The best brewer's yeast in the UK 2023

Originally used by the Mesopotamians, brewer's yeast has not yet finished making a name for itself. Indeed, you will have no trouble obtaining shiny hair, rigid and less brittle nails or a beautiful skin with a peachy complexion thanks to its exceptional nutritive components. In powder, capsules, flakes or tablets? We explain everything about brewer's yeast.

Juvamine Maxi format 100 % naturel

Editor's Choice

Juvamine Maxi 100% natural

The best brewer's yeast in 2021

Formulated from natural active ingredients enriched with vitamins and zinc, these 150 or so brewer's yeast tablets will moisturize your nails, restore the radiance and elasticity of your skin while strengthening your hair.

8,16 £ on Amazon

Juvamine Maxi format is just as beneficial for the skin as it is for the body. You can already use it to prevent and fight against digestive problems because of its 100% natural composition, including 57% brewer's yeast. It will be essential if you wish to recover the natural radiance of your skin, make your hair healthy and give more care to your nails.

This brewer's yeast, rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12 and zinc, is offered to you in tablet form. If you feel a little tired, overworked and your skin seems tight, moisturize and nourish it deeply by taking Juvamine Maxi format. To do this, take one daily for 50 days with a large glass of water. Don't forget to respect the daily doses recommended by the manufacturer, because in case of an overdose, you risk diarrhea.

Gayelord Hauser Superlevure

Best cheapest

Gayelord Hauser Superlevure

The best entry-level brewer's yeast

You can consume this brewer's yeast, whatever your age. It is moreover very recommended for vegetarians and vegans in search of more protein supplements.

1,82 £ on Amazon

Weakened hair, nails and skin will no longer be a problem. Gayelord Hauser Superlevure will help you maintain the elasticity of your skin, treat damaged nails and permanently erase that rough, dull look from your hair. In short, it will be your beauty ally! In flakes, this probiotic will compensate for dietary imbalances, reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system effectively. Even though it is 100% brewer's yeast, it is also rich in fiber and protein in addition to its concentration in minerals and vitamins.

To include it in your diet and avoid its rather unpleasant taste, you can add it to your cooked dishes or in your preparations. For example, sprinkle it on your salads, your dishes or mix it directly into your drinks. Note that Gayelord Hauser Superlevure may contain allergens.

Nutrimea Plastimea Levure Active

Best high end

Nutrimea Active Yeast

The best premium brewer's yeast

These 200 capsules of Nutrimea Active Yeast do not only maintain and nourish your hair, your nails and your skin, it will facilitate at the same time your intestinal transit.

15,92 £ on Amazon

More advantageous than inactive brewer's yeast, Nutrimea Active Yeast is characterized by its richness in nutrients and its numerous benefits on digestion and intestinal flora. It also has positive effects on beauty in general due to its concentration in vitamin B, zinc and selenium. This brewer's yeast prevents chronic acne while promoting the (re)growth of hair and nails.

The form of presentation of Nutrimea Active Yeast, in capsules, makes it easy to consume, especially since it is unflavored. Apart from its made in the UK quality, this product benefits from several certifications such as ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP. Better still, it is guaranteed without GMO, nor stearate, nor lactose, nor component of synthetic origin. It should be noted that it is formally forbidden to children, people with hemostasis or those with liver and kidney problems. In the case of pregnant and breast-feeding women, please take advice from your doctor.

Arkogelules Levure de Bière Bio

Excellent choice

Arkogelules Levure de Bière Bio

A 100% organic dietary supplement

You wish to preserve or restore the beauty of your hair, your nails or your skin? Prefer Arkopharma's Arkogelules. Based on organic brewer's yeast and rich in trace elements, vitamins and proteins, they will guarantee you impressive results.

4,79 £ on Doctipharma
Buying guide • November 2023

Best beer yeast

Any specific needs?

