The best travel cameras in the UK 2023

It is essential to immortalize your vacation moments with a good camera. Yes, but which camera should you choose? Should we stick to the budget, the quality of the camera or its ergonomics? On the other hand, we are spoilt for choice with the many types of cameras among which we will have to find the one that suits us the most. Here are some points that will help you decide.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGK 1

Best value for money

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGK

Best travel camera

Small size and performance are combined in this camera brand Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGKn with its 20.1 megapixel resolution.

424 £ on Amazon

A compact camera, DMC-TZ101EGK is equipped with a large 1-inch MOS sensor, an 8-inch aperture diaphragm, and a fast 25-250mm Ko LEICA digital zoom. In addition to that, this camera features 5-axis image stabilization, with an electronic viewfinder allowing for brilliant shots and shallow depth of field, making it suitable for travel.

Manual settings allow the user to better focus this camera, to name a few: independent control dials, multi-function lens ring, manual focus and recording in RAW, JPG, MP4 and AVCHD formats. This camera is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery, and can record video with 4K resolution.


Best value for money


Best entry-level travel camera

Kodak Pixpro AZ422 is a 20 megapixel digital bridge camera that allows you to take pictures and record videos in 720p high definition. Its integrated flash is an asset for an optimized photo taking in any circumstance.

154 £ on Amazon

Kodak Pixpro AZ422 is equipped with digital zoom x4 and optical zoom x42 of 24-1008mm. It integrates a CCD sensor of 20 million pixels, and equipped with an optical stabilizer. Thanks to its LCD screen of 3 inches, it is possible to check the quality of the immortalized images. For the storage of the photos, it is equipped with an internal storage memory of 8 Mb which can be optimized by a card SD/SDHC.

This camera of the Kodak brand is delivered with the case, its AC adapter, but also with its USB cable. A neck strap, a lens cap and a start-up guide also accompany it to optimize its use.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S 3

Best value for money

Panasonic LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S

Best high-end travel camera

Dedicated to travel, LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S is a large eyepiece camera with a large 0.53x high resolution viewfinder with a touch screen.

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LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S is a camera with a 1-inch MOS sensor and a Venus Engine process giving an image of 20.1 Mp. It also incorporates a Leica lens with 15x optics, as well as a 24-360mm zoom lens and a 5-axis image stabilizer. This model has a photo and video function 4K 30p at a time, with the addition of a focus, stacking and full HD video 60p.

To optimize the storage capacity, it is possible to adopt an SD memory card as an extension. In addition, incorporating a touch screen, it is possible to check the quality of the photo before printing. Otherwise, the LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S camera embeds a 1025mAh Li-ion battery for an optimized capture. The performance of this compact model is associated with its size entering the pocket to be an ally during travel.

Panasonic Lumix GX80M 4

Rugged unit

Panasonic Lumix GX80M

Best rugged camera for travel

Panasonic Lumix GX80M is a compact hybrid camera incorporating a live MOS sensor type micro 4/3 of 16 Mp without low pass filter to confer realistic images with faithful colors.

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This camera has a 5-axis sensor, with 2 additional objective axes to optimize the images captured. It is equipped with a large 2764K pts LCD viewfinder, which can be enhanced with a 7x magnification, as well as a 3-inch tiltable LCD touch screen. It embeds a built-in flash, and benefits from an autonomous battery allowing 280 shots.

The integrated wifi allows Lumix GX80M to optimize its connectivity. In addition, it embeds a versatile lens thanks to its DG Vario 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 (24-120mm in 35mm equivalence). The focus of the photos is optimized thanks to the contrast detection autofocus and ultra fast burst, so as to achieve a burst of 30 jps for a 4K photo. Even better, its Dual IS image stabilization is an asset for sharp handheld photos and video, even in low light and from wide angle to telephoto.

