The best camera straps in the UK 2023

Cameras are expensive. Yet they must be handled with care because of their fragility. For safety reasons or simply to avoid losing it, it is necessary to buy a camera strap. To help you in this process, we have established a ranking of the best camera straps on the market.

Black Rapid Sport Breathe 361005 1

Best value for money

Black Rapid Sport Breathe 361005

The best camera strap in 2021

The RS-7 strap from Black Rapid can carry up to 5 kg. Its system for quick access to the camera without moving the strap makes it ideal for SLR and hybrid cameras.

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It is a lightweight accessory, ideal for photographers who need to walk a lot in their work, for example for nature photos. The weight of the camera is well distributed on the shoulders and chest. The curved strap offers a good comfort. It is 167 cm long and weighs 190 g.

The strap can support up to 5 kg. It allows the device to be worn discreetly, which is very practical in unsafe places. Accessories include a CR-3 sliding carabiner, an FR-5 housing screw, Lockstar protection, a brake strap and a storage bag. In short, this is a well-designed belt, but it is still a bit expensive.

Neck strap for JJC cameras 2

Best value for money

Neck strap for JJC cameras

The best entry-level camera strap

For the price, you'll get a bargain with this strap for large bodies with lenses. Despite the comfort it provides, it is heavier than a standard strap.

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The JJC is very useful with a camera and lenses that are heavy. Putting on this wide neoprene strap relieves the neck, especially because the contact surface is more important at the neck level. This induces a reduction in the weight/surface ratio.

In addition, the neoprene strap is 2 cm wider than standard straps on the market. To store batteries, cards, lens caps and other accessories, the manufacturer has installed 2 zipped pockets on the strap. Finally, the attachment system allows for quick detachment of the strap.

Accessory Power Camera Strap 3

A great choice

Accessory Power Camera Strap

A great value for the money

Not always easy to remove, the Accessory Power strap has the particularity of being suitable for left-handed people. And it has very practical attachments.

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This model allows you to have your camera in hand at all times, to take snapshots. If the material is not too heavy, it can be carried for 3 hours or more. The fabric of the strap does not irritate the skin. It is a light and resistant accessory that does not wear out easily.

It is the ideal accessory for those who move around a lot. Whether in hand or on a tripod, the device and its various adjustments are easily accessible. It is also very secure, because the camera does not risk to slip. The Velcro attachment is very practical. Finally, the handle fits most cameras and left-handed users.

Prowithlin camera strap 4

Very good choice

Prowithlin camera strap

The most secure

This strap supports both cameras and video cameras. In addition, it is suitable for all body types between 1.55 and 1.90 m.

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This strap easily supports heavy equipment and accessories. The wide, padded shoulder strap makes it very comfortable. To remove it, simply disassemble, no need to reach over your head. The shoulder strap is also easy to adjust, making it suitable for people ranging in height from 1.55 to 1.90 m.

The most interesting aspect of this item is the security it offers, and this is very important when carrying a valuable device. A safety strap accompanies the main strap. The screws are well secured. Finally, the strap closes easily, but the carabiner is quite fragile.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best camera strap

Any specific needs?

The best camera strap in 2021

The best entry-level camera strap

A great value for the money

The most secure

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Comparison table of the best camera straps

Black Rapid Sport Breathe 361005 5
Neck strap for JJC cameras 6
Accessory Power Camera Strap 7
Prowithlin camera strap 8
Black Rapid Sport Breathe 361005
Neck strap for JJC cameras
Accessory Power Camera Strap
Prowithlin camera strap
The RS-7 strap from Black Rapid can carry up to 5 kg. Its system for quick access to the camera without moving the strap makes it ideal for SLR and hybrid cameras.
For the price, you'll get a bargain with this strap for large bodies with lenses. Despite the comfort it provides, it is heavier than a standard strap.
Not always easy to remove, the Accessory Power strap has the particularity of being suitable for left-handed people. And it has very practical attachments.
This strap supports both cameras and video cameras. In addition, it is suitable for all body types between 1.55 and 1.90 m.
Wide strap for large bodies with large lenses
Comfortable set
High price
Weighs more than a basic strap, although this gives it a better hold
Quite difficult to disassemble
Fragile carabiner

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Buying guide - camera strap

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How to choose your camera strap

Finding the right camera strap can be a tricky process for some. Although it may seem like an important part of shooting. Read more about the criteria below to better understand how to find the perfect camera strap.

#1 - Connectors

It is crucial to learn and understand what connectors are and how they affect your decision to buy the perfect camera straps. Another thing to consider is how the connectors actually connect. Some straps are easier to put on than others.

#2 - Fixed or adjustable

What you want among the neck port choices depends on how high you want the camera on you. This is especially true for a fixed fit strap where you don't have the ability to adjust the strap as a photographer. However, if you want to be able to properly adjust the strap for special occasions, buy an adjustable one.

#3 - Materials

Research the materials from which your camera straps are made. This is the deciding factor between aesthetics and function, but forces the photographer to think about what kind of strap you need. It's a time consuming step in the process, but well worth it for peace of mind. There are a multitude of different materials such as leather, Paracord, Neoprene, Wool, Nylon, Wax cloth, and even a Climbing Rope.

#4 - Neck, wrist or shoulder strap

You should also take a look at the different types of straps, as there are many ways to hold your beloved camera. Like neck straps are, obviously, threaded around the neck, ideal for optimal support and long days of shooting. There is also the camera harness, a device designed for photographers to use the camera across their body for better support. They are suitable for long days of shooting.

