The best city bicycles in the UK 2023

The city bike allows you to get around while getting a little exercise. This ecological means of transport has its place in urban areas, at a time when 60% of the active population uses the car to travel less than 1 km! The design and comfort of current models are numerous. Follow our guide to choose what suits you best.

Elops 540 1

Editor's Choice

Elops 540

The best city bike in 2021

Choose the Elops 540 city bike. It will provide you with unparalleled handling. With this exceptional 19.9 kg model, enjoy unprecedented comfort when riding around town.

320 £ on Decathlon

Of course, city bikes come in different models from different manufacturers. But the Elops 540 makes all the difference with its low steel frame. In addition, it is equipped with a luggage rack and a basket to carry your groceries. In addition, the L/XL frame size makes this urban bike suitable for both men and women. The Shimano 7-speed transmission will do everything to keep you comfortable while riding on flat terrain or on a slope.

Moreover, the Elops 540 uses a powerful lighting system, which works thanks to a dynamo integrated into the hub. Indeed, the presence of AXA headlights guarantees a good visibility if you ride at night. Moreover, the risks of punctures are minimal since this means of transport is safe thanks to its 45 mm tires that have been reinforced for this purpose. Even better, it features aluminum V-brake calipers as a braking system.

KS Cycling Canterburry 2

Best cheapest

KS Cycling Canterburry

The best entry-level city bike

The Canterbury from KS Cycling features a very low triangle frame for easy straddling. A great urban VTC for quick trips around town or on country roads.

286 £ on Alltricks

For your commute around town, choose this 17 kg bike. The KS Cycling Canterburry looks great with its 48cm aluminum frame combined with gray details complemented by a clear chain guard and multi-position handlebars. Its 700 x 35 C reflective stripe trekking wheels, combined with double-walled aluminum rims with wear indicator, make it simply cracking.

The shifters are Shimano Revoshift SL-RS 35 twist shifters. The dynamo light will come in handy when riding at night on poorly lit roads and paths. Finally, the brakes of the KS Cycling Canterburry are aluminum V-brakes.

Elops 900 E 3

Best high end

Elops 900 E

The best high-end city bike

Ride around town freely and without too much effort with the Elops 900 E electric bike. Its 250 W brushless rear motor develops 30 Nm of torque for easy pedaling on hills.

1 040 £ on Decathlon

Why settle for a simple bike if you can afford an urban EV like the Elops 900 E? Indeed, this electric city bike is the perfect ally to survey the city streets with ease. Its low aluminum frame makes it easy to climb over. This is quite practical to get on and off while having a good back posture. In addition, the presence of a Shimano 7-speed derailleur makes it easy to adjust the cyclist's pace.

Because of the battery, this bike weighs about 24.5 kg. Safety being a priority, the manufacturer has equipped the Elops 900 E with Tektro aluminum brake levers coupled with mechanical disc calipers for better braking. In addition, large section wheels of 28 inches are mounted on it to better absorb the roughness of the road.

Trek Dual 4

A great choice

Trek Dual

The most comfortable

You won't be disappointed with the Trek Dual sport city bike. Its 160 mm Tektro MD-M280 discs are safe. Plus, its Bontrager Sport Women's saddle is comfortable over long distances.

415 £ on Alltricks

At first glance, the Trek Dual looks like a semi-rigid mountain bike. Its Alpha Gold Aluminum frame gives it its lightness. In fact, this sporty city bike weighs only 13.73 kg with the M size frame. Moreover, it is topped by an SR Suntour NEX fork that considerably dampens shocks. In addition, a Shimano Tourney TY51 front derailleur and a Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur ensure smooth shifting of the 7 available gears.

As for safety, it's hard to beat that if you're a woman. The Trek Dual has Tektro MD-M280 mechanical disc brakes to shorten braking distances. In addition, its double-walled Bontrager rims are designed to support a payload of 136 kg. However, the Trek Dual, with its sealed headset bearings, is easy to handle, even in the rain.

Vélo de ville Capri Buddy 5

Combination model for kids

Vélo de ville Capri Buddy

The best model for kids

Brighten up your kids' days with the Capri Buddy city bike! This unisex 1-speed model should fit an age range of 5-8 years. The look is irresistible.

