The best disposable cameras in the UK 2023

Despite the competition from digital cameras and smartphones, the disposable camera still finds takers. It takes us back to the days of film while maintaining good image quality with a minimum of adjustment. Light and accessible to all budgets, the disposable camera is not chosen at random. Discover through our guide, the best disposable cameras of the moment.

Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight 1

Best value for money

Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight

Best disposable camera in 2021

This disposable silver camera offers high quality photos. Light and easy to use, it gives for a lower cost good quality pictures.

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Yellow and blue disposable camera, designed for outdoor shots with daylight. It does not have a flash, but with a sensitivity of ISO 800, the shots are very sharp, even in low light. The ISO 800 also allows to preserve a good image quality even in movement. It has 39 exposures of 35mm color film and does not require any prior adjustment. Its high quality lens allows to obtain images from a distance of 1 meter to infinity.

AP APM401004 Multicolor 2

Best value for money

AP APM401004 Multicolor

Best entry-level disposable camera

It is a single use camera of very small size, which can be taken everywhere. Ideal for beginners, it is also appreciated by specialists for the vintage rendering of its prints.

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Disposable camera with a built-in flash made of a strong and resistant material. It has a multicolor film of 27 exposures of 35mm. For outdoor shots on a clear day, the flash will not be necessary. However, it will be necessary to trigger it in case of cloudy weather or for indoor shooting. The lens can capture at a distance of 1 meter to infinity. This camera is the solution for your child to start in photography.

Kodak 8004707 Imperméable 3

Best premium value for money

Kodak 8004707 Imperméable

Best high-end disposable camera

Very nice camera with a very nice design and a great performance in aquatic environment. To capture your best moments in the sea, whether on the water or for your scuba diving.

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This disposable camera is designed to resist water, splashes. It is also virtually water pressure resistant, as well as shock resistant. So you can use it for your water skiing photos or to take pictures of underwater fauna and flora. It is very small and can fit in your pocket. The camera is loaded with 27 exposures of 35 mm film. The ISO 800 sensitivity allows you to take pictures in low light underwater.

Kodak 3961315 4

Best image quality

Kodak 3961315

Best image quality

With the Kodak 3961315, capture amazingly sharp photos. This disposable camera from the famous American brand offers amazing quality for such an inexpensive camera.

16,53 £ on Rueducommerce

This Kodak 3961315 disposable camera has a special feature: it takes incredible quality photos. It is loaded with ISO 800 color film with hyper sensitivity, allowing you to shoot in low light conditions. The built-in auto-triggering flash is effective from a distance of 1.2 to 4.5 meters. Easy to handle, the Kodak 3961315 does not require adjustment or focusing. It is the ideal camera to bring back memories of vacations or to introduce children to photography.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best disposable camera

Any specific needs?

Best disposable camera in 2021

Best entry-level disposable camera

Best high-end disposable camera

Best image quality

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Comparison table of the best disposable cameras

Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight 5
AP APM401004 Multicolor 6
Kodak 8004707 Imperméable 7
Kodak 3961315 8
Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight
AP APM401004 Multicolor
Kodak 8004707 Imperméable
Kodak 3961315
This disposable silver camera offers high quality photos. Light and easy to use, it gives for a lower cost good quality pictures.
It is a single use camera of very small size, which can be taken everywhere. Ideal for beginners, it is also appreciated by specialists for the vintage rendering of its prints.
Very nice camera with a very nice design and a great performance in aquatic environment. To capture your best moments in the sea, whether on the water or for your scuba diving.
With the Kodak 3961315, capture amazingly sharp photos. This disposable camera from the famous American brand offers amazing quality for such an inexpensive camera.
Photo quality
Vintage rendering
Waterproof up to 15m
Very simple
With Flash
Shock resistant
Very small size
Very light (80)
Very durable
Easy to use
Best image quality

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Buying guide - disposable camera

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How to choose your disposable camera

A single-use camera, loaded with pre-loaded film, the disposable camera is suitable for beginners and occasional photographers. Robust and resistant, the quality of the pictures resulting from this camera is quite good, especially for those simple shots, while being without adjustment. To better choose your disposable camera, here are 5 criteria to take into account.

#1 - The capacity of the film

This characteristic is to be taken into account to determine the characteristics, including the sensitivity, as well as the definition of the plate. In this case, a flexible and resistant support is more reliable, with a low coefficient of elongation. You can choose between color, black and white or slide film. It determines the number of photos, between 27 and 39 shots.

#2 - The flash

The lighting device is an important criterion insofar as this flash light can affect the quality of a photo, especially indoors. It helps reduce shadows on the face, while still allowing usable images.

#3 - The optics

The quality of the lens has an impact on the quality of the image, especially for a disposable camera. Being made of plastic for this type of camera, it comes in different shapes, either thin, spherical and cylindrical. Whatever the choice, the lens must allow an optimal concentration for the awareness and precision of the photo sensor.

#4 - Expiry date


, a disposable camera is usable in a limited time. However, by keeping it in an appropriate place, either dry and cool, the emulsion on the film and the colors are preserved so as to allow good results.

#5 - Waterproofing

Wherever possible, it is best to choose a waterproof model. This is a result of the fact that photo shoots can be done in various locations, but also that during the session, the weather can deteriorate as the weather changes.

How to reuse a disposable camera?

The best disposable cameras 9

If you don't want to invest in an expensive camera, you can opt for a disposable camera. Especially since this type of camera can be used several times before being thrown away. And how to reuse a disposable camera?

Dismantle the disposable camera

To be able to use a disposable camera, you must first disassemble it. This consists in removing all the stickers and tabs of the camera, and then releasing the film.
In the same way, it is important to check the operation of the camera, including the flash. This involves pressing the shutter and making sure the flash light appears quickly.

