The best VTC in the UK 2023

At the crossroads of a mountain bike and a road bike, the mountain bike, better known under the acronym VTC, seduces by its versatility. Whether you're riding in the city or on rough trails, the VTC is a true daily ally with nearly 3 million units sold each year. Want to own one? Let our comparison of the best VTC of the year be your guide!

Scrapper Crossroad 9.9 1

Best value

Scrapper Crossroad 9.9

The best VTC in 2021

For your trips in the city or in the wilderness, climb on this robust, high-performance and practical VTC. Attach your bag to the carrier and ride like the wind!

399 £ on Go Sport

The Scrapper Crossroad 9.9 has a rigid and sturdy aluminum frame that can handle all types of trails. It features one of the best drivetrains around: the Shimano Altus 24-speed model. With this equipment, you'll be riding at top speed on pavement, greenways and rough terrain.

With the comfort of a SUNTOUR NEX HLO fork, this Scrapper VTC can accompany you on long trips. You can even ride at night, as the 28-inch tire sidewalls are equipped with reflective strips to help road users spot you quickly. Plus, this VTC has front lighting so you can ride safely at night.

  • Double-wall aluminum rims
  • Shimano Altus transmission
  • Reflective stripes on the tires
  • No tail lights

Best cheap


The best entry-level VTC

This inexpensive men's mountain bike has a lot going for it: a shock-absorbing suspension fork, a 21-speed transmission, a luggage rack for long rides and front and rear lights.

264 £ on Alltricks

Yes, it is possible to find a cheap VTC for less than 400 euros! Be careful, even if the price is attractive, the quality is not neglected. Indeed, you will benefit from the robustness of a Hi-Ten steel frame, with a suspension fork that will absorb the shocks when you ride on a rough track.

Performance-wise, you've got everything you need to get up to speed: a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, Shimano derailleur and 700x35c tires with reflective stripes that'll take on any obstacle. Control your ride with aluminum V-Brakes, and ride fearlessly at night with front and rear lights and reflective tape on the tires.

  • Halogen headlight on the front
  • Shimano transmission
  • Clear chain guard
  • Weight: 18.1 kg
ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike 3

Best premium

ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike

The best high-end electric VTC

Join the e-mobility by opting for this top-of-the-range electric VTC, ideal for trips in town and walks in the countryside.

837 £ on Go Sport

The concept of e-mobility has made its way into the world of VTC to make you discover the joy of moving around on two wheels, without making any effort and without harming the environment. This is what this model signed ADORE intends to put forward: for 6 to 7 hours of charging time, the GREENWAY battery in lithium-ion integrated in this electric VTC will show a range of 80 km.

Offering the same experience as a classic VTC, this electric variant offers 7 speed levels and 5 assistance levels. As required by law, the motor of this electric VTC automatically cuts out as soon as you exceed 25 km per hour. As for the lighting, you will ride safely with the LED headlight with reflector and the SPANNINGA Lineo LED tail light.

  • Maximum range 80 km
  • Front and rear lights with reflector
  • GREENWAY battery
  • Long charging time
Scrapper Crossroad 7.0 4

Best VTC Trek

Scrapper Crossroad 7.0

The best Trek VTC

Riding on pavement and steep terrain has never been easier than with the Crossroad 7.0 VTC, which combines comfort, performance, versatility and speed.

319 £ on Go sport

Relying on a minimalist design and concept, this Trek VTC gains in speed. The rigidity of its aluminum frame is offset by the flexibility and comfort of a 50mm zoom fork and the grip of its 700x35c Kenda tires. Thanks to these characteristics, this bike is well at ease on asphalt roads and steep terrain.

Want to go fast? You can count on the 24-speed Shimano Altus transmission this VTC is equipped with. Control the ride with the smooth, maneuverable handlebars and Promax DSK300 mechanical disc brakes. Designed to fit everyone, regardless of body type, this bike is available in S, M, L and XL sizes.

  • Shimano Altus transmission
  • Polyvalence on all types of trails
  • Smooth, responsive braking
  • No lighting, requires a bicycle lamp
KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS 5

VTC Woman

KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS

The best VTC for women

Notice to women: here is a high performance, adjustable and practical VTC designed especially for women who like to ride on the road.

