The best VTC for men in the UK 2023

The VTC, an excellent compromise between the city bike and the mountain bike, fascinates more and more men by its comfortable aspect and its flexibility. This trekking bike offers between 18 and 20 speeds and is suitable for all uses, whether on off-road trails or in town. Urban or sporty, classic or electric, choose one of the men's mountain bikes in our comparison.

KS Cycling Vegas

Editor's Choice

KS Cycling Vegas

The best VTC for men in 2021

Comfortable in the city or in the country, the KS Cycling Vegas is an excellent VTC for men. It seduces by its quality and by its particularly interesting quality/price ratio.

269 £ on Alltricks

KS Cycling presents the Vegas model, a 28-inch men's mountain bike that has everything to seduce. Its steel frame is suspended on a 1 1/8" threaded Zoom fork. The trekking tires mounted on double-wall aluminum rims rotate on high quality steel hubs.

You'll feel comfortable on the bike thanks to the trekking saddle and height adjustable stem. The KS Cycling Vegas is also equipped with several parts from the famous Shimano brand. This is the case of the derailleurs, the gearshifts and the sprocket. The fenders as well as the pedals are made of resin. This high quality men's VTC is offered at a relatively affordable price.

Moma Bikes Hybrid

Best cheapest

Moma Bikes Hybrid

The best entry-level VTC for men

Get around town in style with the Moma Bikes Hybrid urban bike for men. Despite its competitive price, this model will be elegant, robust and light.

168 £ on Alltricks

Riding a high-quality VTC without spending a lot of money? It's possible with the Moma Bikes Hybrid. This urban bike comes at an exceptionally low price. Yet it makes no concessions when it comes to quality. Its aluminum frame is light and strong. In addition, it is mounted on an adjustable suspension fork and 28-inch wheels.

Moma Bikes chose hybrid tires for this model, which makes it easy to ride on city streets. Grip and stability are also good on dirt roads. The Moma Bikes Hybrid is equipped with aluminum VBrake brakes, high-quality Shimano derailleurs, a leather-look seat and, above all, a quality front suspension that makes it ideal for long rides.

Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga

Best high end

Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga

The best premium VTC for men

The Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga is a sporty mountain bike for men with electric pedal assistance. It will easily take you wherever you want to go.

1 319 £ on Alltricks

Trekking lovers, the Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga will make you happy. It is a VTC for men equipped with an electric assistance. The VAE embarks the famous e-Going motor which is known for its great reliability. It will assist you and allow you to go faster and farther in the city and through the most difficult bike paths.

The Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga guarantees optimal comfort and a pleasantly light weight thanks to an aluminum frame, stem, seatpost and other parts. Safety is guaranteed by very efficient Shimano hydraulic brakes. This mountain bike carries your luggage on an Atran Tour aluminum carrier with AVS system. With the Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga, you will be able to go on an adventure with complete peace of mind.

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped

Excellent choice

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped

The premium alternative

Pedaling becomes a real pleasure with the Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped men's mountain bike. This sporty mountain bike will accompany you on all your journeys, even on the roughest trails.

583 £ on Alltricks
Buying guide • November 2023

Best VTC for men

Any specific needs?

The best VTC for men in 2021

The best entry-level VTC for men

The best premium VTC for men

The premium alternative

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Comparison table of the best VTC for men

KS Cycling Vegas
Moma Bikes Hybrid
Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga
Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped
KS Cycling Vegas
Moma Bikes Hybrid
Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga
Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped
Comfortable in the city or in the country, the KS Cycling Vegas is an excellent VTC for men. It seduces by its quality and by its particularly interesting quality/price ratio.
Get around town in style with the Moma Bikes Hybrid urban bike for men. Despite its competitive price, this model will be elegant, robust and light.
The Gitane Trekking e-VERSO Giga is a sporty mountain bike for men with electric pedal assistance. It will easily take you wherever you want to go.
Pedaling becomes a real pleasure with the Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped men's mountain bike. This sporty mountain bike will accompany you on all your journeys, even on the roughest trails.
Urban VTC
Urban VTC
Sporty electrically assisted mountain bike
VTC sport
Wheel diameter
Aluminum Alpha Gold
Number of gears
19 kg
21,40 kg
15.27 kg