Load the top of the camera

Once the functionality has been checked, it is possible to load the film in a closed room in the dark. This can be in an opaque bag (diaper bag or other) or under a thick towel. Once in place, you must activate the lever to wind the film on the spool. After this step, you need to put the cover back in place and turn the device back on. This can be done with the help of a tape that can be used to mask the camera.

Taking pictures

The camera thus recharged can be reused, with the possibility of accessing all the features, such as the flash and the film. In short, a disposable camera can still be kept for a few years, as long as it is well treated. It should never be exposed to direct sunlight or on an electrical device that is a source of heat. It should also be kept in a dry and ventilated place.

The different types of disposable cameras

Capturing life's best and worst moments is a common practice for many generations. Nowadays, this is becoming easier thanks to the new technology. If you can't invest in expensive professional cameras, you can always choose a disposable camera. As such, discover the 3 types of disposable cameras.

The black and white disposable camera

A practical tool for people who want to use a camera on an occasional basis, the black and white disposable camera allows you to capture unique moments without spending too much money. A single-use camera, it comes with a non-rechargeable battery and allows you to immortalize about 25 photos, with decent image quality and a capture speed between 400 and 800. It allows you to have retro-looking photos for shots in bright or less-lit places.

The disposable camera in color


the same strain as the black and white camera, the color camera allows you to burn events in less suitable places, so as to limit the risks of damaging a digital camera. It is suitable for mountain hikes or nature exploration trips. It is equipped with an optical element (lens or viewfinder), chemical element (film) and mechanical element (camera body). All parts are usually made of plastic, hence the limited life span.

The waterproof disposable camera


disposable camera resembles in all points a normal camera, except that it has a very limited life. Regarding the waterproof camera, it can be used both at the seaside and in the pool. It is a waterproof model despite its affordable price.
In any case, a disposable camera is light and cheap. The film, whether black and white or color, cannot be removed or changed. It just includes a negative film to roll from side to side under the camera body to make it work. No return is possible for this type of camera, and the images cannot be erased once immortalized.

Disposable camera or photophone?

Disposable camera

The disposable camera is practical when you need to take pictures on an ad hoc basis, or when you have forgotten your usual camera. Its cost is affordable, since it barely exceeds that of a film. The disposable camera is ideal for beginners, since it does not require any adjustment.

The main disadvantage of disposable cameras is that they are adapted to either wide-angle or close-up shooting. This reduces the scope for your creativity. Also, the rudimentary viewfinder does not allow for perfect framing.


Without any hesitation, your camera is your best companion, because it is available at any time to capture your precious moments of the day. And this, without questioning the setting. And what's more, you can immediately share your work on social networks.

Despite the increasing performance of the camera, the quality of the images has its flaws. For example, blurring or underexposure sets in as soon as the light level drops. Selfies taken too close distort faces, while wide-angle shots don't create nice backgrounds.


If you want to take pictures at any time, the camera is recommended as long as the internal storage allows it. But in case you want to take only occasional pictures during your travels, the disposable camera is at this moment the ideal for you


Try different angles

Since disposable cameras have limited functionality, use your imagination to get great pictures. Don't just shoot from the front, shoot from above, or from the hip, put your camera on the ground. Tilt your camera for unusual poses, shoot through tree branches.

Take pictures through different materials


pictures through different materials will give you stunning results! Photos taken through wire mesh or netting will give your photos a fresh look. Or try shooting with a glass of water between the subject's face and the camera - the effect will be stunning! Give free rein to your creativity for original photos.

Take pictures with lots of color


quality of disposable cameras makes the colors much more intense than in real life, it is already a given. But on your side, try to choose backgrounds of different colors to bring out the subjects to be photographed. To further enhance your photos, you can also improvise colored filters on the lens with cellophane or previously colored packaging.

Always use the flash


setting of a disposable camera being rather rudimentary, the use of the flash is essential when shooting indoors. Built-in or not in the camera, the flash will be used to illuminate faces, but also to reduce shadows. To get successful photos with a flash, be sure to shoot from a distance between 1 meter and 4 meters.

Always have the film developed

Developing photos from a disposable camera is done in specialized labs. You just have to send by mail, or drop off your camera. Following the development, you will obtain the negatives, among which you will make your choice on the shots to be printed on photo paper. It is also possible to scan the negatives and save them on a CD.


What is the best disposable camera?

The best disposable camera depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to recharge a disposable camera?

It is quite possible to extend the life of a disposable camera. You will have to completely dismantle it to remove the old film while remembering each step. Indeed, after removing the film and putting back a new one, you will have to replace a blank film and close the disposable camera with adhesive tape.

How to remove film from a disposable camera?

After rewinding the film, open your disposable camera. You can do this in the light, as the film is protected in its cassette. Once the camera is open, remove the camera cover and then the cassette containing the film. However, you should know that to develop your photos, it is possible to leave the camera in an agency without opening it.

How to develop photos from a disposable camera?

There are several options available to you to have your photos developed. First of all, you can go to a specialized agency or to Carrefour or Kodak stores where you can drop off your disposable camera, have the film developed and get the paper prints. Online services are also available to collect your disposable camera for development.

How to open a disposable camera?

You can only open your disposable camera after you have rewound the film inside. If you turn the camera down, you will find a hinged area on the base of the camera, on the side. The panel will open with a simple flat head screwdriver. In case the film has not been rewound, lock yourself in a dark room before opening your camera.


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Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight 10
Kodak 1007087 SUC Daylight
AP APM401004 Multicolor 11
AP APM401004 Multicolor
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Kodak 8004707 Imperméable
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Kodak 3961315


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