The best drones under 200 euros in the UK 2023

Admiring the landscape from above or taking aerial photos is now within the reach of most people thanks to the drone. Yes, think again, this device is not as expensive as before. Some of them even cost less than 200 euros. For recreational or professional use, with integrated or on-board camera, here is our guide to the best drones under 200 euros.

Akaso A31 1

Best value for money

Akaso A31

The best drone under 200 euros in 2021

The Akaso A31 captures great images and videos with its HD camera. This drone can even fly at night, is robust and is not restricted in terms of functionality.

57,59 £ on Amazon

Equipped with an LED light and a 1080p HD camera, the Akaso A31 is a drone for less than 200 euros capable of providing beautiful photos and aerial videos. For night flights, it is equipped with an LED light. Its propellers are equipped with protections to avoid damage in case of collision or fall. In addition, the ABS plastic shell reinforces the feeling of solidity.

Easy to fly, the Akaso A31 offers various possibilities such as headless flight, trajectory flight or 3D flips (acrobatics). It is also a drone capable of flying left, right, back or front by simply holding and moving your smartphone accordingly. In terms of autonomy, the device provides an average of 10 minutes of flight.

Loolinn X27 2

Less than 60 euros

Loolinn X27

The best drone under 60 euros

With built-in infrared sensors and reinforced propeller guards, the Loolinn X27 children's drone can survive repeated crashes. It has 20 min of autonomy.

51,99 £ on Amazon

Easy to control, the Loolinn X27 is designed for children. Just press a button to take off and it can fly without using the RF remote control. In normal mode, this drone adopts a quiet speed. Its high speed mode However, its high speed mode offers more sensations and pHowever, its high speed mode offers more sensations and allows loops up, down, left or right.

This drone for less than 200 euros comes with spare propellers and protective grids to absorb shocks. Useful when we know how much children love to crash this type of device! Note the 2 removable batteries that provide 20 min of flight time as well as the 2 chargers offered with it. Too bad for the absence of camera, but at this price it is not necessary to ask too much.

Potensic GPS T25 FPV 3

Less than 200 euros

Potensic GPS T25 FPV

The best drone under 200 euros

In addition to HD videos and photos, this drone does not shake when it is windy. This is the drone you need to record clearer images if you have less than 200 euros.

160 £ on Amazon

Take high definition aerial photos with the Potensic GPS T25 FPV thanks to its 2k resolution HD camera with 120° field of view. You can adjust the camera angle to 75°. Thanks to a dedicated application, the images are transmitted in real time on the screen of your smartphone, giving you the feeling of being on board the device.

Equipped with dual GPS, this drone at less than 200 euros has a stable flight even when the wind rises. The result is always clear images, unless you really miss your shots on purpose. Two batteries are supplied with it, each offering a 15 min autonomy. The range of the remote control is up to 300 m.

Snaptain SP500 4

Less than 150 euros

Snaptain SP500

The best drone under 150 euros

The Snaptain SP500 features gesture controls and is sure to stimulate the creativity of your inner photographer or videographer. A real bargain!

95,99 £ on Cdiscount

Featuring gesture-based controls, the Snaptain SP500 notably starts filming when you make an open palm sign. This foldable drone will expand your aerial photography creativity. It can, among other things, orbit a subject to photograph it, follow the flight path you set and track you as you move.

The Snaptain SP500 takes advantage of a 1080p FHD camera. It also offers direct image transmission and a good immersive view. Its photos and videos are sharp and stable. Note that a built-in GPS will help you find the device if you lose it in the brush or tall grass. Its 2 modular batteries have an autonomy of 30 minutes.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best drone for less than 200 euros

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The best drone under 200 euros in 2021

The best drone under 60 euros

The best drone under 200 euros

The best drone under 150 euros

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Comparison table of the best drones under 200 euros

TOP OF THE TOP Less than 60 euros Less than 200 euros Less than 150 euros
Akaso A31 5
Loolinn X27 6
Potensic GPS T25 FPV 7
Snaptain SP500 8
Akaso A31
Loolinn X27
Potensic GPS T25 FPV
Snaptain SP500
The Akaso A31 captures great images and videos with its HD camera. This drone can even fly at night, is robust and is not restricted in terms of functionality.
With built-in infrared sensors and reinforced propeller guards, the Loolinn X27 children's drone can survive repeated crashes. It has 20 min of autonomy.
In addition to HD videos and photos, this drone does not shake when it is windy. This is the drone you need to record clearer images if you have less than 200 euros.
The Snaptain SP500 features gesture controls and is sure to stimulate the creativity of your inner photographer or videographer. A real bargain!
Automatic return ?
730 g
59 g
1.9 kg
928 g
Flight time ?
10-15 min
20 min
10 min
30 min
Camera ?
Yes (HD 1080P)
Yes (HD 2K)
Yes (Full HD (1080p)

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Buying guide - drone for less than 200 euros

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How to choose your drone for less than 200 euros

With a budget of less than two hundred euros, you can already afford a high-performance drone. But for this to be possible, it is imperative that you take into consideration the following criteria.

