The best VR headsets for smartphones in the UK 2023

The virtual reality headset market has evolved over the last few years. Indeed, what seemed to belong to the world of science fiction, a few decades ago, is now accessible at reasonable prices thanks to VR headsets for smartphones. If you want to immerse yourself in this immersive universe, our buying guide should help you find your happiness.

VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322 1

Editor's Choice

VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322

The best smartphone VR headset in 2021

The Samsung Gear VR R322 is a virtual and augmented reality headset. It makes you discover an exceptional universe perfectly realistic, enough to make you dizzy.

79,19 £ on Amazon

Want a premium immersive experience from your smartphone? Samsung's Gear R322 lets you do just that. Equipped with an Amoled screen and 360-degree panoramic vision, this device follows your head movements to transport you to the most realistic virtual world. This device impresses with its low latency rate, a detail that greatly increases the sensations experienced during this experience.

As for ergonomics, there is nothing to complain about. Indeed, this VR headset is equipped with a larger case and weighs only 318 g, which optimizes your comfort, especially during prolonged use. Note also the presence of a touchpad that facilitates the control and selection of programs. You should also know that this device offers a wide range of compatibility because it can work with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7, S7 edge and more advanced Samsung smartphones. Finally, if you choose this model, you will benefit from a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

VR Shinecon G04A 2

Best entry-level

VR Shinecon G04A

The best entry-level VR headset

Stunning videos, games, 3D reality, give yourself the means to enjoy the best audiovisual content on your smartphone with this VR headset of choice.

34,32 £ on Cdiscount

Shinecon is a brand known for designing and marketing high-performance VR headsets at very affordable prices, and the VR G04A is no exception to the rule. Indeed, this particularly intelligent headset allows you to live an exceptional immersive experience thanks to the games, videos and others that you used to enjoy from your smartphone. This device is compatible with the majority of 5.5-inch phones on the market today.

Children, adults and seniors will be able to enjoy this technology that is more and more present in our daily lives. The manufacturer has taken everything into account, including the ergonomics of the device. Indeed, the design, the shell as well as the myopia tower harness allow to optimize the user's comfort, including during prolonged use sessions. People with vision problems can use it without their glasses. The lens setting allows you to eliminate dizziness while enjoying your content.

Samsung New Gear VR + Controller 3

Best high-end

Samsung New Gear VR + Controller

The best high-end smartphone VR headset

With this VR headset from Tech De Samsung, you will live a total immersive experience thanks to exclusive applications on the Oculus Store.

146 £ on Darty

The Samsung New Gear VR 360 ° is the must-have for those who want to experience the best sensations by immersing themselves in virtual reality. Users of this device can enjoy educational applications from the Oculus Store. Thanks to the latter, you can watch movies as if you were in a dark room. The quality of the 42mm lenses, the presence of accelerometer and gyrometer sensors make you feel incredible in an enhanced experience.

In terms of comfort, there is no need to worry because this VR headset weighs only 385 g and has adjustable straps and headband. The polyurethane padding will allow you to use it for a long time. The real highlight of this device is the controller that gives access to all the controls of the New Gear. In short, with this model, Samsung has put the package, for the greatest happiness of virtual reality lovers.

Smartphone VR headset iPhone - Tech Discount 4


Smartphone VR headset iPhone - Tech Discount

The entry-level alternative

Are you looking for a VR headset that is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms? We have found you this powerful and affordable model at the same time.

39,44 £ on Cdiscount

Here is a virtual reality headset that you will have a hard time separating from the first use. With this device, you will live an immersive experience simply magical. Even people with impaired vision will enjoy this headset to the fullest. Indeed, the engineers at Tech Discount have set out to design a model that will suit all users while breaking records in terms of sales price.

In terms of comfort, you will appreciate the presence of straps designed to easily fit the shape of your skull. You'll have no trouble adjusting it and getting comfortable for the long hours of video games, movies and documentaries that await you.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best VR headset for smartphone

Any specific needs?

The best smartphone VR headset in 2021

The best entry-level VR headset

The best high-end smartphone VR headset

The entry-level alternative

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Comparison table of the best VR headsets for smartphones

VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322 5
VR Shinecon G04A 6
Samsung New Gear VR + Controller 7
Smartphone VR headset iPhone - Tech Discount 8
VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322
VR Shinecon G04A
Samsung New Gear VR + Controller
Smartphone VR headset iPhone - Tech Discount
The Samsung Gear VR R322 is a virtual and augmented reality headset. It makes you discover an exceptional universe perfectly realistic, enough to make you dizzy.
Stunning videos, games, 3D reality, give yourself the means to enjoy the best audiovisual content on your smartphone with this VR headset of choice.
With this VR headset from Tech De Samsung, you will live a total immersive experience thanks to exclusive applications on the Oculus Store.
Are you looking for a VR headset that is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms? We have found you this powerful and affordable model at the same time.
Samsung S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus
iPhone and Android Smartphones
S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge +, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, A8, Galaxy Note 8
iPhone, Android Smartphones
318 g
282 g
385 g
388 g
Field of view
120° - 360°(Panorama)
96°-360° (Panorama)
101° - 360° (Panorama)
120 ° - 360 °(Panorama)
1200×1080 Pixels
1920 × 1080 pixels
2560 x 1440 pixels
720-1080 pixels

