The best Honor smartphones in the UK 2023

Honor, created by Huawei for Western markets, has become one of the most popular smartphone brands in the UK. It's easy to appreciate its particularly high-performance models, offered at very competitive prices. But how do you find the ideal model among Honor's extensive catalog? To find the best Honor smartphone for your needs, follow the guide.

Honor 20 Lite 1

Best value for money

Honor 20 Lite

The best Honor smartphone in 2021

The Honor 20 Lite puts its power and features at your disposal, making everyday life easier without spending too much. Equipped with powerful photo modules, this smartphone is definitely a very smart choice.

178 £ on Darty

The Honor 20 Lite has everything you need to appeal to the budget crowd. Running on a Kirin 710 processor and 4GB of RAM, it can run multiple apps simultaneously and perform multiple tasks seamlessly. Its Android 9 OS works with EMUI to provide an intuitive interface, displayed on a 6.21-inch FHD screen. Added to this is a 128GB internal memory expandable up to 1TB via micro SD.

If you like to take photos, selfies and videos, this smartphone will satisfy you with its triple sensor back module (24 + 8 + 2 MP) and its 32 MP front sensor. This ultra-powerful smartphone is yours for a great price.

Honor Smartphone - Honor 9X 2

Best value for money

Honor Smartphone - Honor 9X

The best entry-level Honor smartphone

The Honor 9X has all the makings of a high-end smartphone, but with a very affordable price tag. You need a powerful smartphone, with a very good photo quality and cheap? This Honor smartphone is for you.

See the price

The Honor 9X smartphone stands out for its immersive Full View display without any punch or notch that disturbs the display. Its 16MP front camera adopts the pop-up format. It appears on the top of the cell phone to enhance your selfies. The main module has three 48MP sensors that will capture high quality shots even at night.

This Honor smartphone has even more to offer. 4GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, 8-core processor, 4,000mAh battery and USB type-C port make this smartphone a powerful and capable device. Yet, it comes at an unbeatable price compared to other models in the same range.

Honor 20 3

Best value for money

Honor 20

The best high-end Honor smartphone

Flagship of the Chinese brand, this Honor 20 allows you to enjoy the best of Android. Impressive photo quality, optimal display and state-of-the-art features will be on the agenda.

466 £ on Darty

The Honor 20 smartphone has nothing to envy the flagships of high-end brands like Samsung or Apple. This model features an impressive configuration with an 8-core Kirin 980 SoC, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage and a 6.26-inch FHD display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080p. The screen has no notch or punch, with the selfie sensor hidden under the slab!

This smartphone makes a point of providing impressive photo and video quality. The rear module is equipped with 4 sensors of 48 + 13 + 2 + 2 MP, ultra efficient even in low light. For comparison, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro can go to hell. This high-end smartphone is yours at a rather interesting and competitive price.

Honor View 20 4

A great choice

Honor View 20

The Honor smartphone with multiple performances

The Honor View 20 produces extra selfies, and much more. A true concentrate of technology, it comes with a slew of features that are as practical as they are effective. A partner for work and play.

480 £ on Darty

The Honor View 20's Kirin 980 octacore processor performs some real feats. Backed by 6GB of RAM, the chip performs multiple tasks at once with blazing speed and smoothness. You can even play very heavy games without any problems. The display on a 6.40-inch screen will ensure comfort when using the smartphone.

Do you like to take selfies to post on social networks? The Honor View 20 puts at your disposal its 48MP front camera that will amaze you with the quality of photos produced. We find on this model all the other usual features of a high-end smartphone such as the USB Type-C socket, Bluetooth 5 or the battery with 4,000 mAh.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Honor smartphone

Any specific needs?

