The best anti-icing scrapers in the UK 2023

Snowfall is a source of inconvenience to the car. Frost on windows and windshields is a perfect example of this problem. To deal with this, the best solution is an anti-icing scraper. But be careful not to choose just any scraper! This comparative guide offers you the best anti-ice scrapers on the market.

Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers 1

Best value for money

Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers

The best anti-icing squeegee in 2021

Sold for only about 10 euros, these 2 scrapers in aluminum and ABS are extremely efficient. Of variable length, they each have a brush tip and a scraper tip.

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Otumixx has done it right with these 2 windshield ice scrapers. These 2-in-1 tools have a scraper tip and a brush tip. What to ensure an optimal de-icing. Each scraper is telescopic. They measure 42 cm when folded and reach 65 cm at their maximum size. This will allow you to reach the corners of your windshield without too much difficulty.

Otumixx scrapers are suitable for city cars, minivans, SUVs, sedans, and even trucks. Essential tools in winter, they are equipped with aluminum tubes, a guarantee of lightness and robustness. The brush bristles are hard and not easily deformed. At the price offered, it would be wrong to pass up this opportunity.

Solawill 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level anti-icing squeegee

If you have a small car, the Solawill is made for you. Robust, efficient and easy to handle, it is sold with a glove that is very useful in cold weather.

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Measuring 31.5 cm long and 17.5 cm wide, the Solawill ice scraper is suitable for small vehicles. The manufacturer provides a glove with fleece lining as an accessory, very useful to avoid having the hand frozen. This glove has a soft and very warm interior, with a hole to insert the scraper. About the ergonomics, the handle is long enough to de-ice the windshield properly.

Because of its size, the Solawill easily fits in the door compartment or glove compartment. Its efficiency reduces the time spent de-icing a windshield by an average of 40%. This rate can go up to 80% in some cases. In short, we recommend this scraper to face the snowy mornings in winter.

Set of 2 frost scrapers Audew 3

A great choice

Set of 2 frost scrapers Audew

A great value for money

Without a brush tip, Audew's anti-icing scrapers are still effective. They come in different lengths to fit all hand sizes.

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These 2 Audew windshield ice scrapers do not have a brush. But don't worry, that doesn't make them any less effective. The black plastic squeegee tips leave no marks or scratches on the windshield. In addition, each scraper has a foam sleeve for easy handling and to keep your hand from freezing.

Audew scrapers come in different sizes. The largest measures 32.2 x 10.8 cm. The smaller one measures 28.5 x 9.7 cm. The 2 scrapers offered are mainly designed to meet the different hand sizes of the users. Indeed, the handles are not telescopic. You will have to move to reach the middle of the windshield.

Glart 4

Very good


The most effective

Yes, this scraper is expensive and bulky. But you won't find anything like it in terms of maneuverability and efficiency.

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For SUVs and other minivans, here is the Glart professional ice scraper. As for the first product presented, this one has 2 tips: one for scraping and the other for brushing. Much larger than the usual scrapers, this model is however flat to fit in a trunk, being too long for the door tray.

In terms of efficiency, the Glart outperforms most of its competitors. It keeps all its efficiency, even with temperatures below 0°C. Flexible and ergonomic, the handle is long enough to reach the middle of a large windshield. This scraper scrapes without scratching the paint or glass.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-icing scraper

Any specific needs?