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Buying guide - VTC for men

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How to choose your VTC for men

Buying the most expensive and best performing men's VTC doesn't guarantee you optimal satisfaction. Instead, you need to identify the model that best suits your needs and is priced to fit your budget. Find below the criteria to evaluate in order to find the best VTC for men.
choisir VTC pour homme

#1 - The morphology of the user

The choice of a men's VTC depends mainly on your morphology. The ideal is to buy a mountain bike that fits you. If it is too big or too small, you may not feel comfortable on it, but you may also get tired more quickly during your trips. Ideally, there should be space between your crotch and the height of the frame's side bar. A grid of choices according to your height is also available from VTC sellers.

#2 - The saddle

The height of the saddle is always adjustable on a VTC. It allows you to adjust the bike's configuration to your height. Remember that you should be sitting on it throughout your ride. So the height of the saddle should be perfectly adapted to your body and the seat itself should be comfortable. A soft, well-ventilated seat is to be preferred.

#3 - The frame

The steel frame tends to be replaced by aluminum frames. The latter material is significantly lighter, resists oxidation very well and displays a very good robustness. You will make an excellent choice by choosing an aluminum men's VTC. This does not mean that a model with a steel frame will be bad. It costs much less. This second option is best suited for bikes that will be used occasionally on short trips.

#4 - The size of the wheels

The VTC can be equipped with 26, 27.5, 28 or 29 inch wheels. These dimensions define the diameter of the wheels. Men's 28- and 29-inch VTCs are very comfortable on asphalt roads and city streets. They promote acceleration and speed while limiting pedaling effort. The 26 and 27.5 inch wheels make a VTC more agile on trails and rough tracks. These models are best if you venture off the beaten path often.

#5 - The accessories

Accessories go a long way toward making your men's VTC more practical. A carrier is necessary if you carry bags or run errands on your bike. A baby carrier is ideal for young parents. Mudguards are highly recommended for riding in the rain and mud. Other accessories such as lights, kickstands and saddle shocks are also very useful. If they are not included with the bike, check for the presence of attachments for the accessories you plan to add.

The number of gears

The more gears, the more agile the men's VTC will be on all trails. An 18- or 21-speed model is ideal for riding in rough terrain. A 6-speed VTC will suffice for riding exclusively in the city.

How to maintain a men's VTC?

To enjoy the pleasure of riding a functional VTC, you need to know how to maintain it. This maintenance not only ensures that your bike is in good working order, but also that it stays in perfect condition for a long time. Here are some practical tips to help you take care of your men's VTC to extend its life for years.


Dust, mud and moisture are the primary enemies of your bike. It will be continually exposed to these environmental elements. Weekly cleaning is required if you ride daily. This cleaning schedule becomes monthly if the bike is used occasionally.

A thorough washing with water is recommended. Do not forget to bring accessories such as specific brushes, a sponge and degreasing products for oiled parts. Some parts of the frame, development, hubs and sprockets can be difficult to reach and yet accumulate a lot of dust. These accessories will help to clean them properly.

Rinse each part of the bike thoroughly, especially those to which degreaser has been applied. After each cleaning, don't forget to let the VTC dry thoroughly. It is even advisable to lay it upside down to allow the water accumulated during the washing process to pass through. Moisture causes oxidation of certain parts. It is essential to evacuate it.


A good part of the lubricants is gone during the washing. However, some parts of your VTC cannot function properly without oil or grease. This is the case of the whole transmission (chain, development, sprocket). So remember to oil the chain after washing. Pour a few drops on a part of the chain and turn the pedals.

The hubs should also be greased if they are not protected by seals or dust covers. Do the same for the bearing at the headset. A fork overhaul may be required after a long period or heavy use.

The different types of VTC for men

The VTC can come in a large number of designs, sizes and uses. Nevertheless, it is possible to classify them into two main categories: the urban VTC for men and the sporty VTC for men. Discover the characteristics of each type, its advantages and disadvantages.

Men's urban VTC

VTC urbain pour homme

Certainly, the men's VTC is a bike that does well on all roads. However, some models are designed to be more comfortable in the city, on smooth trails. This is the case of the urban VTC. It is generally characterized by 28 or 29 inch wheels. They are equipped with narrower, smoother tires to increase speed and reduce friction with the ground. The number of gears can be limited to 6, although it can go up to 21.

