studio microphone by abuse of language, is a type of microphone that defines a transparent sound. It is generally used in professional recording studios for voice, but also for musical instruments. In video post-production, it is used for voice-over, dubbing and sound effects.

The sound obtained with a cheap static microphone is round and very warm. The frequencies are very precise. The accessory is available in several versions, including the lapel microphone, the boom microphone, the stick microphone, the lollipop microphone, the handheld microphone, etc. It should be noted that it works only with a phantom power supply of +48 V.

Cheap dynamic microphone

A cheap dynamic microphone does not need phantom power. Although there are all kinds, the most common is the model suitable for singing and vocals such as handhelds. The principle is simple. The dynamic microphone is equipped with a membrane that moves according to the acoustic pressure generated by the sound wave.

It is not an example of sensitivity. It must be placed at a correct distance from the sound source, neither too close nor too far. It is still effective in many respects.


The dynamic microphone and the static microphone differ in their characteristics and usefulness. While the former is easy to handle, the latter is more skillful in terms of sound reproduction. Before choosing between the two, you must first define the context in which the microphone will be used.

Do you want to do a sound recording on stage or organize a karaoke party and sing with your family? Go for the cheap dynamic microphone. Less fragile and less sensitive to feedback, it will contribute to your stage performance. On the other hand, the cheap static microphone will be useful for mixing work in the studio.

Why buy a cheap microphone?

pourquoi acheter micro pas cher

A microphone for your home studio

Are you planning to set up a small home studio at home? You will need a microphone. The device is essential for recording sounds. There is no need to invest a lot of money in a professional microphone. A cheap microphone will do. You just need to find a very high quality model by following the advice in our buying guide.

Ease of use

The cheap microphone is usually very easy to use. You don't need to be a great sound specialist to connect the microphone to an amplifier, a console or simply a computer. In fact, some models have really simple connections, like the USB plug and play microphones that are widely used today, especially by content creators.

A high-performance microphone that accompanies your smartphone

Today's smartphones are real gems in terms of photos and video. You can make professional quality videos with a smartphone. But the microphones are not always up to the quality of the images. The cheap microphone is the ideal solution. Some models fit easily on the smartphone and capture sound with great accuracy.

Cheap microphones suitable for all conditions

The advantage of a cheap microphone is that you can buy several without blowing your budget. You'll have a mic that's suitable for all situations and environments, whether in the studio, outdoors, for vlogging or voice-overs. All you have to do is choose the right model by following the practical advice in our buying guide.

A cheap microphone dedicated to your web activities

Interactions on the Internet increasingly involve voice. Whether it's in podcasts or communications on different platforms such as online video games. These activities require the use of a microphone. Choosing a cheap microphone will help you to carry out your web activities in the best conditions without requiring you to spend a lot of money.

The best brands of cheap microphones

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap microphones in 2022 are :

The T.Bone

Rode is an Australian brand that has been making microphones since its inception in the 1960s. It is one of the leading specialists in the field, with its products having been used by many influential people and at major world events such as the Olympic Games. Rode's cheap microphones boast high quality and are suitable for a wide range of recording conditions.

Founded in the 1920s, the Shure brand entered the market with radio equipment. It gradually specialized in the manufacture of microphones until it became a true reference in the field. Shure is particularly well known in the rock world. Its microphones are particularly appreciated by professionals because of their great robustness and their undeniable sound qualities.

The T.Bone is one of the brands of the Thomann group. It manufactures mainly microphones, but also the accessories that accompany and lines of headphones and devices dedicated to sound processing. The T.Bone catalog consists of no less than 560 product references. You will find at the brand static, dynamic microphones... that meet all needs and are offered at attractive prices.

AKG made its debut in the sound business in the 1950s. The Austrian manufacturer offers a vast catalog of products ranging from headphones to speakers and microphones. AKG offers all types of microphones to suit every need. Looking for a cheap, accurate and durable microphone? AKG's catalog is full of gems.

Sennheiser is one of the largest microphone manufacturers in the world. With its high-quality products, the manufacturer has made a name for itself in Germany, Europe and around the world. Its microphones can be found in professional recording studios, on stage, and in the hands of content creators around the world.

What is the price for a cheap micro

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 95 £
more than 95 £
Price range diagram


Colored dots for microphones with transceivers

Using several cheap microphones with transceivers is not always easy. This is especially true for lapel mics. You can confuse which room with which microphone. In order to save time, you can put dots of the same color on each pair. You'll recognize them much more quickly, saving you valuable minutes.

The boom, an essential accessory

When recording outside your studio, always remember to bring your boom pole even if you don't plan to use it. Some conditions may require the use of the boom at a moment's notice. So keep the accessory close by. The good thing is that some models easily fit all types of microphones, yet are easy to wear.

The dynamic microphone to limit noise pollution

Noise is important when you're recording outdoors. In this case, choose the cheap dynamic microphone. This type of microphone is less sensitive compared to static models. It will therefore only pick up sounds placed at a certain distance. You can also use it in studio although the result will not necessarily be similar to that of a static mic.

The cheap USB microphone

You want to make the connectivity related to your mics as easy as possible? The cheap USB microphone is the best option. Thanks to the USB technology, these mics fit the plug and play concept. You'll have much less trouble plugging in your mics and can start recording faster. You'll also have less worry about which cables to use.

The cheap static microphone connection

The cheap condenser mic needs phantom power. Before you plug it in, remember to turn off the phantom power. This will prevent the loud unpleasant sound the mic makes when you plug it in. Do the same when unplugging. Turn off the phantom power and wait about 30 seconds before unplugging it.


What cheap mic to make YouTube videos?

The choice of cheap microphone will generally depend on the type of video you want to make. Choose a USB or XLR studio mic if you're going to record voiceover on fixed angle videos or if you're facing the camera. For vlogging, interviews, and run and gun videos, prefer a wireless action mic that you could carry very easily where you go.

What cheap USB mic for voice over?

Voice over recording can take place in many conditions. First and foremost, you need to consider the location in which you plan to record. The environment defines the echoes or even the external nuisances. In all cases, you should use an XLR or USB studio microphone. A dynamic microphone can do the trick, but you can also choose a condenser model that will be larger.

What is a cheap condenser mic?

The cheap condenser microphone is distinguished from the dynamic microphone by the presence of a 48V power supply called Phantom. To operate, the microphone must be powered via the console, an amplifier or, more rarely, a built-in battery. The cheap condenser microphone has the advantage of being more sensitive and of providing a round and very precise sound. This is why it is often used in recording studios.

How does a cheap mic pick up sound?

The microphone captures sound by converting its vibrations into current. It is composed of a membrane that vibrates under the effect of the sound. These vibrations pass through a coil glued to the membrane before being transformed into current thanks to the interaction with a magnet. This is the induced current. This induced current will then be reinterpreted as sound by the loudspeaker.


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