The best Bluetooth FM transmitters in the UK 2023

If you are one of the 49% of English people who use their phone while driving, the Bluetooth FM transmitter should have no secrets for you. Serving as both a hands-free kit and a music player, this device has revolutionized the daily life of motorists. Want to know more? Our guide to this device should please you.

Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter 1

Best value for money

Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The best Bluetooth FM transmitter in 2021

The Clydek is a functional Bluetooth FM transmitter, designed to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. A concentrate of technologies that will satisfy the most demanding.

18,39 £ on Amazon

The Clydek FM transmitter deserves to be in this ranking in many ways. Compatible with all smartphones, it features a 1.8" backlit display that clearly shows incoming numbers, your car's battery status, the current audio track title, station and volume. The device has 2 USB ports (with folder selection): one for fast charging and the other for playing USB audio files. Note that you will have access to 4 playback modes.

With this Clydek model, you will automatically switch from music playback to hands-free mode when you receive a call. Switch to private voice call mode at your convenience and accept your calls via the remote control. Launch your music via USB, TF card, Bluetooth or AUX in/out and have 206 full channels in a frequency range of 76.0 to 108.0 MHz.

Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter 2

Best value for money

Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter

The best entry-level Bluetooth FM transmitter

Here is a complete and really cheap Bluetooth FM transmitter, a device that will allow you to listen to good music while receiving calls safely.

15,19 £ on Amazon

With this Bluetooth FM transmitter, you won't want to leave your car. Indeed, this device will allow you to relax while listening to your favorite songs with a perfectly crystal clear stereo sound. Music, calls, GPS navigation, this model will provide you with an amazing experience thanks to audio renderings of rare clarity. This Bluetooth FM transmitter is equipped with a built-in microphone and allows you to manage your phone communication with ease thanks to a single multifunction button.

Take advantage of its 2 Zealife USB ports, one of which allows you to charge your mobile 4 times faster than standard models. Compact, design and discreet, this FM Bluetooth transmitter will be compatible with your cigarette lighter and is not bulky. Note that it has a protection against power surges and other elements that could create danger while driving. In short, optimize your time behind the wheel with the ability to listen to music while remaining available for urgent calls.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display 3

Best value for money

Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display

The best high-end Bluetooth FM transmitter

Choose this Bluetooth FM transmitter with a 1.7-inch display that is both convenient and intuitive. This technological marvel obviously offers a very clear sound.

23,19 £ on Amazon

Whether it's a tablet, a smartphone or an MP3 player, this Bluetooth FM transmitter will work and sync with most of today's mobile devices. You'll appreciate the 1.7-inch backlit LCD screen that can be rotated and displays information such as the incoming phone number or the charge level of your device. With the QC3.0 port, you'll be able to enjoy 4 times faster charging compared to standard chargers.

As for sound, the Sumind uses advanced noise cancellation technology, much like headphones, to give you clear sound and audible voices during phone calls. Also note the presence of a microphone to reduce interference during hands-free conversations. Finally, you'll love the CVC technology that provides wind noise suppression for full duplex sound.

FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik 4

Best value for money

FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik

An interesting Bluetooth FM transmitter

As far as Bluetooth FM transmitters go, this model from Vorstik has it all, including CVC technology that provides noise suppression.

18,15 £ on Amazon

Enjoy a quality audio experience during your car rides with this Vorstik Bluetooth FM transmitter. Like many models available now, this one features a Quick Charge port that optimizes charging speed by making it 4 times faster than normal. Unleash your voice while driving with the powerful microphone providing echo and noise cancellation with CVC technology.

The recently updated Bluetooth 4.2 FM transmitter technology provides excellent FM signal stability, allowing you to enjoy optimized stereo sound. You'll also appreciate the presence of the LED display, so you won't get lost with the controls, even in the dark. Finally, with its compact design and the presence of an environmentally friendly ABS housing with a matte finish, you'll have a device that fits perfectly with the decoration of your car.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Bluetooth FM transmitter

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The best Bluetooth FM transmitter in 2021

The best entry-level Bluetooth FM transmitter

The best high-end Bluetooth FM transmitter

An interesting Bluetooth FM transmitter

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Comparison table of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters

Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter 5
Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter 6
Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display 7
FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik 8
Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter
Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display
FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik
The Clydek is a functional Bluetooth FM transmitter, designed to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. A concentrate of technologies that will satisfy the most demanding.
Here is a complete and really cheap Bluetooth FM transmitter, a device that will allow you to listen to good music while receiving calls safely.
Choose this Bluetooth FM transmitter with a 1.7-inch display that is both convenient and intuitive. This technological marvel obviously offers a very clear sound.
As far as Bluetooth FM transmitters go, this model from Vorstik has it all, including CVC technology that provides noise suppression.
37 g
95 g
12.9 x 9.9 x 5.7 cm
8 x 3.7 x 3.7 Cm
7.8 x 5.7 x 21.4 cm
3.10x3.10x8.20 cm
Number of USB ports
HVAC technology
Iphone, ipad, tablets, Samsung and other Android smartphones
Samsung, iPhone, iPad, LG, tablet, HTC, Sony and other Android smartphones.
iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets, smartphones or MP3 players
Iphone, ipad, ipod, tablet, samsung, htc, sony and other android smartphones

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Buying guide - Bluetooth FM transmitter

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How to choose your Bluetooth FM transmitter

For a reliable and secure purchase, here is a selection of parameters not to be neglected when choosing a Bluetooth FM transmitter.