The best Honor smartphone in 2021

The best entry-level Honor smartphone

The best high-end Honor smartphone

The Honor smartphone with multiple performances

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Comparison table of the best Honor smartphones

Honor 20 Lite 5
Honor Smartphone - Honor 9X 6
Honor 20 7
Honor View 20 8
Honor 20 Lite
Honor Smartphone - Honor 9X
Honor 20
Honor View 20
The Honor 20 Lite puts its power and features at your disposal, making everyday life easier without spending too much. Equipped with powerful photo modules, this smartphone is definitely a very smart choice.
The Honor 9X has all the makings of a high-end smartphone, but with a very affordable price tag. You need a powerful smartphone, with a very good photo quality and cheap? This Honor smartphone is for you.
Flagship of the Chinese brand, this Honor 20 allows you to enjoy the best of Android. Impressive photo quality, optimal display and state-of-the-art features will be on the agenda.
The Honor View 20 produces extra selfies, and much more. A true concentrate of technology, it comes with a slew of features that are as practical as they are effective. A partner for work and play.
Excellent value for money
Very competitive price
Powerful, high-end smartphone
Ultra-powerful smartphone with an 8-core Kirin 980 chip
Very good photo quality with triple sensor camera
Optimal display on 6.59-inch screen and pop-up front camera
Quad-camera 48 + 16 + 2 + 2 MP camera module
48MP front-facing camera
Convenient and easy to use EMIU 9 interface
Triple 48MP camera with a great night mode
Excellent handling and intuitive interface
Interesting price/performance ratio

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Buying guide - Honor smartphone

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How to choose your Honor smartphone

Honor offers a range of smartphones with prices ranging from around €100 to €600 or even €700. In addition to your budget, you should consider a few important criteria to find the best Honor smartphone that will best satisfy you.

#1 - Screen size and definition

Today, the majority of smartphones, including those of Honor, are equipped with screens of 6 inches and more. At this size, the screen provides an optimal and comfortable display while remaining manageable. If you prefer compact models that are smaller and easier to hold, choose a 5-inch Honor smartphone. In addition to the size, consider the definition of the screen. This one is presented in the format 1280 × 720 p. An Honor smartphone that has a high definition offers a better display. This definition is especially important if you want to enjoy optimal graphics while playing your favorite mobile games.

#2 - Internal storage memory

To keep all your data, be it photos, videos, music or different folders, you will need storage space on your Honor smartphone. The brand currently offers smartphones with up to 256GB of storage. Choose the internal memory according to the amount of data you plan to store. Remember that applications also occupy this memory, so if you plan to install a lot on your smartphone, take a model that offers a minimum of 64 GB. On some models, the internal memory is expandable via a micro SD card.

#3 - The cameras

Like Huawei, Honor manages to provide excellent cameras on its smartphones. On recent models, there are dual, triple or quadruple sensor main modules that achieve impressive quality photos. In addition to the number of models, also consider the aperture, options (wide-angle, optical stabilization ...), the quality of videos or night mode. Do the same for the selfie sensor placed on the front of your Honor smartphone.

#4 - The battery, the autonomy and the recharging mode


battery life is a very important criterion of choice. By offering batteries of 3,500 mAh and more on its recent models, Honor allows a satisfactory autonomy to its smartphones. Some models even come with batteries of 4,000 mAh and above

. Also consider the charging mode and time. The fast charging option may be offered on some models although it is not widespread on Honor smartphones.

#5 - The power

Honor smartphones typically feature Huawei's Kirin chips. These processors have a proven track record of being embedded in ultra-powerful smartphones from the Chinese giant. RAM (random access memory) also helps define the power of the smartphone. Recent Honor models offer between 4GB and 6GB of RAM. Choose the right power according to the use of the smartphone. It would be superfluous to opt for a very powerful and expensive model if you use your smartphone for basic tasks such as making calls and checking emails. On the other hand, you will need a more powerful Honor smartphone if you intend to perform demanding tasks like playing heavy online games or streaming video in HD.

"The phone is a great invention, allowing you to talk to people without having to buy them drinks." - From Fran Lebowitz

Honor or Huawei smartphone?

Honor smartphone

The Honor brand is, like OnePlus, a sub-brand of Huawei. The two brands are therefore closely linked. On the other hand, Honor is mainly aimed at a Western clientele, hence its English name, and a young one. Honor markets smartphones that are more affordable than Huawei's, while using the same technologies. This makes Honor the best option to benefit from the quality of Huawei smartphones while enjoying more competitive prices.