220 £ on Decathlon
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Comparison table of the best city bicycles

Elops 540 6
KS Cycling Canterburry 7
Elops 900 E 8
Trek Dual 9
Vélo de ville Capri Buddy 10
Elops 540
KS Cycling Canterburry
Elops 900 E
Trek Dual
Vélo de ville Capri Buddy
Choose the Elops 540 city bike. It will provide you with unparalleled handling. With this exceptional 19.9 kg model, enjoy unprecedented comfort when riding around town.
The Canterbury from KS Cycling features a very low triangle frame for easy straddling. A great urban VTC for quick trips around town or on country roads.
Ride around town freely and without too much effort with the Elops 900 E electric bike. Its 250 W brushless rear motor develops 30 Nm of torque for easy pedaling on hills.
You won't be disappointed with the Trek Dual sport city bike. Its 160 mm Tektro MD-M280 discs are safe. Plus, its Bontrager Sport Women's saddle is comfortable over long distances.
Brighten up your kids' days with the Capri Buddy city bike! This unisex 1-speed model should fit an age range of 5-8 years. The look is irresistible.
19.9 kg
17 kg
24.5 kg
13.73 kg
11 kg
Aluminum quite low
Alpha Gold Aluminum
Aluminum V-brake caliper
V-brakes aluminum
Tektro aluminum brake levers + mechanical disc calipers
Tektro MD-M280 mechanical discs
V-Brake front and rear

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How to choose your city bike

The choice of a city bike should essentially take into account the comfort of the cyclist. For this, it is important to look at the geometry of the frame, the riding position, the transmission and the accessories.

#1 - The geometry of the frame

City bikes have a diamond or classic, trapezoid and gooseneck or wave frame. The classic or diamond frame has a horizontal or almost horizontal top tube. It combines robustness and sportiness. Generally seen on women's bikes, the trapezoidal frame has a sloping top tube or sloping. This gives it more stability while remaining easy to ride. The gooseneck or wave frame is distinguished by the absence of a top tube. It is even more comfortable and easier to ride than the trapezoidal frame. This frame geometry is particularly suitable for shorter riders and for people who are strictly dressed, especially those wearing a skirt. In contrast, the gooseneck frame lacks dynamism and is mainly suitable for short trips.The material used to make the frame is also of great importance. Most city bike frames are made of steel or aluminum. Long shunned because of its weight, steel is better at absorbing shocks and vibrations. It is a material that ages well. The aluminum frame is lighter, stiffer and therefore more difficult to repair. On the other hand, it is more resistant to corrosion. Carbon frames are rare on a city bike. Some city bikes are equipped with a suspended front fork. This suspension is of little use in urban areas, unless the frame is made of poor quality aluminum. Whatever frame you choose, keep in mind that its weight represents 30 to 35% of the total weight of the bike. Choose comfort and strength over lightness, unless you plan to carry your bike on public transportation or up stairs.

#2 - The type of city bike

Among the different types of city bikes, the Dutch bike is by far the most common. It can be distinguished by its elegance, the upright posture of the rider with head-up display, its wrapped transmission, its handlebars curved to the rear and its large wheels. This over-equipped bike lasts for years, loves short trips, but hates hills. Gazelle and Electra are world-renowned brands of Dutch bikes. Note the existence of a curiosity halfway between road bike and mountain bike. In general, this type of bike has no brakes. It is called a fixie bike. Its high, sleek frame and riding position make it more suitable for men than women. For those who lack space, the folding bike is a more than credible option. Often very light, it allows you to switch from public transport to the bike and vice versa. Another hybrid bike, the VTC or mountain bike combines the qualities of a mountain bike and a city bike. Its great advantage is its versatility, since it can be used in the city as well as in the countryside or on hiking trails. Another type of city bike, the cargo bike, facilitates the transport of children or goods. But it is not very common. Finally, you should know that all the existing types have their electric versions, known as VAE. 2 things distinguish the mechanical bike called "classic" from the electric bike. The latter has a battery and a motor in the crankset, the hub of the front wheel or the rear wheel. The electric city bikes or VAE also cost more, an almost infallible way to differentiate them from mechanical bikes.

#3 - The position on the bike

Choosing a city bike is also a matter of comfort, i.e. riding position. Wave or gooseneck bikes allow you to pedal comfortably, at low intensity, while keeping an eye on what's going on around you. This type of frame offers an upright position, with the torso perfectly upright. The beach cruiser is a variation of the gooseneck bike. Both stylish and comfortable, it allows you to put both feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle with your hands on the handlebars. This relaxed posture is a must for short people. For sporty city bikes, especially fixies and fitness bikes, the frame geometry does not allow for an upright posture. The frame of these bikes invites the rider to bend to better force the pedals and promote aerodynamics. If you like speed, you will have to accept this uncomfortable posture. Between the very relaxed position and the aerodynamic position, there is an intermediate position. Not too upright, not too horizontal, not too forward leaning, this hybrid posture is adjustable. It is therefore suitable for the majority of cyclists. On such a city bike, the saddle is often at the same height as the handlebars.