269 £ on Alltricks

If you're looking for a VTC that's tough enough to last you for years, functional enough to meet your practical needs and fast enough to keep up with your daily pace, this is the model for you. With a low-profile steel frame and a 1-1/8" threaded ZOOM suspension fork, it combines strength, flexibility and handling. All you have to do is load your personal belongings into a bag that can be placed on the luggage rack and can support up to 18 kg!

This women's VTC is fast and efficient and has a 21-speed Shimano transmission. Its Trekking tires, 700x35c, will not skimp on the asphalt nor on rough or muddy roads. If you're riding at night, the reflective strips on the tires and the front and rear lights will make it easy for road users to spot you. In other words, you can easily ride your bike at night without risk.

  • Halogen headlight on the front
  • 21-speed Shimano transmission
  • Reflective tires
  • Very rigid frame
Buying guide • November 2023

Best VTC

Any specific needs?

The best VTC in 2021

The best entry-level VTC

The best high-end electric VTC

The best Trek VTC

The best VTC for women

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Comparison table of the best VTC

Scrapper Crossroad 9.9 6
ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike 8
Scrapper Crossroad 7.0 9
KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS 10
Scrapper Crossroad 9.9
ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike
Scrapper Crossroad 7.0
KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS
For your trips in the city or in the wilderness, climb on this robust, high-performance and practical VTC. Attach your bag to the carrier and ride like the wind!
This inexpensive men's mountain bike has a lot going for it: a shock-absorbing suspension fork, a 21-speed transmission, a luggage rack for long rides and front and rear lights.
Join the e-mobility by opting for this top-of-the-range electric VTC, ideal for trips in town and walks in the countryside.
Riding on pavement and steep terrain has never been easier than with the Crossroad 7.0 VTC, which combines comfort, performance, versatility and speed.
Notice to women: here is a high performance, adjustable and practical VTC designed especially for women who like to ride on the road.
Steel Hi-Ten
Women's steel frame
Transmission / Engine
Shimano Altus 24 speed transmission
21-speed Shimano transmission
MXUS XF04 36V/250W powered by GREENWAY 36V / 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery, 374.4 Wh capacity
Shimano Altus 24-speed transmission
21-speed Shimano transmission
KENDA 700C*40
VTC 700x35c tires
City 42-622 (700-40c) tires
Kenda 700 x 35c tires
Trekking 700x35c
Braking system
Promax DT-160 hydraulic disc brakes
Aluminum V-Brake
Aluminum V-Brakes
Mechanical disc brakes
Aluminum V-Brakes
Front lighting, luggage rack
Luggage rack, Front and rear lights, Bell
Front light, tail light, battery charger, luggage strap
Luggage rack, Bell, Front and rear lights

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How to choose your VTC

Cycling for miles on end in comfort and without discomfort is a feat achieved by mountain bikes, which are just as suitable for city riding on tarmac roads as they are for riding in the countryside on dusty paths. Of course, it won't perform as well as a mountain bike, but if you choose the right criteria, you'll find the perfect model for you.

#1 - The material of the frame

When it comes to VTCs, you will usually have to choose between a steel or aluminum frame. The steel frame is more robust and offers good value for money. However, it can be very heavy and steel VTCs usually weigh more than 15 kg. That's why we recommend aluminum frames, which are the most popular choice among manufacturers.

The fork is the logical continuation of the frame and it influences the handling and comfort of the bike. If you plan to ride on pavement, you should choose a rigid fork and curved handlebars. On the other hand, on rough terrain, it's vital to go with a telescopic, or hanging, suspension with a clearance between 50 and 100mm.

#2 - The right size of a VTC

The size of a VTC refers to the size of the frame, more specifically the height of the frame. As with clothing, this is chosen according to the rider's size. Opt for less than 45 cm if you are less than 1.60 m tall. Frames from 45 to 52 cm are suitable for people measuring between 1.60 and 1.70 m. Finally, individuals over 1.70 m should choose a frame with a height of over 52 cm.