The best brewer's yeast in 2021

The best entry-level brewer's yeast

The best premium brewer's yeast

A 100% organic dietary supplement

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Comparison table of the best brewer's yeast

Juvamine Maxi format 100 % naturel
Gayelord Hauser Superlevure
Nutrimea Plastimea Levure Active
Arkogelules Levure de Bière Bio
Juvamine Maxi 100% natural
Gayelord Hauser Superlevure
Nutrimea Active Yeast
Arkogelules Levure de Bière Bio
Formulated from natural active ingredients enriched with vitamins and zinc, these 150 or so brewer's yeast tablets will moisturize your nails, restore the radiance and elasticity of your skin while strengthening your hair.
You can consume this brewer's yeast, whatever your age. It is moreover very recommended for vegetarians and vegans in search of more protein supplements.
These 200 capsules of Nutrimea Active Yeast do not only maintain and nourish your hair, your nails and your skin, it will facilitate at the same time your intestinal transit.
You wish to preserve or restore the beauty of your hair, your nails or your skin? Prefer Arkopharma's Arkogelules. Based on organic brewer's yeast and rich in trace elements, vitamins and proteins, they will guarantee you impressive results.
Brewer's yeast, zinc, vitamins B2, B3, B8, B1, B5, B6 and B12
100% brewer's yeast
Brewer's yeast, zinc, selenium, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)
Organic brewer's yeast, 100% vegetable capsule
30 g
150 g
96.78 g
Shape and number
150 tablets
In flakes
200 capsules
45 capsules
100% natural, suitable for vegans and vegetarians
High in protein and fiber, no coloring or preservatives
Vegan, no flavor, no GMO, no stearate, no lactose, no eggs
Certified by ECOCERT, non-GMO, non-ionized
1 tablet daily for 50 days, renewable
Mix into dishes
3 capsules per day, take with a glass of water
3 capsules per day (adults), 1 capsule per day (6 to 12 years old) and 2 capsules per day (13 to 18 years old)

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Buying guide - beer yeast

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How to choose your beer yeast

The use of unsuitable products or various external aggressions are not always beneficial for our skin, our body, our hair and our nails. A solution does exist, however: brewer's yeast. But how to make the right choice, considering that the ingredients differ from one product to another? We will help you by giving you more details on the parameters to take into account.
choisir levure de bière

#1 - The form

Because it is a fungus, the original shape of brewer's yeast is spherical. However, after its transformation, it now takes on several shapes:

  • The flake : the most popular.
  • Powder : brewer's yeast undergoes the same manufacturing process as the flake, but is then ground.
  • Tablet or capsule : it acts as a food supplement.

Consumption over time is therefore very simple. Think about finding the brewer's yeast that best suits your lifestyle.

#2 - The use

The choice of the shape of the brewer's yeast depends on the use you intend to make of it. For people who want to incorporate it into their daily diet, the best solution is to opt for the flakes or powder. If you plan to use it as a mask for your hair or apply it to your face, the powder will be ideal in the elaboration of a smooth paste. The taste might certainly bother you. In this case, direct your choice towards brewer's yeast in tablets or capsules.

#3 - The ingredients

Brewer's yeast is a complex enriched in vitamin B. At least, it must contain 8 essential amino acids, namely folate or vitamin B9, pantothenic acid (vit B5), biotin (vit B8), thiamine (vit B1) or riboflavin (vit B2) and vitamin B6. Some manufacturers add zinc and selenium to enhance its effects on health and beauty. Thanks to these components, it is not uncommon for your hair to grow back softer and shinier while your nails become stronger.

#4 - The content

The capacity of the bottle or can of brewer's yeast will have a great influence on how long it is consumed. It will depend on the length of your cure. In general, health professionals prescribe a daily dose of 6 g per day, or 2 g per intake, for 3 months. Note that taking it for a long time will make you dependent on it. In addition, the food supplement will no longer have an effect. However, the cure can be renewed if necessary between 2 to 3 times a year.