#1 - The characteristics of your car radio

If your car radio has an auxiliary input, choose a transmitter with a jack plug for ultra-reliable listening quality. What's more, these devices are compact, convenient and easy to use. On the other hand, if your car radio doesn't have an Aux port, a transmitter with a jack plug is not suitable. Instead, your transmitter will contact your car radio via an FM signal. In this second option, be aware that the listening quality is not optimal because of the risk of interference.

#2 - Practicality


you're into outdoor activities such as camping, outdoor parties or hiking, be aware that an FM transmitter can be used anywhere you like, as long as you have a radio. To do this, choose a battery-powered model or one with a built-in battery so you don't have to worry about a stereo system. Also make sure that your future FM transmitter can be charged on your car's electrical outlets, via a charger or USB cables. Finally, choose a transmitter with a voice assistant to avoid any manipulation of the device when you receive or make calls while driving.

#3 - The functions


auto scan function makes your life much easier as it allows your radio to automatically search for other stations in case of poor reception without you having to do it manually. The "frequency memory" function is also very interesting. Some models of FM transmitters, when you start up, will automatically redirect you to the last used frequency while others will allow you to save all the frequencies you want.

#4 - Accessories


use outside of the car, it is interesting that your Bluetooth FM transmitter has a screen. This will make using your device easier and also allow you to view images, photos and even videos and that too at night. Apart from that, a device with a remote control is also convenient because it gives you the possibility of manipulation from your seat.

#5 - Range and sound quality of the transmitter


limit interference as much as possible, choose an FM transmitter with a range of more than 5 meters, although the best models have a range of 15 meters. To ensure quality sound during your calls, opt for an FM transmitter equipped with the CVC system. Finally, before making your purchase, make sure that the size of the transmitter fits the area where it will be used.

Hands-free kits authorized by law

Bluetooth GPS/PND

The mobile GPS is equipped with the integrated hands-free kit function that allows the conversation to be transmitted through the integrated microphone and speakers of the route guidance device.

Hands-free kits with FM transmitter

These types of devices plug into the cigarette lighter of your car and connect via Bluetooth connectivity to your phone.

Original equipment hands-free kits

Integrated into your car's radio, they connect via Bluetooth connectivity, use the microphone in the windshield and transmit conversations over the car's speakers.

Aftermarket car radios with hands-free function

Especially suitable for older cars, these types of hands-free kits are equipped with Bluetooth technology and plug into the car radio slot. The device has a remote microphone to pick up the conversation and steering wheel controls to pick up the call.

Bluetooth hands-free kits with built-in speaker

These gadgets are attached to the car's sun visor or cigarette lighter. They connect to the phone and allow you to easily transmit a conversation.


In most cases, it is not possible to test the FM car transmitter before purchasing. So don't hesitate to ask an experienced salesperson for advice to make the best choice for your needs.

The different types of Bluetooth FM transmitters

There are many options available on Bluetooth FM transmitters. They are created in order to diversify the models as much as possible. After our research, we were able to classify them in 2 main families:

Bluetooth FM transmitter with display

The best Bluetooth FM transmitters are equipped with an LCD display. This option offers intuitive operation. The LCD screen stands out for its clear and precise display, especially since it is quite large. However, its size varies from one model to another. The display shows various information such as the song being played and the FM frequency of the broadcast. With high-end transmitters, the screen comes with other useful options such as the equalizer setting. You need to find a compact model despite this so as not to interfere with driving.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter without display

The FM transmitter without a screen is rather basic. You can easily find models in this category on the market. The only information that is displayed is the frequency. It is located on the top of the device. Here, you have no problem with dimensions. This transmitter is discreet enough not to clutter you up along the way. It is very small on the dashboard. You don't need to access the cigarette lighter directly to operate it. It is a minimalist device with only 2 buttons at most for the small indispensable manipulations.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter or Bluetooth Car Stereo?

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The FM Bluetooth transmitter is used to make and receive calls while driving via their built-in microphone and to listen to music. The FM transmitter is rechargeable, can accompany you on all your trips and can be used outside your car. Moreover, it can be easily plugged into the cigarette lighter and is sold at a fair price.