For women, manufacturers recommend a lowered frame in the middle to facilitate striding. Moreover, this design is noticeable even on electric bikes for women.

#3 - The transmission

The transmission is the cornerstone of a VTC because it dictates the limits of the bike. It consists of a crankset with bearings, a chain, two derailleurs and sprockets. If you ride on winding terrain, it is recommended to choose a transmission with more than 2 chainrings with 20 or 27 gears.

For the city, a single-plateau urban VTC or one with 7 to 18 gears is more than sufficient for asphalt.

#4 - The tires

Expressed in inches, the size of the tires is of capital importance in the choice of a VTC. Smaller 26- or 27-inch tires offer great handling and versatility. However, you should know that 26-inch tires are more for mountain bikes. The 28-inch tires make pedaling easier and provide more speed. Keep in mind that the larger the wheel size, the better the pedaling comfort.

Also consider choosing VTCs with quick-release tire systems, which are more practical in the event of a puncture. Finally, choose studded tires, but not the huge ones with deep treads. These have a very poor performance on the road.

#5 - The braking system

In recent years, we have seen the democratization of V-Brakes. These are direct-pull cantilever brakes, much more efficient and responsive than conventional pads. Their price varies depending on whether the calipers and levers are made of composite or aluminum. We also have hydraulic disc brakes, which are known for their smoothness and stopping power. These are by far the most expensive on the market.

#6 - Accessories

Some VTCs come with a few accessories that make riding much more comfortable. These include luggage racks, which are a good practical feature; the lighting system, including front and rear lights and reflective strips on the wheels. If you don't have a lighting system, opt for a bicycle lamp and a bicycle blinker, as these are necessary for riding at night.

Others are also equipped with a bell, which is very useful for those who ride in crowded areas, or a bike computer, which is very practical when you want to keep an eye on your speed and distance traveled.

How to maintain your VTC?

The maintenance of the following points will avoid premature wear of your VTC and its accessories.

The tires of the VTC

Always check that your VTC's tires are in good condition and properly inflated. You should also gently pull on the quick-releases on both wheels to make sure they are secure. If in doubt, open them all the way and retighten them.


The VTC brakes, gears and headset

Grip each brake lever individually and pull firmly as you pedal your VTC. Your brakes should completely prevent your wheel from moving. Inspect the front and rear brake pads, when they are so worn you should replace them even if no grooves are visible.

To fine-tune your shifting, use the shifters to increase or decrease the tension of a cable. You can adjust it directly from your rear derailleur, at the front of your frame, or built into your cable system. Check the headset of the VTC by depressing the front brake and swinging the handlebars back and forth. If you feel movement or shock, your headset should be tightened.

The chain of a VTC

Lubricate it and check its life. If you ride in excessively dry or wet conditions, you may need to lubricate your VTC chain more frequently. A dry chain will squeak constantly. A dirty chain will make a gritty, crunchy sound.


The different types of VTC

Whether they are mechanical or electric, VTCs come in 2 main types because of their shape and the use they are put to. There are sporty VTCs and urban VTCs.

Sporty VTC

More efficient than its urban counterpart, the sporty VTC stands out thanks to the aerodynamic design of its frame. You can recognize it by its handlebars placed at a level lower than or equal to the saddle. At first glance, its shape is more similar to that of a mountain bike, but a sporty VTC sometimes has an adjustable stem to allow the user to adopt a more comfortable position.

For tires, the urban VTC relies on a greater thickness for better adhesion and to gain versatility on trails in poor condition. It has an adjustable telescopic fork and sometimes lacks practical accessories such as luggage racks. In fact, the urban VTC has only the essentials to be light and to have an aerodynamic range.

Generally, it has a triple chainring and a transmission with 21 to 24 speeds. Given its sporty vocation, it can reach high speeds; hence the importance of V-brakes or hydraulic disc brakes for better control of the ride.

Urban VTC

As its name suggests, the urban VTC is designed to ride on nice, smooth asphalt; at the limit, on cobblestone streets and not very narrow. Focusing all on its comfortable side, it offers a pleasant pedaling position thanks to its ergonomic saddle that allows you to keep your back straight or just slightly inclined.