The urban VTC for men is made for trips in the city, between the house and the office or the supermarket. It is less comfortable on dirt roads. Nevertheless, you can, from time to time, leave the paved trails without too much difficulty on an urban VTC. You will then have to play with the gears and soften the suspension.

Sporty VTC for men

VTC sportif pour homme

The sporty VTC for men shares some similarities with the mountain bike. Indeed, it is designed for off-road use with wider tires with a maximum diameter of 28 inches. The more agile models are even equipped with 27-inch wheels. The number of gears is maximized in order to adapt the pedaling to the difficult conditions of the trails. A sporty men's mountain bike usually has 21 gears and sometimes more. A few comfort features such as an adjustable stem or saddle shock absorbers differentiate it from a mountain bike.

This type of mountain bike can meet the needs of hikers and cyclists who like to venture out into the wilderness on rough and rugged trails. Yet it is comfortable enough in the city. This versatility is a major asset. Nevertheless, you will have to pay more to buy a sporty mountain bike.

Difference between a city bike and a men's VTC

The city bike and the men's VTC are all designed to ride in urban environments. The VTC will have the advantage of versatility. You can ride it on difficult terrain, something that will be very complex to achieve on a city bike.

Classic or electric VTC for men?

Classic VTC for men

The classic men's mountain bike is very popular. It is distinguished by an ordinary crankset and transmission system similar to those of other types of classic bikes. The pedals turn the development. The latter transmits the pedaling force to the rear wheel through a chain and a freewheel or cassette system.

This type of men's mountain bike works exclusively with leg power. You have to pedal to make the bike go. The pedaling force will define the speed at which you ride. Of course, you will be assisted by the braking system and the adjustable gear set.

Electric VTC for men

The electric VTC for men is quite recent. It appeared especially with the trend of alternative means of transportation. It is much cleaner than motorcycles and thermal cars. It allows however to reduce the effort of pedaling on the classic VTC for man.

The 100% electric VTC is quite rare due to the fact that it is not very agile on difficult terrains. The concept of electrically assisted bicycle seems more interesting. It is a pedal-assist system. This electric motor provides assistance when you pedal, which reduces the effort required. The assistance is stopped as soon as you stop pedaling.

The electrically assisted VTC is less tiring and does not have the battery life problems of the 100% electric VTC. Moreover, it will allow you to continue to make physical activity with a bicycle without tiring you too much.


The classic VTC for men is ideal if you ride on short trips. It costs less and will be very easy to maintain. If you plan to travel longer distances, the electrically assisted VTC is more interesting. You will be able to ride for long distances without getting too tired. Note, however, that buying an electrically powered VTC for men requires a higher expenditure.

Why buy a VTC for men?

pourquoi acheter VTC pour homme

Equipping yourself with a men's mountain bike has several notable advantages. Here are the good reasons that will convince you to prefer it to other types of bikes like mountain bikes and city bikes.


Mountain bikes are great off-road, but not very comfortable in the city. The city bike shines on paved trails, but stops at the slightest obstacle on rough terrain. The VTC is more versatile. It does well in the city and on small country roads. You can ride anywhere without having to change bikes with a VTC.


The men's VTC captivates by its level of comfort in all circumstances. It embeds elements of comfort that are usually found on city bikes. It also shares the qualities of a mountain bike, such as wide tires and a suspension fork. On a men's mountain bike, you'll enjoy the pleasure of riding on any trail, in town or in the country.

The practical side

You can fit a wide range of equipment and accessories on a VTC. Mudguards, baby carriers, luggage racks, lighting, trailers and many other accessories are compatible with these already very versatile bikes. This way, you can modulate its configuration and enjoy a convenience adapted to your needs and the conditions in which you ride.


Like mountain bikes, men's mountain bikes are built to last. These bikes are made of very durable materials and are equipped with high quality parts. That's why you can go hiking or trekking on a men's mountain bike. Maintenance is just as easy. Replacement parts are often very easy to find on the market and offered at affordable prices.

The design

The men's VTC can adopt various looks. It has the classic look of a fixie or city bike. The VTC also asserts a bit of sportiness with some elements like the frame design and the suspension fork. The look comes in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes. With the right choice of men's VTC, you'll ride a practical and versatile bike in style.

