The best selfie poles in the UK 2023

The selfie pole will allow you to take pictures alone or in a group from a certain distance. It is a great gadget that will allow you to always be in the frame when you take souvenir photos during your trips. In order not to make a mistake, you have to take into account some criteria such as the size of the clip. To learn more, check out our buying guide.

BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1 1

Best value for money

BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1

Best best selfie pole in 2021

More than the usual selfie pole, the BS3 Sports can act as a versatile mini tripod, a tabletop tripod and a pole all in one. It is as versatile as it is practical.

20,77 £ on Cdiscount

The BW-BS3 Bluetooth boom is an aluminum boom that is as light as it is strong. It can extend up to 68 cm, while it is only 20 cm when folded. It is a multi-functional pole that is suitable for both smartphones (iPhone and others) and digital cameras (GoPro, sports cameras, VR, DV cameras, mini DLP projector, etc.).

It is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control with a range of 10 m. You can enjoy portable shutter control to magnify your group photos or make memorable videos. The boom head can rotate 360 degrees to capture the perfect shot in horizontal or vertical camera mode. The clamp can also rotate up to 203 degrees. Lightweight and compact, it's the perfect portable model for your travels.

Gritin 3-in-1 selfie pole 2

Best value for money

Gritin 3-in-1 selfie pole

Best entry-level selfie pole

Handy, light and easy to use, this selfie pole by Gritin stands out for its stable and secure attachment. 3 in 1, it is convertible into a tripod to free your hands completely.

10,39 £ on Amazon

The build quality of this selfie pole is undeniable. Its handle is made of durable ABS while the telescopic pole is designed in metal. It is not only durable, but also safe for your phone thanks to the EVA sponges installed on both sides of the stand. Aside from its sturdiness, this selfie pole also stands out for its lightness, as it weighs only 129g. Despite this, it ensures great stability when taking your photos or videos in selfie mode. A Bluetooth remote control also ensures ease of use.

This selfie pole is also convertible into a tripod. This comes in handy for taking selfies and group videos without having to hold the gadget in your hands. On the technical side, the head of the pole has a rotation angle of up to 270° so you can choose the right angle. And on the practical side, this model is compact, with only 19 cm in length when folded (compared to 70 cm unfolded).

Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC 3

A great choice

Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC

Great value for the money

The perfect shot is waiting for you with this waterproof selfie pole. GoPro compatible, it will be perfect for your selfies, group photos or videos on land or underwater.

47,99 £ on Amazon

The SANDMARC selfie pole is a real technological masterpiece. It is very practical and can measure up to 137 cm when unfolded, a perfect option for taking close-ups or shots from a distance if you are taking a group selfie. It is also compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras: GoPro Hero 9 Black, Hero 8, Max, Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, Session, Hero 4 and the list goes on.

Moreover, the telescopic selfie pole has a remote control holder compatible with all GoPro remotes. Made of aluminum and with a rubber handle, this selfie pole is waterproof. Also, you can take selfies underwater. It will be your camera of choice during your travels, your surfing, your diving and other water activities.

DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth 4

Very good choice

DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth

Good alternative

This pole is equipped with a head that can rotate horizontally 270 ° and a clamp with vertical rotation of 180 °. It is a model convertible into a tripod, light and foldable.

18,91 £ on Cdiscount

The Doosl Convertible Pole can act as both a tripod and a pole depending on your needs. It is a 90% aluminum pole equipped with a 50 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Very practical, it is capable of capturing up to 40,000 photos in one use.

The Doosl selfie pole has a Bluetooth remote control for optimal use. Folded, the pole is about 20 cm, so it fits easily in your handbag without being bulky. When unfolded, it can reach 80 cm. This makes it very practical in all circumstances, especially when you travel. This selfie pole remains stable even when extended to the maximum: it can properly support the weight of your smartphone and does not wobble, at the risk of spoiling your photos. Very light, the pole weighs only 170 g.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best selfie pole

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Best best selfie pole in 2021

Best entry-level selfie pole

Great value for the money

Good alternative

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Comparison table of the best selfie poles

BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1 5
Gritin 3-in-1 selfie pole 6
Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC 7
DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth 8
BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1
Gritin 3-in-1 selfie pole
Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC
DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth
More than the usual selfie pole, the BS3 Sports can act as a versatile mini tripod, a tabletop tripod and a pole all in one. It is as versatile as it is practical.
Handy, light and easy to use, this selfie pole by Gritin stands out for its stable and secure attachment. 3 in 1, it is convertible into a tripod to free your hands completely.
The perfect shot is waiting for you with this waterproof selfie pole. GoPro compatible, it will be perfect for your selfies, group photos or videos on land or underwater.
This pole is equipped with a head that can rotate horizontally 270 ° and a clamp with vertical rotation of 180 °. It is a model convertible into a tripod, light and foldable.
Sport camera and smartphone
Android 4.3 and iOS 5.1 mobile phones
All GoPro Hero Cameras
Connection Type
Remote control
Button, detachable trigger
Remote Controls
Remote control
159 g
129 g
170 g
Aluminum alloy
Stainless steel and ABS plastic handle
Waterproof aluminum and rubber grip
Aluminum alloy

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Buying guide - selfie pole

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How to choose your selfie pole

Before buying your selfie pole, check these few criteria:

#1 - Compatibility

Before you buy a selfie pole, make sure it will be compatible with your phone, or tablet. The last thing you want is to buy a selfie pole only to find out that it's not compatible when you want to take a picture.

