The best Mountain bike quality/price ratio in the UK 2023

More aggressive than a mountain bike and sportier than a road bike, the quality/price ratio mountain bike remains the best ally to discover the joys of sport in the forest and in the open air. How to choose your mountain bike? To do so, you have to take into account criteria such as the frame material or the type of wheels. Here is a comparison of the best quality/price mountain bikes.

BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''. 1

Best value for money

BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''.

Best value ATV of the year

Comfort, rigidity and flexibility, all these elements are found on this semi-rigid mountain bike with a quality/price ratio, equipped with a suspension fork.

386 £ on Amazon

The key word for this quality/price ratio mountain bike is versatility. Thanks to its suspension fork with 55 mm travel, it is suitable for your daily commute, but also for mountain sports. The robust aluminum frame is designed for frequent and regular use. As for comfort, this mountain bike has a foam saddle whose height and inclination can be adjusted to your needs.

As for performance, this value-for-money semi-rigid mountain bike benefits from the advantages of a 21-speed Shimano transmission, with front and rear derailleurs. Shifting gears is smooth for a better riding experience. As for the braking system, you'll definitely appreciate the responsive, smooth and efficient disc brakes that keep you riding safely.

Scrapper XC 3.6 2

Best value for money

Scrapper XC 3.6

Best entry-level value ATV

This entry-level, value-for-money mountain bike promises good performance with its lightweight aluminum frame, Suntour suspension fork and Shimano transmission.

128 £ on Go Sport

Without being satisfied to be a good MTB for its price, this model is really a cheap model; the proof: it is a MTB less than 200 euros! Yet, it does not lack performance thanks to its 21-speed Shimano transmission. You will ride in a pleasant comfort on the rough paths thanks to the shock absorbing SR SUNTOUR fork with a travel of 80 mm: shock and vibration absorption guaranteed!

Perched on the Sport Comfort saddle, you'll keep good control of your riding thanks to the soft and supple handlebars. Rely on the smooth, precise and lively V-Brake brakes, and enjoy the exceptional grip of the big 27.5" tires of this value-for-money mountain bike. Note that this inexpensive Scrapper mountain bike features 27.5" double-wall rims, a feature that contributes greatly to the bike's performance.

Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO 3

Best premium value for money

Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO

Best premium electric value ATV

Get a good deal on this value-for-money electric mountain bike! Full suspension, 120 km range, extra wide wheels and grippy 26" x 4.0 tires: the performance is there!

1 199 £ on Go Sport

Electric all-suspension mountain bikes don't have to cost an arm and a leg; this Moma Bikes model is proof of that. Although fatbikes are usually heavy, this one has a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. Its design is made to adapt to all types of terrain, even the most challenging ones such as snowy trails, the beach, muddy paths, rocky roads, etc. In fact, it incorporates dual suspension and extra-wide wheels with 26" x 4.0 (100-559) tires with good grip.

This electric ATV integrates a 250 W brushless motor powered by a 48 V - 13 Ah battery. For a 4h charge time, the bike can run between 100 and 120 km, depending on the use and the type of tracks. Moreover, in the world of electric bikes, such an autonomy is well beyond the average. In addition, this inexpensive electric mountain bike has the fluidity of a Shimano Altus 8V and SL-M315 transmission; speed and pace guaranteed! As for its braking system, it has the flexibility and precision of hydraulic disc brakes.

Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country 4

Best all-suspended

Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country

Best full-suspension value ATV

In addition to benefiting from a double suspension, this value-for-money mountain bike is also foldable to take you anywhere.

231 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Mountain bike quality/price ratio

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Best value ATV of the year

Best entry-level value ATV

Best premium electric value ATV

Best full-suspension value ATV

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Comparison table of the best Mountain bike quality/price ratio

BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''. 5
Scrapper XC 3.6 6
Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO 7
Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country 8
BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''.
Scrapper XC 3.6
Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO
Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country
Comfort, rigidity and flexibility, all these elements are found on this semi-rigid mountain bike with a quality/price ratio, equipped with a suspension fork.
This entry-level, value-for-money mountain bike promises good performance with its lightweight aluminum frame, Suntour suspension fork and Shimano transmission.
Get a good deal on this value-for-money electric mountain bike! Full suspension, 120 km range, extra wide wheels and grippy 26" x 4.0 tires: the performance is there!
In addition to benefiting from a double suspension, this value-for-money mountain bike is also foldable to take you anywhere.
Frame material
Aluminum 6061
Carbon-enriched steel
Front - Suspension fork, 55 mm travel
Front - SR SUNTOUR 80mm
Double suspension
Double spring suspension
26" x 4.0
Shimano RD-TY300 with 21 speeds
Shimano 21-speed fork
Shimano Altus 8V and SL-M315
24-speed transmission
Disc brakes
Hydraulic disc brakes
Mechanical dual disc brakes

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Buying guide - Mountain bike quality/price ratio

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How to choose your Mountain bike quality/price ratio

We expect a combination of performance, comfort and durability from a value-priced ATV. All at a reasonable price! How do you find that rare gem? Here are the criteria to prioritize.

