The best electric dog collars in the UK 2023

Does your canine friend have a tendency to bark in an untimely manner, to run away or to disobey you? To educate him, buy an electric dog collar. Very practical, this accessory will allow you to train your dog efficiently if it is used wisely. This complete guide will help you choose the best electric dog collar!

Collier de dressage Loetad

Editor's Choice

Loetad Dressage Collar

The best electric dog collar in 2021

Want to get an electric dog collar without skimping on quality of finish or functionality? Then we highly recommend the Loetad Training Collar.

47,59 £ on Amazon

This electric dog collar stands out from the competition with its 16 levels of adjustable electrostatic stimulation. The settings give you the ability to find the right degree for your pooch without hurting him. Despite a very standard design, the Loetad Training Collar has 3 training modes that come in handy. Its waterproofness is one of its major assets, as well as its rechargeable nature.

You can control your four-legged friend within a 900-meter range. In addition, the Loetad Training Collar can be adjusted according to the neck size of the animal, from 15 to 70 cm. This means that it is suitable for both small and large dogs. Of course, the 2-in-1 power cable allows you to charge both devices simultaneously. A quick 2-hour charge gives you 2-3 hours of autonomy, or 6-12 days if you put it in standby mode.

Collier anti-aboiement A+Trainer

Best cheapest

A+Trainer anti-bark collar

The best entry-level electric dog collar

This automatic model guarantees a completely safe workout thanks to its 3 modes. It delivers either light electric shocks or vibrations and is equipped with an adjustable reflective strap.

27,99 £ on Amazon

Contrary to popular belief, this collar is completely safe and very comfortable. You can therefore train your 4-legged friend without causing injury. 100% rechargeable, the A+Trainer anti-bark collar offers 3 modes of operation: vibration, sensitivity and electric shock. It intervenes as soon as the doggie starts to bark because of its sensitive system. The device reacts according to the setting you make, on 7 positions.

The operation proves to be very easy especially since there is no remote control delivered with it. Simply place the A+Trainer Anti-Bark Collar around your pet's neck, adjust the intensity level and activate the appropriate operating mode. For 1 hour of charge, the device provides you with a remarkable autonomy of 15 days. The robust nylon strap is adjustable to better accommodate all neck sizes.

Collier anti-fugue PetSafe

Best high end

PetSafe anti-fugue collar

The best high-end electric dog collar

Is your dog still not used to his new environment and often tries to run away? Use this PetSafe Fence and Collar Set, perfect for large and stubborn dogs.

183 £ on Amazon

There's no need to shock and injure your dog for the rest of his life. To keep your dog safe in your yard or garden, treat yourself to this kit that includes an anti-fugue fence and an anti-fugue collar. A second collar is also offered as a complement: very practical if you own two stubborn dogs. In short, the PetSafe Anti-Runaway Collar has 4 levels of adjustable static stimulation, as well as a tone and vibration mode. The latter allows the electric dog collar to be adapted to hearing impaired dogs.

As far as the safety perimeter is concerned, you can define it thanks to the 1500 cm burial wire. In addition, it should be noted that this collar can be worn by dogs from 4 kg with a neck size ranging from 16 to 71 cm. And even if it is perfectly waterproof (resistant to a use under a rainy weather), it is however not submersible. A 9 V battery gives it an autonomy of 1 to 3 months.

Collier de dressage Meloive

Excellent choice

Meloive Dressage Collar

A great alternative

In the absence of the Loetad collar, this one can do the job very well. Despite its coverage slightly below (800 m), it promises however up to 99 levels of adjustable mode.

37,59 £ on Amazon

Having trouble getting your dog to obey you? The Meloive Training Collar will be of great help to you. With such a device, you will be able to correct his bad habits and put him back on the right track. This model uses the RF434 Mhz frequency which allows you to enjoy a range of up to 800 m. Thus, training is facilitated, whether in the garden or in the park.