#4 - The transmission and braking

#5 - The practical aspects

Maintaining a City Bike

Like cars and motorcycles, city bikes need regular maintenance to last. Don't worry, the operation takes a few seconds to 45 minutes and requires inexpensive and easy-to-find accessories (brush, sponge, bucket, cleaner, lubricant, multi-function tool).

The cleaning

The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often you use your city bike. If you ride your bike every day, clean it every two weeks. If you use your bike occasionally, clean it every month or even 6 weeks.

Before you start, remove any parts that might get wet, such as the lights, battery or GPS. Then use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to clean the frame, rims and wheels of dust and dirt. Avoid using a pressure washer to avoid damaging the bearings, stickers and paint.

Don't hesitate to use a brush to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the bottom bracket, the chain or the cassette. Once the dirt is removed, rinse thoroughly with water and dry the sensitive parts with a cloth. You can turn the bike upside down to remove any water that has seeped into the frame tubes.

Oncethe bike is perfectly dry, lubricate the transmission, the suspensions if there are any, as well as the various bearings. Do not forget to lubricate the chain. Lubricate at least once a month, and more frequently if you use the bike regularly. A visual check and the sounds the bike makes will tell you when to lubricate. If necessary, use a polish to make the bike shine.

Visual check

Once the bike is perfectly clean and lubricated, proceed with atightening check. This includes wheel axles, brake calipers or discs, handlebars, saddle, seatpost, cables and all screws on the bike. Tightening these parts in time prevents many cycling accidents.

Before each ride, you should visually check the overall condition of the bike, i.e., its level of wear. This includes checking the brake pads for wear, but also the transmission, especially the chain and sprockets. You can also take the opportunity to check the condition of the parts and the welds of the frame.

Don't forget to check the condition of your tires before each ride. Visually check the tires for inflation and wear. Make sure they are not slick, cracked or deflated. Manufacturers indicate the optimal tire pressure on the side. Use a pump with a pressure gauge to inflate to the correct pressure. Also check the rims for cracks or warping.

Every week or month, check for play. The parts concerned are the steering, the wheels and the crankset. If you feel that there is an abnormal shift in any of these parts, do not hesitate to tighten. With practice, you will easily feel the presence of play in the handlebars, the hub and the pedals during your rides.

Maintenance of an electric city bike

For electric city bikes, the maintenance of the cycle part is the same as for a bike without assistance. Only the battery deserves special attention. Before cleaning the bike, it must be removed to protect it from water. Also remember to recharge it every 6 to 8 weeks, or more frequently if necessary. And don't wait until the battery is at less than 10% to recharge it, at the risk of shortening its autonomy and its lifespan.

Have your bike professionally serviced

Every six months or so, go to a bike shop to have your bike fully serviced. No matter how meticulous you are, there's a good chance that something potentially problematic hasn't caught your eye. Plus, it's a time-consuming process. That's why it's a good idea to hire a professional to do it.

The different types of city bicycles

There are city bikes for all tastes and practices. Whether you're looking for versatility, an efficient way to get around town or simply a bike to discover the city, there's no shortage of options.

The Dutch bike

This city bike takes its name from its origins. Even today, it is still widely used on the streets of Amsterdam. Very elegant, it stands out for its robust frame and itsupright, very comfortable riding position. The seat is padded and high enough to pedal without straining. The Dutch bike usually has drum brakes.


  • Very comfortable riding position
  • The best type of bike for city riding
  • Very elegant city bike, with an easily recognizable style
  • Sturdiness and quality of manufacture often at the rendezvous


  • Hates hills
  • The best models are expensive, not to mention the electric versions

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a real city bike, you need a Dutch bike. Its elegance and riding comfort are its main assets. However, don't count on it to climb a hill.

The beach cruiser

This type of city bike was born in California. Combining elegance and comfort, the beach cruiser lives up to its name. Its designers imagined it for strolling in the city, on landscaped roads, especially by the sea. Offering a very relaxed posture, the beach cruiserallows you to put both feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle.

Advantages :

  • Very elegant city bike
  • Very relaxed riding position, a pure pleasure
  • Particularly suitable for women and young people
  • Perfect to discover the city and the waterfront


  • Hates hills
  • Not suitable for long distances
  • Not suitable for daily use, especially for commuting

Who is it for?