#1 - The frame

When it comes to value-for-money ATVs, manufacturers generally suggest steel, aluminum or carbon. Steel is well known for its respectable rigidity, but it is a heavy metal that is difficult to handle. Aluminum, on the other hand, offers a good balance between lightness and strength, which is why it remains the most commonly used material. However, if you are looking for more rigidity, you should turn to carbon. On the other hand, beware of too violent shocks: the frame may lack resistance.

#2 - The suspension

According to its capacity to absorb shocks, there are two types of suspensions on a mountain bike: semi-rigid frame and full suspension mountain bike.

  • Those looking for a good value ATV often go for models with a semi-rigid frame. They are equipped with a suspension fork that absorbs shocks and vibrations while ensuring that the tires stay on the ground. By making this choice, you are opting for a mountain bike that is as easy to maintain as a gravel bike.
  • The other alternative is to choose a full-suspension mountain bike equipped with a suspension fork at the front and a shock absorber at the rear. Of course, this type of bike is more expensive, but if you are looking for a good mountain bike with a good price/quality ratio, we have found some at a reasonable price in this comparison.

#3 - The wheels

When it comes to the wheels of a value-for-money ATV, we refer to the diameter, usually measured in inches. Although they are beginning to fade on the market, 26" wheels are still the most numerous on the market. They are light, easy to maneuver and reduce the weight of the ATV.

Whether for women's or men's mountain bikes, 27.5" wheels are popular simply because they combine dynamism and handling. When a "+" is added to their diameters, it means that these same wheels gain in comfort, grip and stability. Finally, there are the big 29" wheels that brave obstacles like no other.

#4 - The brakes

When looking for a good value mountain bike, you'll have the choice between three braking systems: mechanical, mechanical discs or hydraulic discs.

  • Reliable, easy to handle and maintain, mechanical brakes are affordable. They are reliable, except on a slippery track.
  • Rain or shine, mechanical disc brakes don't fail. They are precise, smooth and responsive.
  • Sports fans turn to hydraulic disc brakes, which guarantee optimal braking on all types of tracks. The only drawbacks are weight and price!

#5 - The transmission

When choosing a value-for-money ATV, the transmission depends on the grips and the number of gears.

  • Most of the grips on recent mountain bikes are twist grips, known for their ease of use and their levers that allow you to change gears quickly. We also recommend grip handles, which have a foam, composite or rubber coating, and which offer you great riding comfort.
  • As for the number of gears, the most recent transmission has 21 with a double chainring to combine lightness and simplicity. Nevertheless, single chainring transmissions are starting to really catch on.

How to properly maintain your value ATV?

The fact that you have found a good value ATV makes your equipment even more valuable. How do you maintain it so it will serve you for many years?


How to clean your ATV value for money

This is the first maintenance action you should take. And note that a mountain bike needs to be cleaned after every use and every ride. Get a hose with a good enough pressure so that the water jets are enough to clean your ATV value for money. In the absence of specific soap and cleaning products, use dishwashing liquid.

Give great care to the fragile elements that make up your bike: bearings, transmissions, shocks... To avoid rust formation, dry the bike after cleaning, taking care to use soft cloth on the elements mentioned above.

How to lubricate your ATV value for money

Lubrication is only for the moving parts of your ATV. Whether it is in spray or in can, Teflon oil represents a good lubricant to fluidify the movement of the mechanical equipment of your ATV quality/price ratio. This will ensure better pedaling, steering and shifting comfort; but it also extends the life of your bike.

How to clean your mountain bike chain value for money

Once the chain is cleaned, you'll need to spray it with degreaser and scrub it with a brush to remove any dust embedded in the links. Even a used toothbrush will do! A more expensive but easier alternative is to use a cleaning box. This equipment will take care of cleaning the chain without your intervention!

How to grease your mountain bike fork value for money

With an ATV, whether semi-rigid or full-suspension, the fork must be greased regularly to maintain good springiness. Start by pouring the equivalent of 5 ml of suspension oil with a viscosity included between 15 and 20 W. Replace the piston and screw the cap, taking care to lightly oil its thread.


The different types of Mountain bike quality/price ratio

Comfort and performance distinguish the different types of value-for-money ATVs. If the semi-rigid model is light, easy to maintain and affordable, the full-suspension ATV combines comfort, traction and damping.

