The best travel photo tripods in the UK 2023

To succeed in taking photos and videos on vacation or on the road, you need a good smartphone or a good digital camera. But the camera is nothing without a travel photo tripod worthy of the name, that is to say, stable, manageable and lightweight. How to find the right model for your needs without breaking the bank? To find out, read our guide to the best travel photo tripods.

K&F Concept TM2324

Best value for money

K&F Concept TM2324

The best travel photo tripod in 2021

Designed to fit most SLR cameras (Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony...), the K&F Concept TM2324 is a lightweight and versatile travel tripod.

58,39 £ on Amazon

Forget about heavy and difficult to carry tripods. The K&F Concept TM2324 weighs only 1.36 kg and has a height of 41.5 cm when folded. You'll have no trouble carrying it in your bag. And it has a lot more to offer than just being portable. This travel tripod is indeed practical. You can adjust its height up to 156 cm. Sitting or standing, you could take pictures and capture videos much more easily.

Even better, the K&F Concept TM2324 has a ball head that allows you to rotate your camera 360° without changing its axis, in portrait or landscape mode. The movements of the head remain very stable and the locking system increases the level of security. This model is compatible with Nikon, Canon and Sony SLR cameras.

Tecelks ZJ20

Best value for money

Tecelks ZJ20

The best entry-level travel photo tripod

Get the best shots from your smartphone with the Tecelks ZJ20 travel photo tripod. It can be extended up to a height of 135 cm.

18,35 £ on Amazon

How do you take beautiful SLR-like shots with your smartphone? The answer is simple: by using the Tecelks ZJ20. It is a travel photo tripod specially designed for smartphones. Its aluminum structure reduces the weight considerably (less than 600 g!). This equipment can therefore be transported effortlessly to the best spots to take your best shots.

The universal support of the Tecelks ZJ20 is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones of the moment (Huawei, Samsung, Apple...). It can be set from a remote control up to a distance of 10 m. The framing can also be done remotely if, as for a selfie, you are part of the photo. Good news, the Tecelks ZJ20 is offered at a very competitive price.

Sirui ET-2004 + E-20

Best value for money

Sirui ET-2004 + E-20

The best high-end travel photo tripod

Enhance your vacation photos and videos with the Sirui ET-2004 + E-20 travel photo tripod. This accessory stands out for its lightness and ease of use.

160 £ on Amazon

The Sirui ET-2004 + E-20 is a versatile travel photo tripod. Place it in different positions with a few simple movements. Shoot low to the ground or high by changing the height and position of each leg. You might even find the perfect angle with the E-20 head, which rotates your camera to a 360° angle in landscape and portrait mode.

A push-lock mechanism quickly locks the head into the position that best suits your framing. This travel photo tripod is made of forged aluminum alloy, a sturdy and lightweight material. The equipment still weighs 1.6 kg, although it is still easy to carry. The platform can support up to 12 kg, enough to accommodate the vast majority of SLR cameras.

Endurax ETR66


Endurax ETR66

A great alternative

Keep the Endurax ETR66 travel photo tripod handy when you're on the go and capture great memories. Compatible with Nikon, Sony DSLR or Canon.

36,79 £ on Amazon

Do you need a portable, lightweight, rugged and easy to handle travel photo tripod? If so, the Endurax ETR66 may be of great interest to you. This 1.5 kg accessory fits into a special case that is 46 cm long. You can take it everywhere you go without creating extra luggage.

The height of the Endurax ETR66 can be adjusted up to 167 cm. High holds will no longer be a problem. The same goes for attaching your camera to the tray. This one has a universal ¼ inch screw compatible with the vast majority of Canon and Nikon SLR cameras. Furthermore, you will enjoy excellent value for money when you buy this travel photo tripod.

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Best travel photo tripod

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The best travel photo tripod in 2021

The best entry-level travel photo tripod

The best high-end travel photo tripod

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best travel photo tripods

K&F Concept TM2324
Tecelks ZJ20
Sirui ET-2004 + E-20
Endurax ETR66
K&F Concept TM2324
Tecelks ZJ20
Sirui ET-2004 + E-20
Endurax ETR66
Designed to fit most SLR cameras (Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony...), the K&F Concept TM2324 is a lightweight and versatile travel tripod.
Get the best shots from your smartphone with the Tecelks ZJ20 travel photo tripod. It can be extended up to a height of 135 cm.
Enhance your vacation photos and videos with the Sirui ET-2004 + E-20 travel photo tripod. This accessory stands out for its lightness and ease of use.
Keep the Endurax ETR66 travel photo tripod handy when you're on the go and capture great memories. Compatible with Nikon, Sony DSLR or Canon.
Compatible devices
Minimum height
41.5 cm
44 cm
43 cm
38 cm
Maximum height
156 cm
135 cm
145 cm
167 cm
Platen with ball joint
1.36 kg
593 g
1.65 kg
1.5 kg

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How to choose your travel photo tripod

The most expensive travel photo tripod on the market is not necessarily going to satisfy you. To avoid disappointment, you need to find the model that meets your real needs in terms of compatibility, portability and budget. Evaluate the criteria below to find the best travel photo tripod for you.
choisir trépied photo de voyage

#1 - Compatible cameras

Traditionally, travel photo tripods have been designed to hold cameras. With the popularization of the camera on smartphones, tripods dedicated to its mobile devices have also appeared on the market. It should be noted that the mounting plate is different for models dedicated to cameras and those designed for smartphones. The choice will therefore be made mainly according to the type of device you intend to attach to this equipment.

