The best photo drones in the UK 2023

In love with photography? Looking for exceptional and unique shots? Try the photo drones that are suitable for beginners and professionals. The type of photo they are able to take is incredible thanks to a high angle of view, which allows an amazing panorama. But, what are the best photo drones? Here is a guide to answer you.


Best value for money


The best photo drone in 2021

It is a modern photo drone designed for everyone, amateur or not. It is very practical and easy to handle. However, the photos taken with the camera are superb and of good quality.

83,20 £ on Cdiscount

Being a SNAPTAIN branded photo drone, the A15F range is more interesting than the other ranges. The machine consists of a 1080 FHD camera with a wide-angle of 120 °. Because of this, it is manually adjustable to 60 ° angle. It allows you to capture photos, but also to take full and sharp videos. With its optical flow positioning, the photos taken are of good quality. This option allows you to get stable shots, even if the drone is in horizontal or vertical. For a drone, it has an autonomy of up to 24 min.

It gives you a great freedom to film all your movements, automatically. The drone is equipped with a visual recognition, that is to say that there is a tracking function integrated into the machine. The SNAPTAIN A15 drone is very easy to control. There are two options for recording photos or videos, either a simple gesture (photo) or a thumbs up (video). It is handled by a radio control and all flights and trajectories are transmitted to your smartphone.


Best value for money


The best entry-level photo drone

What makes it different from other devices is that it is a cheaper drone on the market. However, this drone is stable and robust with a lot of functionality.

55,99 £ on Cdiscount

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone is a drone with a 720 P camera that allows you to take pictures while flying. The Wifi integrated in the device allows you to take videos in real time on your phone. In fact, compared to the other ranges of the SNAPTAIN brand, it is equipped with 2 very powerful batteries to prolong your pleasure. The direction of the flight can be done by yourself, on your screen. In other words, you are the leader of your drone's trajectory.

Concerning the way to control it, it is quite easy. As, it is equipped with sensor technology, it allows you to navigate the drone forward/backward/left to right, depending on the movement of your smartphone. The remote control is very easy to handle, as it is suitable for any age and function.


Best value for money


The best high-end photo drone

It is a powerful drone capable of filming in 4K, 3072p, having a 5G Wifi transmitter for a smooth transmission. In addition, it has a shock protection and controllable at over 1000 m.

151 £ on Amazon

The EACHINE Drone EX5 4K HD is a range equipped with a high definition camera with a variable angle remote control from 0 to 90 °, followed by a GPS. The video recording allows up to 4 K, smooth, at 16 frames per second. The integrated GPS allows you to give precise details on the positioning of your drone. With the help of 5G wifi technology, the live transmission of images is stable with a clearer quality of photos and videos for a better user experience.

This famous drone is very easy to handle and manipulate. It is controlled remotely via your intuitive remote control or your cell phone. The flight mode is multiple, it can be preset: have a touch takeoff, automatic return, automatic hover.

0BEST-drone photo 4

Very good

0BEST-drone photo

The alternative

It is solid and easy to handle. Moreover, it is able to fly at high altitude, while remaining stable. The quality of the photos is good and clearly clear.

131 £ on Cdiscount
Buying guide • November 2023

Best photo drone

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The best photo drone in 2021

The best entry-level photo drone

The best high-end photo drone

The alternative

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Comparison table of the best photo drones

0BEST-drone photo 8
0BEST-drone photo
It is a modern photo drone designed for everyone, amateur or not. It is very practical and easy to handle. However, the photos taken with the camera are superb and of good quality.
What makes it different from other devices is that it is a cheaper drone on the market. However, this drone is stable and robust with a lot of functionality.
It is a powerful drone capable of filming in 4K, 3072p, having a 5G Wifi transmitter for a smooth transmission. In addition, it has a shock protection and controllable at over 1000 m.
It is solid and easy to handle. Moreover, it is able to fly at high altitude, while remaining stable. The quality of the photos is good and clearly clear.
28.96 x 19.81 x 8.13 cm; 680 grams
35.4 × 24.6 x 8.4 cm; 699 grams
29.8 x 19.4 x 9 cm; 244 grams
25 x 18 x 7 cm; 480 grams
Reinforced plastic
Flight time
24 min
7 to 10 min
17 min
15 min
Connectivity type

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Buying guide - photo drone

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How to choose your photo drone

The number of types of photo drone on the market is currently increasing. Hence a great difficulty to make the right choice. Therefore, to help you in your research, we will see some important criteria.