The best brands of VTC for men

In our opinion, the best brands of VTC for men in 2022 are :

KS Cycling
Moma Bikes
Scrapper Bike

KS Cycling has been present in the VTC market for over 15 years. The German brand offers a wide catalog of bikes adapted to the needs of those who are looking for ecological and good quality means of transportation. KS Cycling also highlights the originality of these models that are sold exclusively on the Internet.

With 15 years of experience, Moma Bikes addresses the general public with its quality bikes. The brand makes it a point of honor to guarantee the quality and sturdiness of these VTCs made entirely in the European Union. Moma Bikes' bikes are also characterized by their very competitive prices.

Gitane has been manufacturing bikes since 1928. The manufacturer has built a very strong reputation among cycling enthusiasts and the general public by making reliable, practical, high-quality bicycles. Today, Gitane is one of the biggest sellers of mountain bikes in the UK.

Scapper Bike has been making everything from high-performance mountain bikes and city bikes to men's mountain bikes and modern EVs for two decades. The brand seduces with its rigorous quality and through its many innovations that make its bikes ever more practical and efficient.

Décathlon fait is one of the largest outdoor sports equipment manufacturers in the UK. The brand offers, among other things, a very wide choice of bikes for the general public and professionals. Decathlon men's VTCs, marketed under different brands such as B'Twin, display superior quality and are offered at affordable prices.

What is the price VTC for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 325 £
325 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Carry the necessary equipment on your rides

Even if it is perfectly maintained, your men's VTC is not immune to various breakdowns as you travel. So remember to bring along a tool kit and spare parts like an inner tube, especially if you're going on a long ride. Today, there are versatile and compact wrenches with which you can adjust and repair many parts of a VTC.

Adjust both the angle and height of your men's mountain bike seat

Adjusting the height of the saddle is systematic on a VTC. It should be adjusted to your height. Ideally, you should have your leg straight or very slightly bent when you are sitting on the saddle while the pedal is at its lowest level. Also consider adjusting the tilt of the saddle. It leans 0.5 to 1 cm forward for a men's VTC.

Use ergonomic grips

Holding a handlebar can be tiring, especially if the grips are too hard. So think about equipping the handlebars of your VTC with soft grips to avoid palm and finger pain and blisters after a long period on your bike. Ergonomic, comfortable and durable grips are available on the market at great prices.

Adjust the stiffness of the fork

The suspension of a men's VTC fork is adjustable. When riding around town on smooth trails, stiffen the suspension as much as possible. This will give you more stability especially at high speeds and on climbs. A softer fork is better suited for rough terrain. The suspension will dampen the differences in level on the ground and help you ride more comfortably.

Find the right gear

There are no hard and fast rules about gearing on a men's VTC. It's all about feel. If you feel like you're having trouble pedaling, shift into a lower gear. This often happens when you are riding uphill or into the wind. You can shift to a higher gear if you have the wind at your back or if you feel the pedaling resistance is too soft.


Where to ride a men's mountain bike?

As its name suggests, the VTC for men is suitable for all roads. You can ride this type of bike in town on asphalt. It will also be at ease on more or less uneven dirt roads. Note, however, that the VTC is not suitable for very demanding disciplines like downhill or freeride.

What is the right position on a mountain bike?

The feeling of comfort on a VTC is subjective. One rider may feel comfortable in a lowered, aerodynamic position. Others may prefer a more upright chest position. Either way, it's best to sit on a VTC with your upper body tilted forward about 45° when your arms are slightly bent.

What is the best stem angle for a men's mountain bike?

The best stem angle will depend, again, on how the rider feels. An angle of 10° to 15° is recommended in order to have a normal, comfortable position. Test several inclinations of an adjustable stem to find the one that works best for you. On fixed stems, don't forget to check its length, which will have a direct impact on the inclination of your body.

What is the difference between a mountain bike and a mountain bike?

The mountain bike and the VTC for men share several common points, including the sporty side. The VTC is differentiated by the presence of certain parts dedicated to comfort. This is the case of the adjustable stem that is very rarely found on a mountain bike. The VTC can also be equipped with 29-inch wheels that are more suitable for city travel.


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KS Cycling Vegas
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