#5 - The side effects and contraindications

The undesirable effects of brewer's yeast can vary from one individual to another. In certain cases, it causes an intense migraine because of its content of biogenic amines. In addition, allergic reactions cannot be excluded. These are most often expressed by itching, redness, irritation, or even swelling of the skin tissue. And since brewer's yeast also contains tyramine, it is contraindicated for people taking antidepressants at the risk of severe hypertension.

All about brewer's yeast

avis levure de bière

Brewer's yeast, as its name suggests, is mainly used in the fermentation process of beer, wine and cider. It is made up of microscopic fungi from the saccharomyces cerevisiae family. What is its composition and how to consume it? Find the answers in the following article.

What is brewer's yeast?

By definition, brewer's yeast is a single-celled, microscopic living organism with a diameter of 5 to 10 micrometers. Its Latin name already seems very precise: Saccharum means sugar, Myces means fungus and Cerevisiae translates as beer. You should know that brewer's yeast requires heat and sugar to grow, which is why it is normally cultivated on cereals.

Brewer's yeast is naturally present in the air or on the ground, fruits, vegetables and cereals. It is well known for its richness in vitamins, especially of the B group, but also for its composition in amino acids.

The composition of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is, in principle, composed of :

  • Polysaccharides or glycans (complex carbohydrates that act on cells with immune effects)
  • Proteins or amino acids (16 at least)
  • 14 minerals such as iron, selenium, potassium, zinc...
  • 17 vitamins (mainly from the B group).

In terms of nutritional intake, brewer's yeast is placed by the FAO in second position behind spirulina.

How to consume brewer's yeast?

The mode of consumption of brewer's yeast varies from one brand or form to another. It is best to follow the brand's recommendation. As a general rule, brewer's yeast powder can be taken in the proportion of one sachet per day. Capsules and tablets should not exceed 3 g/day, i.e. 4 to 6 units. For yeast flakes, you should take 2 to 3 tablespoons a day.

Not to be confused with baker's yeast

We tend to confuse these two types of yeast. Although they come from the same strains of fungi, there is a slight difference in their composition and effects. Note that baker's yeast contains very few fatty acids compared to brewer's yeast.

The different types of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast, whether it is revivable or not, is mainly presented in 3 forms: in powder, in flakes and in capsules/tablets.

Brewer's yeast powder

levure de bière en poudre

Powdered brewer's yeast is obtained by grinding the yeast into flakes, which is why it is dehydrated. However, whether it is alive or dead, the powder can be easily integrated into the daily diet. In this sense, you should take theequivalent of 2 to 5 g per day. Take 1 tablespoon of brewer's yeast powder 1 to 4 times a day and mix it with your drink (a glass of water or fruit juice). You can, of course, make a mask for your hair and face by mixing it with a little warm water. After letting it sit for 30 minutes, apply it to your skin or hair.

Malted brewer's yeast

This is a type of active brewer's yeast to which barley malt has been added to soften the taste and smell.

Brewer's yeast flakes

pourquoi acheter levure de bière

This type of brewer's yeast is easy to digest. Since it is a high temperature freeze-dried food supplement, it does not have the same probiotic properties as active yeast. Thus, it will not degrade under the effect of heat. It is generally used in the preparation of dishes, cooked or raw. To get the most out of it, we don't hesitate to sprinkle it on meals or mix it with drinks. Brewer's yeast flakes have a slight cheese smell, but this does not affect your appetite. On the contrary, its taste is very pleasant.

Brewer's yeast capsules or tablets

levure de bière en comprimés ou en gélules

It is the typical form of food supplements. It camouflages the slightly unpleasant taste of brewer's yeast, which makes it easier to swallow. This product is perfectly suitable for a one-time cure. To be effective and for the results to be quickly visible, it must be consumed in large quantities over a well-distributed period. It is usually recommended in case of hair loss or dull hair, brittle nails, dry skin ... Similarly, it will allow you to finish with all the inconveniences related to transit as bloating and intestinal slackening. It is ingested during the meal followed by a large glass of water. Abstain from consuming hot drinks and dishes during the intake as the yeast is hypersensitive to high temperature.