Generally speaking, the urban VTC is designed with aluminum and a flexible or rigid fork with short travel. It is equipped with thin tires without studs whose diameter is around 700 mm. As for its speed, the urban VTC promises a good pace, especially if it is equipped with a quality transmission offering up to 24 speeds.

Electric VTCs are generally included in the urban VTC category. This particular type of bike offers a pleasant riding experience and generally has a range of over 50 km in assistance mode.

VTC or VTT ?

If some models of VTC are very close to the concept of mountain bike, which one should you choose?


The mountain bike, better known as the MTB, lives up to its name. It is particularly adept at off-road riding. If you plan to ride in the woods, on a muddy or rocky road, or climb mountain trails by bike, you need a mountain bike designed to handle the bumps and bumps with its notched tires.

In addition to offering a minimum 18-speed transmission, the mountain bike comes with dual front and rear derailleurs. This is how it adapts to extreme conditions. The telescopic fork provides great comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations, and the pedals are often non-slip. Finally, don't forget that the mountain bike has a powerful braking system, especially if you opt for a high-end mountain bike.


At first glance, the mountain bike seems to have fewer qualities than the mountain bike. However, the name "mountain bike" was not given at random! Behind the term "all-terrain" lies a real versatility that will not disappoint you. Greenways, tarmac roads, forest paths, country lanes... the VTC goes where there is a path.

These thin, but larger tires than those of the mountain bike make riding easier while reducing the effort required. The same goes for the rider's position, which is much more ergonomic than on a mountain bike. And even if the frame of the VTC is robust and rigid, this aspect is largely compensated by its fork which makes it more manageable and light for more precision.

And let's not forget that the VTC relies on its practicality: luggage rack, front and rear lighting, bell, mudguard... it is generally supplied with a whole arsenal of accessories that will make your life easier.


Choose the VTC if you plan to use it for a variety of purposes. In town or in the countryside, its comfort will ease your muscles. On the other hand, if you are a thrill-seeker, opt for a mountain bike. For those who are reluctant to make an effort, the mountain bike with an electric motor is a good alternative.

Why buy a VTC?


It adapts to all types of terrain, especially if you ride less often on rough and difficult terrain. It's a great ally for weaving through traffic and it's just as fast on the trails. Many models are also compatible with the usual accessories of cyclists such as bottle holders, baby carriers, mudguards, etc.


Less rigid than mountain bikes, mountain bikes have the advantage of being more comfortable and having an adjustable padded seat. It is also more stable, since its wheels are larger. This allows you to negotiate difficult turns more easily. The fork is also more compact and lighter, which makes the bike more maneuverable.

Environmental protection

It is especially an ecological means of transportation, unlike other vehicles. Indeed, it helps limit the spread of CO2 and thus allows you to contribute to the preservation of our ozone layer. It is therefore a very practical bike for city travel, as are all electric bikes, and can be used perfectly to run errands or to get to your workplace.

Wellness and health

Cycling helps you stay healthy, both physically and mentally. It strengthens the immune system and builds muscle in certain parts of the body, especially the legs. It is also a way to find a good psychological balance and helps relieve stress.


A VTC remains a high-performance alternative on smooth terrain or in the countryside. It is easier to pedal on this type of bike than on a mountain bike because of its lightness. Light, compact and easy to handle, a VTC is a means of locomotion that you can use at any time. It adapts to all types of terrain and is a great ally on both flat and slightly uneven surfaces.

The best brands of VTC

In our opinion, the best brands of VTC in 2022 are :

Scrapper Bike
KS Cycling

Scrapper Bike is a French brand created in the 2000s. With 20 years of experience, it is a discreet but excellent manufacturer, certainly one of the best in the middle range. The brand also offers excellent equipment at very affordable prices. If you have a tight budget, do not hesitate to invest in a model of this brand.

The ADORE brand is trying to establish its reputation in the world of bicycles and is striving to offer affordable luxury. It also suggests some good electric VTCs that are worth trying.

