The best bike trailers for children in the UK 2023

Cycling is good for your morale. Would you like to make the most of bike rides with your children and have them discover all the benefits? Well, that's good news! There's no better time than the sunny days to enjoy it! But for successful rides, you need a bike trailer for kids. Narrow your search, rely on our comparison guide and make the best choice.

Tiggo World BT504-D02

Best value for your money

Tiggo World BT504-D02

The best bike trailer for kids in 2021

Want to take your kids for a ride? Go for the Tiggo World BT504-D02 trailer. Perfect for getting around town without hindrance, this model is very compact and light. It can be converted into a jogger if needed.

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Despite its low price, the Tiggo World BT504-D02 has nothing to envy of the high-end models. It is equipped with a steel frame that gives it an incomparable sturdiness as well as 20-inch inflatable tires. Switching from trailer mode to jogger mode is quick and easy. Suitable for 1 or 2 children, this model is equipped with a 5-point safety belt and a comfortable padded seat.

The waterproof 600D polyester cover protects your little ones from UV rays and bad weather. There is ample storage space in the back of the vehicle. The presence of reflectors and the pennant optimizes the level of safety while offering an optimal visibility during the night outings.

vidaXL 91374

Best value for your money

vidaXL 91374

The best entry-level bike trailer for kids

A benchmark model, the vidaXL 91374 knows how to be comfortable, no matter what the situation. It's durable enough and still roomy enough to carry up to 2 kids. It's a great asset for any active family that loves to go on adventures.

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The vidaXL 91374 packs several accessories to keep your kids comfortable while traveling. These include a 5-point safety harness, cozy seat cushions, clear side windows, and an all-weather canopy. So no matter what the weather, you can share your outdoor experiences with your little ones without them having to suffer sunburn or rain.

Simply use the vidaXL 91374's quick release system to attach it to the bike. Moreover, you will enjoy its ease of use thanks to its ergonomic handlebars. Foldable and lightweight, this model is suitable for 1 or 2 children with a combined maximum weight of 30 kg.

Samax 360 °

Best value for your money

Samax 360

The best high-end bike trailer for kids

The Samax 360° has all the features to appeal to sporty parents. In addition to its main function as a trailer, this model is also convertible into a stroller and a jogger. The comfort level is significantly improved by the presence of the spring-loaded rear axle.

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The Samax 360° measures 133 x 88 x 108 cm, so it can accommodate up to 2 children. Thanks to the spring axle, shocks are efficiently absorbed. It is also very easy to assemble. No tools are required to convert the equipment. The sturdy steel frame ensures a long life. The roll bar improves the level of safety, as do the hip and shoulder straps.

Ideal for a child from 18 months, the Samax 360° is suitable for all types of bikes except electric ones. You can use it as a trailer, but also as a stroller or a jogger. This model is equipped with 3 wheels, including a 10 inch 360° rotating wheel and 20 inch rear wheels.

Tiggo World Veelar 60302

Excellent selection

Tiggo World Veelar 60302

A great alternative

The Tiggo World Veelar 60302 convertible bike trailer will make it easy to transport your children on a daily basis. Capable of supporting a load of up to 40 kg, this sturdy accessory offers plenty of space for 2 children.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best bicycle trailer for children

Any specific needs?

The best bike trailer for kids in 2021

The best entry-level bike trailer for kids

The best high-end bike trailer for kids

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best bike trailers for children