Good to know

No! Drinking a bottle of beer does not allow you to take advantage of the benefits of brewer's yeast.

Active or inactive brewer's yeast?

Active brewer's yeast

Active brewer's yeast, commonly known as live yeast, revivable yeast or boulardii yeast, goes through a slow drying phase at a temperature not exceeding 40°C. This process ensures optimal conservation of all the probiotic properties and fermentation capacity of the microscopic fungi (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which also remain alive. Used for therapeutic purposes, active brewer's yeast revitalizes the skin, stimulates the intestinal flora and strengthens the nails, hair and immune system. It is enough to add a little water to it to reactivate it.

Inactive brewer's yeast

Like active yeast, inactive or dead brewer's yeast will strengthen your hair and nails while bringing its revitalizing virtues to your skin. The Saccharomyces and Candida used are subjected to a temperature exceeding 40°C in order to dry them. As a result, the yeast loses most of its beneficial effects on intestinal transit, but retains its nutritional properties, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Available in the form of flakes, tablets or capsules, inactive yeast comes mainly from the brewing of beer.


Are you looking for a food supplement that can strengthen your immune system, fight infections, maintain the balance of your intestinal ecosystem and get rid of your transit problems? Choose live brewer's yeast which will act better on your body. On the other hand, we recommend inactive brewer's yeast in case you want to make a cure. It will treat problems of loss of appetite as well as stubborn acne.

Why buy brewer's yeast?

levure de bière en paillettes

Ideal for the skin, hair and nails

Brewer's yeast acts on the skin by slowing down the aging process, making it more supple and firm, regulating sebum production and contributing to its hydration. As for the hair, brewer's yeast will optimize its regrowth, strengthen the hair fiber and prevent hair loss. It will also be useful if you want strong nails.

Beneficial for pets

Brewer's yeast is not only for humans. It is an excellent source of probiotics and B vitamins for dogs and cats. In these conditions, it intervenes internally by decreasing the stomach aches at the same time as it supports digestion. Externally, your four-legged friend will have a beautiful coat, fewer allergies and strong claws.

A better protein intake

Did you know that brewer's yeast was used to compensate for the diet of soldiers during the World Wars? This is largely due to its high protein content. To give you an idea, 35 g of dry brewer's yeast can easily replace 100 g of meat. It is particularly suitable for people who need additional protein intake, such as growing children...

Suitable for muscle gain

For the preceding reason, one could integrate brewer's yeast in the diet of the sportsmen. The proteins it contains are of very good quality, which will promote muscle mass gain. The cure of beer yeast will be more effective if it is used within the framework of a healthy way of life, accompanied by a balanced diet and well defined sports trainings.

A versatile ingredient

Brewer's yeast can, in some cases, replace baker's yeast to make breads rise by the action of fermentation or as a flavor enhancer for prepared dishes. It can also be used in the preparation of wine and the transformation of sugar into alcohol. Beekeepers use it as a source of protein for their bees, as well as pollen.

The best brands of brewer's yeast

In our opinion, the best brands of brewer's yeast in 2022 are :

Laboratoires Juvamine
Gayelord Hauser
Éric Favre

Juvamine Laboratories, with over 30 years of experience in the field of wellness, nutrition and natural health, offers a complete range of food supplements that can meet all needs. Whether you are looking for slimming products, beauty care or energizing products such as brewer's yeast, you will certainly find what you need.

Gayelord Hauser, named after its founder, was founded in 1971. The brand actively contributes to the promotion of natural food supplements by launching on the market a little more than 70 products focused in this field. In addition to brewer's yeast, it also designs antioxidant juices, balanced and allergen-free snacks, low-salt chips... All this without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

The idea of creating Nutrimea was born from the realization that only a course of probiotics and dietary supplements would cure intestinal problems, which the founder had experienced. Since its inception in 2013, the brand has harnessed the power of nature to concoct the best dietary supplements such as brewer's yeast. All manufacturing steps respect the environment as much as the quality and safety standards in force. Thus, even the packaging of its products is entirely recyclable.