#1 - The image quality of the camera

Most drones under €200 have built-in cameras with good image quality and can transmit live video. This is already impressive for this price. These quadcopters can also to embark an action/sport camera. This is the type of drone (with an on-board camera) that you should choose if you are looking for HD qualityimages or better.

#2 - The flight time

Some manufacturers of drones under 200 euros bet on a long flight time to attract consumers. Others make arguments like specifications or features to achieve more sales. The flight time of these drones generally varies depending on the model and brand. But the average is between 15 to 20 min.

#3 - The features

A cheap drone will be especially suitable for beginners. In order for it to assist its user in piloting and to get an excellent quality aerial shot, you need to check if it offers the necessary features for this purpose. This is the case with one-touch takeoff and landing, RTH (return to home), image stabilization of the onboard camera, FPV mode (immersive piloting) and Follow Me mode.

#4 - The control range

The control range is also an element to consider when you buy a drone under 200 euros. It indeed allows not to be limited in terms of distance between the drone and the radio control. For this budget, the average range is 100 m. However, some models favor a wider coverage at the expense of other features and can go up to a distance of 1000 m.

#5 - The compactness

One of the main reasons to buy a drone under 200 euros is learning. And at this stage, the risk of crashing is not to be overlooked. The device may crash into a wall or fall to the ground due to poor handling. So, you should consider the model made of high quality material, so that it still remains operational after a crash.

Flying a drone properly

Piloting a drone with the radio control

All drones have 4 main controls, namely roll, pitch, yaw and throttle. The roll will move the drone, just push it to the right or left and it's done. For pitch, it is operated by pushing the controller forward or backward. The pitch is a button that allows you to move it back and forth. As for the yaw button, it helps the aircraft to change direction in flight. And regarding the throttle, it directly operates on the speed of the drone, allowing you to adjust the flight altitude.

In order to better control the yaw, you should not push the sticks to the right or well to the left. In fact, this button is precisely used to rotate the drone in a clockwise direction. To fly from the pitch, simply push the right stick of the radio control. This manipulation tilts the drone and causes it to move forward or backward. Of course, all this requires several applications to be able to manage it better.

Piloting a drone with the smartphone

Compared to radio control, flying a drone with the smartphone has several advantages. Indeed, you have the possibility to get well-framed photos and videos, change the angle of the camera, etc. Almost all recent models of drones are controllable from a smartphone without going through the radio control. To do this, youjust need to have the corresponding app for the device. Thus, you should first download the appropriate application.

After that, place the drone flat on the ground and turn it on. Next, turn on your phone's wifi and connect it to your drone's network. Finally, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the application and your drone to take off. However, it is also possible to combine drone piloting with the radio control and smartphone.

The different types of drones under 200 euros

As high-end drones, we can mention three different types for the category under 200 euros namely: the mini drone, the drone for children and the drone for adults.

The mini drone

It is a very compact drone, often foldable. It has the same features as other models such as camera, circle flight, automatic return home, etc.. Its particularity is that it is light, with a range of up to 400 m and has an autonomy of 15 min, acceptable for a drone of this size. Also its great advantage is its ease of piloting because of its small size and its good hovering capabilities. But no adjustable camera in 90% of cases.

The drone for children

This type of drone is usually a sophisticated "toy" intended for younger people or those who want to learn to fly a drone. It often costs less than 90 euros and its capabilities are necessarily affected. By opting for this model, the initiation to piloting will be very easy, because you will not be stressed to break it, which allows to test serenely the experience. On the other hand, the autonomy and range often leave something to be desired.

The drone for adults

As its name indicates, this type of drone is aimed at adults, so much more than a simple toy. More robust, it promises a pleasant flying experience with more accomplished features. As for its autonomy in flight, it reaches an average of 18 minutes. Some models are equipped with a full HD camera and compatible with WIFI 5 G. In sum, this type of drone at less than 200 euros is a more economical choice. But at this rate, do not think to fly it at high speed.

Drone at less than 200 euros with integrated or on-board camera?

Drone under 200 euros with integrated camera

A drone under 200 euros with a built-in camera has a non-removable camera to film or photograph. The images are recorded in an SD card or a USB key. Easy to assimilate, its piloting is learned in a little time. Moreover, the videos that it sends are stable, because the camera is not fixed with a pod but directly to the body of the device.

However, the videos taken are often of poor quality. Moreover, its camera offers only basic features. The latter is not capable of customizing its controls or settings either. Regarding the flight time of the device, it is limited because the camera consumes battery.

Drone for less than 200 euros with onboard camera

On-board camera means an action/sport camera. This is installed on a pod attached to the drone. A drone under 200 euros with this installation can transmit professional quality images. The camera also has its own battery, which increases the autonomy of the drone. In addition, it has many settings.