Tiggo World BT504-D02
vidaXL 91374
Samax 360 °
Tiggo World Veelar 60302
Tiggo World BT504-D02
vidaXL 91374
Samax 360
Tiggo World Veelar 60302
Want to take your kids for a ride? Go for the Tiggo World BT504-D02 trailer. Perfect for getting around town without hindrance, this model is very compact and light. It can be converted into a jogger if needed.
A benchmark model, the vidaXL 91374 knows how to be comfortable, no matter what the situation. It's durable enough and still roomy enough to carry up to 2 kids. It's a great asset for any active family that loves to go on adventures.
The Samax 360° has all the features to appeal to sporty parents. In addition to its main function as a trailer, this model is also convertible into a stroller and a jogger. The comfort level is significantly improved by the presence of the spring-loaded rear axle.
The Tiggo World Veelar 60302 convertible bike trailer will make it easy to transport your children on a daily basis. Capable of supporting a load of up to 40 kg, this sturdy accessory offers plenty of space for 2 children.
Maximum load
40 kg
30 kg
20 kg
40 kg
17 kg
10.23 kg
21 kg
17 kg
Steel frame, polyester 600 D
Oxford fabric + steel frame
Steel frame
Coated steel frame, polyester 600 D
Maximum number of children
Cabin dimensions
80 x 60 x 60 cm
62 x 72 x 61 cm
55 x 50 x 68 cm
80 x 60 x 60 cm

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Buying guide - bicycle trailer for children

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How to choose your bicycle trailer for children

Before you start planning the different routes you will take during your family bike rides, it is important to find the right bike trailer for your child. Given the diversity of models on the market, we simplify your choice with the following selection criteria.

#1 - the wheels

In order to find the right bike trailer for your child, the first criterion of choice is the wheels. This is where the distinction between the different models is made, because there are 3 types of wheels:

  • The bike trailer for child monoroue
  • The 2-wheelbike trailer for children
  • The 3-wheelbike trailer for children

In addition to the number of wheels, the size of these is also to be taken into account. Indeed, the vehicle will have to be at the same height as the bicycle so that your child can appreciate the landscape. The same goes for their sturdiness knowing that not all circuits are the same. In the end, it's all about stability and comfort, which is why your choice will depend entirely on the type of bike you ride and how you use it.

#2 - the comfort

The next selection criterion is about your little one's comfort without minimizing yours. Once you've decided on the type of child bike trailer that fits your needs, it's time to move on to the technical details. This includes:

  • Dimensions : there are single-seat bike trailers for children, and others that are two-seat, jogger type. Take into account the number of children you plan to transport as well as their age. Also consider how much space it will take up when attached to your bike, especially since a bike trailer can weigh up to 15 kg when empty. In any case, a two-seater model is more practical in the long run.
  • The weight supported by the machine: usually, children's bike trailers are designed to accommodate children between the ages of 2 and 6 weighing between 15 and 50 kg. You will note that this maximum supported load systematically depends on the size of the trailer, and that you must always take into account the volume that it can have so as not to hinder your ease of transport.
  • Ergonomics: so that he can enjoy your family outings, make sure that your little one feels comfortable in his trailer. You should therefore choose models with quality padding and ventilation. You should also choose models that offer storage space, good protection against the weather and optional accessories (hammocks, footmuffs, sunshades, reflectors, cushions, helmets...).
  • The type of installation: no question of complicating your task and wasting time, choose models that are easy to install. Some models have an arm placed in the axis of the bike and which is fixed on the seatpost. Others have a side drawbar and a hitch that sits on the rear wheel axle on the left side. Choose the simplest option without forgetting the question of compatibility with the bike and the safety standards that guarantee the reliability of the attachment.

#3 - the level of safety

As your little one's life is at stake, the level of safety offered by the child's bike trailer is far more than crucial. First and foremost, you need a model that is certified and complies with European standards EN 15918 and EN 1888. This means that the device must be equipped with:

  • A braking system, independent of the bike's
  • A flag and a reflector, for good visibility by other road users
  • A three or five-point safety belt
  • An adjustable harness, to ensure the child's comfort
  • A solid and resistant interior

#4 - the strength and durability


said before, the interior must necessarily be solid and resistant. Its robustness guarantees its level of protection in case of an accident, but also to face the most tumultuous circuits. As for its resistance, it must be able to withstand climatic hazards such as rain, wind or UV rays. To meet these needs, we strongly recommend children's bike trailers with an aluminum or steel frame that is extremely resistant to impact and weather.

What are the different uses of a child's bike trailer?

The use of a child's bike trailer always depends on how often you use it and what kind of terrain you're getting into. Here are the circumstances in which these vehicles are simply indispensable for parents!