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Buying guide - VR headset for smartphone

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How to choose your VR headset for smartphone

Virtual reality headsets for smartphones are becoming more and more popular. These devices allow users to rediscover the contents of their phone in a totally different and no less impressive way. However, not every model offers the same experience, so you need to choose carefully before deciding on a product. Here are the main criteria to take into account during the search:

#1 - Compatibility with your smartphone

The first feature to look at when you go looking for a VR headset is the compatibility of the device with your smartphone. Some models are exclusive to Android smartphones and others to iOS.

If you want to avoid problems in case you use a new phone, opt for cross-platform VR headsets. To find out if your smartphone is compatible, download the VR Compatibility Checker app.

#2 - Ergonomics

Since this VR headset will be placed on the head and will strain the eyes and other sensitive areas alike, you should avoid headsets that lack comfort. Make sure the strap is adjustable and flexible to perfectly fit the shape of your skull. Padding is necessary to optimize your comfort.

#3 - Resolution

The quality of the image rendered depends largely on the effective resolution of the viewing screen. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the better. If you find a model offering a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, it's perfect for a first-rate immersive experience in the best conditions.

#4 - Autonomy

The market of VR headsets for Smartphone knows its share of products that, on paper, seem nickel but that will reserve you some surprises, especially in terms of autonomy. To guard against this, it is best to opt for a model that has a battery that can last up to 2 hours for a video game. If this headset can last for 2h30 for 360° video, it's perfect.

#5 - Field of view

Virtual reality headsets for smartphones render faithful images depending on the field of view, also known by the acronym FOV (Field of view). The wider this field is, the more we optimize the immersive experience. In addition, this feature affects the overall wearing comfort. In other words, if you can afford it, go for the devices with the widest field of view.

What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?

The concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality have had the effect of upsetting the representation of the world by offering users to see the world from other angles. The border is thin between these two concepts because they share many features in common. Yet, they are significantly different and here is why:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that appeared in the 90s. It consists in representing the world in 3 dimensions in order to allow those who discover it to see life in a completely different way.

The real revolution brought by virtual reality is to allow the user to dive into a 3D universe thanks to a device made of a helmet and a movement sensor, the latter allowing the user to interact with his hands. This technology, which seemed like a myth a few decades ago, is now accessible to most smartphone users because mobile VR headsets are available at very reasonable prices.

Augmented Reality

Working with the same technological devices as virtual reality, augmented reality consists in enriching reality with virtual elements. This technology is mostly used in the construction and automotive industries. The salesmen propose to the customers basic elements that the latter can customize as they wish.

For example, if a customer doesn't like the color of a wall, he can change it. If a piece of furniture doesn't suit them, they can remove and replace it. Augmented reality applies to many fields, especially applications and video games. It is a concept that will revolutionize the world, if it is not already the case.

The different types of VR headsets for smartphones

In order to enjoy virtual reality with your smartphone, you can choose between two types of VR headsets: standard models and VR viewers. Zoom in on the differences between these two types of products:

Standard VR headset for smartphone

As the name suggests, the smartphone VR headset is designed to immerse the user in an enhanced virtual reality experience. Thanks to a pair of special lenses, the user can view the screen of his smartphone but with a sense of depth that optimizes the sensations.

This type of device allows smartphone users to make the most of their phone's audiovisual content by freeing up their hands. It has everything to please, except the price which is slightly higher than that of the viewers. Moreover, the quality of the rendering depends mainly on the quality of the phone.

Visionary VR

Viewers represent a nice alternative for those who want to get into this immersive experience that is virtual reality. These devices are often designed with inexpensive materials, like the Cardboard models that are made of cardboard.

It goes without saying that this type of VR headset is far from being a model in terms of robustness. It should be reserved for occasional use. Moreover, it does not have straps that makes it fit on your head. You have to hold it with your hands. This is why this device is not the best for a truly immersive experience.

VR headset for smartphone or standalone VR headset?

VR headset for Smartphone

As the name suggests, the VR headset for smartphone allows you to enjoy virtual reality by inserting your cell phone. The image displayed on the phone screen is projected in front of the user's eyes.

This type of headset is the most affordable on the market today. However, the majority of users have reservations about the quality of the image rendered, which is not as good as that of other models available.

Stand-alone VR headset

All-in-one headsets are equipped with a processor, sensors, battery, storage space and everything else you need to make it work independently. No need to connect it to a computer or a smartphone, it does everything autonomously.

This type of helmet represents the future of virtual reality, even if users still have doubts about the graphics currently offered.


It depends on where you are now with virtual reality. If this is your first experience with virtual reality, it is more interesting to opt for a smartphone VR headset. If you are already quite advanced in this field, you will discover better sensations thanks to standalone headsets.