The receiver is completely waterproof. It continues to work even when submerged in water. Your dog will be able to swim or bathe freely with its collar around its neck. Even better, it comes with a rechargeable remote control like the receiver. Note that the Meloive training collar can be adjusted to 99 levels of intensity and offers 4 modes: electrical stimulation, vibration, beep and light function.

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Best electric dog collar

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The best electric dog collar in 2021

The best entry-level electric dog collar

The best high-end electric dog collar

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best electric dog collars

Collier de dressage Loetad
Collier anti-aboiement A+Trainer
Collier anti-fugue PetSafe
Collier de dressage Meloive
Loetad Dressage Collar
A+Trainer anti-bark collar
PetSafe anti-fugue collar
Meloive Dressage Collar
Want to get an electric dog collar without skimping on quality of finish or functionality? Then we highly recommend the Loetad Training Collar.
This automatic model guarantees a completely safe workout thanks to its 3 modes. It delivers either light electric shocks or vibrations and is equipped with an adjustable reflective strap.
Is your dog still not used to his new environment and often tries to run away? Use this PetSafe Fence and Collar Set, perfect for large and stubborn dogs.
In the absence of the Loetad collar, this one can do the job very well. Despite its coverage slightly below (800 m), it promises however up to 99 levels of adjustable mode.
Dog size
Small, medium and large dogs
Small dog from 7 kg, large dog up to 55 kg
Large and stubborn dogs
Small, medium and large dogs
Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
9 V battery
Lithium-ion battery
Neck size
15 to 70 cm
10 to 70 cm
16 to 71 cm
16 to 62 cm
900 m
800 m
100% waterproof IPX7
Autonomy from 10 to 14 days
Battery life between 1 to 3 months / for hearing impaired dogs
7 to 14 days battery life

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How to choose your electric dog collar

If your dog is disobeying you and the means at hand are not enough to make him forget his bad behavior, it might be time to do something different. The electric dog collar is a good solution. However, the choice is complex, which is why we have gathered in this section the most important parameters to consider before buying.
choisir collier électrique pour chien

#1 - Usage

You should focus your choice on the intended use of the electric dog collar. Currently, there are 3 main types of models, each intended for a specific use.

  • The anti-fugue collar : It is composed of a transmitter that delimits your property and a receiver attached to the animal's neck. It is a device that allows you to dissuade the dog when it tries to cross the secured zone through several types of warnings (vibration, electric shock, sound mode...).
  • The anti-bark collar : As soon as the dog barks at anything that moves, the device automatically detects it and sends light electrical impulses or emits a vibration. The intensity of the warnings increases progressively according to the frequency of barking.
  • The training collar : works in a more general way. It is also called an education collar. Its role is to teach the dog good habits and to correct him via citronella jets, electrical impulses, vibrations... Over time, the dog will associate the discomfort caused by the device with his misbehavior.

#2 - Size

Whatever the breed and size of your dog, there is surely an electric collar that would suit him. In order to adapt the length of the collar, measure your pet's neck size with a tape measure. Do the same for the thickness of the device if you want an optimal fit. Be aware that if it is too big, too heavy or too thick, the dog will feel like he is carrying a burden. Don't hesitate to add a few centimeters (between 1.5 and 5 cm) so that the collar is neither too tight nor too loose.

#3 - Features

As a general rule, a collar with an electric shock mode is perfect for strong-tempered dogs while a vibrating or beeping model would suffice for a docile dog. If you're not comfortable with complex technology, we recommend electric dog collars that are simple to use and have easy-to-understand operations. There is no shortage of reliable models. But they still give you great options.

However, if you are very tech-savvy and are comfortable with sophisticated features, choose a more advanced model. The possibilities of adjustment will be extended. For example, you could play around with the variety of stimulation modes and ranges, or even train multiple canines at the same time via a single remote control.