In the city

Are you a bike enthusiast who finds this means of transportation much more practical than cars for getting around town with your little one? In this case, a bike trailer for children with 2 wheels is essential. The main advantage is that you don't have to leave your child at home. Whether it's for a walk in the park, to stretch your legs or to go shopping straight away, there's no better way! No more traffic jams, you're both on board a vehicle that can fit anywhere, even in the tightest corners in the city centre.

On a hike or a picnic

This summer, family getaways are a must! In fact, bike rides are particularly popular for a change of scenery and activity. You don't have to leave your toddler with someone else for a bike ride, because everyone wins. In its single-wheeled child's bike trailer, your little one enjoys the view as much as you do.

In the middle of nature

Camping is also one of the outdoor activities you can't do without in summer. Are you a true nomad and have you decided to get lost in the middle of nature? From now on, there are no more constraints linked to family activities because the children are no longer obliged to stay under the tent while the adults enjoy a bike ride. That's the advantage of children's bike trailers, especially those with 3 wheels that are all-terrain. There is no need to worry about the bike not being able to adapt to the trails of sedentary life.

The different types of bike trailers for children

Some manufacturers diversify their child bike trailers based on the number of seats they offer. Most do so by the number of wheels they have, and that's what you'll need to base your choice on as well. Let's take a look!

Monowheel bike trailers for kids

As the name implies, single wheel bike trailers for children are made up of only one tire. The tire is usually placed at the back of the bike and is about 20 inches long. Lightweight and easy to pull, monowheel child bike trailers can carry up to 40 kg of load without the rider feeling encumbered.


  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to pull
  • Often have good capacity


  • Not stable enough for unstable terrain
  • Usually single-seat models

Who is it for?

Planning to go hiking during your summer vacation? Choose this type of children's bike trailer for their very good capacity and their frame usually equipped with protection against sunlight or bad weather.

2-wheel bike trailers for kids

Comfortable and wide enough to accommodate two kids at a time, 2-wheel bike trailers have one tire on each side. Their maximum weight capacity is about 40 kg, but unfortunately this load is not always distributed evenly. In fact, sometimes the cyclist is forced to make a lot of effort because the machine does not have a rear wheel to support the weight on it. However, by equipping them with multiple suspensions, these child bike trailers can still be stable.


  • Spacious
  • Good capacity
  • Suitable for slightly older children (3 to 5 years old)
  • Affordable price


  • More or less cumbersome and require effort in the cyclist's movements
  • The load is not well distributed between the bike and the trailer

Who is it for?

Children's bike trailers are usually designed to be driven around town. So if you're planning a vacation in an urban environment, this is the best choice to cover your family rides. In addition, they can also become very practical on a daily basis in case you don't want to leave your child at home alone while you do your quick errands around town.

3-wheel bike trailers for kids

These trailers are the most popular of all, despite their higher price. They are stable par excellence, because their wheels are arranged equally: the two big ones are placed on the sides symmetrically, while a third one is placed at the front. The 3-wheeled children's bike trailers are called all-terrain. They are suitable for long journeys, narrow or even unstable routes.


  • Excellent level of stability
  • Excellent load distribution
  • Sometimes spacious, sometimes compact depending on your choice
  • Very good capacity of almost 50 kg
  • Very comfortable, resistant and robust

Disadvantages :

  • Expensive from a general point of view
  • The more functional they are, the more cumbersome they can be

Who is it for?

Are you a parent who loves cycling and is ready to take on the adventure no matter what the route and obstacles may be? The good news is that 3-wheel bike trailers for kids are designed to do just that. Just make sure your child is old enough to go on this kind of adventure with you.

Why buy a bicycle trailer for children?

For the comfort of children

Compared to a bicycle seat, a trailer offers more comfort to your children. Well installed, they can rest easily during the trip. So, you can easily take your children for a little ride, do your usual shopping, drive your children to school with this accessory. And when they are not sleeping, they can also play. You can choose a basic trailer for occasional use or more powerful and sturdy trailers for daily use. There are also off-road trailers that are perfect for running or hiking.

