The best Cayenne radiators in the UK 2023

Electric heating consumes nearly 50% of the energy expenses of a French household. To mitigate such a cost, families resort more and more to the electric radiator by privileging the Cayenne brand. But which one to choose? Our guide to the best Cayenne radiators has the answer to this question.

Cayenne 49705 1

Best value for money

Cayenne 49705

The best Cayenne radiator in 2021

The Cayenne 49705 radiator offered here is very interesting for heating large rooms. Its multiple functions guarantee a remarkable thermal comfort. In short, this model is really well made!

140 £ on Amazon

This Cayenne inertia heater meets most heating needs. With a power of 2,000 W, it has a ceramic heating core and a steel frame that make it particularly solid. Its comprehensive functions are the factors for comfortable heating from 13 to 30°C in the living room or bedroom. The settings can be made by means of the non-changeable daily program and the customizable weekly program.

With this feature, your room is quickly enveloped in a pleasant and powerful heat. As for safety, there is no need to worry as Cayenne is a serious brand that has taken care to offer you a product designed in accordance with standards. Moreover, programming the device is simple, just read the instruction manual carefully. You will have no trouble manipulating it in "Program", "Manual" or "Pilot" mode.

Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682 2

Best value for money

Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682

The best entry-level Cayenne radiator

Considering the price, the performance of the Cayenne 49682 is surprising. This radiator stands out in terms of reliability and energy saving but also in terms of performance.

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For those on a tighter budget, it is possible to enjoy a Cayenne heater by purchasing the 49682 model. Its 1,000 W power and its ceramic stone heating core make it stand out from other products in the same price range. Its LCD screen clearly displays the settings you make according to your needs. A defect detected on its use concerns its slightly noisy side, detail which seems tolerable compared to its advantageous capacities and especially its affordable price.

Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000 3

Best value for money

Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000

The best high-end Cayenne radiator

At first glance, it's anything but a heater. Yet the Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000 has the full configurations and power to provide excellent heating.

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Among the best performing heaters on the market is the Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000. This stylish device delivers comfortable heat for your home, depending on the settings you make. Given the power, the manufacturer had the good idea to lock the device to prevent children from accidentally accessing it. On the other hand, with such a powerful device, don't forget to activate the eco mode to avoid too high energy consumption.

Cayenne 49743 4

Good deal

Cayenne 49743

Comfort at a mid-range price

With its power, the Cayenne 49743 inertia heater heats your room quickly and efficiently. Its shiny white shell is a plus for your interior design.

95,92 £ on Manomano

The average power of 1,500 W and its cast iron heating core are assets up the sleeve of the Cayenne 49743 heater. It also has good programming features, just like the other Cayenne products in its range. This model ensures efficient and stable heating of your room. Its lockable mounting is an essential protection for the heater, the wall of the house and the users.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Cayenne radiator

Any specific needs?

The best Cayenne radiator in 2021

The best entry-level Cayenne radiator

The best high-end Cayenne radiator

Comfort at a mid-range price

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Comparison table of the best Cayenne radiators

Cayenne 49705 5
Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682 6
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000 7
Cayenne 49743 8
Cayenne 49705
Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000
Cayenne 49743
The Cayenne 49705 radiator offered here is very interesting for heating large rooms. Its multiple functions guarantee a remarkable thermal comfort. In short, this model is really well made!
Considering the price, the performance of the Cayenne 49682 is surprising. This radiator stands out in terms of reliability and energy saving but also in terms of performance.
At first glance, it's anything but a heater. Yet the Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000 has the full configurations and power to provide excellent heating.
With its power, the Cayenne 49743 inertia heater heats your room quickly and efficiently. Its shiny white shell is a plus for your interior design.
2,000 W
1,000 W
2,000 W
1,500 W
In eco mode
14 kg
8 kg
18 kg
15 kg
Core material

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Buying guide - Cayenne radiator

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How to choose your Cayenne radiator

#1 - The power

Like any electronic device, the power (measured in W) is obviously an essential factor in the use of the radiator: the more powerful it is, the better the heating in winter and the more energy it consumes. The power of the radiator you are going to buy must vary according to the size of your room. However, you should know that the power does not necessarily indicate thermal comfort.

#2 - Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is obtained from a good heat propagation offered by the radiator. You find yourself in a good thermal comfort when the heating diffused by your radiator is constant and identical in the whole room. If you are dissatisfied with this, you will certainly have the reflex to constantly adjust your radiator to the temperature you are looking for. However, you should know that an increase of only 1 degree is also equivalent to 7% more electricity consumption. So, you might as well bet on a radiator that offers you good heating stability.

#3 - Power consumption

The electrical consumption of a radiator depends on the material it is made of. Indeed, depending on whether it is aluminum, steel, cast iron or inertia, the transmission of heat is not done in the same way. The most economical is the inertia design: here the heat can continue to be transmitted even if the radiator is turned off. Similarly, a cast iron radiator has a less energy-consuming system and wins on design. Those made of steel and aluminum are more appreciated for their modern aesthetics but consume more energy and cost more on the market.