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Best travel camera

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Best travel camera

Best entry-level travel camera

Best high-end travel camera

Best rugged camera for travel

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Comparison table of the best travel cameras

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGK 5
Panasonic LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S 7
Panasonic Lumix GX80M 8
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGK
Panasonic LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S
Panasonic Lumix GX80M
Small size and performance are combined in this camera brand Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGKn with its 20.1 megapixel resolution.
Kodak Pixpro AZ422 is a 20 megapixel digital bridge camera that allows you to take pictures and record videos in 720p high definition. Its integrated flash is an asset for an optimized photo taking in any circumstance.
Dedicated to travel, LUMIX DC-TZ202EG-S is a large eyepiece camera with a large 0.53x high resolution viewfinder with a touch screen.
Panasonic Lumix GX80M is a compact hybrid camera incorporating a live MOS sensor type micro 4/3 of 16 Mp without low pass filter to confer realistic images with faithful colors.
Optical Zoom
ISO Range
Battery Type
3 inches
3 inches
3 inches
3 inches
Video Resolution
2160 p
720 p
2160 p

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How to choose your travel camera

A camera is an essential tool to immortalize the best moments of your life in general. As such, it is also useful to memorize each step of his trip. And what are the main criteria for choosing a travel camera?

#1 - Clutter

For a travel camera, the weight is an important criterion, especially if the user is called to walk on a long journey. This is because heavy equipment can quickly become tiring, hence the camera can be the source of travel stress. On the other hand, in an airplane, a large device will increase the weight limit of the carry-on luggage, while it will not be secured.
In the same way, the size also counts to memorize the travel memories. It is advisable to be quite discreet, especially during a trip to a foreign land, as a camera that is too conspicuous can attract covetousness.

#2 - Stabilization

A travel camera would be better with built-in stabilization. This is a system that allows the reduction of blur when taking pictures in motion. This criterion is important to optimize taking pictures in the wild with animals or children. If necessary, it is always possible to opt for an external stabilizer, especially since it would be more practical for making videos.

#3 - The sensor

The sensor represents a main element of the body, which allows the recording of image captured with the camera. The size of the sensor is important in that it provides the light that beautifies the photo. Therefore, a camera with a small sensor is not able to provide beautiful indoor or night photos.

#4 - Autonomy

The autonomy represents a crucial criterion insofar as it is a travel camera. Also, it is necessary to give a major importance to the autonomy of the battery, and to opt if possible, for the most powerful.

The usefulness of a tripod while traveling


Even when traveling, the tripod proves to be an important ally of the good photographer. Sure, it's bulky, but the results and renderings will alleviate that aspect. As such, discover the usefulness of a tripod during a trip.

A frame enhancement tool

In the age of digitalization, it is appropriate, even when traveling to have the best equipment for photography. It is a way to better immortalize the best moments. Indeed, most of the time, with digital cameras, taking pictures becomes a routine and the shots are taken anyhow. The use of a tripod makes the professional stand out, especially in specific events or while traveling. A tripod helps to better frame the photo, ensure alignment and small details, without having to retouch the final shot.

A tool for using gradient filters

Some light conditions are not optimal in a few circumstances, among others, at the seaside, on the heights or while walking, hence the importance of getting to a certain technical level. For example, at sunrise or sunset, landscapes have a bright part, and another hidden in the dark. With the travel tripod, these excesses and shortcomings can be corrected with a gray gradient filter. For a perfect balance of the image filter, and in view of creating harmonious skies, the tripod is really indispensable.

A travel tripod for crystallizing movement

It is common for professional photographers to incorporate moving vehicles or silhouettes to add more dynamism to shots. In this context, the tripod helps with the adjustment of the frame, as long as it is well placed. Nevertheless, good camera settings should always be made, especially in terms of capture speed.

The different types of travel cameras

Before venturing into the stores for purchase, it is important to know the different types of travel cameras. This step is necessary for determining the best camera for your activities and needs.

The compact camera

It is a small and discreet camera, easy to store in a bag, and even in a pocket. Equipped with a fixed lens, it has a small sensor, hence its limited performance. Less sensitive, the compact travel camera can produce beautiful photos only in high light. Its responsiveness is also poor, with a slower focus and a long shutter release.