For more protection

With a safety belt, your toddlers won't risk getting out of the trailer. In case of rain or hot weather, they are protected by a waterproof cover. If you ride at night, the child bike trailer is equipped with reflective strips to help you gain visibility.

For its ease of storage

Storing a bike trailer won't take much time. In fact, there are models that fold up in a single movement. So you can easily store your trailer in case you don't have enough space.

For its dual use

Besides towing, the bike trailer can also be used as a stroller. With the help of a pedestrian kit, you can transform it into a stroller. Thus, you can walk your child in complete freedom.

For its loading capacity

Most bike trailers for children have a trunk that is placed at the back. You can put many useful objects in it, but also your personal belongings. You will be able to travel while taking along the essentials. You will also have other storage spaces in addition to the main compartment, such as a sort of pocket, but for bikes.

The best brands of bike trailers for children

In our opinion, the best brands of bike trailers for children in 2022 are :


TIGGO is a Chinese brand developed by Chery Automobile company since 2005. At first this company was mainly famous for its crossover SUVs, currently, Tiggo brand is now also known for its children's bike trailers. This Chinese brand is serious in its design and performance, that's why it is reliable in terms of quality and design.

VIDAXL, this international retailer has been known by consumers since 2006. It is known for many types of products, including children's bike trailers. Its products are as reliable as they are affordable, they will suit all needs and budgets.

Samax is a German brand specialized in sports and leisure. It offers several types of products, including handcarts, cargo trailers, and a wide selection of bike trailers. Samax products combine utility, comfort, durability and value for money.

This British brand is part of the Lemken company's product line. This company is best known for these high performance and reliable farm machines. Children's bike trailers are among the brand's most popular products.

For over 75 years, Thule has been creating ingenious solutions to make life easier for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand focuses primarily on designing and developing quality products that help you carry your gear wherever your passion takes you.

What is the price for a bicycle trailer for children

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 170 £
170 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Don't downplay protective gear

As stipulated by French regulations that have been in effect since March 22, 2017 the passenger will also be required to wear a protective helmet like the driver, even in a covered child bike trailer.

Make sure the gear is visible

In order

to avoid road accidents as much as possible, make sure that your child bike trailer is always visible to other road users. Usually, they are sold with a flag or pennant to indicate their presence on the back of the bike. Also, never go without reflectors or even lights especially when it starts to get late.

Good preparation first!


you leave and head out on all the bike routes, always do a final check. Among other things, check that the trailer is secure and that there are no defects (brake, seat, fasteners, suspensions, etc.). While doing so, also remember to check your bike in all its nooks and crannies


What is the best bike trailer for kids?

The best bike trailer for kids depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How to install a bike trailer for kids?


installation of a child's bike trailer necessarily depends on the model in question. While monowheels usually attach to the seatpost, 2-wheelers always install on the rear wheel axle. As for the 3-wheel bike trailers for children, they are also attached to the rear wheel axle. In any case, always be sure to read the instructions and follow them correctly to avoid accidents in the case of a poorly performed installation.

How fast to ride a bike trailer for kids?

Speed on a bike with a child's trailer on the back necessarily depends on the type of terrain you are riding on. But as a general rule, you are required to ride at or below 25 km/h.

How to store a bike trailer for kids?

There's no

question of getting bogged down with a child's bike trailer. If you're traveling by car, it's perfectly fine to fold it up and slide it into a corner of the trunk. Similarly, you can simply fold it up and put it in your home when you're not using it. Of course, the space it will occupy depends entirely on its size, and the folding relies on its frame.

How to maintain a bike trailer for kids?


traveling through all kinds of terrain, a child's bike trailer is bound to need maintenance. This is in a way the best way to ensure its durability. To do this, clean the tires regularly and remember to inflate them when necessary. Also, you can clean the interior with a damp cloth. As for the seat itself, this will depend on the type of upholstery. Some are waterproof, others are not. In any case, let it dry for several days to prevent moisture from reducing the firmness and ergonomics of the seat.


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Tiggo World BT504-D02
Tiggo World BT504-D02
vidaXL 91374
vidaXL 91374
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Tiggo World Veelar 60302
Tiggo World Veelar 60302


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