The best anti-icing squeegee in 2021

The best entry-level anti-icing squeegee

A great value for money

The most effective

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Comparison table of the best anti-icing scrapers

Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers 5
Solawill 6
Set of 2 frost scrapers Audew 7
Glart 8
Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers
Set of 2 frost scrapers Audew
Sold for only about 10 euros, these 2 scrapers in aluminum and ABS are extremely efficient. Of variable length, they each have a brush tip and a scraper tip.
If you have a small car, the Solawill is made for you. Robust, efficient and easy to handle, it is sold with a glove that is very useful in cold weather.
Without a brush tip, Audew's anti-icing scrapers are still effective. They come in different lengths to fit all hand sizes.
Yes, this scraper is expensive and bulky. But you won't find anything like it in terms of maneuverability and efficiency.
Set of 2 aluminum and ABS scrapers
Wide scraper to de-ice a large area in a short time
Set of 2 affordable scrapers
Made in Germany
Beware of the telescopic bar freezing in very cold weather
Handle too short for large windshields
No brush tip

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How to choose your anti-icing scraper

Believe it or not, there's more to an anti-icing squeegee than just a quality blade. To get the most out of your money, consider the criteria below to help you make your choice.

#1 - The handle

The handle is the first criterion to focus on when choosing. It's true that you want a handle that is comfortable to grip and won't slip out of your hand. Fixed handles are ideal for detail work, as they offer the most control, but if you have a larger vehicle, you can opt for a telescoping handle, which gives you more reach.

#2 - The size of the blade

In fact, the size of the blade is important for having a very practical piece of equipment. Blades are typically between 5 and 11 inches wide, but wider is not always better. The larger the blade, the more clearance you'll get in one stroke, but you'll also have to put in more effort, as the pressure will be more evenly distributed. When choosing, go for a medium-sized blade that's going to make your job easier.

#3 - Accessories

Unless you're just looking for a small ice scraper, make sure the one you choose has a broom head or brush on the other side. These extra attachments are great for sweeping up snow and removing debris.

#4 - The shredder

You could say it's another attachment. Most ice scrapers also come with a shredder to help you break up very rough ice patches. So this can help you even more and make your job easier on the road.

#5 - Instructions for use

This is the last criterion to consider. Before you choose an ice scraper, make sure you know the right way to clean your car. Never start on the windshield itself, chances are it will be frozen and difficult to clean. Plus, you'll get it dirty again when you clear the roof of your car. So always read the instructions to avoid problems when cleaning.

Why is it necessary to use an anti-icing scraper?

As we all know, the car is not safe from frost outside. And ice is a great risk for the car, especially for the windows, windshield, tires, etc. That's why an anti-icing scraper is essential to avoid problems when you get back in the car.

An anti-icing scraper is an indispensable tool for the car, especially in winter. It allows you to remove ice from the windows and from the entire surface of the windshield. It is an easy to use tool. First of all, the head of the blade is already sloping outwards. Then you have to push the squeegee and put pressure on the handle.

A repetitive movement, i.e. a back and forth motion, is recommended to wipe all sides well. In fact, this tool does not leave any scratches or marks on the windows and windshields, so no worries on this side, you can pass the squeegee as many times as necessary to get rid of all the ice.

For the windshield, for example, to get it back to its normal state and give you good visibility, you should scrape off as much of the frost from the windshield as you can before spraying it with an antifreeze liquid or practicing a de-icing trick. This will help speed up the process of melting the ice. It's up to you to choose between the different types and models of anti-ice scrapers.

Squeegee or anti-icing tarp?

Anti-icing scraper

Using a de-icer is a simple and effective way to remove ice deposits. It's easy to use, just take it out of your glove compartment and start de-icing. It is often made of materials that stand the test of time (plastic or aluminum). It is therefore a tool that has a long life span.

This longevity is reinforced by its robust structure. This winter product also offers a light weight and therefore does not tire your limbs. Furthermore, it doesn't take up much space as it can easily fit in your glove compartment.

However, as with any other product, the anti-icing squeegee has its drawbacks. Indeed, this accessory can waste your time. It takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to scrape windshields and windows. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who are always in a hurry.

Some models do not have a handle and will not reach the middle of your windshield easily if you have short hands. Once the ice is removed, it accumulates at the bottom of the windshield. You are therefore obliged to remove it. Also, it is no longer usable when the windows are dirty. Dirt can leave scratches on the window surfaces.