The beach cruiser is a must-have during the summer, especially if your resort has a beachfront. Designed to be seen and to stroll, it will appeal to young people and vacationers.

The folding bike

The name is enough to summarize the qualities of this type of bike. Because of its anatomy, the frame can be folded, which makes it very compact. Once uncomfortable, the folding bike has evolved and now offers 16, 20, or even 26 inch wheels, making itthe best choice for alternating bicycling and public transportation during the same trip.


  • Suitable for those who lack space at home
  • Promotes intermodality for urban travel
  • High-end models benefit from excellent manufacturing quality
  • Lighter and easier to straddle than conventional bikes


  • The materials chosen influence the weight and robustness of the bike
  • Does not allow you to travel long distances
  • The small wheels will make you struggle on the climbs

Who is it for?

Those who lack space at home will be delighted by the compactness of the folding bike. Moreover, it allows you to go from the bike to public transport (train, bus...) and vice versa. This allows it to meet the requirements of those who work in the city but do not live there.


VTC stands for vélo tout chemin, which sums up the qualities of this bicycle very well. Itcombines the comfort of a city bike with the adventurous side of a mountain bike. The geometry of the frame resembles that of touring bikes, with elongated base tubes. In addition, it has accessories such as a luggage rack, mudguards, kickstands and lighting.


  • Able to ride in the city as well as in the countryside and on forest roads
  • Loves the flats as much as the climbs
  • Bike often praised for its robustness
  • Combines 2 bikes into one, which saves money

Disadvantages :

  • The sportiness does not encourage a perfectly upright riding position
  • This type of urban bike is often expensive

Who is it for?

If you plan to use your bike in the city and in the country, the VTC is the best choice. Its versatility is a great asset, as long as you find the right riding position for you.

The fixie

Unlike the freewheel bike, the most common on the market, thefixie requires you to pedal constantly to keep moving. To brake, you have to lock the pedals. Originally, this type of urban bike did not have brakes. But legislation requires, it is now offered with brakes at least on the front wheel, andits overall look is reminiscent of a road bike.

Advantages :

  • City bike known for its speed and sportiness
  • Rare concept in a bike, which pleases the purists
  • Looks very much like a road bike, with very similar qualities
  • Some models alternate between a fixed and freewheel sprocket

Disadvantages :

  • The bike brakes as soon as you stop pedaling
  • Very inclined or even horizontal riding position

Who is it for?

In the city, the fixie is faster than the car, motorcycle and scooter. It's no wonder that many sportsmen and couriers use them on a daily basis. However, it takes some practice to get used to its unconventional braking.

The cargo bike

This type of city bike is still struggling to find its audience. However, its ability to carry heavy loads and children should interest many people. Depending on the model, you can opt for a two-wheeler, the most common, or a three-wheeler. The cargo bike isa cheap alternative to the utility vehicle in many cases.


  • Ideal for transporting children and heavy loads
  • Can be a credible alternative to a utility vehicle
  • Remarkable driving comfort
  • Exists in electric version to better climb slopes


  • Despite its features, the payload of this bike does not rival that of a utility vehicle
  • For transporting small children, it is good. From 8 years old, it becomes problematic

Who is it for?

If you love cycling and need to drop off 1 or 2 children at school or daycare before going to work, you need a cargo bike. Some craftsmen can also transport their equipment on this type of bike.

The electric city bike

Folding, cargo, VTC, dutch or fixies, all types of city bikes are available in electrically assisted bikes.The EAB is characterized by a motor and a battery that complement the pedaling or take over. This type of urban bike allows you to go fast, cover long distances and reduce effort. However, quality models are expensive.


  • Equipped with a motor and a battery to assist pedaling, hence the name electric bike
  • Allows you to travel long distances and go fast
  • Climbs hills without any problem
  • Some models integrate the battery in the frame, which preserves the elegance


  • More expensive than a mechanical city bike
  • High weight (frame, battery, motor...)
  • The progressive assistance is more interesting than the fixed assistance

Who is it for?

EABs now represent 40% of the bicycle market. Its performance and its pedaling assistance have allowed to enlarge the public of the bicycle. To arrive on time for your appointments without the slightest drop of sweat, opt for this means of transportation.

City bike or folding bike?

City bike

The city bike is a vehicle designed for daily commuting in urban centers such as going to work, shopping and more. It has the standard accessories, plus a few additions for comfort including a chain guard, kickstand and basket. This type of bike costs less than a folding model, however, it takes up more space.