#1 - Beginner or advanced level

If you are taking your first steps in photo drones, it is advisable to start with amateur drones. This first amateur drone (such as the mini drone) will help you work on altitude piloting, photo adjustment, framing and balance.

After a few months of familiarization with this aeronautical jewel you will feel the need for more performance and quality. This is when it is suitable to choose an advanced range to be able to take off at a higher altitude and have sharper images.

#2 - Usage

Photo drones are useful in different occasions. Different types of drones have been designed especially for specific purposes such as:

  • Event or journalistic photography;
  • Travel drones that accompany you on your vacations or tours;
  • Professional drones which are useful in various fields such as cinema, agriculture, armed forces, ecology

#3 - Autonomy and range

Once the use of the drone is set, knowing the following technical criteria is very important. Firstly the autonomy; this criterion will determine the duration during which the device will be able to stay in the skies, it depends on its battery.

Generally the autonomy of a drone is around 25 minutes, its battery is changeable, so for large events it is necessary to have many batteries to be able to film over several hours. Secondly, we must consider the range of the device.

It determines how far and how high the drone can fly away from its remote control.

#4 - Features

To ensure a great experience, know that a photo drone is best with the following features:

  • Headless mode which is essential for beginners;
  • Flight by trajectory or circle flight with three of speed modes;
  • Gesture and voice control, for smart drones that can be steered in any direction with "up", "down", "left", "right" voice command.
  • Follow me option, which allows the drone to follow a person or an object;
  • Instant transmission via wifi, which allows to load the images directly on a phone;
  • Image quality and field of view, which can reach 1080 FHD or 4 K with a 120 ° view.

The use of drones is strictly regulated

The use of drones is strictly regulated for the following reasons. First of all, for safety issues with the device. Indeed, if the user loses control, the latter may cause damage to the property of others. To this end, it is necessary to master its use.

This is why the use of drones is subject to mandatory training in some countries. Secondly, the sky does not belong to everyone and to no one at the same time. The exploitation of airspace poses a problem related to the preservation of privacy. Indeed, from a bird's point of view, one can see almost everything, even at the risk of seeing too much. Thus, the privacy of individuals may no longer be safe.

The different types of photo drones

Time has seen different types of drones evolve as well as their use. In these 21st century currents, drones are used more for civil purposes and for the need of various fields, which can be used for recreational or professional purposes.

Military drones

Drones are real strategic tools in the military field, in fact they are useful in two ways, on the one hand they are more economical and on the other hand they avoid putting human lives at stake. Their use in the military field is more focused in remote surveillance and reconnaissance missions to analyze a perimeter.

Regarding the photos and videos they produce, military drones have been designed to have a better quality than those marketed for civilians. Also, in terms of performance, their speed can reach 500 km/h and can fly up to 15 kilometers in altitude which is not the case of civilian drones.

Rescue or ambulance drones

As its name indicates, they are used in the medical field to provide assistance to doctors and paramedics. Indeed, drones can quickly go to the scene of accidents, film and take images with a very clear accuracy of the condition of the scene.

Thus, we can already plan the necessary care for the victims. Ambulance drones are also capable of transporting medical equipment.

Professional drones

Professional drones are used in specialized activities such as security, building control, audiovisual, photography. Professional drones are also designed to adapt to any working environment, i.e. air, underwater, aquatic or land.

In terrestrial environments, drones are both transportation and tracking tools. They are generally used for events and mapping. Aerial drones are used more for long-range work and high altitudes, they have more robust wings and are designed for long flights of up to 2 hours. In aquatic environments, specialized drones can be used for naval operations and underwater exploration.

Racing drones or photo drones

The racing drones

Racing drones are aimed at aerodynamic enthusiasts, they can be used to practice immersive or acrobatic piloting. Racing drones are often equipped with virtual reality goggles, and in fact various championships and festivals organize drone races.

Photo drones

Various ranges of drones are designed specifically for photography. They are used by videographers for making video clips, event videos or for simple amateur videos, photos and even selfies. There is also the category of minidrones that are generally used "indoor" to play at home.


Both types of drones are made for recreational activities. The choice is quite difficult, because often users want to practice both activities at the same time. If you want to have more fun in piloting, it is advisable to choose the racing drone that will allow you to coast the skies at high speed. But if you are more into photography, the choice of photo drones is more judicious, besides they are now indispensable in event photography.

Why buy a photo drone?

Take incomparable photos

Photo drones offer a unique and ultra-spectacular shot. With the height it can reach, we will be entitled to a magnificent view to immortalize the special moments. One can then photograph oneself with the surrounding landscape. However, it is necessary to respect the limits of overflight authorized in the UK to avoid problems with the justice.