The SLR camera

It is possible to use an SLR camera when traveling. This type of equipment is composed of interchangeable body and lens, hence the possibility of adapting the optics to the type of photos to be taken. This camera is suitable for conventional travel, in safe places. Faster, it allows easy shooting of moving subjects in any light condition.

The hybrid device

A combination of compact and SLR, the hybrid camera is equipped with a mirrorless electronic viewfinder and an interchangeable lens, while being space-saving. It benefits from a larger sensor conferring better image quality in low light. More responsive, it is also faster in terms of focusing, as well as triggering.

The bridge device

Wearing the format of the SLR camera, the bridge camera has characteristics closer to those of the compact. It has a fixed lens, few adjustments, and with average optical quality. On the other hand, the zoom of a bridge camera is more powerful. As for the size and weight, they are more important than those of the compact.

Travel camera or Smartphone


The smartphone is almost always in your hand, which allows you to take pictures in the moment and without adjustment as soon as the need arises. Moreover, you will be able to share these beautiful photos immediately with your friends and let them experience your exploits live.
However, the smartphone already shows its limits in the autonomy. The multiple photo shots consume considerable energy, forcing you to frequently recharge your smartphone. In addition, it is difficult to capture photos in low light, as the quality of the colors decreases as the brightness decreases.

Travel camera

A travel camera has several advantages, not least of which is its pocket-friendly size and weight. In addition, you can control your shots by adjusting the zoom, and it also has a sensor of no less than 20 megapixels.
The numerous shots will surely require solutions to increase the autonomy of your camera, for example by providing you with an additional battery. And if you're going to be travelling for a few days, you'll also need a spare memory card or hard drive to store your photos.


If you just want to share with your friends and family the good times you are having while travelling, the smartphone will be enough. But if you intend to enrich your photo album or illustrate your website, the use of a travel camera is more appropriate.


Prepare the device for travel!

A travel camera is like a ticket when you travel. You have to prepare it in advance. Before you leave, list all the accessories you need, and don't forget the charger! Then, make sure you store them in cases that can protect them from shocks. Also, never put your camera in the hold.

Tips to enhance your colors

To get the most out of your travel photos, choose the ideal times when you can get the best colors. These times of day are called Golden Hours, and they are one hour before and one hour after sunrise and sunset. The colors will be soft and reveal golden highlights, very romantic.

Provide a storage medium

When you travel, remember to unload your camera each night and save your photos to a memory card or your PC. This way, you won't risk ending up with a saturated memory in the middle of a shot. If you're connected, you can also back up to the cloud.

The right setting

Before you take a picture, think about what you want to value in the photo: an infinity landscape or close-up subjects? That's what you'll set your camera for. In any case, bring into your frame everything that can give contrast and color to your photo.

Pamper your camera

When traveling, consider taking a camera cleaning kit with you. Handling, adjustments can leave fingerprints or grease marks, while dust or sand clogs the gears. Regular cleaning will not only extend the life of your camera, but also help you get quality photos.


Which travel camera is right for a beginner?

It will depend on what you are going to do with your photos. Are you just going to keep them as souvenirs or are you planning to take some new shots and then improve your skills? For the first option, a compact camera will suffice. For the second option, prefer an SLR.

Why a travel camera, when a smartphone could do the job?

Indeed, the Smartphone is convenient to capture the smallest snapshot and send it immediately on social networks. But if you want to make adjustments to the light or lens, optimize the colors to get better quality photos a camera would be more suitable.

I am looking for a camera that I can use at the pool or on the beach. What do you recommend?

To date, there are many good waterproof cameras. You'll find compact cameras that can withstand a depth of 10 meters underwater, while SLRs can withstand up to 100 meters. And they are also shockproof.

I'm a big fan of hiking, what camera do you recommend?

A hiker will surely go exploring far away places in extreme conditions. The criteria you should take into account in your choice will be the resistance of the camera to weather conditions, even waterproofing, as well as a great autonomy, but especially the best features to capture the landscapes.


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