#4 - Waterproofing

Most electric dog collars have a splash-proof housing. This means it will withstand wet or rainy weather. Likewise, you'll have plenty of time to clean the device with a damp cloth without any problems. However, don't confuse runoff resistance with immersion because they are quite different. With an immersion-proof collar, your dog will be able to swim in peace. Just make sure to maintain it regularly to preserve its waterproof quality and check its seals.

#5 - Power supply

On today's market, you have to choose between the battery operated collar and the rechargeable battery collar.

  • The battery-operated electric collar : advantageous when there is no source of electricity nearby, batteries are nevertheless quite restrictive. They are single-use and are only intended for occasional use. You must remove them from the transmitter and receiver when they are not in use.
  • Rechargeable battery collar : more practical and more expensive, this type of dog collar will save you money in the long run. A quick charge of about 1 hour is enough to give you a considerable autonomy of up to 15 days in standby mode.

#6 - Signal range

It will depend mainly on the environment where you plan to train your dog and your needs. In a small garden or medium-sized yard, a range of about 200 to 300 meters is more than enough. However, if your dog loves to roam in the open air and go on long walks in the wilderness, you'll want a minimum range of 500 meters.

What to avoid

The use of an electric collar is not recommended for nursing bitches, puppies, older dogs, dogs recovering from illnesses or suffering from respiratory problems. This could have a negative impact on their health.

How to use an electric dog collar?

avis collier électrique pour chien

The electric dog collar is not a difficult device to use. On the contrary. It has been designed to provide maximum comfort to dogs while making it easier for owners to train and track their dogs. All you need to know is how to use it. Here are some tips to help you handle the electric collar in the best way.

Installing the electric collar properly

The most important thing is to know how to apply the collar. It should not be loose or too tight. If it is too loose, the dog may not feel the stimulations since the electrodes will not be in contact with his skin. If it is too tight, it may strangle the dog or hurt him. The ideal tightening is to let a finger pass between the dog's skin and the collar.

Choosing the best intensity

The electric collar sends a stimulation to call the dog to order or to prevent him from barking. It can be a sound signal, a light electric shock or an olfactory stimulant. In all cases, the intensity can be adjusted.

Each dog reacts differently to the stimulations emitted by the electric collar. Therefore, there is no ideal level. It varies according to the reactivity and sensitivity of the hairball. Don't forget that the electric collar is used to call your dog to order, not to hurt him.

Therefore, you should choose the lowest level of stimulation to which the animal reacts. Attach the collar properly, choose the lowest level of stimulation and gradually increase it until he reacts.

Setting up the electric collar

After these two steps, you can set up the collar as you wish. Define a perimeter for the anti-runaway collars and set the GPS from the control station or from your smartphone depending on the model. Always make the choice with the well-being and comfort of your dog in mind.

The different types of electric dog collars

The advent of electric dog collars has made it easier to deal with disobedience and dog training problems. However, it is important to know how to choose the right type of model. In this sense, we have classified them in 3 categories according to their use.

Dog training collar

Collier de dressage pour chien

The training collar, one of the best training collars, excels in various fields of application. First, it gives you the opportunity to teach your dog to follow commands. To do this, you must associate a specific command with a certain degree of impulse. To be applied regularly, even daily, for a good understanding.

Secondly, you can teach your dog obedience with a training collar. This will allow your dog to gradually break his bad habits. As soon as he does something wrong, activate the transmitter. Over time, he will combine this unpleasant feeling with the bad behavior (digging in the garbage, sticking his tail or ears out, etc.) and stop doing it.

Finally, the training collar will be used to teach independence, perfect for hunting dogs. Here, it will not act as a positive punishment device. On the contrary, you use it as a reminder of the animal to you.

Barking collar for dogs

Collier anti-aboiement pour chien

The anti-bark collar comes into play when you want to limit or reduce the dog's untimely barking. The device will therefore be associated with a kind of punishment that will be triggered automatically at the time of barking. Don't worry, the correction is completely painless and will not impact the animal's health. On the other hand, it will cause some discomfort.