#4 - The program

Depending on

the model, each radiator comes with a manual or automatic control device. But the most recent ones are now equipped with a thermostat that allows you to program the radiator remotely according to the temperature in line with your expectations and to make interesting energy savings. Some even offer additional functions such as window opening detector, presence detector or control of the radiator using the smartphone.

#5 - The installation room

The volume of the room that will host the radiator is also to be taken into account in order to proceed with the appropriate setting on the temperature. Thus, the volume/comfort/power ratio will prompt you on the exact choice of the radiator to adopt. Here is an idea about this ratio:

  • for less than 10m2 : not more than 750 W ;
  • for 10 to 15m2: 1 000 W ;
  • for 15 to 20m2: 1 500 W ;
  • for 20 to 30m2: 2 000 W ;
  • for 30 to 60m2: 3 000 W.

Smartlink innovation on Cayenne heaters

Smartlink allows you to connect your heaters to your smartphone or tablet and make all the necessary settings. From your mobile, you can control all the appliances from any room you are in. And that's not all, the application shares its functionality with other interested parties who want to remotely manage their devices.

Highly committed to security, Smartlink adds to its performance a thoughtful protection system by means of a coded microprocessor, with the aim of preventing any attempt to hack into your network. Its Bluetooth Low Energy and Wifi connectivity consume a low proportion of energy. To install it, simply scan the device label on your mobile and enter the name of the room you want.

The Smartlink innovation also integrates a detection system that automatically changes the heating mode of your radiators depending on whether the room is occupied or not. Your consumption is regularly communicated to you by the thermal balance in order to give you the possibility to adjust it according to your needs. The system also detects the opening and closing of windows and provides the instructions for each of the connected devices.

Cayenne heater or Rowenta heater?

Cayenne Radiator

The Cayenne brand, a subsidiary of the French Carrera group, is a reference in terms of radiators. Its models have the reputation of having a good quality-price ratio, high performance and a beautiful design. CE and NF certified, Cayenne radiators guarantee safety, reliability and high consideration of its consumers' needs.

Rowenta Radiator

The Rowenta brand, part of the French SEB group, is dedicated to small appliances and offers quality products that meet the domestic needs of modern customers. Its electric heaters are among the best. Note that Rowenta varies its models according to the rooms in which they are installed and stands out for the adoption of fan heating on its radiators. Practical, but less economical and rather noisy.


In choosing the best heater for your indoor heating, Cayenne is a very interesting bet since it allows you to make some savings in energy consumption. Rowenta is more appropriate if you are looking for light and compact models, however less profitable in terms of consumption.


Cleaning the radiator

The heater accumulates dust and various bacteria over time. Before cleaning it, you should first take the time to let it cool down so as not to burn yourself, and unplug it so as not to electrocute yourself. The duster makes it easy to remove dust from the radiator. Alternatively, you can turn on your vacuum cleaner, but it's less effective on nooks and crannies. If dirt stains strike your eye, opt for a damp, soapy sponge and then dry with a clean, soft cloth. If you find that your radiator looks really bad and yet still works wonderfully, you can venture to revive its color using the right paint formulas.

Finding a good place for the radiator


general rule of radiator placement is to avoid placing it too close to furniture, as the furniture absorbs the radiated heat. By taking this rule into account, you will offer your room a pleasant and more efficient thermal comfort. If your space is quite limited, respect at least a distance of 15 cm between any piece of furniture and your radiator.

Make the radiator decorative


the interest of interior design, however, you can't do without your


It is quite possible to conceal it or make it a decorative object if you feel that it weighs on the aesthetics: by using a radiator cover, by blending its color with that of the wall or by installing it near the bookcase so that it blends into the decor.

Save on heating


reflexes serve to improve the energy consumption of the radiator if you are looking for the economic side: set your room thermostat at a regular rate according to your presence in the room to be heated, close your shutters when it starts to get cold to avoid increasing your heating (and thus energy consumption), establish a permanent follow-up of your consumption to allow you to manage it at best


Increase the efficiency of the radiator

Metal insulating sheeting presents itself as an effective recourse to increase the performance of your radiator (a sheet of aluminum for example). By sliding it behind the radiator, the heat radiated by the appliance will be sent back into the room instead of stagnating on the wall. This is a good technique to avoid waste.


What is the best Cayenne heater?

The best Cayenne heater depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Is it possible to clean the inside of the radiator?

Yes, you need to remove the grille and use a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to dust the inside of your radiator.

How to install the radiator properly?

The installation instructions always accompany your radiator. In a very simple way, it is enough to position the device well and to make sure of its good fixing. Then, make sure that it is not obstructed or covered so that the warm air it emits is well distributed in the room. Also avoid placing it near an opening.

What is the difference between a radiator and a convector?

The convector is simply an old appliance that has been replaced by a more innovative, more comfortable, more aesthetic and more economical radiator.

How does an inertia heater work?

Inertia is only functional on certain materials: it is the capacity to store heat and to diffuse it more slowly for a constant and homogeneous heating.


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Cayenne 49705 9
Cayenne 49705
Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682 10
Radiateur Cayenne – Cayenne 49682
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000 11
Cayenne 49613 Jarpa 2000
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