Finally, there is the camera strap, a popular and growing method of carrying the camera, around the wrist and nowhere else. This allows the photographer to keep their precious cargo in hand and not risk dropping it from their neck, shoulder, or body while walking or shooting.

#5 - Number of cameras

You can hold one, two, or even three cameras with custom camera straps that hang over your shoulders or waist.

What is the most interesting camera strap?

An important piece of equipment, the strap offers you comfort when taking pictures. It ensures that your camera doesn't slip into your shoulder and protects your neck from pain.

Non-slip straps are the most commonly used. They have a non-slip lining on one side, which differentiates them from the original straps. In general, they ensure that your camera is securely in place when you are on your shoulder.

When acquiring a non-slip strap, it is essential to test the type of fabric it can stand on to ensure that it could work all the time. Indeed, the strap must hold well on any fabric, including the artificial fibers that many raincoats and coats contain.

But it is also advisable to use a decent strap at the right length for comfort. Indeed, this implies positioning the camera on the shoulder and on the body for a good weight distribution on the best bearing points of the body. This method is therefore safer.

That said, it is quite possible to make a strap yourself, which is often called a "DYI strap". This allows for more quality control in manufacturing as well as interesting materials to use. But to create one that is truly unique, you will have to be more creative in the field. You'll have to make sure you have that little thing in place that sets your inventions apart from the rest.

Camera strap or harness?

Camera strap

It is a strap dedicated to the suspension of the camera to prevent it from falling during its use. The first strong point of a camera strap is its ease of use. Indeed, once the strap is attached to the object, you just have to hang it on your neck or on one of your shoulders to keep it in place. And because the device always hangs, you can grab it in a flash and make instant captures. Removing it is also quick and easy.

In addition, the strap helps you change lenses at any time. However, the camera strap has various setbacks that should not be overlooked. With this equipment, the camera body can swing around and make it unpleasant to wear. In addition to being irritating, some models are also a pain in the neck, especially if the camera weighs a lot. Moreover, photographing at nadir is quite complicated, as it must be folded properly so as not to interfere with the camera lens.

Camera harness

The camera harness is a kind of vest designed to be worn around your chest. It comes in two models. The strap model allows you to hang it with carabiners. While the holster model is designed to hold your device. Since it has many slots, this camera harness offers the great possibility of carrying several cameras at the same time, without tiring you.

Its weight is indeed distributed on your shoulders unlike a simple strap. This equipment also grants much more comfort compared to the latter. It is also more secure and leaves your two hands free. But despite these many advantages, the camera harness also has some disadvantages. Because of its shape, the device is bulky. It is also too visible and does not ensure discretion in front of a crowd of people if you are a simple tourist for example.


The choice between these two types of products obviously depends on your needs and preference. But choose a camera strap for its simplicity. On the other hand, the harness is to be preferred if you are looking for more comfort and security.


Clean your camera strap at the right time

When you're shooting all day long, you produce more sweat, especially if you're in the sun. Needless to say, your strap will be soaked with sebum, which in turn will trap dust and other microparticles. Because of this, remember to wash it from time to time, so as not to irritate your skin.

Get rid of unpleasant odours

To prevent your strap from smelling bad, the most common solution that has been proven to work is using baking soda. Sprinkle your accessory generously with this product before washing it. To the extent that you don't have any, turn to baby powder, which is just as effective.

Improve the design of your strap

Same-brand straps tend to all look the same at first glance. To differentiate yourself from other photographers, you can add your own personal touch. For example, take a scarf and wrap it from one end of the strap to the other. All you have to do is sew the two ends together to hold it in place. Then cover the seam with a piece of leather for aesthetics.

Secure the belt properly

If your camera doesn't have any fasteners, you'll need to start by putting some on the 2 grommets on the ends of the camera. Add a protective cover to prevent scratches. Next, slide the strap through both the opening in the cover and the clip. Finally, thread said strap through the buckle to tighten the assembly.

Think about the safety of your camera

There are still risks in using a camera strap, new or used, if it is not properly maintained. Therefore, before you put it on your neck, remember to check that it is secure. Adjust its length by placing the device on the table so that the camera does not slip out of your hands.


How to attach a camera strap?

To keep it simple, follow these steps:
- After loosening the strap, place its end over an eyelet to tighten it.
- Pass the end of the strap through the eyelet to secure it to the camera
- Make sure the strap is securely fastened to the camera.
- Add a protective cover to make it even easier to carry.

Can a strap be used to carry a camera while hiking?

Yes, a camera strap is strong enough for a hike. But, wearing it for a long time can hurt your back.
So, the following 3 methods can help you:

- Replace an original strap with one that is more ergonomic.
- Opt for a shoulder strap to wear it as a shoulder bag.
- Choose a bag that is compatible with a belt loop to better carry your camera.

Do camera straps work on all cameras?

Although a strap will fit all sizes and styles of cameras. It is much better to use a slide strap. In addition, this type of strap is very comfortable for shooting with an SLR camera.

How do I clean a leather camera strap?

Mix a small amount of mild liquid soap with half a cup of water until the mixture becomes slightly foamy. Wipe your leather camera strap with a cotton cloth to remove excess dirt. Allow your strap to air dry completely.


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