Some entry-level models, because the device uses radio waves to operate, do not manage to broadcast properly. Thus, there can sometimes be interference in areas where there is less reception.

Bluetooth car radio

The Bluetooth car radio allows you to have a stable accessory, without modifying the interior of the vehicle. In addition, the connection is faster than the infrared one and the device remains functional even in areas with low reception wave. Therefore, the reception is always smooth. Some brands even offer a call option on the car radio. This allows you to pick up the call in hands-free mode while driving.

But it also has its weak points such as the limited speed and its low range. This is a problem in micro networks. But, this device is also more expensive and requires time for connection so that it can work properly.


In conclusion, Bluetooth FM transmitter and Bluetooth car radio are both legally permitted high-tech devices, which have many advantages. However, the former is more suitable for newer vehicles while the latter is mostly suitable for older cars. On that note, if you want to take advantage of all the options and features of either one, go for the device that best fits your car.

Why buy a Bluetooth FM transmitter?

Keeping up with technology

The Bluetooth FM transmitter has become a trendy accessory. Having it in your car means you're keeping up with the latest technology. But it's also a good alternative if you don't have a Bluetooth car radio or if you have an old car.

To avoid accidents

Making or picking up a call while driving increases the risk of accidents as we are forced to drive with only one hand. By equipping your car with a Bluetooth FM transmitter, you will be able to use the hands-free kit function which allows remote manipulation of your phone.

To make driving easier

No more fiddling with your favourite music. Simply pre-program your playlist on your smartphone and play it via the Bluetooth FM transmitter. The reception and transmission of calls on the phone will also operate on this small device. It is a very convenient device to have your hands on the wheel at all times while driving.

To control the car radio

With its multiple functions, the FM bluetooth transmitter can also control your car radio. You can increase or decrease the volume, change the frequency if you are listening to the radio, etc.

For fun

You need to be completely relaxed while driving, and the Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to play the music you like quickly. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and it will activate and soothe you.

The best brands of Bluetooth FM transmitters

In our opinion, the best brands of Bluetooth FM transmitters in 2022 are :


Founded in 2000, VictSing is a Chinese supplier of electronic accessories. It offers innovative and quality products thanks to the work of its employees, including engineers and application developers. Its FM bluetooth transmitters are among the best sellers of the moment.

This brand is known for its high quality FM bluetooth transmitters designed with powerful technologies. Its devices also have many connections and calling functions.

The bluetooth transmitters of this brand have the specificity to support any type of mobile device that embeds the bluetooth technology. It also offers many electronic products such as the webcam or small appliances.

This brand manufactures the best bluetooth FM transmitters and is very well known in the field of electronics. It offers transmitters that work like powerbanks and can charge a phone to 50% of its maximum charge. This brand keeps innovating by offering consumers efficient and practical items.

This brand designs fairly simple bluetooth FM transmitters, with decent functionality, but which last over time. In addition, the products from this brand offer exceptional sound quality and are equipped with several connections such as jacks or SD card inputs.

What is the price for a Bluetooth FM transmitter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


How to limit interference

Since the FM transmitter is constantly subject to interference and jamming, install it as close as possible to your car radio for best frequency reception.

How to optimize the sound quality when you play your songs

If you use your car radio only to listen to your own music and not the radio, remove the antenna from your car to reduce interference with radio broadcasts.

How to use a Bluetooth FM transmitter for the first time

To begin, first install the FM transmitter in your car, ideally as close as possible to the car radio. Next, look for an empty FM frequency where you can't get any sound. Generally, the frequencies on the extremes (87 MHz or 107 MHz) are free. Set the transmitter to the same frequency and then connect the transmitter to your smartphone. However, it is important to note that in general, this is how a transmitter is turned on, but sometimes the steps to follow differ from one model to another. To get the best sound clarity from your FM transmitter, use empty frequencies, turn down the volume on your car speakers, and turn up the volume on your phone and FM device when listening to songs and making calls.

How to avoid parasites


What is the best FM Bluetooth transmitter?

The best Bluetooth FM transmitter depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What is the penalty for being caught using a phone while driving?

In this case, you risk a fine of 135 euros and you will also have three points taken off your driving licence.

Does a Bluetooth FM transmitter have on/off buttons?

No. To activate the device, simply plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and to turn it off, simply unplug it from the cigarette lighter.

What frequency should I use for a Bluetooth FM transmitter?

It is better to use the frequencies located at the very beginning (87.6 MHz) or at the very end of the FM band (107.8 MHz) as these are generally free.

What is the universal size of an Aux cable?

To connect non-Bluetooth devices, any 3.5mm AUX cable will do.


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Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter 9
Clydek Universal Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter 10
Bluetooth 5.0 Zealife FM Transmitter
Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display 11
Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 1.7 inch Sumind display
FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik 12
FM Bluetooth QC3.0 USB Transmitter Vorstik


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