#2 - Working height

Travel photo tripods presents a range of height in which they are operational. The minimum height is the one recorded when the legs of the equipment are fully folded and as close as possible to the center column. The maximum height is the height of the tray in relation to the floor when the legs are fully extended. It varies from 30 cm to 170 cm depending on the model. Choose this working height according to your height, but also the angles and shots you use most regularly.

#3 - Maximum load capacity

Travel photo tripods all have a limited load capacity. It defines the weight of the camera that a model can support. Beware that the weight of the camera body is not enough. You must also take into account the weight of the lens and that of a possible flash. When purchasing, check that the tripod is capable of supporting the total weight of your camera, including flash and lens.

#4 - Locking systems

The legs should be locked once they are at the required height and tilt. The clamshell lock is the easiest to handle. In fact, one press is all it takes to lock or unlock the foot. It is particularly convenient if you move the travel photo tripod very regularly. The handling of a tripod with a screw lock is much more tedious. On the other hand, the latter system is much more durable and stable.

#5 - Headstock

On some models, the head is removable and interchangeable. On others, it is fixed. In any case, it is essential to prefer 3D or ball joints. They allow to modify the inclination of the camera on three axes. The 2D heads are much more difficult to handle, especially on uneven ground and when the horizon is not straight. You should then modify the lengths of the feet to find the best angle.

How to use a travel photo tripod?

The travel photo tripod is one of the best allies of the photographer. If it can significantly improve the success of shots, it is very easy to use. Here are the steps to follow to use it correctly.

Find the right location: before deploying the tripod, it is important to find the best location, i.e. the one where you can enjoy the best angle.

Extend the legs: Before attaching the camera, extend the tripod legs. Choose the optimal height and lock the legs. Avoid overtightening the screws if your tripod has a screw lock. The tabletop does not have to be perfectly horizontal. However, make sure that the plate is not tilted too much.

Place the camera or smartphone: Once the tripod is stable and in the right place, you can attach the camera or smartphone. The fixing can be done with a screw, a rail or a clip for smartphones. In the case of the screw, tighten it well without forcing it too much at the risk of damaging the chassis of your camera.

To adjust the height, use the center column as a last resort. Whenever possible, use the legs to adjust the height of the travel photo tripod. Also place your bag on the bottom end of the center column. This will increase the stability of the tripod.

Travel photo tripod or selfie pole?

Travel photo tripod

The travel photo tripod is an essential piece of equipment for photography enthusiasts. It allows to exploit some creative effects. It is also essential for making macros, self-portraits or long focal length shots. In addition, the travel photo tripod helps to put down the camera to take a break or when the angle of shooting remains the same for a longer or shorter period.

More recently, travel photo tripods for smartphones have also appeared. They are very similar to traditional photo tripods except that they are designed for smartphones. They are much lighter since they carry a much smaller load. Whether it is designed for a camera or more of a smartphone, the travel photo tripod can be bulky. Nonetheless, it is a great help to get great shots and videos wherever you go.

Selfie Pole

The selfie pole is an accessory that has appeared since the selfie became a real fashion phenomenon. The pole allows you to hold a smartphone at a certain distance and trigger your camera without having it in your hands.

The selfie pole is very practical for self-portraits and can be purchased at a very affordable price. Nevertheless, its use is limited to smartphone photos. You could not use a selfie pole with a camera. Besides, its use is limited to selfies, other shots not being feasible with this accessory.


The selfie pole remains an accessory for taking selfies. If you want to equip yourself with a tool suitable for photography, whether on camera or smartphone, prefer a travel photo tripod. It is more cumbersome than a selfie pole, but will serve you in a wider field. Besides, you can use it to take selfies.


Get your bearings before placing the travel photo tripod.

The travel photo tripod is intended to be placed in a fixed location for a certain period of time. Its installation can take several minutes. To avoid moving it several times, consider scouting the surroundings and choosing the best location before setting up the equipment.

Orient one leg toward the direction of the lens.

By orienting one of the tripod legs to the same direction as the lens, you free up space in front of you. That way, you're less likely to get your feet caught between those of your tripod.

Gradually extend the segments of each leg.

The leg of a travel photo tripod consists of more segments that thread together. Unfold the segments from largest to smallest. This is the normal order to unfold them. This will give you more stability.

Keep the center column perpendicular to the ground.

Ideally, the center column of your tripod should remain perpendicular to the ground, regardless of the slope. In this position, the tripod will gain balance.

Turn off the stabilization system.

As your tripod keeps your camera in a fixed position, there is no need to activate its built-in stabilization system. This can save you a few minutes of battery life.


What is the best travel photo tripod?

The best travel photo tripod depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Is a travel photo tripod compatible with all cameras?

It all depends on the tripod's mounting system and that of your camera. When buying a travel photo tripod, choose a model with a mounting system that matches your camera's.

Does the use of a travel photo tripod improve the quality of photos?

In some situations yes. Because the camera hardly moves when placed on a tripod, the resulting images are sharper. Moreover, the tripod helps to limit photographic blur as much as possible.

Can you take selfies with the travel photo tripod?

The travel photo tripod is the equipment of choice for fans of self-portraiture, which, in a way, is a selfie. To do this, you have to use the self-timer to program the camera or smartphone shutter.

Is the use of the travel photo tripod mandatory for a photographer?

No! But it is highly recommended to own one. The tripod will be, indeed, of great use to you in several situations.


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K&F Concept TM2324
K&F Concept TM2324
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Tecelks ZJ20
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Sirui ET-2004 + E-20
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Endurax ETR66


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