Semi-rigid mountain bike value for money

Behind this suggestive name, the semi-rigid mountain bike is composed of a shock absorbing suspension fork and a frame considered as rigid. More accessible in terms of price, this type of mountain bike remains the most affordable, which makes it the preferred choice for beginners or occasional sport enthusiasts, in the mountains or in the great outdoors.

For a real amateur, buying a semi-rigid mountain bike is a real bargain, allowing you to get a better quality bike compared to a full-suspension model sold at the same price. You will gain better components: an all-carbon frame, a better suspension fork, a branded transmission, precise and smooth braking, etc.

It should be noted that in mechanical or electric bike version, the semi-rigid mountain bike seduces by its ease of maintenance and its attractive performance; advantages due to the rigidity that makes up for the absence of rear shock absorber.

All-suspension mountain bike value for money

A perfect companion on narrow and broken grounds, the full-suspension mountain bikes quality/price ratio spice up the rides. Equipped with 27.5 or 29" wheels, they feature a suspension fork with 75 to 130 mm of travel for greater efficiency and versatility. The distinguishing feature: a rear shock that can be coupled with a central shock to absorb all shocks and vibrations.

If this type of value-for-money mountain bike refuses to accept minimum wheel dimensions, it's because it seeks maximum comfort and performance, both up and downhill. In fact, to go downhill with a good grip, we turn to forks with a minimum travel of 140 mm. When you're feeling daring, you don't hesitate to go up to 180 mm or 200 mm, especially if you want to start freeriding.

Of course, the extra elements and features that distinguish this version of mountain bike for its quality/price ratio make it more expensive. Remember to protect your property with a bike lock worthy of the name; it will save you a lot of trouble.

Value for money mountain bike or road bike ?

When it comes to choosing a good quality/price mountain bike, we are often plagued by doubts. Should you choose an all-terrain bike or a road bike?

The road bike

A coveted item among non-motorized two-wheelers, the road bike accompanies road cycling enthusiasts. Designed for asphalt as well as for rough trails, whether it is a classic, cyclocross, triathlon or gravel bike, it has a strong argument: the possibility of using it for sports, but also the easy conversion into a means of daily transportation.

The road bike is suitable for beginners, amateurs and professionals in road cycling. It can be used on the racetrack as well as on the rocky and muddy paths in the forest. Of course, it is relatively expensive as you have to pay 2000 euros for a mid-range model. Nevertheless, it is a satisfying, comfortable and versatile piece of equipment that you will find hard to part with.

The best value mountain bike

Those who love to ride in the wilderness and in the forest are turning to value-for-money mountain bikes. Indeed, this type of bike is expressly designed to ride on uneven terrain and in poor condition. That's why they are equipped with suspension forks, large-diameter wheels and rear and central suspensions. In fact, a quality/price mountain bike must absorb shocks for the user's comfort.

The constraints of the terrain on which the ATV travels mean that it must be precise and develop good traction. That's why we rely on ergonomic handlebars, grippy tires, a smooth transmission, but also and above all, precise hydraulic disc brakes or V-Brakes.


The choice between a road bike or a mountain bike will depend on the intended use. Are you a fan of mountain sports and nature; are you one of those who like to hurtle down rugged slopes at full speed for a good dose of excitement? Or do you prefer the comfort of asphalt or, at the very least, venture out on stony or muddy trails?

Why buy a good quality/price ATV?

Why choose a value mountain bike instead of another type of bike?

The value mountain bike is an excellent investment

Unlike mountain bikes, which are particularly affordable, bikes designed for mountain and wilderness sports are expensive. By choosing a value-for-money mountain bike, you're investing in equipment that performs well on rough trails, without spending a small fortune. Just follow the criteria for choosing a good mountain bike to find the right model at the best price.

The best value mountain bike offers better riding comfort

Cheaper doesn't mean worse, and a good value doesn't mean you have to make major concessions on performance. On the contrary, it's about doing good business in mountain biking! Indeed, you will benefit from a suspension fork and/or a rear shock absorber that will absorb shocks and movements, even if you ride downhill. Your bones, especially your back, will be spared!

The best value mountain bike keeps you in shape

At the risk of sounding cliché, let's remember that regular and occasional exercise contributes to physical and mental well-being. By buying a good value mountain bike, you give yourself the means to do sports in the great outdoors, to let off steam on dizzying slopes, to recharge your batteries on the trails that wind through the forests... and all this without breaking the bank!

The quality/price mountain bike adapts to all types of terrain

When you choose to buy a good ATV, you want to buy a bike that can handle any terrain, even those in poor condition: mountains, small trails in the middle of the forest, stony roads, rocky slopes, etc. A value-for-money ATV gives you the opportunity to ride on the trails of your choice at a very reasonable price.

The Value ATV promises a moment of escape

There's nothing more rejuvenating than being in a natural setting where the calm and charm of the landscape has a soothing effect on the mind. By purchasing a value-priced ATV, you'll have the opportunity to do this as often as you like. You can even get a good bike rack and escape to a remote area to find yourself.