Folding bike

The folding bike can be compacted to fit in the trunk of a car, in a large bag or on the luggage rack of another bike. This model is also very practical in the city. It is easy to store. On the other hand, this type of bike is much less affordable than the city bike.


Choose the city bike for quick trips such as errands, work or just to get some fresh air. The advantage of the folding bike is that it takes up very little space, so you can take it with you on a picnic, a family outing and many other occasions. If you know your way around a bike, this type of folding bike is perfect for you. However, if you know anything about bicycles and how to assemble them, you should choose a city bike to avoid surprises.

Why buy a city bike?


A city bike costs much less than an electric bike, scooter or car. Maintenance costs are minimal compared to motorized vehicles. In addition, you won't have to buy fuel to ride it. This will save you time and money. Basically, it is a means of transportation that allows you to get around at a lower cost.

No special equipment required

Getting around on a city bike does not require any special equipment. You only need to invest in a bike, a helmet and a lock, unlike other two-wheelers. A poncho and waterproof pants are also necessary during the rainy season.

Wellness and health

Cycling is good for your health. It is a very complete exercise that works the heart, the muscles and the respiratory system at the same time. As a result, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. But cycling can also help you build muscle in your limbs, especially your thighs and forearms. Your body will change depending on the intensity of the exercise and your ability to pedal. It's a great way to tone your body.


The city bike is a very fast way to get around. It saves time by avoiding traffic jams, and is very convenient in case of public transportation strikes. It also saves you from the stress of motorized vehicles or other means of transportation. You can use it to do your shopping, to go to work, or simply to walk through the narrow streets of your beautiful city.


The city bike contributes considerably to the preservation of the environment. By not using a car to get around, you reduce your carbon footprint. The city bike is therefore an ecological means of transportation.

The best brands of city bicycles

In our opinion, the best brands of city bicycles in 2022 are :


Gazelle is one of the oldest Dutch bicycle brands and is still very popular with cyclists. Founded in 1892, it has contributed to the fame of the Dutch bicycle, always by signing quality and ultra comfortable models. If you find a bike from this brand, don't hesitate for a second.

Did you know that the American manufacturer has long held two thirds of the world market for folding bikes? Dahon is still the undisputed leader for this type of bike, despite the fact that Moma Bikes does not lose out. Whether electric or mechanical, Dahon folding bikes remain the benchmark for intermodality and lack of space.

Did you know that the American manufacturer has long held two-thirds of the global folding bike market? Dahon remains the undisputed leader for this type of bike, despite the fact that Moma Bikes does not lose out. Electric or mechanical, Dahon folding bikes remain the reference for intermodality and lack of space.

Who doesn't know this American giant, a must in the bike world? Based in Bethel, Connecticut, Cannondale has long manufactured its frames in the United States before relocating part of its production to Taiwan in 2011. Regardless of the type of bike, this brand's models often rank among the best.

Who doesn't know this American giant, a must in the bike world? Based in Bethel, Connecticut, Cannondale has long manufactured its frames in the United States before relocating part of its production to Taiwan in 2011. Regardless of the type of bike, the models of this brand are often among the best.

What is the price for a city bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 800 £
800 £ to 2000 £
more than 2000 £
Price range diagram


Adjust the saddle

It is important to be able to adjust the saddle of your bike to get the best pedaling comfort. First, place it at a height that allows you to touch the ground with your toes while maintaining your balance easily. Then, make sure it's not tilted too far forward to avoid slipping.

Think about ergonomic grips

When you ride your bike, you may experience wrist pain or hand numbness, even if your riding position is at the right height. To remedy this, equip your bike with ergonomic grips. These will give you a good grip and a more comfortable support.

Prefer wider tires

For a bike used in the city, it's best to opt for wide, thick tires. These tires require less inflation pressure, and also improve riding comfort by cushioning shocks to the maximum. Also, when you change your tires, make sure they are compatible with your frame and rims.

Find the right storage position

There are different ways to park your bike at home without taking up too much space, even when you live in an apartment. One way is to integrate your bike into the decor, displaying it on a stand like a work of art. If your home has a high ceiling, you can also hang your bike high up on a specially designed rack.

Wear a bike helmet

Just like the biker, it is imperative that the cyclist wear a helmet when riding. This will limit the risk of head injuries and cranial trauma in case of a fall. But the helmet will also allow you to be spotted by other drivers at night, by sticking reflective strips on it.


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