The anti-bark collar comes in different styles: electric shock, vibration, spray or ultrasound. Some are more effective than others, but this depends mainly on the size, breed and age of your dog. The intensity of the stimulation increases as your dog barks. Usually, this type of collar is 100% automatic. It does not come with a remote control.

Runaway collar for dogs

Collier anti-fugue pour chien

As its name suggests, the anti-runaway collar is an interesting device that acts straightforwardly on the dog's behavior. It prevents him from going beyond the limit you have previously set in your yard or garden. When used with caution, this type of dog collar can instill fear in your dog.

The principle of the anti-fugue collar is simple. It includes a receiver collar and a transmitter box, with or without wires. The security zone will be delimited with a long wire serving as an invisible or virtual fence (to be buried in the ground). Once he gets too close, the receiver sends a sound signal, a light electrostatic shock, a spray or a vibration to warn him, which forces him to turn back.

Electric dog collar or classic dog collar?

Electric dog collar

The electric dog collar is a device widely used in the dog world. It can be used as a training tool, to control barking or to locate the dog. In all cases, it consists of a collar equipped with a stimulus transmitter and a remote control. The collar sends a sound effect, an electric discharge or an olfactory stimulation on demand thanks to this remote control. It can also work automatically, as is the case with anti-fugue collars and anti-bark collars.

The electric collar has its detractors. Many criticize the negative effects of the electric shocks sent to the dog when it deviates from the behavior desired by the master. However, the device is effective. Manufacturers are developing ingenious systems to send the stimulation without hurting the animal. That's why this accessory is still widely used by individuals, but also by training professionals.

Classic dog collar

The classic dog collar has proven itself over the decades. This simple instrument is essential to keep your dog on a leash while walking. The collar also serves as identification in case of loss. It is customary to engrave the name and contact information of the owner on the pendant. Although the dog collar does not prevent him from running away, it can already help to find him.

This type of dog collar is safe for your dog's health. It is also very affordable and is made of materials that are comfortable for the dog, strong and durable. The collar is useful for training. However, its role is limited to the maintenance of the animal and much less to its education.


The classic collar is used to keep your dog on a leash and to identify him. If you want to educate your dog, control him and find him wherever he goes, the electric collar is much more suitable. Its purchase requires more important expenses. Nevertheless, the advantages of its use are worth it.

Why buy an electric dog collar?

pourquoi acheter collier électrique pour chien

Ease of training

Many behaviorists and dog trainers use electric dog collars. This is why the device is commonly referred to as a training collar. It lives up to its name. The electric collar is particularly useful for teaching your dog discipline and conditioning his behavior. With this accessory, you can educate your canine companion much more easily.

The cost

Buying an electric dog collar is not very expensive. The most advanced and secure models are affordable for everyone. Investing in this type of training accessory is very advantageous. You can train your dog without the need for a behaviorist or professional trainer, who will charge you around €2000 per service.

The safety of the dog

Losing your dog is a terrible ordeal that all owners dread. The adventurous nature of our canine friends does not help matters. The electric collar is an excellent way to stay aware of the animal's position wherever it is. The accessory beeps as soon as it leaves the defined perimeter. Other models include a GPS that allows you to know your dog's position wherever it is.

Controlling your dog's barking

Some dogs are rather quiet, others tend to bark a lot. The second case poses a problem especially when you live in the city surrounded by neighbors who will not like the noise caused by the dog. The electric anti-bark collar remains one of the most reliable and safest solutions to control this barking and to calm the dog in order to avoid problems for its owner.

Easy handling

Handling an electric dog collar is child's play. You don't have to worry about sending a stimulus to the dog when it's needed. The device can also work automatically by detecting excessive barking and straying from the perimeter. No matter which model you buy, you will not have any difficulty in using and handling the dog collar.