But a drone under 200 euros with a camera on board also has disadvantages. Since its camera is suspended with a pod, the video may not remain stable if the equipment is not of satisfactory quality. This will still lead you to spend money to find one that does not shake. This type of drone is also more difficult to use.


The drone at less than 200 euros with integrated camera is perfect to capture aerial views during your camping, hiking or vacations. The one with onboard camera is a must have if you want to make videos or capture professional quality photos.

Why buy a drone for less than 200 euros?

For its ridiculously low price

Today, drones are no longer rare devices that only a few privileged people or the Army can afford. They are becoming more and more accessible. For less than 200 euros, you can easily find a high-performance drone that meets many expectations.

For beautiful aerial images

Drones allow you to obtain beautiful photos or videos, different from those taken from the ground. These aerial shots showcase you and you can for example post them on social networks.

For a variety of uses

Drones are very practical tools. Real estate agents use them to photograph the properties they sell in order to convince their prospects. These small planes are also used to inspect houses, construction sites, industrial equipment, etc., or to deliver letters or other light objects. Some people use them to explore inaccessible places such as a cave on a rock face or a chimney.

To turn it into a new hobby

Many people have developed a passion for drones and are getting together in groups to play together! Drone competitions also exist, bringing together the best pilots from around the world.

Entertainment for the whole family

Playing with drones is a real fun for children, adults, or even old people. There are models specially made for children, equipped with protections and easy to use. Drones for sportsmen (racing) are also sold on the market. You can easily find one that suits you even with less than 200 euros in your pocket.

The best brands of drones under 200 euros

In our opinion, the best brands of drones under 200 euros in 2022 are :


When it comes to drones, Akaso is not as well known as DJI. But it is still very popular with small budgets. It focuses on the design of entry-level drones and mini drones. Its devices offer a multitude of functions.

DJI remains the global reference in the world of consumer drones. This Chinese brand offers devices that embody the latest technologies, embodied by the successive series of drones DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom.

The company Obest develops various kinds of devices (drones, reversing monitors, Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets...) as well as toys. The drones of this brand are reliable and equipped with excellent quality cameras.

This American brand specializes in the manufacture of professional drones, but also designs drones suitable for children. It is known for the high quality of its drones and their ease of handling.

Potensic is also an American brand. It offers about 15 drones, including some designed for professionals. The models of this leading brand are known for their excellent stability and easy calibration.

What is the price for a drone for less than 200 euros

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

55 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Remember the basic rules before flying a drone.

The basic rules for flying a drone are quite simple, but a bit complicated especially for beginners.
To this end, the basic rules are:

  • Flying a drone in urban areas (streets, parks, stadiums.), industrial and commercial areas is prohibited.
  • You must respect the maximum flight height of 150 m
  • Filming people with the device without their knowledge is strictly prohibited
  • No flight is allowed after 30 minutes of sunset
  • Avoid flying the aircraft from a moving vehicle.

Don't replace your device's battery

The power supply which is quite weak is often the bane of a drone, especially those under 200 euros. Thus, we tend to replace its battery with one that is more powerful and heavier. But this only reduces the flight time, because of its heaviness. So the ideal is to keep its original battery, if it is possible.

Find your lost drone even without a plotter.

In order to easily find your lost drone, you can adopt several techniques. The first reflex to adopt before looking for it is to press the return home button on the radio control. If you fly it with your drone with a smartphone, you can check the flight logs via its app.

Fly your drone in a circle

If you want to experience new flying experiences, fly your device in a circle. To do this, use pitch, roll as well as throttle simultaneously. It's up to you to decide whether you want to fly in the direction of a needle or in the opposite direction.

Improve your drone's speed

Improving the speed of your drone allows you to film well in all conditions. Thus, you should disable the sensors around your drone, because even though they are handy for fighting all kinds of collisions, they tend to slow down the speed of the device. You can also activate the sport mode to gain even more speed.


Which drone should I use to start?

If you are starting to handle drones, favor those with 4 propellers. These are indeed smaller, but solid and at the same time light. It therefore fulfills all the necessary conditions to begin to familiarize yourself with the airspace. However, the use of this type of drone still requires several hours of learning before mastering it. But it allows you not to spit yourself out from the first takeoff.

What type of drone does not require a permit? How to stabilize a drone? How does a drone work?

Drones that do not require a permit depend on their flight altitude. That is, for those under 2 kg can fly up to 50 m from people. For models under 25 kg, they are allowed to fly 150 m from residential, industrial or recreational areas.

Ifyour drone starts to destabilize in mid-flight, bring it back, as gently as possible. This way, it lands gently downward. Once it touches the ground, wait three seconds before turning off the motor completely.

Drones have an average of 4 to 6 motors. To keep it balanced, the force of reach and the force of gravity must be equal. Otherwise, either the drone will not fly or it will crash.


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Akaso A31
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Loolinn X27
Potensic GPS T25 FPV 11
Potensic GPS T25 FPV
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