Arkopharma, founded in 1980, is a French pharmaceutical laboratory based in Carros. For the brand, "staying in shape has never been so simple". Since then, it specializes exclusively in herbal medicine and offers its customers a wide choice of natural medicines and food supplements.

Éric Favre is not only an expert in sports nutrition, it is above all a brand specialized in bodybuilding and fitness. Apart from whey proteins, fat burners and BCAAs, it offers a wide variety of care products such as brewer's yeast, sports equipment and sportwears that will help you reach your goals faster.

What is the price for a beer yeast

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 7.5 £
7.5 £ to 15 £
more than 15 £
Price range diagram


Make a nourishing mask with brewer's yeast

You will need 10 g of brewer's yeast, a glass of warm water, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Dissolve the yeast in the water and let it sit for half an hour. Meanwhile, mix the egg yolk with the oil using a fork. Put the two preparations together and make sure that the result is very smooth. Apply to your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Finish the operation by rinsing your skin with warm water.

If your skin is oily, here's how to do it

In addition to oily skin, do you also have acne? A brewer's yeast treatment will be your best option. Prepare a purifying mask made of brewer's yeast (in flakes if possible), let it sit for 30 minutes first before applying it to your facial skin. A 20-minute break is necessary here. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly.

Use brewer's yeast at the change of season

The human body already contains probiotics. Nevertheless, it is possible that the intestinal flora is out of order, which will lead to an immune deficiency. To restore it and eliminate toxins from your body at the same time, make use of brewer's yeast. Preferably, start your cure during the change of season, either at the beginning of spring or at the end of autumn. A 30-day cure is recommended for the good of your hair, nails and skin.

Include brewer's yeast in your vegetarian or vegan diet

As a supplement rich in protein and vitamins, brewer's yeast is highly recommended for vegans and vegetarians adopting a balanced diet. Regardless of the form of the yeast, in flakes or powder, they will appreciate its cheese-like taste.

Get pregnant easily with brewer's yeast

Pregnancy is slow to emerge in cases of deficiency or intestinal imbalance. Thus, some doctors and naturopaths prescribe a cure of live brewer's yeast, in capsules, for a period of 90 days to all women wishing to become pregnant. Its contribution in vitamin B9 is highly appreciable in addition to reducing, even completely eliminating the concerns related to pregnancy such as frequent vomiting and nausea. If you are breastfeeding, brewer's yeast will stimulate milk production.


What are the benefits of brewer's yeast?

Brewer's yeast acts as an antioxidant, fortifier, probiotic, antimicrobial and food supplement. It has the gift of preventing and stopping hair loss, in addition to being a great ally for people who want to have a flat stomach. In addition, it is important to understand that brewer's yeast can heal brittle nails, revive skin radiance and get rid of acne.

Does brewer's yeast make you fat?

Brewer's yeast contains protein, but you don't have to worry about that. Indeed, since it will be consumed in small doses compared to a real meal or snack, it will not affect your weight. If you are afraid of possible bloating, avoid as much as possible active brewer's yeast which, under the effect of fermentation, will certainly cause it.

What does brewer's yeast contain?

Berwer's yeast contains a lot of proteins, minerals and oligo-elements. To be more precise, it is composed of 35-60% of proteins and 10% of essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium... It also contains polysaccharides, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 and B12 as well as vitamin E.

How is brewer's yeast made?

It is quite difficult to make your own brewers' yeast. The result will not contain the same nutrients as those produced in a laboratory. However, if you want to venture out, here is a simple recipe: add about 500 g of barley to 1 L of water. Grind this mixture for 10 minutes and let it sit for 7 days. Once this period is over, extract all the water and put your brewer's yeast in the refrigerator. To feed it, simply add sugar every week.


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