It is a professional toy

Well yes! Who has never dreamed of becoming a pilot? With the drone, it is possible. It's like playing with a helicopter, but with a much more advanced device. It is the best way to prolong your childhood while keeping your maturity in the search of the best result for the photos. Indeed, there are several types of drones on the market, there is plenty of choice to find the fun.

Fun... and more fun

This is one of the main reasons why adults choose to buy a drone. First of all, the drone is a "professional toy", but it is also a great way to recreate epic scenes. You can have fun doing ground or aerial tricks. There are even associations and drone competitions. So, those who are into the game participate in drone races.

Quality at a reasonable price

If we analyze the results we get with the drone, we will immediately notice that these are high-tech materials. But if we compare the results obtained and the purchase prices on the market, we can say that it is sold at a very affordable price. This is especially the case for special purpose drones such as military drones and ambulance drones whose roles go beyond the simple camera. There are several models that are accessible to everyone.

Finally... to work on your creativity

In general, drones are used to take beautiful pictures from the sky. Thus, there are several possibilities to make beautiful views. For professionals, it's not just about framing the photo well, but also about several parameters. So, using a drone requires more creativity to have an authentic rendering.

The best brands of photo drones

In our opinion, the best brands of photo drones in 2022 are :

Tech RC

It is a state-of-the-art drone with all the modern features. Not to mention, the ability to shoot in FHD under wide-angle. This is an ideal drone to both begin and perfect in this art.

This brand ranks among the best in the drone market because of the quality of its products. They are suitable for professionals who are looking for high technology. DJI is a great Chinese brand.

This brand will satisfy you with its smart design. EACHINE's products are able to cope with interference. I will take one to make my video shootings.

The brand opts for a technology designed for fun. Always ideal to share that good moments alone, with family or friends.

With Tech RC, it offers products suitable for everyone, small and large. The performance of the drones makes Tech RC share the weight next to other brands.

What is the price for a photo drone

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 80 £
80 £ to 120 £
more than 120 £
Price range diagram


Take a drone piloting course

It is not always obvious how to fly a drone the first time. Eventually, there is a user manual and several tutorials available online. Various clubs and centers can provide these courses, and in just 2 hours of learning, it is already possible to acquire the rudimentary basics of a drone.

Pilot a drone with your phone

Normally, drones are guided with a remote control. But thanks to the Wifi network and the computer development of smartphones, it is now possible to connect the drone directly to its smartphone. Since drones are equipped with GPS, you just need to indicate the trajectory with your smartphone and the drone will thus execute the trajectory.

Favorable conditions for drone use

Just like other aircraft, drones have to pay attention to the weather and climatic conditions. As much as wind, rain, hail, snow and thunder are not adequate to take out the drones. The ideal time to take the drone out is sunny or at least cloudy weather.

Some drone piloting exercises

Many people appreciate drones and like to see them orbiting in the sky. But, they don't dare to buy one because they don't know how to use them. No fear, you need to practice taking off and landing, you start with simple gestures. Once you've practiced these small activities learn to move the drone, still in a horizontal position this time from one point to another. In a few months of practice, you will quickly reach the intermediate level.

Protect drones in bad weather

Drones are electronic devices and thus are not made to face bad weather. First, it is therefore not advisable to venture out your drone during bad weather. However, if it happens to rain when your drone is up, don't panic, try to bring your drone back as quickly as possible and avoid putting it in contact with the grass because of the moisture harmful to your device.


What is the budget to buy a drone?

There are various ranges of drones, it depends on your choice. If your budget ranges from €50 to €300, you'll get fairly small drones. Then, if you want a drone with some useful function, you should be prepared for a price range of more than 400 €. For powerful drones with multiple features, you need to save up to beyond €1,000.

What is the easiest drone to fly?

You need to review the criteria for choosing the right drone for him. When you are a beginner or have a desire to learn, know that the beginner ranges have long been designed to be easy to use. They have a lightweight design that is very simple to take off and keep in the air.

Can we improve the autonomy of a drone?

Yes, you can optimize the performance of your drone, depending on their type. You just need your device to be equipped with a powerful enough battery or just charge its battery well. However, in order to improve your drone's battery life, it's imperative that you read your machine's instructions before changing the batteries.

What weather would be the best for a shooting?

The best shooting depends on what you're trying to accomplish and your personal preferences. For the best marketing video, for example, many professionals choose fairly partly cloudy weather because of the sunlight. However, you are advised not to take videos in the rain or strong wind, as this could damage your drone.


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