Thanks to this strategy, Honor has become one of the biggest smartphone players in the world. Recently, Huawei had to part ways with Honor due to the plummeting sales caused by the US embargo. The brand was taken over by another Chinese group that is pursuing the same strategy.

Smartphone Huawei

Huawei is the second biggest seller of smartphones in the world behind Samsung. The Chinese brand has experienced a dazzling success by offering powerful and efficient smartphones at competitive prices. Its models are often cited as the best smartphones of the year, kings of the photo ... by various specialized media. Huawei's success goes far beyond China's borders to spread throughout the world.

On the other hand, the trade war between China and the United States has led to heavy American sanctions against Huawei, in particular the impossibility of using American components and the ban on Google services.


Huawei and Honor exploit very similar technologies. It is therefore rather difficult to choose between the two brands that are closely related despite the recent sale of Honor to another Chinese group. So the choice is mostly about price.

You should know that Honor smartphones are much more affordable than Huawei's. Do you want to buy a powerful and good quality smartphone while keeping your expenses as low as possible? Choose from the range of Honor smartphones presented in this buying guide.

Why choose an Honor Android smartphone?

If your Honor smartphone is compatible, you could choose between two OS, namely Android and HarmonyOS. The latter has been specially developed by Huawei to get rid of the constraints of using Google's mobile operating system linked to the US embargo. HarmonyOS 2.0 will be launched this year on a dozen models of Honor.

If Honor promises many advantages for future uses of HarmonyOS, Android remains very interesting especially if you are in Europe. Indeed, Google 's OS is always more accessible and more open to the computer and multimedia environments we use every day. Even better, it provides optimal access to the various Google services that we use massively on a daily basis. Keeping your Honor smartphone on Android can therefore be more advantageous and above all more practical.

Of course, this does not prevent you from migrating to HarmonyOS. It is possible to perform the migration online by following Honor's instructions on its official website.


Assess your smartphone's compatibility with HarmonyOs

The proprietary HarmonyOS operating system will be rolled out on about 40 Huawei and Honor smartphones in 2021. You can visit the brand's website to find out if your smartphone is compatible with this new operating system that replaces Android.

Launch an application by drawing a letter

EMUI on Honor allows you to launch an app by drawing a simple pattern on the home screen. To do this, draw the first letter of the app on the home screen like W for Whatsapp. You can set this feature in Settings>Accessibilities>Motion control>Open apps.

Facial recognition to unlock your Honor smartphone

Honor smartphones offer a facial recognition feature which is very convenient to unlock your smartphone easily. You can enable it or replace it with other unlocking modes like fingerprint.

App-Twin to launch two sessions on the same application with your Honor smartphone

Thanks to

App-Twin which is available on Honor smartphones, you can launch two sessions of the same application. So you can have two Facebook or Whatsapp accounts launched on the same app and smartphone.

Activate the general dark mode


your Honor smartphone is running EMIU 10, you can enable a general dark mode that applies to the menu, but also to all apps. To enable this dark mode, go to Settings>Display and brightness>Dark world.


What is the best Honor smartphone?

The best Honor smartphone depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which are the best products out there.

Is my Honor smartphone compatible with 5G?

Not all Honor smartphones feature 5G compatibility. Only the newest models, launched since 2020 in this case, display this 5G support. This is the case with the Honor X10, the Honor 30 and the Honor View 40.

Does Honor offer after-sales services in the UK?

Yes, Honor is firmly established in the UK. The brand has therefore set up an after-sales service specially dedicated to its customers in the UK. The after-sales service can be reached by e-mail, but also by telephone.

Why are Honor smartphones more affordable than Huawei's models?

Although the smartphones of both brands exploit the same technologies, Honor offers more affordable models by reducing the configuration or even the finish. These reductions in quality and performance are not always perfectible, however.

Do all Honor smartphones run Android?

This year, Honor and Huawei plan to offer their proprietary OS, Harmony OS, on their smartphones. So you can choose to stay on Android or migrate to Harmony OS if your smartphone is compatible.


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