This brand was created in 2000 and specializes in online sales exclusively. It is one of the most serious and experienced online bike sellers. It offers a wide range of quality BMX, mountain bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and exercise bikes that are accessible to everyone. There is definitely a KS Cycling bike for everyone.

From 1946 to 1988, this French brand produced over 7 million mopeds. These machines were the very first electric bikes, despite the current models. Bought and relocated in the UK by Easybike, Solex is back for our greatest pleasure! Today it offers elegant, timeless, solid and efficient models.

From its full name Cycle Mercier France Loire, this brand was created in the aftermath of the First World War, in the vicinity of Saint-Etienne. Such longevity as a bicycle manufacturer is quite exceptional. Mercier offers products that are both beautiful and efficient, in the pure tradition of French know-how. The brand also offers reliable equipment at competitive prices.

What is the price VTC

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


To go on holiday with your VTC

If you are planning a vacation or a short trip of only a few days with your VTC, you need a car bike rack. This is a piece of equipment that can be attached to the roof, hitch ball or tailgate of your car. Once attached, it will hold your VTC, which will be supported and protected by arms, straps, and even keys.

To resume cycling after a long break

If you haven't ridden a bike in years, the first thing you should do before making long trips is to get comfortable on your VTC. Try to gradually get back into the habit of riding and pedaling. Take time to practice near your home, in a park or on a quiet street before you hit the road.

To check the bike before use

Take time to check the bike thoroughly before you go out shopping or ride it. Grease the chain and hub, add air to the tires, and make sure the brakes are responding properly. Add mudguards, a headlight with a dynamo and a luggage rack if necessary. Don't forget to bring a bike multi-tool; it will come in handy if you break down.

To avoid getting lost in a VTC

Look for bike paths and trails near your workplace, home or vacation spot on a map. Then plan a route that will allow you to spend as much time as possible on protected bike lanes or on roads with reduced traffic.

To ride safely on your VTC

When riding your bike, always remember to warn other road users of your upcoming movements. Indicate with your hand that you want to turn left or right, for example. This will help you avoid accidents. And you'll be showing courtesy to other road users, too.

Use the bike's headlights at night to be more visible to other road users. Install reflective tape on the frame, forks, and wheels if you regularly ride at night. Also wear high visibility gear such as gloves, reflective vest, and helmet.


What does VTC mean?

The acronym VTC stands for "vélo tout chemin" and refers to a versatile type of bike that is equally suitable for use in the city and in the countryside. The term "all-terrain" refers to the versatility of this means of transport, which does not shy away from either a good tarmac or a rocky road.

Which VTC to choose?

In order to be sure that you are choosing the right VTC that will meet your personal expectations, you need to take into account certain criteria, such as the material of the frame, the size of the frame, the nature of the drivetrain, the efficiency of the braking system, the quality of the tyres and, of course, the accessories supplied with the VTC.

Which electric VTC to choose?

To choose an electric VTC, you must observe the same criteria as for a classic VTC, but with the motor in addition. Refer to its power, as this will guarantee the performance of your bike. Also note that the quality of the battery is not to be minimized, because it will condition the autonomy of your VTC. In our comparison, we have chosen a top-of-the-range electric VTC with a range of 80 km.

How to choose the size of your VTC bike?

The size of a VTC bike refers to the size of the frame. It all depends on your body type: if you are less than 160 cm tall, you will be more comfortable on a frame of less than 45 cm. If you are between 160 and 170 cm tall, you should choose a VTC with a frame height of 45 to 52 cm. Above 170 cm, choose frames with a height of more than 52 cm.

How to choose a female VTC?

Like most means of transportation, the VTC is generally available in a mixed version. Nevertheless, some models are expressly designed for women and have a more sustained design as well as a lowered frame to be straddled easily like the model we propose. Note however that apart from these two details, there is no need to make distinctions between men's and women's VTCs.


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Our selection
Scrapper Crossroad 9.9 11
Scrapper Crossroad 9.9
ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike 13
ADORE - Optima Comfort electric mountain bike
Scrapper Crossroad 7.0 14
Scrapper Crossroad 7.0
KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS 15
KS CYCLING - Women's 28'' VEGAS


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