#2 - Grip size

Many people tend to focus on the "pole" part when thinking about their options. Don't make that mistake, consider the pole clamp as well. This is the part that will need to hold your phone. If you have a fairly large smartphone (size over 6 inches), make sure your pole clamp is large enough to properly accommodate it without the risk of dropping it.

#3 - Portability

Choose a pole you can easily take with you. Whether you're out for a night out or on vacation, they should be portable. Go for models that measure no more than about 10 cm when folded.

A mirror can still be useful

You can find selfie poles that offer a variety of useful accessories, a mirror for example. Generally, the rear camera of a smartphone is much better than the front camera, but it's not easy to get selfies when you can't see the screen. If you want to use the rear camera and still see your phone's screen for proper framing, some poles also come with a mirror that reflects your phone's screen so you can see what you're shooting and make sure you get the best shot possible.

#4 - Strength

As with

any telescopic product, there is obviously the risk that a pole will become more fragile once extended to its full length. Remember to check that the pole you want to buy remains perfectly stable even when it is fully extended.

What exactly are selfie poles?

They are inexpensive versions of what used to be called a monopod (i.e. a tripod minus two legs), which experienced photographers use to stabilize their cameras. The difference with selfie poles is that they are specifically designed to be held at arm's length, so the photographer will also be in the frame. And they are usually - but not always - equipped with a mechanism to remotely trigger the shutter.

Since they don't need to support a heavy camera, selfie poles are compact and lightweight - hence their ubiquity. They are also relatively inexpensive. Over the past decade, the selfie pole has become an extremely popular smartphone accessory, especially among tourists, but not only.

Why buy a selfie pole?

No tripod required

Many people like to take group pictures, and instead of asking a stranger to take a picture of your group, you can just pull out the selfie pole and take the picture without any problems. Before, if you wanted a really nice group photo and didn't want to ask a stranger, a tripod would have been a necessity with a timer set up and hoping no one would walk into the photo.

Get the angle you want

With a selfie pole, you can frame the image exactly the way you want it. Sure, you may have to do a little photo editing or retake the photo, but since you're the photographer, you know what you want.

A secure camera

When a phone is attached to the selfie pole, it's pretty firmly attached. It's unlikely that the phone will fall off the pole, unless you wave the pole around with a lot of speed or hit it pretty hard against something. Without a selfie stick, it's very easy to drop a phone and break a screen.

Easy to pack

Most selfie sticks can be easily extended and retracted into a small size, making it very easy for them to fit into a backpack or maybe even a deep pocket. In addition, selfie sticks are very light, so they hardly affect the weight of a person's luggage.

Less shaking when taking selfies

When you use a selfie stick to hold your smartphones/cameras, you will realize that the selfie stick is such a magical gadget that it reduces the shaking of your hands.



The key to any great photo starts with the lighting. When using a selfie pole, you need to be careful of overly aggressive lighting and shadows on faces. If you're outdoors, know that clouds provide a natural light diffuser and can offer soft lighting that will show off your face perfectly. Don't hesitate to change your position or orientation to capture better lighting.

Clean lenses

Make sure you

always clean your camera lens before you start taking pictures with your pole. There's nothing more frustrating than taking the time to get the perfect pose and then having it ruined by a smudge or fingerprint.

Good angles


pole can improve angles by providing the ability to take the photo from a higher perspective. This can help remove shadows and offers a more complementary look for a portrait. Mastering angles also means learning how to hide the pole so it doesn't show up in the photo. Try tilting the camera back or forward to hide the pole as much as possible.

Be aware of your surroundings

In other

words, don't use your boom anywhere. Some places don't allow this type of gadget, or aren't compatible with their use. Be mindful of this, watch out for others so you don't accidentally bump or hit people with your device. Be courteous and do not block the view of others.

Be creative


best part about using a boom is that it gives you the opportunity to be creative. For example, don't just take pictures, try videos, etc.


What is the best selfie pole?

The best selfie pole depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

What is the easiest selfie pole to use?

Bluetooth poles are usually the easiest to use. All you have to do is sync it with your phone, no need for bulky cables. When you want to take a picture, you just press a button on the pole.

Can a selfie pole work with a tablet?


poles have brackets that are adjustable enough to accommodate a larger object like a tablet. Be sure to check the product specifications to see if they match the dimensions of your tablet before you buy the pole.

Can I use a selfie pole with my camera and phone?


will depend on the model. Most poles are only compatible with smartphones, Android or iOS. However, some models may be compatible with GoPro cameras. If you plan to use it with a camera, always check the compatibility of the pole with the device you plan to use it with before purchasing.

How far can my pole extend?


selfie pole can extend about 1m, giving you more length (equivalent to an extra arm) to get everyone in your photos and/or videos



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BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1 9
BlitzWolf - BW-BS3 Sport 4 en 1
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Gritin 3-in-1 selfie pole
Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC 11
Waterproof selfie pole SANDMARC
DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth 12
DOOLS - Perche Selfie Bluetooth


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