Why buy a VR headset for smartphone?

To multiply the sensations while watching a movie

Do you shudder when you see an action scene in a fantasy movie? Do you sob at the end of a romantic story with a dramatic ending? Get the tissues ready, because watching these movies with a quality headset will give you an even more intense, but no less enjoyable experience. The whole point of a VR headset is to allow you to immerse yourself in the movie, as if you were one of the characters.

To enrich your knowledge

Virtual reality allows us to see things in greater depth, to observe visual and auditory details that we would have missed during viewing and listening experiences with a 4k television and a hi-fi amplifier. The best way to learn and assimilate is to be as close to reality as possible and this is what quality VR headsets allow.

To discover this new technology

Nowadays, it is always useful to understand how technology works, especially those that tend to transform our daily lives rapidly. VR headsets and virtual reality are among the innovations that are transforming everything from education to retail to entertainment. So if you can afford to see how it works up close, don't hesitate too long.

For fun with friends

As explained in the first paragraph, VR headsets allow you to multiply the sensations. If you are with your friends and lack the activity to entertain the group, a phone with some funny videos, video games and a good headset will be more than enough to ensure a good atmosphere.

To give as a gift

Given the importance and affordability of VR headsets for smartphones, this device would make a great gift, no matter how old the person is, as long as they have a phone. Also, don't hesitate to give this headset as a gift, it will greatly please the recipient.

The best brands of VR headsets for smartphones

In our opinion, the best brands of VR headsets for smartphones in 2022 are :

Bnext 3D

Samsung is undoubtedly a pioneer in the virtual reality industry. With its association with Oculus, the Korean firm has given access to this technology to smartphone users for the first time.

Shinecon's VR headsets for smartphones benefit from the most glowing reviews from users. The latter appreciate them in particular for their comfort, but especially for their selling price.

If you're looking for virtual reality headsets that are compatible with iPhone and Android at the same time, look at the devices offered by Primus. This brand also produces high-performance models available at unbeatable prices.

Bnext 3D is one of the unavoidable references in the virtual reality sector. Offering devices compatible on both iPhones and android smartphones, Bnext 3D markets VR headsets for smartphones that meet the needs of even the most modest wallets.

Redstorm is among the leading brands in the audio, gaming and many other headset sectors. This company has also ventured into the VR headset sector, a field in which it is very successful.

What is the price for a VR headset for smartphone

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Be meticulous about hygiene

Without ever drifting towards the excessive, you should take the time to give your smartphone VR helmets a few strokes of polish regularly, especially on the lenses and screens. Also take care to polish the straps and harnesses, as these are the parts that are in contact with the body and are therefore prone to the accumulation of impurities.

Store your headset in a safe place

By safe place, we mean a place that is safe from the natural enemies of electronic devices, in this case dust and moisture. Also be careful with things that could scratch the screen or lenses, this would be extremely detrimental to future viewing sessions.

Go to YouTube

Once you've acquired your headset, you're wondering where to find VR content. The place to look will be YouTube. Indeed, the site is full of VR videos, free of charge. All you have to do is type in the site's search bar to begin your exploration of a New World. Be aware that it is also possible to watch non-VR content.

Be careful with charging

In order to fully enjoy your VR headset at any time, it must be well charged. However, you should avoid leaving it plugged into the mains for too long. As you would with your smartphone, as soon as the battery is at 100% unplug your device and as soon as it gets close to 25%, start charging.

Adjust your VR headset properly

The VR headset for smartphone is a rather imposing device. If it doesn't fit properly, you'll experience discomfort after only a few minutes. For a successful user experience, consider adjusting the straps properly until you find a good comfort level.


Can I wear glasses under my smartphone VR headset?

There is no problem on this side, you can perfectly wear your glasses in your smartphone VR headset. However, most of the current devices are suitable for everyone, even people with vision problems. You can have a great experience even if you don't wear your glasses.

How to clean your smartphone VR headset?

To give your smartphone VR headset a polish, it couldn't be easier. Use a microfiber cloth or look for a special screen wipe to clean the inner lenses. If there are stains that get stuck, you can lightly dampen the cloth with a little detergent but really, a tiny bit.

Does the quality of immersion depend on the smartphone?

Yes, indeed, you will experience better sensations if you use powerful smartphones with good resolutions. Here's why, Samsung smartphone users say the highest good things about their VR headsets and the experiences they had, this device being a reference in the field.

Can virtual reality cause diseases?

Virtual reality allows you to have immersive experiences while playing your favorite games or watching videos. The VR headset for smartphone allows you to enjoy these sensational experiences, without endangering the health of users. This equipment is not more harmful than real screens.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information. See more


March 2022 : Translation of this buying guide from our partner

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VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322 9
VR headset - Samsung Gear VR R322
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VR Shinecon G04A
Samsung New Gear VR + Controller 11
Samsung New Gear VR + Controller
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Smartphone VR headset iPhone - Tech Discount


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