Anti-frost cover

An anti-ice cover prevents ice from forming on the car windows. Its main advantage is therefore, to save you from the daily chore of scraping. The tarpaulin is usually placed on the windshield of a car.

But other models can cover the mirrors and side windows. Easy to install, they are fixed either by blocking the parts which exceed the windshield (its surplus) in the doors or by tensors or by a system of elastic edge. The large ones also serve as protection against strong winds, rain or various types of weather. Moreover, this kind of tarp can be stored and cleaned quickly.

However, a frost cover has a high risk of theft. This happens when you don't secure it properly between the doors (i.e. no one can get it out). The likelihood of theft is even higher for other models, such as the strap-on model.

In addition to these problems, some manufacturers do not include a waterproof storage bag to prevent snow from melting in your car.


The ice scraper or the anti-ice cover provides the same effectiveness in protecting car windows against ice deposits.

Choose the former if you don't mind scraping every morning. Opt for the latter if you hate this task.


Run the engine to speed up the defrosting process

If your vehicle has a heating system, start it up to facilitate defrosting. Indeed, when the interior temperature increases progressively, the frost stuck on the windshield will soften slowly but surely. This way, you won't have to spend too much energy scraping with your scraper.

Store your anti-icing scraper properly when not in use

It is clear that on sunny days, you won't need your anti-icing scraper at all. It is therefore essential to store it in the garage out of the reach of children. Indeed, they will not fail to use it as a shovel in their sandbox. And yet this inappropriate use could deteriorate it so that it is unusable.

Make regular movements

In order to de-ice your windshield, use your anti-ice scraper starting from the top and from the passenger side. This will save you from having to make another pass. The same goes for the rear and side windows. However, also try to scrape them with a sharp stroke but without pressing too hard for more efficiency.

Combine anti-slip mittens with your anti-ice scraper for a good grip

Certainly, the usual mittens are essential to protect yourself from the cold when you go out to de-ice your windshield. But, they are not suitable to hold your anti-ice scraper firmly. Therefore, think of equipping yourself with non-slip mittens so that the handle of your anti-icing scraper does not suddenly slip out of your hand, even if it means having to go over the same surface several times.

Optimize the use of your anti-icing scraper

This kind of equipment is effective in removing the ice stuck on your windshield, with a good will and a little elbow grease. However, this tried and true trick will delight you for more results. Simple and inexpensive, before you make any physical effort, spray some rubbing alcohol before scraping. This will save you considerable effort in time.


What is an anti-icing squeegee?

This is an object that is used to scrape the car windows in winter. It is essential if your car does not have an auxiliary heater. It is also called windshield scraper. An anti-ice scraper has a handle, the scraper, in the form of a blade, which will be in contact with the window to remove anything that sticks to it. Some more advanced models have an LED light to de-ice at night.

How to de-ice your windshield with a scraper?

It is important to cover your hands beforeusing an ice scraper. Then take the squeegee and put the head directly on your windshield. Start scraping gently so as not to damage your window. Using a dry cloth, wipe off any remaining ice so that it doesn't stick to the glass again. When you see that your windshield is clear, try to reach the corners of the glass.

Can I use products with the anti-icing scraper?

Yes, there are solutions such as de-icing sprays, which are sold as an option to optimize deflection. There are also a few tricks that allow you to speed up the removal of ice from the windshield. However, never resort to easy solutions such as hot water or an independent heater to avoid temperature shocks. Also avoid using products that are too abrasive.

Can the engine be left running while scraping?

You can start your car perfectly to bring the engine to the right temperature. This also speeds up the melting of ice so you can remove the frost quickly. If you are using the heater, put it on recirculation mode so that the cold air from outside does not enter the car. In any case, make sure you choose the right type of anti-icing squeegee to protect the glass parts from cracks.


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Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers 9
Set of 2 Otumixx telescopic ice scrapers
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Set of 2 frost scrapers Audew
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