The best brands of electric dog collars

In our opinion, the best brands of electric dog collars in 2022 are :

A+ Trainer

Loetad is a brand specialized in electric dog collars. These products are massively present in pet shops, but also on online retailers. Loetad seduces many professionals by the quality and efficiency of these electric collars. You can totally rely on the brand's models.

Since 1991, Petsafe has been putting technology at the service of pets. The group offers a wide variety of devices and items that improve the lives of pets and their relationships with their owners. Petsafe emphasizes the safety of these electric collars that are completely harmless to dogs.

Garmin is the market leader in GPS navigation systems. It uses its extensive experience in the field to produce electric dog collars with GPS systems. These devices are comfortable for dogs to wear. They are also very accurate and reliable and will help you never lose sight of your canine companion.

Dogtra has made a name for itself thanks to its famous Pathfinder, an electric collar known for its reliability. Many, many behaviorists use its training collars. Of course, the models are accessible to all owners. Dogtra also produces tracking collars equipped with very reliable GPS and ideal to always know the position of your dogs.

A+ Trainer designs and markets modern, effective and secure anti-bark collars and training collars. These devices, suitable for professionals and individuals, meet all needs while ensuring the well-being and safety of dogs. A+ Trainer also highlights the very affordable prices of these electric dog collars.

What is the price for an electric dog collar

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 125 £
more than 125 £
Price range diagram


Give your dog time to adapt

You should give your dog time to adjust to his new electric training collar. To do this, have your dog wear the collar without any stimulation for one to two weeks. Once your dog is used to wearing the collar, you can begin training. To get the best results, it's best to start training a puppy as soon as possible. From two months of age, you can begin the first lessons by starting with what he can and can't do. He will be able to put on a tracking and training collar from three months or six months depending on the vet's recommendations.

Start training at a young age

It is essential to put on the electric collar properly to ensure it is effective without hurting the dog. It is advised to put it on when the animal is standing or lying down, its neck being then in neutral position. If the collar is placed in a sitting position, the dog's head will be raised or bent down and its neck will be tense. The collar will then release when he stands up.

Put the collar on when standing or lying down

The electric collar is an excellent tool for training a dog. It is not, however, a miracle solution that will discipline your dog overnight. In order to get good results, you must actively participate in his training. This takes time and dedication especially if your dog has a lot of character and is more difficult to discipline compared to others.

Be involved in training your dog

It is not necessary to remove the hair on the neck when fitting an electric dog collar. Nevertheless, you can brush this area well to remove dead hair. This way, the contact points of the electrodes will touch the skin better. The dog will feel the stimulations better even at low levels.

Be sure to brush the hair on the neck


At what age should a dog wear an electric collar?

The manufacturers agree on a minimum age for wearing an electric collar which is fixed at 6 months. Most of the instructions for use specify this minimum age. Recommendations are less conventional among veterinarians. Some agree with the age mentioned by the manufacturers while others authorize the wearing of an electric collar from the age of 3 months.

Where to put the electric collar?

The electric collar for dogs is placed on the neck. The exact position of the collar will depend on the model. For example, some anti-bark collars send a spray as a stimulation. Their position in relation to the animal's muzzle. In these cases, it is important to refer to the instructions in order to identify the ideal place to put the training collar.

Does the anti-bark collar work?

Many reliable studies and tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the anti-bark collar. The various systems devised by the manufacturers have allowed this accessory to provide good reliability. Nevertheless, this reliability is not 100% guaranteed. Other factors such as the character of the dog, its reactivity, its morphology... are to be taken into account. This is why it is necessary to choose an anti-bark collar adapted to your dog in order to see its efficiency.

How to properly put a collar on a dog?

It is essential to put a collar on a dog. On this depends his comfort and safety, but also the effectiveness of the training collar. The collar must be tightly fastened while leaving a gap to avoid smothering the animal. To successfully put the collar on your dog, it must be the right size.


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