The best brands of Mountain bike quality/price ratio

In our opinion, the best brands of Mountain bike quality/price ratio in 2022 are :

Moma Bikes

The Bikestar brand is constantly innovating thanks to German engineering in order to create beautiful quality/price ratio mountain bikes that will be unanimously appreciated. In fact, the models that bear the brand's name stand out for the quality of the bike's components.

It is a Spanish brand that specializes in the design of mechanical and electric bikes. These quality/price ratio mountain bikes are sold at prices equivalent to a third of those of other brands, but with the same performance. It's easy to see why Moma Bikes is a hit in the Euro zone!

All types of bikes and sports equipment, the reputation of the Scrapper brand is no longer to be built. What sets it apart: the price of these mountain bikes that are particularly affordable, compared to other models of a similar range at another manufacturer.

This name forces respect in the universe of the design of all types of bikes. Sure, this American manufacturer isn't known for offering unbeatable prices, but the quality makes up for the price, and you can get great deals during promotions.

Behind this world-renowned Swiss brand is the giant BMC Trading AG, which designs exceptional bikes. The preferred choice of professionals, BMC offers good mountain bikes but at a fairly high price. To buy the brand's mountain bikes at the best price, you'll have to wait for promotions.

What is the price Mountain bike quality/price ratio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


How to transport an ATV in a car to go on vacation?

When going on vacation or weekend, the best solution is to buy a good car bike rack that you can attach to the roof, tailgate or hitch ball. You mount your value ATV on it and you can ride with peace of mind to your destination.

How to maintain a quality/price ATV?

Maintenance of a value ATV consists of cleaning after each ride and regular lubrication of the moving components. To keep it economical, you can clean it with water and dishwashing liquid. In addition, you can even use a used toothbrush to thoroughly clean fragile components, such as chains or even transmissions.

How to find a good quality/price ATV?

To find a good value mountain bike, you'll need to make your choice based on a few essential criteria that will define the bike's comfort, performance and durability. By refining your search based on these criteria, you won't pay for accessories that won't serve you and you won't have to pay a fortune.

What precautions to take when buying a quality/price ATV?

The lure of affordability that one faces when buying cheap mountain bikes represents a real trap. Indeed, even if cheap doesn't mean bad quality, you should always observe the features carefully. That's why we insist on the quality/price ratio: in our selection, we offer high-performance mountain bikes of different ranges at particularly interesting prices.

How to ride safely with a quality/price ATV?

To ride safely on a quality/price ratio mountain bike, you will need to provide yourself with the necessary equipment such as a suit and the appropriate sneakers, a good bike helmet, bike gloves, etc. Also remember to equip your mountain bike with reflective strips on the wheels and front and rear lights, especially if you want to ride at night. Finally, always make sure that your brakes are good and responsive, as well as that your wheels have good grip.


What is a good value for money mountain bike?

Good value on a mountain bike means combining performance, comfort, and durability; and doing so at the lowest price in the chosen range. In our comparison, we make it a point of honor to offer only reliable, comfortable mountain bikes with good cushioning to allow you to ride with ease, whatever the type of trails.

What mountain bike for less than 300 euros ?

Finding a good value mountain bike is also, in a way, finding a cheap mountain bike. So if your budget is under 300 euros, you can browse our selection to find one that meets your expectations. Rest assured, all the proposed ATVs meet the essential criteria that define a model that is as efficient as it is comfortable.

Which mountain bike is the best value for money for a small budget?

You don't have to spend a fortune to acquire a quality/price ATV. Browse the comparison that accompanies this buying guide to find the rare pearl, the best value mountain bike that will let you discover the joys of sport and bike rides in the wilderness, without it necessarily costing you an arm and a leg.

What mountain bike for a beginner ?

You should know that value mountain bikes come in two main types, but for a beginner, we recommend the semi-rigid mountain bike. It's suitable for amateur and occasional use; plus, it'll be your best ally in taming your first rough trails. Don't worry about your comfort, because the suspension fork already incorporates enough suspension to dampen shocks and vibrations.

How to find a good cheap mountain bike ?

To find a good cheap mountain bike or a value-for-money mountain bike, you need to choose based on a few features. This includes, among others, the frame material, the quality of the suspension, the diameter of the wheels, the smoothness of the transmission, the precision and flexibility of the brakes, the grip of the tires, the maintenance procedures, etc. All of these criteria will help you find the right model for your budget and intended use.


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BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''. 9
BIKESTAR Aluminum mountain bike 29''.
Scrapper XC 3.6 10
Scrapper XC 3.6
Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO 11
Moma Bikes Electric ATV Fatbike 26PRO
Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country 12
Sanren VTT adultes de Cross-Country


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